Suddenly found Cheng Ran quickly typing no longer ignore yourself, Shi Qingyang touched the nose, can only go back to the room.

When he and Cheng Ran came to Hang Cheng, they actually brought a lot of luggage. When they escaped from the mobile town, they only picked out the important ones. Now, the things that had fallen on the mobile town were in his room. Shi Qingyang turned over, put the clothes in the cabinet, and then took out a thick and heavy computer relative to other handheld computers.

This computer looks ordinary, but as long as you know the goods, you will know its value is very big, because like the security computer Cheng Ran bought before, it is a computer that won't let people find its location.

This was bought by Shi Qingyang himself. Now he has actually become a millionaire. Unfortunately, no one knows and no one else can know.

Holding the computer and lying on the bed, Shi Qingyang went online and planned to talk to Cheng Xuze as I didn't want to be hungry. He also conveniently opened the portal of Anhang City, but he didn't want to just see the latest news related to Cheng Hong.

When human life is slowly rebuilt and the destroyed network is rebuilt, the names of many things have not changed in order to commemorate everything before the end of the world, such as microblogs that have been circulated for thousands of years.

Half an hour ago, Cheng Hong posted a message on his public microblog account: "Cheng Ran was not with me when he was young. I really did not have deep feelings with him, but he is my son. I cannot ignore his life or death like some media have said. Today, I am not happy. I just think it is inappropriate for him to insist on learning medicine even though he does not have radiation. After all, for a person without radiation, learning medicine is very dangerous, and it is more dangerous to use medicine configured with radiation."

Cheng Hong's words, people who do not know it, really feel that he said sincerely, unfortunately…

Shi Qingyang saw this passage not in his microblog, but in the latest news released by the Anhang city portal, and the headline of the news was: "according to reliable sources, the change of the final project of the college pharmacy competition is decided by Cheng Hong."

The front foot said that it was dangerous for Cheng Ran to configure the medicine that needed radiation energy, and the back foot was blown out. He changed the match this afternoon…

Shi Qingyang in carefree, suddenly some sympathy for Cheng Hong, today this day, he has repeatedly since the mouth, even to the extent of frenzied, also don't know how to mood.

However, he is very willing to Cheng Hong do more such things to make him sympathize with, holding such a mood, Shi Qingyang looked up at the news.

At the front of the news was a screenshot of Cheng Hong's microblog, while at the back was a detailed analysis of the sudden change of the competition content in Anhang University in the afternoon.

The reporter who released the news was obviously very observant. He released the photos of Cheng Hong from the dean of Anhang College after he announced the competition in the afternoon. He released Ran Xue and Cheng Xuze's face changed greatly afterwards. Ran Xue went to the dean of Anhang College and asked for a video with his assistant. He also released Cheng Hong's ugly face during the competition.

Why did the dean of Anhang College suddenly change the competition? Moreover, Cheng Hong is the president of Hang Cheng Radiological Energy Association. He is in charge of this competition. Even if he changes, how could he not know? So, the fact is, this competition was changed by him.

Even Ran Xue, knowing that radiation energy would be used in the competition, helped to win the opportunity for the contestants to bring assistants. Cheng Hong clearly had the right not to change the content of the competition, and had the right to terminate the competition. But no matter at all, which have a little love son mean?

This reporter analyzed very well and released a lot of videos and photos. one cannot help but believe it. Shi Qingyang couldn't help but have a favorable opinion of the national people's congress. he specially looked at each other's name. after reading it, he was shocked. Ye Houan? This name, he always felt a little familiar…Shi Qingyang will turn over, only to find that there are several news about Cheng Hong is his hair, he is to see a few eye remember?

No matter what the reason made him feel the name was familiar, now he is sure that he will always remember the name.

After watching the news, Shi Qingyang found a message from the chat software in the lower right corner. He quickly clicked on it. Sure enough, it was Cheng Xuze who was looking for him.

"Coming up." Shi Qingyang laid three words, and flipped through the above message, in front of the message, are Cheng Xuze asked him to help find Cheng Ran, it's a pity that he was with Cheng Ran at that time, where also received the information?

"Why are you absent every time you have an emergency?" Cheng Xuze opened his side of the video, a face of helpless.

"I met a little tricky thing a few days ago, but it's all right now, isn't it?"

"Do you already know what happened to them?"

"I see."

"This time, what do you think? Did you let me go to the Yin family before and know about this long ago?" Cheng Xuze asked again.

"I guessed Yin's family should have some illegal business outside the city, but I didn't know they would be so bold." Shi Qingyang said that he had always felt that the Yin family would not dare to do anything to them. After all, Gu Changjin was a top five player, but he didn't expect them to find someone else…

"This time, I must make a thorough investigation of this Yin family!" Cheng Xuze immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"It should be." Shi Qingyang tried his best to show himself as light as possible, conforming to the image of a hermit expert.

Cheng Xuze got used to it long ago and immediately said some of his own plans. After that, he suddenly sighed again: "It was a good thing that I could have brought back Xiao Ran and Shi Qingyang, but some people just hide my happiness…"

"What's the matter?" Shi Qingyang asked, but know that most of the people Cheng Xuze said are Cheng Hong, Cheng Hong quarreled with Cheng Xuze at dinner time, just appeared the news, I'm afraid I don't have to stop.

"Not yet my unworthy second son, I don't know why he is so against Xiao Ran…even if Xiao Ran is a B*stard, he doesn't have to confront a child with an enemy, and I am his father, and I don't owe him, why does he bother me again and again?" Cheng Xuze also some anger, Cheng Hong this attitude, like everyone owes him.

"I have seen all the news on the internet. are they true? He said so?"

"Those are all true. As for him, he called me not long ago and had a quarrel with me. Now he comes to me and asks me to speak for him. Let me testify that he is not the one who changed the content of the competition. If I don't do this, I am afraid his position as deputy duke will be transferred to someone else." Cheng Xuze openings, Cheng Hong said, actually not so polite.

"Give to others and give to others."

"Not hungry master, you don't know, the child usually do things very seriously, the hands of the business are doing well, his heart is high…I don't want to tube him, and they were afraid he blame me…when the child's mother died, let me take good care of him…" Cheng Xuze repeatedly sigh, he also some helpless to Cheng Hong, Cheng Hong say so again, is also his son, and compared with some other people's dude, Cheng Hong is not bad…

"His problem is that you are used to it. He is only confident that you will help him, so he has nothing to fear and does not take you seriously." Shi Qingyang Road. Cheng Hong why so to Cheng Ran, he still has some can't figure out, but Cheng Hong Cheng Xuze and Cheng Hui why is this attitude, that he is very clear, in the end, is Cheng Hong spoiled, horizontal nest.

Although Cheng Hong has always said that Cheng Xuze is partial to Cheng Hui, subconsciously, he also knows that Cheng Xuze and Cheng Hui will always let him, after all, the blood relationship cannot be broken off, in that case, he will naturally hide.

Why do some dandies dare to make troubles all the time? Isn't it a certainty that parents will definitely help?

Moreover, crying children have milk to eat. Although Cheng Hong's frown looks completely different from that of crying children, their practice is similar.

"spoilt?" Cheng Xuze some reaction not to come over, Cheng Hong now also has 40 years old, is not idle, this…

"He should not say less you eccentric Cheng Hui? Do you compensate him a little after every time you say it?" Shi Qingyang laid a sentence.

"Indeed, in fact, I worry more about him than Xiaohui. Xiaohui has been following my path…" Cheng Xuze frowned. He prefers Cheng Hui, which is beyond doubt, but he actually helps Cheng Hong more.

"I also read today's news, and I think if he continues like this, I'm afraid he will do more harm to you in the future, and clearly he has done something wrong, but he is desperately trying to find excuses for himself…while you are still alive, some people will think that if you let him do it on your face, it will be hard to say in the future." Shi Qingyang laid a long string.

Cheng Xuze was shocked: "What should I do then?"

"If you want your child to be able to walk, you must let him wrestle more. Didn't Cheng Hong always think you were eccentric? You might as well show him some partiality and leave him to his own affairs."

"Can this really work?" Cheng Xuze asked for advice on his face. He didn't know that the person who taught him to take care of his children was actually a man who coveted his grandson at the same age as his grandson next door.

"If you help him again this time, the next time he is not like this make some small gossip, what should I do? According to my opinion, you might as well make a big fuss about this incident, let him learn some lessons and let him know that he is nothing without the Cheng family, so as not to end up fighting with your brother who has been helping him." Shi Qingyang tried his best to fool the future father-in-law's father into going to the pit.

Cheng Xuze trusted me not to be hungry, and now he thinks more and more about it. Because of Cheng Hong's temper, he had quarreled with his son several times only recently after his predecessors followed him. However, he has always been helpful to those who should help him. Before Cheng Hong broke through without success, he was also injured. He was wondering whether he should help him become the duke.

Now think about it, he was wrong in the beginning. When he took Cheng Hui with him, he always knew that he would let Cheng Hui suffer some setbacks. How could Cheng Hong forget it in the round?

"Master, you are right. He should really learn some lessons. Since he has done this, he should not shirk his responsibility!" Cheng Xuze finally made up his mind.

Cheng Hong this time is completely self-inflicted, should learn some lessons, and this time in the end is not a big deal, at most is to let him lose the hearts and minds when the deputy duke, if he changed in the future, it is not difficult to pull up again.

"You're right, son. You should let him fall and have a long memory. This is my experience." Shi Qingyang, who has never brought a child, said in an old-fashioned way.

Cheng Xuze is very agree with, immediately logged on to his account, turned Cheng Hong micro blog, but did not help explain, but scolded Cheng Hong, scold Cheng Hong regardless of the safety of his son fooling around.

Although Ye Houan wrote clearly in the news, there are many people who do not believe it. After all, Cheng Hong has made many achievements before and has also helped some people with difficulties in life. These people, who stand on Cheng Hong's side, feel that Ye Houan is malicious speculation. After all, no father wants to take the child as his enemy.

Unfortunately, they just stood up, Cheng Xuze swear on the Internet, and Cheng Xuze this scold, also completely sit Cheng Hong done.

Not to say that when the father will not harm the child? Cheng Xuze said so, must be Cheng Hong gas is broken…

As for the matter, Cheng Xuze was not angry at the moment. After sending the microblog, he put down the big thing in his heart and went to bed happily. Instead, Cheng Hong was angry.

Cheng Hong although know oneself even want to be in trouble, but also don't think I really will have something, if nothing else, as long as Cheng Xuze help him say hello, news or something, I'm afraid there would be no, but he didn't expect, Cheng Xuze would do so.

Originally, as the president of the Anhang City Radiological Association, he could go to Anhang College tomorrow to watch the competition and try to get closer to Cheng Ran to change his image. But now…where does he have the face to go?

There is also a change of office. I'm afraid he doesn't have to deal with it anymore. Now there won't be any more people to support him. There won't be any more people to support him in the future. His efforts for half his life have been completely lost after Cheng Xuze scolded him.

Cheng Hong was flustered. If he hadn't been worried about being known, he would have run to find Cheng Xuze's theory in the middle of the night! Cheng Xuze just can't see him well?

Cheng Hong, Shi Qingyang guess casually can also guess, he brushed the news, see everyone scold Cheng Hong, not happy in my heart, went to bed early, but I don't know the next door, Cheng Ran is still entangled with a few die-hards, insist on Shi Qingyang really good, in the end, the two sides also made a bet, bet Shi Qingyang can enter the top three tomorrow, for this matter, Cheng Ran also put saved for a long time pocket money on.

The next day, it was the competition of radiation energy fighters. Shi Qingyang watched Cheng Hong's news and fell asleep. After falling asleep comfortably, he woke up and went to read Cheng Hong's news. Then he got up happily.

Seeing Cheng Hong's misfortune, he felt at ease.

The competition of radiation energy fighters is still yesterday's place, but now, the middle is not empty space, but a huge protective cover has been raised, inside which radiation energy is also filled, and all competitions will be held inside the protective cover, with two level 4 radiation energy fighters beside it.

The students of Anhang College have very good talents. Double B+ can be seen everywhere. Even if there are A's, they can't take part in the competition in the third or fourth grade, but all the outstanding ones in the first or second grade have come. Among these people, there are even two talents. They are only 18 years old and have become the three-level radiation fighters.

The people of Anhang College are somewhat arrogant. They don't even look at the students of the other three colleges, but they don't know that the people of Spark College are actually looking at them sympathetically.

In the pharmacy competition, they were just pressed by Cheng Ran. The radiation energy competition…

Shi Qingyang is a pervert, but he has to take part in the radiation energy competition. Although this person used to have only two grades, his senior of the third grade in their college would lose to him. This is not counting. Yesterday he updated the data of the competition. They saw that he had already entered the third grade!

The senior who despised Cheng Ran in the fourth grade last time was beaten by him and almost cried…

Such a person, in fact, should have how far to avoid how far!

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