See someone come, originally drill in the chariot ant beast turned and ran, unfortunately, although they run fast, Shi Qingyang is faster, continuous more than a dozen wind blade in the past, the three ant beast has been cut into two and a half, at the same time, Ye Houan finally react, screamed in pain.

"I should have looked at them a little more. If we hadn't run, we would have been in direct contact with the longicorn beast…" Li Jiajia began to cry. She hadn't slept for two days and two nights, and now her eyes looked more horrible.

"Let's go down first." Shi Qingyang sighed. He was very sympathetic to Ye Houan and wanted to help Ye Houan find his daughter. For this reason, last night they traveled through the night with a mobile fortress, but never thought that they would see such a scene today.

When Shi Qingyang alighted from the bus to check, the parents of the other two girls and two teachers had already stepped down from the mobile fortress. Although wearing masks, they could see that tears were streaming down their faces.

"My daughter, I promised her to buy her a new chariot…not long ago, she saved up pocket money and bought a massage bed for her mother and me…" Ye Houan's lips had bitten out blood and dripped on the ground.

This kind of movement, shocked many animals, but the mobile fortress is too big, these animals are afraid to close to, but ran away from a distance.

The chariots were destroyed by violence, leaving many teeth marks on them. The people here should have been killed by foreign animals, but Shi Qingyang always felt something was wrong after carefully reading them.

Ye Houan and two other parents are picking up the things stained with blood on the ground, crying and calling their daughter's name. They classify everything on each girl, even the fragments of the chariot. Everyone's face is full of sadness…

Shi Qingyang looked at this scene and remembered what he looked like when his parents died, but instead of helping, he looked around. Not only that, he also cut open the stomachs of the two ants and beasts he had killed with a convergent knife.

"Are you looking for a contact terminal for three girls?" Cheng Xuze also walked down and asked.

"Not just looking for this." Shi Qingyang spoke and went to Cheng Xuze again: "Grandpa, I think there is something strange in this scene…"

"How strange?" Cheng Xuze asked.

"If you really encounter foreign animals, it should be like this in the end, but the chariot has already broken into this appearance, the radiation protection clothing has also been torn, and the people inside must have been crushed into meat mud. Even if the foreign animals that destroyed the chariot will eat some, it should also leave some residue for the ants to eat later." Shi Qingyang said, "But I opened the stomachs of the two ants and beasts, and there was only roast meat inside."

Ants are magical animals. After they eat something, they will give half of what they eat to the same kind they meet. Therefore, any ant animal may have something in its stomach nearby.

He found some roasted meat in the belly of the killed ant beast, but there was no fresh flesh or human bones.

If these ants and beasts are late, then they can't eat barbecue as dry food. If they come early in the morning, they can't have no fresh flesh and blood in their bellies.

"This doubt is not a strange beast?" Cheng Xuze asked, these things, Shi Qingyang don't say, he really didn't notice. Moreover, the more contact he has with Shi Qingyang, the more he appreciates Shi Qingyang and, correspondingly, the more he admires me for not being hungry.

I really don't know which old man that guy is…maybe the old lady.

"Grandpa, maybe it wasn't a strange beast that attacked this chariot. If it was, there is no reason that the radiation protection suit is still here but the contact terminal isn't." Shi Qingyang Road.

Animals have low intelligence. They either eat on the spot or take food away. If they eat on the spot. The contact terminal should also be here. If they take food away, they will not strip clothes here.

Some things, once suspected, doubt will become more and more.

Cheng Xuze frowned: "What do you doubt?"

"Grandpa, maybe none of the three girls died…This time, we are looking for mobile town."

Ye Houan himself is not bad, his daughter is even more beautiful, and the other two girls are seventeen or eighteen years old, which is not bad.

According to Liu Qilin, yin's mobile town has collected many beautiful women. what will they do if they meet the three girls who are left alone?

Of course, it may not be what they want to do on their own initiative, but what the three girls who were left alone ran into.

The daughter of the previous generation's cotyledon Hou 'an was only missing, which made Ye Hou 'an and his wife not give up and keep on searching. This time, they found the wreckage of the chariot easily.

Maybe, this is someone who doesn't want them to keep looking.

Of course, even if Ye Houan's daughter's accident has nothing to do with the mobile town, it's nothing. No matter what the truth of the matter is, it makes Ye Houan suspect that her daughter's death is related to the mobile town and is beneficial to them.

Shi Qingyang is not sure that the people in the mobile town must have taken the three girls, but he plans to tell Ye Houan so.

Killed by foreign animals is nowhere to avenge, because of this, Ye Houan and several other people will be able to pick up all the things after tidy up, cried and returned to the mobile fortress.

Ye Houan and Li Jiajia didn't sleep last night, but they didn't mean to sleep at all. Finally, Shi Qingyang gave Li Jiajia a bottle of sleeping pills, and she finally returned to her room. Ye Houan refused to drink. He kept holding his hair and a big man was in tears.

"Ye Houan, do you want to find your daughter?" Shi Qingyang walked to the front of Ye Houan and sat down.

"What do you mean?" Ye Houan held his daughter's baggage in the back seat of the chariot and suddenly raised his head.

"I suspect that they were not attacked by foreign animals." Shi Qingyang Road.

"How is it possible?" Ye Houan's eyes were wide open.

Shi Qingyang didn't hide it either. He said out the doubtful points he found and found out the photos just taken.

"It's not an exotic animal, is it because I have brought trouble to my daughter, I…" Ye Houan shook up the whole people: "I am a reporter and have reported many things, but they are all true. The most serious thing reported recently is that of Cheng Hong…Cheng Hong."

"As I said, your daughter may not have died. If someone wants to retaliate against you, there is no need to make it so complicated." Previous generation cotyledons thick encore didn't offend Cheng Hong, his daughter, is not still missing?

According to Li Jiajia, what they met at the beginning was an accident.

"Who is that?" Ye Houan immediately asked.

"There is a wandering mobile town near Anhang City and Xinghuo City, which is full of criminals and their children and is engaged in various illegal activities." What Shi Qingyang said is half true and half false. This time, they need someone to help control public opinion. Ye Houan, a well-known journalist, is very good.

Ye Houan's face suddenly changed: "I've heard a little news that someone bought weapons and drugs from an improper route outside the city…There is a person in Anhang City who has a special hobby and likes little boys, and he will leave Anhang City when the time is cut off…"

Shi Qingyang only wanted Ye Houan to help, but he didn't expect to get such news from Ye Houan: "What else do you know?"

"I just know something when I follow up and interview others, and there is no more." Ye Houan said that it was only after he had been a reporter for 20 years that he could know, some of which were even rumors.

"Would you like to go with us?" Shi Qingyang asked again.

"Yes!" Ye Houan immediately the baggage and take the journey, even if this may be Shi Qingyang blather, he is willing to believe it.

Another mobile fortress with the relics of the three girls, and Ye Houan to his wife's communication back, Cao Yang and Li Jiajia also follow the mobile fortress back together, only Ye Houan stayed, for others, is he want to experience with Shi Qingyang, and find a way to find a contact terminal for the three girls.

In fact, Shi Qingyang still wanted to leave Li Jiajia at the beginning. After all, Li Jiajia of the previous life impressed him very deeply, but when he thought about it later, he gave up again. Now Li Jiajia is really just a girl.

After the mobile fortress left, Shi Qingyang drove the mobile fortress to the vicinity of the ant colony where he and Cheng Ran escaped not long ago. It was still morning when they arrived. They waited for a period of time, and a chariot came here. The person sitting on the chariot was Liu Qilin.

"Shi Qingyang, what's the matter with you letting me come here?" Liu Qilin saw Shi Qingyang and immediately asked. She received a communication from Shi Qingyang and asked her to wait here these days, but she did not understand what Shi Qingyang was looking for her to do.

"We are going to find the mobile town."

"Really?" Liu Qilin spoke excitedly.

"Of course it is true." Shi Qingyang immediately said that the Yin family wanted to kill him. How could he make the Yin family feel better?

Cheng Xuze worries about Shi Qingyang's plot against Cheng Ran, but this worry is totally unnecessary, because Shi Qingyang is very busy and even doesn't have much rest time.

In the next few days, their mobile fortress moved slowly outside the city. According to Liu Qilin's instructions, she checked several places where she had found clues. Shi Qingyang also carefully recorded every place, found the field map of Anhang City, and began to mark every place.

More and more places are marked on the map, and the places where Liu Qilin escaped are highlighted. unfortunately, these places are very scattered and can't see anything at all.

Moreover, Liu Qilin clearly found a place that seemed to be parked in a huge mobile town some time ago, but everything around her was fine, and she had no way to know where the mobile town had gone.

"Qingyang, what are you looking at?" Cheng Ran took a bath, cleaned up the smell of herbs on himself, and then looked curiously at Shi Qingyang, who was holding a recorder.

These days, he has been staying in the study of the mobile fortress, contacting and configuring the medicine alone. When others do not notice, he will also try to configure the medicine that needs radiation energy.

"Look at the map, however, what do you think these days? Will you feel bored without the Internet?" Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran, then his eyes could not move.

"No, I like to make medicine quietly." Cheng Ran didn't care if there was a network at all: "Qingyang, I configured several drugs to use radiation energy and finally succeeded."

"But how clever!" Shi Qingyang immediately boasted and touched his hand on Cheng Ran's shoulder.

Hearing this, Cheng Ran smiled and bent his eyes. After looking at the time, he pushed his way to Shi Qingyang: "Qingyang, let's sleep together!"

"good." Shi Qingyang nodded, pulled the recorder screen on his hand to save, and took over Cheng Ran at the same time.

Cheng Ran was lying on the bed and saw the map at a glance. Suddenly he said, "Are all those mobile towns by the river?"

Shi Qingyang froze, suddenly study, this just found Cheng Ran said indeed as expected, all the marked place, are in the river, even the place where Ye Houan daughter was killed, are in the river.

Mobile fortresses can prevent gas from entering from the outside, and naturally can also prevent water from entering from the outside. crossing the river is out of the question. no, it is not right either. many of the rivers they see are not big. how can they hide in such underwater actions without leaving any traces?

He went to check every place. The rivers have not been widened and it is impossible to accommodate the mobile town Liu Qilin said.

"Qingyang, they have so many mobile fortresses? When Grandpa gave you this mobile fortress, so many people envied it. As a result, they broke a mobile fortress in order to deal with us." Cheng Ran looked at the red spots marked as mobile fortresses and added that he did not interfere with the investigation by Shi Qingyang. These days he has been teaching himself how to prepare drugs. This is the first time he has seen this picture.

Shi Qingyang is froze, also think through. Yes, Liu Qilin has seen traces left by huge mobile fortresses, but such traces may not be really left by the mobile fortresses. careful mobile fortresses can form huge traces as long as they are rolled back and forth.

Therefore, they may not be able to find it at all in these places. The Yin family, perhaps, hid a large mobile town in a fixed place and then found a small mobile town, wandering around through the river and trading with people.

Shi Qingyang adjusted the cause and effect, jumped up quickly and walked out: "However, I'll go out and come back soon."

Cheng Ran saw this scene and lay down helplessly. In the books he had read, those men, after seeing their loved ones, did not care whether they started first. Why did Shi Qingyang have no such reaction? Clearly just now also touched him…

Turned over, Cheng Ran soon fell asleep.

After Shi Qingyang went out, he knocked on Liu Qilin's door directly: "I have found a clue."

"What clues?" Liu Qilin's face was full of surprise.

"Didn't you say you can only find a trace several times, and then it disappeared again? You said, is it possible for that mobile town to go by water?" Shi Qingyang asked.

"The mobile town is so big…"

"Maybe there is more than one mobile town."

Liu Qilin suddenly took out her recorder and dug out the map, shaking her hands.

Near Anhang City, there is a lake. The lake is very big and it was said to be very famous in ancient times, but now it has become a very dangerous place.

The lake is full of different plants. Even the middle of the lake is full of reeds and different plants growing in the water. There are large areas of mosquitoes and animals, such as Yanmamon. It is very dangerous and is considered by many as one of the most dangerous places near Anhang City.

In such a place, few people will come at all, and many of the radiation fighters who entered deeply have no news since then.

Shi Qingyang wrapped himself in radiation energy and moved forward slowly. At the same time, countless radiation energy scattered around in circles to find out the situation around.

All of a sudden, he paused. The helmet he was wearing had a telescopic setting. From a distance, he saw a tiny camera in the middle of a reed with thick arms. If he hadn't seen it very carefully, I'm afraid he wouldn't have noticed it at all.

Here, there is really something wrong.

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