Cheng Ran, wearing gloves, carefully handled all kinds of materials in front of him. Red clover was dried and crushed, kudzuvine root was cut into even small pieces, and yellow flower seeds were soaked in blending liquid…In fact, such meticulous work was more appropriate without radiation-proof gloves, but who let him have no radiation energy in front of others?

Cheng Ran's movements were very fast. He had once done them under the guidance of Ran Xue, and he had already remembered all the essentials. Although he did not handle the materials with his assistant like other people, he was not much slower than others. He looked extremely skilled and even full of charm in his movements.

And this, there are some reasons, Shi Qingyang and Gu Changjin all want to drink all-round medicine, all-round medicine to use medicinal materials but can't buy, so two people often go out of the city looking for medicinal materials, every time looking for, natural by the way will also bring back other medicinal materials, these medicinal materials are handled by him, over time, natural practice makes perfect.

In contrast, other people who are accustomed to buying finished medicinal materials, even if they handle them, are only doing simple follow-up operations. Obviously, they cannot do so well.

When the materials are processed, Cheng Ran starts to configure them again. Once he has done it, he will never forget the steps again. At this time, his actions are just like flowing water.

Shi Qingyang watched Cheng Ran carefully for configuration beside him. He felt that the whole people were calm down. He had a lot of things to do and had been busy exercising. He had not seen Cheng Ran for a long time to configure medicine…

It is good that he and Cheng Ran both survived.

I can't hear the outside voice in the match. Shi Qingyang doesn't know what the commentator said, let alone what he said. At the moment, some people are already speculating whether there is any inside story in the match.

Cheng Ran's performance in the morning made many people admire him, but others doubted that he knew the test questions in advance. If a person born in poverty has achieved very good results, others will believe in his strength, but if a person of excellent family background has achieved very good results, others will always doubt if there is any insider.

What's more, in previous competitions, there has never been any medicine that needs radiation energy for configuration. This time, it happened that the project was temporarily changed. Moreover, Ran Xue, a pharmacist who signed a contract with Cheng's family, also specially proposed that he could bring his assistant…

Others have assistants to help them. They are still in a hurry when faced with drugs that have never been configured before. Cheng Ran can finish all this alone. This is the time that the Cheng family wants Cheng Ran to show his face greatly and pave the way for Cheng Ran, right?

On the surface, of course, no one will say anything, but nobody knows who on the internet, and the Cheng family will not blame the public if they want to check, and all kinds of speculation will come up.

Even several pharmacists from Anhang City who came to watch the competition were skeptical. The content of the competition was suddenly changed. Ran Xue also specially requested to bring an assistant…At first they thought Ran Xue was worried that Cheng Ran would not be able to bring an assistant, but now look, which of Cheng Ran's skillful appearance seems to need an assistant? I'm afraid he deliberately brought such an assistant just to show his skill, and he didn't use it at all, to set off the appearance of other people's hurry-scurry.

Several of their competitors in Anhang City are outstanding, but now they can't compare with Cheng Ran completely. It can be said that they are young, but Cheng Ran is under 18 years old, just as big as their competitors.

At this time, Cheng Ran's medicine has reached the stage of preparation. He slowly adds various medicinal materials to the crucible in sequence. When it is added to a certain extent, these medicinal materials begin to repel each other due to their mutual reaction and the radiation they carry. Bubbles also appear in the crucible.

If it is not handled well at this time, the medicine will lose all its achievements. The so-called treatment requires the pharmacist to start mixing with radiation energy while adding other medicinal materials.

High-level pharmacists can feel every reaction in the medicine after using radiation energy. They don't even need to look at the time when they arrive, but pay attention to the color change of the medicine and close their eyes to know which medicine to add.

Cheng Ran's performance before was so good that everyone thought he would start to configure quickly at this time. Unexpectedly, he did not go to get the stirring rod. Instead, the assistant beside him who had not started work picked up the stirring rod and began to stir slowly.

What is going on here? People watching the match became more and more curious.

Cheng Ran was not affected at all. As Shi Qingyang began to stir, he slowly added the following medicinal materials to the mixture. From time to time, he also pointed out how Shi Qingyang stirred. This situation undoubtedly attracted everyone's attention.

Some of the players who competed with Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran couldn't help but start to pay attention to them. They didn't even take care of the medicine they were preparing in front of them, and finally there was an explosion.

It was the only contestant who entered the finals in Golden Water City. She was obviously a little too anxious. Before the time came, she began to stir. It happened that she did not have strong control over radiation energy because she usually put most of her time on pharmacy.

After the medicine had begun to react, suddenly too violent radiation was added, and the stirring people were distracted and concerned about others? How can there be no explosion in this situation?

There is a special anti-explosion device on the operating table to prevent the people around you from being injured. However, this kind of movement has distracted more people. Of all the participants, only Cheng Ran is completely undisturbed.

Shi Qingyang took one look at Cheng Ran, who was concentrating on preparing the medicine, and then looked at the people around him. He was more appreciative of his own eyes.

The viewers could not help but sigh-even if Cheng Ran had tried to configure this medicine before, at least his performance of concentration now is already very outstanding.

Just, why didn't he stir it himself?

At this time, some people thought of a rumor on the Internet. It is said that Cheng Ran is an ordinary person without radiation energy.

Is this possible?

The allocation of the medicine this time, because everyone is not skilled, given the time is not short, watched Shi Qingyang has begun to stir, Cheng Ran and took out a piece of material for configuration. He didn't do this to suppress others, but to be safer. You know, when he and Shi Qingyang configured under the guidance of Ran Xue before, although there was no explosion, the medicine finally configured could not be drunk according to Ran Xue's test.

To be on the safe side, he'd better prepare another one.

Cheng Ran was right. Although the first potion made by him and Shi Qingyang was better than the previous one, it still looked a bit horrible. Fortunately, the second material was ready. This time, the stirring was still handed over to Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang took one look at Cheng Ran and felt it seriously. Although he didn't have much talent in medicine, some people have taught him that the same medicine has been configured twice and he knows a little trick.

More importantly, his radiation energy is very gentle compared with others, and his control is still very strong.

The bell rang at the end of the competition, and all 10 finalists handed in their own works. Even those who had made an explosion made up one later.

Of these drugs, seven bottles were unqualified and inedible. Finally, they were ranked according to the degree of harm to human body. There were still three bottles, two bottles were evaluated as inferior in quality, and one bottle was of medium quality.

Cheng Hong saw Cheng Ran with Shi Qingyang on the stage at the beginning, with the intention of watching the drama, but now he is as good as the bottom of the pot. He never imagined that finally Cheng Ran came up with such a way to win, and also configured a medium-quality medicine!

He wanted to question in public, but he remembered Qin Liu's talk with him at noon-this noon, Qin Liu contacted him, analyzed all the online situation to him, and also explained that he must not have any more acts against Cheng Ran.

After much reflection, Cheng Hong finally succumbed, but others were curious about Cheng Ran's actions. After praising Cheng Ran harshly, the commentator could not help but ask: "Mr. Cheng, you are very skilled at preparing medicine. Why do you want to save time by handing over the stirring to others?"

"No," Cheng Ran shook his head directly." I didn't stir because I didn't have radiation energy."

"No radiation?" The narrator's face was shocked. nowadays, the number of people without radiation energy is only one fifth of the total number, and the proportion is still slowly decreasing. Cheng Ran was one of them?

The probability of giving birth to ordinary people is obviously very small.

"I'm sorry, this competition is actually a little insider, because I don't have any powers, so after learning about the competition, teacher Ran Xue specially applied to bring an assistant so that teacher Qing yang could help me finish it." Cheng Ran added, this is what Shi Qingyang asked him to say. According to Shi Qingyang, many people in Spark City know that he has no radiation energy. Sooner or later he cannot hide it. It is better to take the initiative to say it, and it can also make people feel good.

"Cheng classmates still insist on playing without radiation energy, really let a person admire, don't know how Cheng classmates think of two people to cooperate in configuration? If this is really feasible, it may open up a completely new road for everyone!" The narrator was stunned at first, but quickly reacted. She complimented him without trace and cooperated with him. This was the first time she had heard of it.

"I just thought of it too. I wanted to give up the competition originally, but teacher Ran Xue said we could find someone to help me…in fact, we failed in our attempt to make medicine before the competition. I didn't think we could cooperate so well during the competition." Cheng Ran was outspoken, and his words also appeared in front of all those who were watching the match through the camera.

People who originally thought there was something inside this competition felt that they were passive at that time. Cheng Ran did not have radiation energy. How could he have deliberately created a competition that needed radiation energy?

Although he is very skilled at handling medicinal materials, the first medicine he made was obviously very poor, and the second time he finally got better, clearly it was slowly improving.

As for those who have tried before the competition…all the participants actually tried before the competition under the guidance of their instructors, which is really nothing.

At that time, everyone's perception of Cheng Ran changed again, and then think about Cheng Hong's snub to Cheng Ran, which was reported online, and felt more sympathy for Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran didn't know other people's thoughts. After communicating with the narrator, he had already followed Cheng Xuze to the villa rented by Cheng Xuze in Anhang City. At the same time, Gu Changjin, who had gone to the hospital for detailed examination, had also been sent here. Not only that, he was already awake.

"This patient has very good luck. Although he drank potential medicine, he probably drank medicine beneficial to his body. Therefore, the degree of damage to his body is not high now. Although it is impossible to recover to be a top five player in the future, it is absolutely no problem to recover to be an ordinary person. There is a certain possibility that he will recover some radiation energy." The doctor who took care of Gu Changjin was very excited. You know, Gu Changjin is not very young, he drank the medicine that overdraws his body, and he lived for 20 days in an environment that lacks medical care and medicine. It is already a miracle that he survived.

"Good, good!" Hearing this, Cheng Xuze was very satisfied.

Gu Changjin took one look at Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang, pressing down the surprise in his heart. He clearly remembered his general weakness before he fainted, but now his hands and feet are ready to move…

As Cheng Ran said, the meat of ants and beasts is really very useful!

Gu Changjin, after knowing the function of ant eggs, has already talked with Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran. He will never disclose the ant nest. This time, he will naturally keep it confidential.

"Grandpa Gu, I won the first place in this pharmacy competition!" Cheng Ran saw Gu Changjin and smiled.

"Master is really good." Gu Changjin praised it.

"However, I won the first place and was the best. However, I just don't know how Shi Qingyang will perform tomorrow." Cheng Xuze is looking at the teacher Qingyang.

"I will definitely win." Shi Qingyang is very sure that he will hide some strength, but in the current situation, even if he shows the strength of the level 3 radiation fighter, he can win.

"Then I will see your performance tomorrow!" Cheng Xuze laughed: "Now, let's go to eat first. After we finish eating, you will have a good rest."

"Grandpa, ant eggs are delicious? Can you have another one at night?" Shi Qingyang suddenly said, after giving Cheng Xuze another one, he will freeze the rest.

"Yes, Grandpa, have another one!" Cheng Ran hurriedly way.

Cheng Xuze face stiff.

In order not to disappoint Cheng Ran, Cheng Xuze finally ate an ant egg, but watched Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang both don't eat, only let him eat, he couldn't help but wonder, whether the two men want to deliberately toss him.

However, Cheng Xuze soon didn't have time to think about it, because he received a communication from Cheng Hong. This time, Cheng Hong didn't endure as much as during the day. He had a quarrel with Cheng Xuze directly, asking why Cheng Xuze didn't inform him in advance of Cheng Ran's nothing, and why Cheng Xuze helped Cheng Ran instead of helping his son.

Shi Qingyang sat next to him and looked at Cheng Xuze's face getting uglier and uglier. In the end, he scolded Cheng Hong in turn and suddenly felt very happy. He didn't have time to watch the news during the day. At that time, he took the palm computer and began to watch all kinds of news on the Internet.

On the front page of the portal website in Anhang City, there are Cheng Hong's news and several others.

"The son narrowly escaped death, the father asked why he didn't die-Cheng Hong seems to be extremely unhappy with his son."

"Cheng Hong is indifferent to his son, illegitimate child guess or come true"

"Cheng Ran Won the Champion, Cheng Hong Left His Sleeve"


The news is illustrated with pictures and pictures, and the video is also shown. It is not fake. But it is precisely because of this that the influence on Cheng Hong is especially great. Under each piece of news, there are countless comments accusing Cheng Hong.

"There is no such thing as being a father, and being a son is not easy to come back. Without asking about the child's injury, it is so cold!"

"Cheng Ran was injured all the time in the match today. When he was a father, he didn't even have a word of sympathy!"

"originally, I was very sympathetic to Cheng Hong, and felt that he was very pitiful without his son. I didn't expect it to be all acting. ha ha."

"What a hypocrite! He obviously doesn't care about his son at all and still cheats us like a father and son!"


At first, the commentary was accusing Cheng Hong of acting. Later, the original theory of illegitimate children was also raised-even if Cheng Ran had no radiation energy, no one would know about it until he was 16 years old. Cheng Hong was not very kind to him.

See here, Shi Qingyang unavoidably some worry, lest involved in Cheng Ran, after all, many people are very don't like illegitimate children, but he soon put down the heart, because now people are more angry, is Cheng Hong cheat on them, for Cheng Ran but very tolerant.

Even if Cheng Ran is really an illegitimate child, given that he is older than Cheng Hong's current pair of children and has not come out to have a superior mother, others do not think he is much bad.

Not only that, after watching Cheng Ran's competition, others worshipped him and called him the inspirational emperor. After all, no ordinary person dared to challenge the profession of pharmacist except Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran is so red, beside Cheng Ran Shi Qingyang, nature also received attention, but the evaluation is not much good, after all, he was born ordinary, talent is ordinary, there is no outstanding place, but it happened that called Cheng Xuze grandpa.

"Qingyang, clearly you are very good…" Cheng Ran also saw these, his brow wrinkled up tightly, just like Shi Qingyang don't like others to denigrate him, he also don't want to see someone speak ill of Shi Qingyang.

"it's okay. sooner or later, they'll know how good I am." Shi Qingyang laughed. What do you care about other people's opinions? When he becomes stronger in the future, those people will know that they are all blind.

In his last life, he was too concerned about other people's opinions and his self-esteem was too strong to reach that point.

"Mmm." Cheng Ran nodded, he always thought Shi Qingyang was the best, but…

After some thought, he finally put on a vest and decided to have a good talk with others.

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