The mobile town, which covers a large area, is surrounded by protective covers and floats on the water. The lake is very big and large. It was ranked as the highest in the whole China before the end of the world. Now it has long become a paradise for foreign animals.

Because of this, I'm afraid no one could have imagined that in the middle of the lake surrounded by reeds, there would be a mobile town floating in a large area of water.

This mobile town covers an area of 2,000 square meters, but it is nothing compared with the huge lake with a water area of 2,000 square kilometers. It floats quietly on the lake and looks quiet and peaceful.

Yin Ming, the second master of the Yin family, has already had his face adjusted. Now, he is sitting in front of a computer and recording everything here with a specific password. Later, someone will send this to Anhang City for Li Rong.

At the beginning, Yin Hao pretended to be loyal to the righteous cause, condemned him and exiled him to the outside of the city. But in fact, he did not suffer any crime. He was soon sent to this mobile town. He did not say, but he also underwent plastic surgery and became another person with another identity. As long as he was careful, he could even go back to the city to have a look.

Before the Spring Festival, he returned to the Yin family. At that time, he was full of pride.

He has been in this mobile town for a whole year and a half, and everything here has been started. Since he came to this mobile town, he has felt a sense of control over other people's lives, but recently he has encountered some troubles.

Who would have thought that they all paid so much, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran were not dead?

"Yin Ming, you ordered that no one should touch those three little girls?" A man came in from the outside and looked at Yin Ming gloomily.

"Aozhi, they can keep it for a good price." Yin Ming looked at the opposite person.

"The wind is so tight these days, what good price can you sell?" Aozhi sneer at a way.

"Now that you know this, what are you doing to bring people back?" Yin Ming frowned and became young and handsome, full of dissatisfaction.

"Get back, of course, is to play, others can't find again! Who let them run into us when we were trading? In fact, if it weren't for someone in the back, the little girl's chariot could be brought back, and the car looks very good."

What Aozhi said about playing around made Yin Ming's frown even tighter: "Aren't you afraid of what those people find and come to you?"

"How could they find out? And you also don't say me, didn't you specially make some traces to show your enemies before? When your enemy finds out, he eagerly looks for the boss, saying that someone has found some clues…If it weren't for you, where do we need to master Qingyang and Cheng Ran? Now you blame me."

Yin Ming's face changed. Years ago, he did show some clues to Liu Qilin and then went to Li Rong, saying that Shi Qingyang discovered the mobile town and let Li Rong deal with these people to avenge the Yin family…

At that time, he just wanted to find a chance to kill those people in Shi Qingyang He Lan, but he did not dare to move at all to Cheng Ran. He just did not dare to move, but Li Rong did. In the end, he saw Li Rong's means and did not dare to have any small thoughts.

Originally, Cheng Ran after the accident, punishment Europe was taken away, no punishment Europe, no family, Cheng Yin family in spark city can be said to be a dominant, but who also didn't expect, finally Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang didn't die.

Before, Li Rong had already severely reprimanded him. If it weren't for this place's secrecy, I'm afraid all their things would stop and the mobile town would be moved…

"No matter now, don't touch those three girls first. They are all from the city and have good family background and talent. Some of these people will be willing to spend a lot of money to play. If they are given you…do they still have a way to live?" Yin Ming sneered, there are not many good people in this mobile town, for example, he has played many women in the city before, and he has played all kinds of tricks here, but no matter how he plays, he is not as good as Aozhi.

Aozhi has been here for a whole year and has killed ten people, men and women. When they were finally thrown out of the mobile town, everyone was already deformed: "Aozhi, if you persist in this, I will report everything to the boss."

"Yin Ming, we'll see!" Aozhi gave Yin Ming a gloomy look and left here.

Yin Ming turned around and called his staff: "haven't you heard anything lately? Where is Cheng Xuze's mobile fortress?"

"Sir, the place is too big. We can't find Cheng Xuze's mobile fortress, but I have strengthened the defense outside and installed more cameras. If there is an accident, we can definitely find it earlier." Field cameras cannot be transmitted through the network, but must be connected to the lines. These lines must be wrapped with a special case made of materials, and several more cameras must be installed. The cost is even huge.

"That's good, you go down." Yin Ming waved and began to keep records.

A camera was found on the periphery of the lake. After confirming that the lake was really related to the mobile town, Shi Qingyang stopped moving forward. He lay prone in the mud and slowly retreated, lest too much noise be found by the camera. In order to hide, the whole people were soaked in mud.

A huge grasshopper came from nearby, his legs fell on him, with a jerk, and fell forward on a reed. He looked back at him, with disdain in his eyes.

Locust beast leisurely ate the vines wrapped around the reeds, Shi Qingyang only felt that his insides were moved by the push, only secretly grind teeth.

Locust beast is a kind of exotic beast with very delicious meat quality. If he met it in the past, he would never let it go easily. Once, he took his team out of the city and baked a locust beast in its entirety…He imagined 100 kinds of death methods of locust beast, and Shi Qingyang continued to recede back.

At that time, the locust beast landed on another reed, swinging with the reeds shaking up and down. Suddenly, a black and white mosquito beast flew down from the air. This was a female mosquito, and dozens of male mosquitoes were flying around it. The mosquito beast was much smaller than the locust beast, but it could not hold up much. After being surrounded by them, the locust beast could not move any more.

Only female mosquitoes eat, it will long mouth pierced the locust beast body, after eating, it will choose one of the strongest male mosquitoes, to lay eggs in the water…Shi Qingyang looked at the locust beast sucked dry flesh and blood, more careful when leaving.

In order not to attract attention, their mobile fortress is a little far away from here, not only that, even the chariots did not come, Shi Qingyang slowly came out of the muddy swamp by the lake, and ran carefully between different plants. He ran for more than half an hour before returning to the mobile fortress.

Outside, I cleaned up my muddy clothes first. Shi Qingyang only entered. as soon as he entered, he heard Cheng Xuze snort of cold: "you have a lot of courage and went there alone?"

"Grandpa…" Shi Qingyang please smile, after they set the goal, they are wondering what to do, in fact, with the strength of Cheng Xuze, directly copy the mobile fortress in the past, but as a result, the above people, they also can't guarantee their safety.

Not only that, if those people move quickly and destroy the mobile town directly, then they will probably have no place to cry, and there will certainly be no evidence against the yin family, let alone find out the people behind the yin family.

"Now that I have found the target, I'll just go and have a look. What are you going to do?" Cheng Xuze frowned.

"Grandpa, am I not afraid to startle?" Shi Qingyang laughed: "In fact, I looked outside and didn't come near." Although Cheng Xuze is the strongest among them, Cheng Xuze certainly hasn't done anything to find out secretly for many years. I'm afraid it is easier to be found than him.

Moreover, although he has always told Cheng Xuze that he has only level 3, in fact he has already reached level 4. He dare not say anything else. He can always run for his life-in that mobile town, it is impossible to have even level 6 radiation fighters.

Cheng Xuze looked up and down at Shi Qingyang's complete equipment. He could not say much rebuke but asked, "Is there really a mobile town in that lake?"

"Yes, Grandpa, there is indeed a small mobile town with cameras in the reeds around it." Shi Qingyang said that the lake was full of mutant reeds that became very high after being mutated, with some vines entangled on them, making it impossible for the people around to see the middle of the lake.

Of course, if you are in the air, you can really see the middle of the lake, but now the whole earth's magnetic field is broken and the radiation is serious, so the satellites and planes that used to be there have long been unable to lift off, let alone use them.

Some crude gliders, hot air balloons and the like can still fly to the sky. Eight-level and nine-level radiation energy fighters can also mobilize the radiation energy around them to float. However, the former will surely be attacked by swarms of mosquitoes and beasts Yanmamon and Butterflymon who are entrenched around the lake, while the latter…

If there is such a master who is eyeing this place, they will certainly adopt the most drastic measures, such as starting the explosive device.

"Those B*stards!" Cheng Xuze thought of Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang, who were almost killed by those people, scold a way, Liu Qilin and Ye Houan were gnashing their teeth.

"Can we kill the past and save people? My daughter has been missing for five days…"Ye Houan lips trembling, even if his daughter is still alive, I'm afraid she will face great pain, as long as the thought of this matter, he can't let his reason again.

"If you really go, they will certainly kill your daughter in the first place…" Liu Qilin said.

"Then we…" Ye Houan clenched his fist and began to cry silently.

Cheng Xuze was silent for a moment: "Ye Houan, since you know a little about the mobile town, do you know anyone who can go in? Then let our people mix in."

"get in?" Ye Houan moved his lips: "I only know a few people."

"Let's go back to the city first, maybe we can find a way to control one of them and let him take us in. In any case, we can't startle anyone for the time being, let alone let others know that we already know the existence of this mobile town." Shi Qingyang said that he can't wait to let those who dare to kill Cheng Ran die, but this matter, after all, involves the lives of many innocent people, always have to save the people in the mobile town.

Ye Houan gave himself two slap, nodded his head.

In front of Cheng Xuze, Shi Qingyang didn't show anything, but when he returned to his room and faced Cheng Ran, he immediately complained of suffering: "However, I had bad luck for a few days and went to check the news well. He actually met a locust beast. He even gave me a push and despised me!" Shi Qingyang hugged Cheng Ran's waist.

"Are you hurt?" Cheng Ran immediately asked, reaching out to take off Shi Qingyang's clothes.

"My back hurts." Shi Qingyang immediately the baggage and take the journey.

Cheng Ran quickly pulled off Shi Qingyang's clothes. Shi Qingyang's back was bare and there was nothing but a little red in a palm-sized area.

"How about my back?" Shi Qingyang actually has no pain, but in front of Cheng Ran, even if it is only a small injury, he also wants to seek comfort.

"You have a wound on your back, I'll rub it for you!" Cheng Ran stretched out his hand and touched it. Shi Qingyang was tall and had a lot of muscles. He always liked to help Shi Qingyang clean medicine. Even if there was no wound…it didn't matter to wipe some skin care.

"good." Shi Qingyang nodded, this is tofu, such as eat too much, Cheng Ran accustomed to him, can eat the whole person.

Cheng Ran smiled and took out a bottle of ointment that Ran Xue had taught him to match to moisten skin. He applied it to Shi Qingyang's back and rubbed it slowly. Shi Qingyang's skin was very good and it was really good to feel it gracefully.

Cheng Ran rubbed his hands for a while. Shi Qingyang, who had not slept much in recent days, fell asleep. When they woke up the next day, the mobile fortress was already close to Anhang City.

Ye Houan had just arrived at the entrance to the city and left quickly. He was going to see his wife and find out the news. Cheng Xuze, like him, also had a lot of things to do.

Cheng Ran originally planned to go home and find some configuration videos that need to be made of radiopharmaceuticals. However, he didn't want to have a good look just after entering Anhang City. There was a noise from the contact terminal in his hand. He looked down and found that he had made a large sum of money.

He is not an adult, and the account given by the Cheng family has always been with Gu Changjin. Gu Changjin will also help him prepare whatever he wants, and Gu Changjin will also give him an allowance every month.

Before, he used all his pocket money to bet Shi Qingyang's victory, but because Shi Qingyang won, they soon left the city, and finally he didn't receive the money until now.

"However, what's the matter?" Shi Qingyang asked curiously.

"Qingyang, I won the money, shall I buy you a combat uniform?" Cheng Ran directly handed the account in his hand to Shi Qingyang and showed it to Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang was very warm when he thought about Cheng Ran's purchase of his own win. Naturally, he had no reason not to say yes: "Good."

They go shopping now and behave naturally, which can also make people paying attention to them relax their vigilance, right?

When it comes to combat and anti-radiation clothing, the Australian city company in Changjiang city basically sells top-notch anti-radiation clothing. Cheng Ran bought them there. this time he also took Cheng Ran there directly.

However, they had just arrived at the entrance of the Australian city store and saw a strange thing.

The lady who used to be very enthusiastic about customers in the Australian city specialty store was looking at a big fat man with disdain: "we don't have a shop where anyone can come."

The fat man is about 300 kilograms, and weight-loss drugs are everywhere now. It is really not easy to grow up like this. And beside him, a man who looked extremely thin compared with him stood up and snorted coldly: "Do you know who is my master?"

"Who is it?" The shopping guide looked surprised.

"My young master is the successor of HuoFeng Company. Can't he still afford the things you have here?" The thin man added, cocky.

Originally very arrogant shopping guide immediately bow, repeatedly apologize, and the fat gentleman, is quickly in, a wave of his hand bought a lot of things.

"What is going on?" Cheng Ran some reaction not to come over.

"This acting skill is too poor…" Shi Qingyang found that the shopping guide has a full face of smile, abnormal speechless, such a place, which may have not long eye shopping guide?

At this time, another shopping guide has found them. Cheng Ran is now a celebrity in size. The shopping guide smiled and greeted them. Seeing that they were watching the fat man, he immediately explained: "The gentleman just came to Hang Cheng these days. He likes people who don't recognize him most. Then he explained that everyone admires him very much. The people around him told us in advance and we can only follow."

The fat man, really boring…But Fire Phoenix company, is it not the chariot company? Why didn't he hear that HuoFeng Company still has such a wonderful successor?

Moreover, such a fat man, don't have to wear combat uniform?

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