Shi Qingyang came to Hang Cheng in his previous life more than half a year later, and it took him some time to find out the situation in Anhang City. At that time, there was a very famous madman in Anhang City.

The madman is said to have been very capable before. It happened that his daughter went missing outside the city when she was hunting out of the city. When he took people to find his daughter, his wife secretly went out of the city to look for someone because she was too worried. She was also killed by foreign animals…Since then, he has been like a madman.

There are many radiation fighters who rely on hunting foreign animals, but most of them are organized into teams. They set out in the morning and come back in the evening. At most, they stay outside the city for one night. However, he stayed outside the city all day and all night. He would never come back until he could not stand it. After coming back, he only took a rest at the entrance of the city, prepared enough medicine and food, and went out of the city again.

This madman has been running around outside the city, looking for animals, killing animals is often not, so at that time, some people like to follow behind him to pick up cheap, Shi Qingyang was a comrade-in-arms, because the family is not good, had followed behind him to pick up cheap.

Shi Qingyang also met the madman. The man in his impression was disheveled and never communicated with others. He thought about his parents at that time and wanted to help the untidy person. In the end, he found out that the other party didn't need any help at all-the man ran out all day, but he still had the idea of dying.

The madman finally got what he wanted. Shi Qingyang never saw him again one year after he arrived in Anhang City.

The memory was too far away for Shi Qingyang. Although he had come into contact with the madman and had known about him, Ye Houan's gentle appearance before could be linked to the mad madman who was crazy and covered in dirt.

It was not until Ye Houan said that his daughter was missing outside the city that Shi Qingyang suddenly remembered this matter.

It is not uncommon for relatives to disappear and die outside the city, but Ye Houan obviously attaches great importance to family ties, and now the whole people are extremely distressed.

"Mr. Cheng, can you let me rent a mobile fortress? My daughter didn't come back after leaving the city yesterday. She disappeared in the danger zone. I'm going to find her…"Ye Houan was trembling all over. His daughter was studying in Anhang University. B-C+ talent is not good but not bad. Not long ago, she just reached Grade 2 and practiced several Grade 2 tactics.

Yesterday, she went out of the city with several female classmates, which was nothing. There was also a safety zone near Anhang City. In the safety zone, too dangerous animals did not exist. A group of them were together. Even if they met animals, they would get on a chariot and run away…And they did after meeting a longicorn beast. It happened that the girl who was driving did not know how to find her way. In panic, she drove the car to the place where she thought. Then she went further and further, and finally she ran out of the safety zone in the process of running away.

They drove two chariots out of the city. During their escape, the two chariots were scattered. Now one chariot has been brought back by others, while the other chariot is missing, with his daughter and two other classmates in it. No one knows whether it is alive or dead.

Cheng Xuze soon learned the situation from Ye Houan's mouth. He sympathized with Ye Houan, but actually he didn't want to open the hole. After all, there were too many people missing outside the city. He couldn't help it, but…Recently Cheng Hong's reputation in Anhang City became worse and worse, and the associated Cheng family was also questioned. If he refused on such an occasion, he still didn't know what others would say…

"Grandpa, you not is say to want to take me and ran out of the city experience? We can help find someone by the way." Shi Qingyang saw Cheng Xuze hesitation, direct way.

Of course, they don't really want to go out of the city to experience, but to go out of the city to find Yin's mobile town.

These days when they were competing in Anhang city, Cheng Xuze had already looked for someone to check the yin family, but now the yin family has become very clean through a year and a half ago, so they can't find out anything…Cheng Xuze worried about startle and put the yin family and the people behind the yin family on guard, so he planned to contact Liu Qilin and others first and go out of the city to find the mobile town.

As long as they find it, then don't say Yin family, Yin family behind people, can also be involved! Now, I'm afraid the Yin family doesn't know that their mobile town has been exposed.

"Yes, we were going to go out of town in a few days for training. Now if you want someone, you can go out early." Cheng Xuze immediately said, with Ye Houan in, they can also have a good reason to go out, but also good.

"Thank you, thank you…" Ye Houan stretched out his hand and wiped a handful of tears, he never knew that he would cry.

In fact, one needs to find someone to go out in a chariot, but it's not convenient for the chariot to spend the night in the wild. It's noon now. He may go out at this time and return to the place where the person is missing.

Missing in the wild, if no one can save her, her daughter won't last long.

"Then we'll start right away." Shi Qingyang added that he and Cheng Ran were lucky enough to persist in the wild for so long, but Ye Houan's daughter might be, even if they were still alive now, and when the chariots ran out of energy, it would be dangerous…

In fact, he didn't even think they were alive at this time.

"Thank you, thank you…" Ye Houan thanked him again and again. At this time, several more people came running, men and women, old and young: "We will go too, and our daughter is outside."

"And me, Ye Jinyu disappeared after going out with me. I know where she disappeared." Another girl stood up, Shi Qingyang froze, only to find that the man was a few days ago against his "iron lady" Li Jiajia.

Li Jiajia was crying after losing the match a few days ago, but now she has a firm face…Shi Qingyang thought her changes were too big before, but now there is a doubt-changed Li Jiajia, is this the thing?

"It's all your fault. If our shine hadn't accompanied you out of town for fun, how could he have disappeared?" Ye Houan said nothing, while the families of the other two missing girls complained and looked at Li Jiajia with hatred.

Li Jiajia gritted his teeth and did not speak, but Ye Houan, who looked saddest, added: "These children have already set a date to leave the city. It has nothing to do with her. What we need to do now is to find people quickly!"

"Ye Shu is right. In addition, it is better not to leave the city for those who have no fighting capacity at all, so as not to have an accident in the end. There will not be too many people living on the mobile fortress." Shi Qingyang added.

"Qingyang is right, Qingyang, you can arrange this." Cheng Xuze direct way.

Shi Qingyang soon chose the people to follow. The father of the three girls was somewhat fighting and had a simple identity. They all went. Li Jiajia naturally did not fall behind. In addition, he brought two teachers from Anhang College who had seen him before.

As for the other people, whether they want to find someone or intend to curry favor with Cheng Xuze, he didn't let them go up.

Among the people to go, the most ineffective is actually Cheng Ran, but now Gu Changjin is still recovering, Shi Qingyang how wear also won't leave him alone in the city, nature also took him, anyway, there is Cheng Xuze, Cheng Ran will never meet with danger.

Shi Qingyang arranged quickly and took care of everything. When he left, he looked at Ye Houan and others again: "It is better for you to leave a message for your family. It is very dangerous to go out and find someone. Don't run away if you don't have the strength!" Ye Houan's wife secretly went to find someone missing in her last life.

Ye Houan nodded, spoke to people, and then went to the mobile town.

The two mobile fortresses soon left Anhang City. At this time, Qin Liu finally came here. She knew what was happening here when she was on the road. Seeing Cheng Hong, her face was not very good: "Why didn't you propose to go with us? What good opportunities are there now? If you go with them, others will have a better impression of you."

"How do I go with? And even if I were to follow, would they? Who is that Ye Houan? He is the guy who has been sending my news before! Before, I thought my dad was just not favoritism. Now, it seems, he is colluding with the Ye Houan! His mobile fortress would rather give it to outsiders than to me. Ye Houan did this to me, and he eagerly helped Ye Houan to find someone…He didn't take my son to heart at all. Why should I post it again?" Cheng Hong gnashing of teeth.

"Just because that person is Ye Houan, you should go all the more. It also shows that you have let bygones be bygones. Otherwise, what will you do if someone spits on you about Ye Houan's daughter?" Qin Liu said.

"I have never done such a thing. His daughter's accident is his retribution." Cheng Hong whispered.

Qin Liu pursed the lips, Cheng Hong looked good when he was young, his family background was good and energetic, and some were simple and easy to control. But now, the front two are useless, and the back one is of little use.

Why does she feel more and more, Cheng Hong is a mud can't help on the wall?

Bad thoughts one by one, Qin Liu and Cheng Hong went home together, just to see someone put Ye Houan daughter's performance after missing and Cheng Hong son's performance after missing together to compare…But at this time, it is already a small matter for them.

Leaving the city, naturally there is no way to receive the network again, Shi Qingyang put down the contact terminal and went to take the salute.

When Ye Houan talked to his wife, he actually contacted Liu Qilin and let Liu Qilin come to him alone-I'm afraid no one knows better than Liu Qilin about the mobile town of Yin family.

This time, they are going to find Ye Houan's daughter and the mobile town.

Cheng Xuze gave Shi Qingyang's mobile fortress, excluding the cab, the living place for the staff who opened the mobile fortress and the kitchen restaurant, leaving five bedrooms, all of which were very well arranged, each with its own bathroom.

After Shi Qingyang went up, he put Cheng Xuze's salute into the middle master bedroom, and then put himself and Cheng Ran's salute into the second bedroom with a smile. In addition, one of the three bedrooms was given to Li Jiajia, one to Ye Houan, and one to Cao Yang, the teacher of Li Jiajia and Ye Jinyu.

As for the parents of the other two girls and another teacher, he arranged them on the mobile fortress of Cheng Xuze, where Wang Qing was in charge.

Cheng Xuze didn't notice it at the beginning. He frowned when he saw Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran coming out of the room after finishing their salutations." Do you live together?"

"Grandpa, don't worry, I'm not such an animal." Shi Qingyang laughed and said that he could not bear the pain of the Riot and the despair of being studied.

"I am worried that you are worse than an animal!" Cheng Xuze didn't good the spirit to speak.

"why, I will wait for us to get married first." Shi Qingyang said that he had never touched anyone in his previous life and didn't feel anything. It would be even less important to endure it in this life.

Cheng Xuze looked up and down at Shi Qingyang and couldn't help but wonder if Shi Qingyang was failing, but he knew it was impossible.

These days men can be changed into women and women can be changed into men. If they really can't, they can be treated. It's really nothing. Shi Qingyang is so young that he should be ignorant of the taste.

Such a thought, Cheng Xuze is relaxed, actually really want to say, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran really want to do something, which is he can stop?

Such a thinking, Cheng Xuze also regardless.

Cheng Ran changed into an anti-radiation suit at the request of Shi Qingyang, and made medicine in the room. Shi Qingyang found Li Jiajia and asked him for more detailed information together with Ye Houan.

Li Jiajia was scared all night outside the city yesterday. He came to them again shortly after entering the city today. Her face was full of tiredness at the moment. She drank a bottle of refreshing medicine and then told the situation again. Unfortunately, because they were lost at that time, she did not know the exact location of the missing Ye Lingyu three people. They had to find it slowly.

The mobile town soon reached the place where Li Jiajia and others were attacked. Li Jiajia and others met two longhorned beetles at that time, so they did not choose their way. When they fled, the chariots also left traces.

Unfortunately, today's wild plants grow very fast, and it often rains. Many exotic animals that eat plants also destroy the plants. Therefore, they are very troublesome to find. It was because of this that Cheng Xuze spent so much time looking for Cheng Ran.

Moreover, it was already dark at this time, even if the mobile fortress was equipped with searchlights, it would be hard to see the road ahead at this time. They could only open a section and left the mobile fortress to check the road. Later, Shi Qingyang simply did not return to the mobile fortress, but led the way with Li Jiajia and Ye Houan driving chariots.

"You'd better take a rest first." After stopping again, Shi Qingyang looked at the nearby Li Jiajia.

"No, they must still be waiting for me to save them." Li Jiajia opened her mouth. Her eyes are swollen and bloodshot.

"They must be fine." Shi Qingyang comforted.

"thank you." Li Jiajia looked at Shi Qingyang: "Before you won me, I was always unconvinced and complained to my classmates about you. In fact, what you did was right. When you really fought, victory was the most important…and you were a good man."

"Yes, I also want to thank you." Ye Houan also said, if it weren't for Shi Qingyang to help him speak before, certainly not so smoothly.

"If you want to thank me, please invite me to dinner when you find someone!" Shi Qingyang smiled.

Shi Qingyang really hoped to help Ye Houan find his daughter, so that night they had no rest at all.

At the end of the night, Shi Qingyang drank a bottle of refreshing medicine. At the same time, he finally found a clue. In a tree that seemed to have been hit by a chariot, someone left two arrows with the wind blade and walked on. It turned out that the girls should have left them in order not to get lost.

At noon the next day, they found the destroyed chariots. The chariots seemed to have been destroyed by violence from some strange animals. They had been completely destroyed. Several ant animals were coming and going inside the chariots. Not only that, there were also some torn combat uniforms scattered here.

The three missing girls are not here, but the scene here…

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