Arriving at Anhang College, Cheng Ran looked like he didn't sleep well, causing Shi Qingyang to look at him several times." But, did you sleep well last night?"

"Mmm." Cheng Ran nodded and yawned again. In fact, he was seldom angry. Some people thought he was not good, and he didn't care at all. However, some people said Shi Qingyang was not good, which made him very angry.

"How can suddenly didn't sleep well? Did you not adjust your schedule?" Cheng Ran usually works and sleeps very regularly. Now this is happening. Is it because he disturbed his work and rest in the ant nest before?

"It should be…Qingyang, you must win and beat them all down!" Cheng Ran said.

"good." Shi Qingyang said that he was more than twice as old as these people and had strength and experience. If this is not enough, it would be too bad.

"Xiao Ran, if you are sleepy, you should stop watching the match and go to bed early." Cheng Xuze see beside Cheng Ran yawning, advised.

"I'm not sleepy either. I want to watch the match." Cheng Ran said, pinching his eyebrows to cheer him up. In the Spark College before, he felt that Shi Qingyang was especially handsome when he competed with others.

Shi Qingyang saw this scene, stretched out his hand and rubbed the trace of his pinch out of Cheng Ran's brow: "I don't always play in the morning, you still go to the dormitory to lie down…" Anhang College arranged the dormitory for the students of other colleges, but they didn't sleep before.

The dean of Anhang College has been paying close attention to them and immediately said, "Do you want Cheng Ran to go to the upper office to have a rest? There is a lunch break for teachers who teach actual combat. The robot will clean up every day and can see the whole competition field clearly from top to bottom." Yesterday Cheng Hong's news was so loud that he is now worried and eager to please Cheng Xuze.

"I'll be there when the Qingyang match is over." Cheng Ran looked at the competition schedule and yawned again. His nose was wrinkled.

"I will definitely finish playing earlier." Shi Qingyang Road. Spark College and other colleges in two tertiary cities all had not less than ten people taking part in the competition, and Anhang College only chose eight, totaling 34 people. The huge protective cover was divided into eight areas, one for each area. As before, this competition was all a two-two knockout competition. Everyone would compete with each other for three games first and then see the winning rate advance.

"Yes, you can finish it earlier so that you can go to bed." Cheng Xuze immediately the baggage and take the journey, then at the court of the dean.

The dean of Anhang College had already sent people to decorate the lounge upstairs. At this time, he hurriedly ordered people to arrange matches.

Although the match with whom is drawn by the computer, the referee has arranged when to play. It is completely possible for the referee to put Shi Qingyang's three matches in a row. This is not cheating. I'm afraid others will be happy with it-since Shi Qingyang's matches are intensive, others will be relaxed and have more time to rest.

In fact, to gather a few matches of a certain person together is to fight for a certain person and let him go through the rotation war. However, the dean of Anhang College is eager to please Cheng Xuze but does not care about Shi Qingyang.

Cheng Xuze looked at Shi Qingyang to change uniforms, Cheng Ran and stared at Shi Qingyang from a distance, looked down at his hand contact terminal, above, Cheng Hong communication and information have a lot of, later, even Qin Liu, also called several times.

He always thought Cheng Hong did a good job. Although he was a little noisy to his family, he would not go too far outside. Now think about it, since Cheng Hong can let others change the competition events in a word, other nature can also do it. Moreover, there are more and more people holding Cheng family. Naturally, there are more and more people holding Cheng Hong-people like the dean of Anhang College are never uncommon.

Cheng's family now has a big cause, so it is more important to be careful. He is not worried about Cheng Hui at all, but Cheng Hong…With Cheng Hong's temper, he might be knocked out by a handful of people.

He had a sleep, some things just want to more understand-Cheng home to Cheng Hong those support, maybe really should all back.

After pressing several times on the contact terminal, Cheng Xuze directly cancelled the bonus that Cheng family would give Cheng Hui every month.

There are also some enterprises under the Cheng family. The profits of these enterprises will be distributed to the Cheng family as dividends every month. Before, Cheng Ran relied on this dividend to have money to spend. However, Cheng Hong and his wife, as well as his children, also have such dividends, which are much more than Cheng Ran.

Now, he won't give it!

Cheng Xuze has finalized this matter, and his eyes are on the competition field. He is a master of Grade 8. Watching a group of inexperienced children compete has no interest for him. The reason why he came here is actually just to support Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang. The only concern is naturally Shi Qingyang.

There were many people who paid attention to Shi Qingyang just like him. At the same time, Shi Qingyang also lived up to expectations and the first batch came on stage.

This competition depends entirely on the drawing of lots. The first opponent drawn by Shi Qingyang is a student in the fourth grade of Spark College.

He is not familiar with this senior, but he has also read the competition data and knows that the other party is a second-class radiation energy fighter. Such achievement is already very good in Spark College, but in other places, it is really nothing…

Shi Qingyang jumped easily and jumped onto the stage. He was planning to go back to accompany Cheng Ran as soon as possible. However, he didn't want the opposite man to shout: "I give up!"

This throw in the towel, recognition is too fast…

"You really don't fight?"

"I've played with you before…but I still don't." The senior opened his mouth smilingly. He heard the rumors outside yesterday. Many people thought Shi Qingyang was a small white face, but as a classmate of Shi Qingyang, he deeply understood how wrong this was.

Shi Qingyang is a small white face? If it weren't for knowing Cheng Ran's family background is good, they would think that Cheng Ran was raised by Shi Qingyang. Shi Qingyang was very fierce when he entered school. He beat Yin Tiancheng and didn't leave a hand behind. They didn't want to meet him at all.

The referee also simply saw this scene and immediately found the second player drawn by Shi Qingyang. It was also a second-class radiation fighter, but it was a third-grade student in clear lake City. Although he was a third-grade student, he was tall and big. As soon as he entered the arena, he snorted coldly: "Small white face, I must beat you down!"

"Have you seen the competition data?" Shi Qingyang was silent for a moment. He did not intend to deceive people, so he changed the competition data yesterday…

"Of course I have. I already know it by heart." The man immediately said, "you don't think I'm afraid of the Cheng family letting you! I will never give up before I can compete!"

"Let's start…" Shi Qingyang some speechless, he can see, in front of the man is very disdain for him, and the reason, nothing more than because think he please Cheng family, most still think Spark College students take the initiative to throw in the towel before is afraid of his revenge.

This idea, he felt quite ridiculous, just don't understand, why he changed the information, in front of the man still dare to so brazen, after all, he is now a level 3 radiation fighter, but in front of the man even if talent is better, also only two levels.

What Shi Qingyang did not know was that although he changed the information yesterday, the teachers of Spark College did not submit the information until this morning in order to hide his secret weapon. By this time, the competition will begin and naturally no one will look at the information again.

Shi Qingyang actually preferred to fight far away. In his last life, his body became worse and worse, and he gradually became fond of attacking his opponent in the distance. However, in front of him, he was obviously following the path of close combat.

Although the man despised Shi Qingyang in words, he was very careful when it came to the battle. he rushed towards Shi Qingyang, and at the same time his hands condensed two radiation energy swords, which split off Shi Qingyang's shoulder. he was aggressive and blocked Shi Qingyang's retreat.

"The 19th contestant gathered Fu Neng's combat knives very quickly. I can see that he has rich actual combat experience. He also took the lead at one stroke. He attacked with both hands at the same time. He also let his opponent avoid the inevitable. Let's look at the 24th contestant…" Before the narrator could say "how to deal with" four words, he was stunned. Soon he added: "The 19th contestant flew out. The 24th contestant was faster than him. He didn't dodge or even hold up a protective cover to defend instead of attack. No. 19 player was kicked out with one foot. No, it's not that simple. No. 19 player can't get up now. Let's take a look at the replay of the scene. Oh, my God, No. 24 player even sent out a very fast wind blade when kicking people. No wonder No. 19 player can fly out!"

The commentator excitedly explained Shi Qingyang's competition. In fact, compared with several other hot competitions, Shi Qingyang had nothing to look at here, but who made his status unusual? Those who came to watch the match saw Cheng Ran yesterday, but today they saw Shi Qingyang?

A junior in a tertiary city can calmly call grandpa Cheng Xuze. this alone can make people pay more attention to Shi Qingyang. in fact, if it weren't for too many things that Cheng Hong did yesterday, I'm afraid there will be many people on the internet to crusade against Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang could not hear the narrator, but looked at his leg hesitantly. He knew that after eating the queen ant's meat, his physical condition had changed, but it was not until just now that he finally felt this clearly.

When he kicked out just now, he thought that only a few steps could be taken back, but he didn't want to suddenly find that the spokes in the body could turn around on the leg, and then the kick strength was somewhat out of control…

In fact, he didn't intend to send out the wind blade at the beginning. Later, he found that his strength was too great. Then he added several wind blades to make others think that the man was kicked out by the wind blade.

Otherwise, the leg strength alone will kick out a person who has at least 160 catties, which is a little too strong.

His reaction is very fast, the speed of the wind blade is faster, others should not see it.

The big man who was kicked out has been taken away. Although he was cannon fodder, his injury is not serious and his radiation energy loss is not much. He must have received treatment before long before he can take part in the second match.

Of course, compared with him, Shi Qingyang is now more relaxed.

The referee had already been told, and naturally looked at Shi Qingyang at this time: "player 24, do you need to rest?" As he asked, he began to look at the information of the next person to compete with Shi Qingyang.

"No need." Shi Qingyang said directly.

"No. 24 player Shi Qingyang, against No. 32 player Li Jiajia."

This time on stage, is a girl who looks a little petite, but Shi Qingyang saw each other, but can't underestimate completely-in front of the Li Jiajia, he knew.

At the beginning when he came to Anhang City, although Li Jiajia was still a student, he had organized a hunting team and often took people out of the city to hunt. Although Li Jiajia looked very lovely, unlike Liu Qilin's handsome appearance, Li Jiajia should be far better than Liu Qilin in terms of ferocity. After all, Liu Qilin had only three grades when she reached the sky. Li Jiajia finally rose to the seventh grade and was named Iron Lady. Many women regarded her as their idol. Many people also hoped that she would become the second grade 9 female fighter in the history of China.

However, this is unlikely. If there is no accident, she should stay at level 7 all the time. After all, her talent is not outstanding, and the more difficult it will be for the Radiological Fighter to upgrade.

But even so, this is enough to prove the woman's skill, and Li Jiajia has now reached level 3…

At the beginning, Li Jiajia was a madman who loved to fight outside the city. Once he fought alone with foreign animals and was chased everywhere. Li Jiajia suddenly appeared and took her team to clean up the foreign animals and staged a beautiful rescue hero.

Of course, after the rescue, Li Jiajia didn't even look at him and left with the animal.

Shi Qingyang was extremely cautious when he thought of the original events. He looked at Li Jiajia with rapt attention. After the referee fired the match shots, he quickly retreated and kept hitting the wind blade with both hands…

"No. 32 contestant is one of the talented students of Anhang University. Although she is a woman, she has strong attack power. She is a level 3 radiation fighter like No. 24 contestant. This competition will surely be wonderful! No. 24 player has already taken the lead in shooting. He shot the wind blade very fast, without any pity at all…No. 32 player…she flew out again…"The narrator said at the beginning with great spirit, but in the end, he was speechless:" The battle ended too fast! Let's play back the match scene. Obviously, player No. 32 is going to use level 2 tactics to attack, but player No. 24 is so fast that he released several blades in just one second, breaking up the tactics that player No. 32 is gathering, and released another level 3 tactics, which directly sent player No. 32 out of the match…"

Shi Qingyang silently stepped down from the competition table. At this time, the nurse beside him had already helped Li Jiajia, who had been knocked down by him. Although he was very heavy just now, because the radiation energy in the competition field was not as strong as that outside, Li Jiajia was not seriously injured because he was wearing combat uniform. However, even so, the girl was still humming and holding her belly with tears in her eyes.

Iron Lady, is there still a time like this? Shi Qingyang suddenly felt a little guilty. He actually laid a heavy hand on a 17-or 18-year-old girl…However, while feeling guilty, he couldn't help feeling sick when he saw the "tall and powerful" Iron Lady in memory pulling several female classmates to wipe tears after leaving the competition table.

Of course, the most important thing now is to go to sleep with Cheng Ran…As for the next match, Shi Qingyang believes that there is no need to pay attention.

When Shi Qingyang stepped down from the competition table and came to Cheng Xuze, Cheng Xuze was talking to a middle-aged man who still had his work permit attached to him. The words "Ye Houan" were very clear.

Not only the name is familiar, but also the appearance seems a little familiar.

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