Ye Houan is here to thank Cheng Xuze. He failed to interview Ran Xue and Cheng Xuze yesterday, and finally he sent a lot of news about Cheng Hong. He was the only one who sent the news at the beginning. He was not the only one. He was not targeted, but he was the only one who sent the news at night.

The editor-in-chief trusted him and gave him the right to send news, but after knowing that he actually sent such a piece of news, he did not hesitate to scold him, thinking that he must be crazy to do such a thing.

What if Cheng Hong doesn't have a good relationship with his son? Cheng Ran is just an illegitimate child who doesn't even have radiation energy. Cheng Hong is the son of Cheng Xuze, a five-level radiation energy fighter! This is a big issue. Who will Cheng Xuze help?

Ye Houan listened to the analysis of the editor-in-chief and also knew that he was reckless. He was indeed a little famous, but Cheng Hong wanted to target him, but he could also make him lose his job. Because he didn't like the news about Cheng Hong's harm to his son, he might end up in bad luck and bring trouble to his wife and daughter…

However, Ye Houan's luck is very good, because this time, the Cheng family did not help Cheng Hong wipe his ass as usual, Cheng Xuze also directly rebuked Cheng Hong, so he is naturally safe.

Ye Houan is very good at talking. As a reporter, he has the same basic skills as talking. When he came over, Cheng Xuze was watching Shi Qingyang's competition. He gave Shi Qingyang a big compliment. Finally, not only Cheng Ran liked him, but also Cheng Xuze appreciated him.

This time, Shi Qingyang came back.

Ye Houan knew that many people were jealous of Shi Qingyang and felt that Shi Qingyang was a man who was climbing the Cheng family to take advantage. However, he did not think so. Before evaluating Shi Qingyang, he first looked at the information of Shi Qingyang.

According to the information, Shi Qingyang's parents died, and then he met Cheng Ran…Shi Qingyang followed Cheng Ran, and what he got was just some money, which was nothing to the Cheng family, but for more than a year, he took more care of Cheng Ran, which was actually just mutual benefit.

Cheng Xuze has already asked him to shout "grandpa". Do those people still think their eyes are better than Cheng Xuze?

Ye Houan believes that Shi Qingyang is a capable person. Now, seeing Cheng Xuze's attitude towards Shi Qingyang, this is even more certain.

"Shi Qingyang, right? Hello, my name is Ye Houan." Ye Houan stood up and held out his hand to shake hands with Shi Qingyang.

"hello." Shi Qingyang smiled and had a good impression of each other. Many people were respectful to Cheng Xuze, but they would not reach out to him or Cheng Ran, only treating them as children. Ye Houan stated that they would be treated equally.

"Qingyang, you are really good. The others didn't finish one match. You won three!" Cheng Ran's face was full of excitement. Shi Qingyang didn't spend half an hour from the start to the end.

"next time I will make persistent efforts and try to be better." Shi Qingyang laughed.

"I believe you! Qingyang, you have finished your match. Let's go to bed." Cheng Ran said, yawning again. He wanted to go online for the first time to laugh at those who think Shi Qingyang can't do it, but now seeing Shi Qingyang win so fast, he thinks it's unnecessary.

Cheng Ran said readily, beside Ye Houan heard the word "sleep" is in the mind a surprised, but he quickly react, know oneself want to more.

It is really inappropriate for these elderly people to use their own thoughts to understand the simplicity of their children.

The faculty lounge provided by the dean of Anhang University is very good. The inside is also very clean. The room seems to have been decorated. The bed was specially placed under the window. From the outside it was dark, but from the inside out it was extremely clear. Looking out of the window, you can see the entire training ground.

Cheng Ran was not interested in fighting with others and soon lay down. Seeing this, Shi Qingyang sat down beside him and began to watch the match.

After a while, the sleeping Cheng Ran Cheng Ran turned around and hugged his leg.

Cheng Ran slept through the afternoon. Then he was refreshed. Shi Qingyang had nothing to do with it. He simply found something to paint the two men's faces, changed their skin color and appearance, and took Cheng Ran to the commercial street in Anhang City.

Compared with Spark City, Anhang City is several times larger, and there are far more things here than Spark City. There are all kinds of things. Shi Qingyang wanted to think and took Cheng Ran directly to a jewelry store.

"What do you want, gentlemen?" The sweet-looking guide asked with a smile.

"We want a pair of rings. Is Feng always free?" Shi Qingyang laughed. The last time Cheng Ran talked about getting married at the age of 18, he was thinking about buying a pair of rings. It's just right now.

He remembered that there was a very capable old man in this jewelry store in Anhang City. Although the old man was an ordinary person, the ring he made was very beautiful. Liang Liang came here specially to buy a pair at the beginning, which cost him a lot of money.

However, he did not even see the rings. Obviously Liang Liang spent his money but did not buy it for him.

"Do you want Feng Lao to make it?" The shopping guide was somewhat surprised. The ring made by Feng Lao was really good, even each pair was unique, but the price was very expensive.

"Yes, is Feng always there?" Shi Qingyang said, "We don't require too much. It is good to simply give up."

"I'll let Feng Lao out immediately." The guide laughed and brought out a 60-or 70-year-old man soon.

Feng's old face is kind. He doesn't have any rules about how many rings he only makes every day. He is willing to help people do them whenever he is free. After hearing Shi Qingyang's request, he started to make them by hand and said that it would take another two hours to get them. They can come back later.

"Qingyang, let's look around. I haven't given you a birthday present." Cheng Ran looked at Shi Qingyang and asked people to measure their finger circumference. His face turned red.

"I'll take you there." Shi Qingyang laughed and said that the difference between the present Anhang city and the future is not big. Here, he doesn't have to worry about getting lost.

Shops selling all kinds of food, snacks, clothing stores, restaurants, supermarkets…In these shops, an exotic animal jewelry store is very conspicuous, and even several treated exotic animal heads are hung at the door.

Shi Qingyang also remembered here. All kinds of jewelry sold in this shop are polished with the shells of exotic animals. People can buy jewelry here or use the hard parts of exotic animals they hunt to help polish.

"Do you want to go in and have a look?" See familiar places, Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran with a smile.

Cheng Ran expressed his wish with actions, and as soon as he entered, he was immediately dazzled by all kinds of things.

Beautiful beads, polished combs and bracelets, carved ornaments…He and Shi Qingyang didn't need ornaments. Cheng Ran wanted to think about it and finally chose a set of medicine bottles made from the shell of the scarabs. The medicine bottles were very beautiful, very hard, and the price was within his affordability.

However, when he had to pay, he was suddenly dumbfounded. Last night, he notarized with others online and used all his money as a bet…

Nowadays, there is no such thing as opening online gambling tables, but there are lawyers who can help write agreements and temporarily freeze accounts, so now there is not a penny in his account…

Shi Qingyang helped Cheng Ran pay the money and bought the birthday present Cheng Ran wanted to give himself. He had a feeling of distress and distress. He never knew that Cheng Ran would gamble even though he did not know it. It turned out that Cheng Ran stayed up late last night for him.

"Qingyang, I know gambling is not a good thing. It will definitely not be the case next time." Cheng Ran confesses that Gu Changjin has always told him that gambling is not good, but when he was stimulated, he forgot.

"Do you really remember?"

"I really remember!" Cheng Ran said firmly.

Shi Qingyang still frowned, but relaxed a lot: "In fact, gambling is nothing. The key is that you can't stay up late. However, the body is the most important thing. If you have the chance to sleep, you must sleep well. You can't do this again next time."

"I will definitely not stay up late next time." Cheng Ran said.

Shi Qingyang got the guarantee and took Cheng Ran to the jewelry store where he bought the ring. Along the way, in order to make Cheng Ran sure that he would not stay up late in the future, he did not smile on his face, but his heart was already full of joy. At the same time, he made up his mind to find out all Cheng Ran said to help him on the Internet and keep it.

When they arrived, Feng's old pair of rings had been made. the patterns on the two rings were slightly different, but they could be seen at a glance as a pair. together, new patterns could appear. more importantly, the inside was engraved with a word, the small ring was engraved with a "yang" and the big ring was engraved with a "ran".

Shi Qingyang generously brushed the card, but suddenly he didn't know what to do with the ring. He and Cheng Ran didn't even have an engagement now, so he put it on directly…Should he find some flowers, make a candlelight dinner, and then ask someone to play a violin to propose? Shi Qingyang was still hesitating, but it was Cheng Ran. At that time, he was extremely happy. He took the ring and quickly helped Shi Qingyang to take it with him. After wearing it, he held Shi Qingyang's hand and looked back and forth.

I can't even compare with Cheng Ran…Shi Qingyang put on Cheng Ran when she gritted her teeth, but just after she did, Cheng Ran ran towards him: "Qing Yang, I wanted to touch your hand more…"


"When shall we get married?"

Cheng Ran sometimes, really don't know what shyness is…Shi Qingyang suddenly found that he seems to have been proposed again…

These two rings were seen by Cheng Xuze as soon as he got home. Cheng Xuze blew his beard and stared at him once at first, but then he relaxed: "Shi Qingyang, have a good competition and when you get the first place, I will transfer the mobile fortress I brought to your name immediately. If you don't get the first place…hum!" Cheng Xuze didn't go ahead, because even if Shi Qingyang didn't win the first place, the mobile fortress would still be given to him.

As for the ring…the young man's business is beyond his control.

"Grandpa, rest assured." Shi Qingyang could not help but stretch out his hand to tidy up his clothes again, not for other reasons, just to show off the ring on his hand.

In the next few days, it was very calm for Shi Qingyang, but Cheng Xuze probably didn't think so, because Cheng Hong looked for him several times, but even so, Cheng Xuze was determined not to help Cheng Hong again. finally, even Cheng Hong's children looked for him, he ignored.

Also don't know why, Cheng Hong every time you come, is a pair of Cheng Xuze sorry him, but, in this world, which have seventy-year-old father, but also raise a 40-year-old son of reason? After Cheng Xuze figured it out, the more Cheng Ran did, the more he didn't want to do it.

Cheng Hong after losing the support of the Cheng family, struggling, clearly haven't to change, but he has been stopped because of his previous omissions, on the contrary, Shi Qingyang is going well everywhere.

Shi Qingyang was really looking forward to this competition before coming to Hang Cheng, but now he has no interest in it.

After he suppressed his strength to level 3, if his opponent has reached level 4 in the fourth grade of Anhang college, he may still be able to play for a long time, but now…he was a level 8 player before being countered, and was called the first player under level 9. he is completely superior to other level 8 players. now, the strongest player in the competition is only level 3, and he has little experience.

It is not difficult for Shi Qingyang to pass all the way to become the champion, but the person who originally thought he was a small white face dare not say anything now.

On the one hand, it is because Shi Qingyang is strong, on the other hand, it is also because Cheng Xuze has come to watch the competition every day these days, fully expressing his importance to him.

Can let a level 8 radiation fighter so much attention to him…Originally some hostile to Shi Qingyang other college players, many people have shown good to Shi Qingyang, however, they still underestimated Cheng Xuze's attention to Shi Qingyang.

Just after Shi Qingyang won the championship, Cheng Xuze personally awarded him the prize and patted him on the shoulder: "Qingyang, it is very good. Grandpa promised to give you a present when you win, and he will never break his word. You go to the east gate with Grandpa, and Grandpa will transfer the mobile fortress to you."

In fact, the transfer of ownership of the mobile fortress can be done privately, but these days other people have heard all kinds of speculation about Shi Qingyang Cheng Xuze, so they simply did it and helped Shi Qingyang face up.

The mobile fortress was given to him by Shi Qingyang's master. how good would it be if he did it at no cost?

Mobile fortress? The dean of Anhang College was standing nearby. He was almost blindsided when he heard this in the first place.

Cheng Xuze came to Hang Cheng this time and brought two mobile fortresses. Many people know about this, but they never expected that he would give one of them to Shi Qingyang.

If Cheng Xuze gave this to Cheng Ran, no one would feel strange, but to Shi Qingyang…This Shi Qingyang, what position is it?

After the excitement of Anhang College, many people followed to the east gate. Then, Cheng Xuze gave the running chip of one of the mobile towns to Shi Qingyang in public.

This mobile town is bigger than Shi Qingyang thought. It covers an area of about 400 square meters and is beautifully decorated. It has everything it needs. Taking such a mobile fortress out of the city is basically the same as taking one's own home out of the city.

"Dad, do you want to give this mobile fortress to Shi Qingyang?" Cheng Hong, who had not appeared for several days, was probably too shocked after receiving the news and came here.

It is not easy to get mobile fortresses. For example, a logistics company has no problem in applying, but it is very difficult for a private person to get them. He does not have them.

If Cheng Xuze is for Cheng Ran, he can still feel this is Cheng Xuze compensation for Cheng Ran, but why will Cheng Xuze give an outsider?

"I will give it to whoever I want." Cheng Xuze said.

Cheng Hong's spirit is very bad, eyes still have red blood, he heard Cheng Xuze, seems to be about to erupt, the radiation energy in the body is unstable, Cheng Xuze suddenly hold down his shoulder at this time, the oppression of the radiation energy let him speechless.

"Cheng Hong, you are my son, so I take care of you, but I don't owe you." Cheng Xuze whispered.

Cheng Hong's face changed: "Dad!"

"There are some things that you should think about and go home after you think about." Cheng Xuze saw dissatisfaction and resentment in Cheng Hong's eyes and sighed.

Cheng Hong wanted to say something else, but suddenly someone rushed up from a distance: "Mr. Cheng, please, can you lend me the mobile fortress? Cheng, please, my daughter, my daughter, she disappeared outside the city…"

This man Shi Qingyang is no stranger. It was Ye Houan who made him feel familiar a few days ago. Now, when Ye Houan shouted, he finally remembered who this man was.

At the beginning, the famous madman in Anhang City.

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