Cheng Ran intently looked at the two drugs in front of him, pinching the time to heat the two drugs on the operating table respectively.

These two kinds of drugs, indeed, take a long time to configure, and it will be too late to configure them together, but their requirements for temperature are not high. As long as they are properly handled, they can be heated alternately.

At the beginning, he only planned to choose the most difficult configuration. However, there should be many people who have the same idea with him. Moreover, even if he is configured, he cannot be sure that he can do better than others. After all, the quality of the medicine is really not good at times.

Thinking that Shi Qingyang was still looking at himself not far away, he finally decided to take a different route and allocate two drugs.

In doing so, he took some risks. at first, Cheng Ran was still worried that he would eventually fail. but after doing it slowly, he did not want anything but to finish it well.

He did exceptionally well this time, and finally breathed a sigh of relief when the two drugs were all finished. At the same time, he found that now the time has just passed by 55 minutes. At the same time, countless people, both in the competition field and the audience around him, focused their eyes on him.

Although in order not to disturb them, they could not hear the outside voice on the match field, but just looking at it, he knew how lively it was outside.

Never seen by so many people before, Cheng Ran suddenly felt a little flustered and subconsciously looked at the direction of the referee table. He didn't relax until he saw Shi Qingyang from a distance.

However, he still did not know how to deal with the current situation, so he simply lowered his head, took the medicine materials beside him, and handled several samples without extra trouble.

There has been no chance to prepare medicine outside the city. He really misses these herbs.

"Mr. Cheng, Cheng Ran is indeed an hardworking person. such a person will certainly make great achievements in the future!" The dean of Anhang College saw that Cheng Ran didn't waste any time and complimented Cheng Xuze again. At this time, all the preparations were sent to the reagent detector.

The drug eye detector will detect the composition of each drug and score each drug. At this level, several people got high scores. They configured their own specialty drugs in the previous competition and the quality was very good.

However, other people's scores are no higher than Cheng Ran's. Although the two drugs configured by Cheng Ran are not the best, who let people configure the two drugs?

When the scores of the two drugs are added together, how can you not press others tightly?

Although this time it was tested by computer, the judges decided that these judges were already slick. They would not offend Cheng Xuze like the consultant beside the commentator. The first place naturally fell to Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran stood there and looked at his achievements with some surprise. He has been called a waste by Cheng Hong. This is the first time I know that I can still be recognized by so many people.

The competition in the morning was over. According to the past situation, the awards could be presented directly at this time. However, this time, because the competition was a little big, a final was specially added in the afternoon.

To this, everyone feels very normal, after all, the people of Anhang College have already mixed so many contestants with one foot, and it is normal not to decide the ranking at one time. .

Shi Qingyang knew about this long ago, but he didn't care too much. Cheng Ran's performance in the morning was good enough, even if he didn't perform well enough in the afternoon.

Shi Qingyang's heart was very wide. It happened that the accident happened at this time.

The dean of Anhang University made a speech in public, summing up the morning competition and mentioning the afternoon competition: "In the afternoon, we will have ten people to take part in the final. This final is different from the morning. We will designate a new and improved medicine for everyone to allocate. This medicine has never been disclosed before. More importantly, the allocation of this medicine requires the use of radiation energy!"

In addition to the primary agents, the intermediate and advanced agents need to use radiation energy in the process of configuration, so as to avoid problems arising from the mutual reaction of the medicinal materials in the process of configuration or excessive radiation. Agents that use radiation energy can naturally be called intermediate agents.

All of them who took part in the competition were less than 20 years old. Although they also came into contact with these, they did not experience the complete configuration at all, not to mention this was a brand-new prescription…All those who could enter the finals were nervous.

"Don't worry, I'll make the prescription public right away. You can study it before the afternoon competition starts. At the same time, the prescription this time is also somewhat different. It doesn't require much radiation energy. It only needs to input stable radiation energy when stirring. Even if there is no way to send out radiation energy attack, it can be configured completely." The dean added, seeing that all the people who had been nervous were relaxed now, he immediately smiled and then looked at Cheng Ran's expression.

The match in the afternoon was supposed to be similar to that in the morning, but just now Cheng Hong sent him a message asking him to revise the event.

Cheng Hong is the president of the Hang Cheng Radiological Energy Association. Cheng Hong is in charge of this competition. It is normal for him to modify the competition items. The reason why he modified it is mostly for Cheng Ran…

The dean of Anhang College is tactful and is best at pleasing people. His first reaction after seeing the prescription Cheng Hong passed to him is that Cheng Ran has probably learned this prescription.

Cheng Ran already got two firsts in the morning. The Cheng family must have hoped that he would get another first in the afternoon and would do so. According to his speculation, on the one hand, it is estimated to be a little safer. On the other hand, I'm afraid it is to publicize Cheng Ran and let others know that although Cheng Ran is less than 18 years old, he already has the skills of an intermediate pharmacist…

If he has a son who meets such a good opportunity, he will certainly find ways to pave the way for him! The dean of Anhang College didn't come until Cheng Xuze arrived. He didn't know Cheng Hong's reaction before. Although he had heard some gossip a few days ago, he naturally didn't think Cheng Hong wanted to target Cheng Ran under the condition that Cheng Ran was a member of Cheng's family. At this time, he did exactly what Cheng Hong told him.

After finishing, he also excitedly looked at Cheng Ran, but didn't want to originally smiling Cheng Ran on his face, at that time turned into a deadpan.

Is something wrong? The dean turned to look at Cheng Xuze, only to find that Cheng Xuze expression is also ugly.

But this time, on the big screen next to it, the prescription for that medicine has been released.

This is a kind of radiation energy soothing agent, which can relieve the radiation energy in three-level and four-level radiation energy fighters. There are many similar radiation energy soothing agents, but this prescription has just been improved recently and has never been made public before.

Cheng Ran looked up and wrote down the whole prescription, but what's the use of writing it down? Shi Qingyang has confirmed for him that the radiation energy in his body is indeed radiation energy, but this radiation energy cannot be known to others. If others know that he has disappeared in the wild for a few days and suddenly has radiation energy, those people will certainly have doubts.

"Cheng Ran, you…" In addition to Cheng Ran, the Spark College entered the finals, there was only one fourth-grade boy Wang Ya. Wang Ya had a good relationship with Cheng Ran in school before, but because of the accident before, there was a feeling of not knowing how to greet Cheng Ran.

"I'm fine." Cheng Ran said, relaxed soon, he actually has no obsession with honor, even if the final configuration is not that kind of medicine, he also don't think there is anything, just feel very pity-I'm afraid he will disappoint Shi Qingyang.

"of course!" Shi Qingyang walked to come over at this time, he saw Cheng Ran at a glance and felt guilty. Arguably, he should give Cheng Ran a chance to shine in the competition. However, if people knew that Cheng Ran suddenly possessed radiation energy…

In Cheng Hong's place, they will encounter a lot of trouble.

"Qingyang." Cheng Ran laughed.

"Follow me." Shi Qingyang said, probably because there was no one to talk endlessly before the competition in the morning, now it is less than time to eat, he is not in a hurry to eat, with Cheng Ran went to Anhang College to arrange Cheng Xuze lounge.

Cheng Xuze and Ran Xue have been waiting here.

"Qingyang, I'll give up the match this afternoon." Cheng Ran thought all the way, saying.

"Can't give up!" Cheng Xuze want to also don't want to the baggage and take the journey.

"but grandpa, I have no radiation energy." Cheng Ran took Shi Qingyang's hand and said so while drawing a circle on Shi Qingyang's palm with his little finger.

Shi Qingyang grabbed his hand and looked at Cheng Xuze curiously. He had just planned to grant Cheng Ran's request.

Cheng Xuze was exasperated. he did not notice the little movements of the two men, but he was still indignant: "we can't just give up. the dean of Anhang college has already told me that this is Cheng Hong's arrangement. how can we do what he wants?" Angry, he called up his son with his first and last name.

Cheng Hong's arrangement? Shi Qingyang froze, before Cheng Hong completely regardless of the life and death of Cheng Ran, he had no affection for Cheng Hong, because of this, before he would talk to Cheng Hong choking, unexpectedly turned around, Cheng Hong unexpectedly deliberately do such a thing again.

If this is the way the competition is supposed to be, they will be defeated, but it was Cheng Hong family's.

"But grandpa, but there is no radiation energy, even if go up to the game…" Shi Qingyang frowned, Cheng Ran if not radiation energy, even if go up to configure drugs, finally will only make a fool of yourself.

"Xiao Ran, look at the contact terminal first." Ran Xue suddenly said.

Cheng Ran was somewhat puzzled, but he soon opened the contact terminal, only to find that there was an e-mail named "detailed rules of the competition". after clicking on it, he found that it said the rules of the afternoon competition.

However, this time the rules are somewhat different, that is, in order to see their hands-on ability, the competitors will only give them a simple console and unprocessed medicine, at the same time, in order to be fair, they are allowed to carry an assistant.

"Assistant?" Cheng Ran asked curiously.

"Yes, Xiao Ran, Master will be your assistant and let you do everything else. When you need to input radiation energy to stir, let Master come." Ran Xue immediately the baggage and take the journey.

After hearing the content of the match in the afternoon, she was worried lest Cheng Ran would lose face in the afternoon. Even if Cheng Ran's loss of face had nothing to do with him, she didn't want Cheng Ran to be sad about it.

"Master, what is the difference between this and your hands-on configuration?" Cheng Ran said, in fact, this is the main configuration method of this medicine. The proportion of using radiation energy to stir is relatively small, but it happened that this is the key. If he did, it would be no different from cheating.

"Grandpa, Aunt Ran, can I be an assistant?" Shi Qingyang suddenly asked.

"you? You are a radiation fighter, don't know anything about potions…"Ran Xue obviously some don't understand.

"I am only responsible for stirring." Shi Qingyang said that he is not really a material for medicine, but controlling radiation to stir is absolutely no problem.

At present, I'm afraid few people can match him in controlling and stabilizing radiation energy.

Cheng Xuze heard these words, and immediately slapped his thigh: "this is a good idea. after handling it properly, it can still be passed on as a good story. by the way, I'm afraid there has never been such a thing at present? Then you should still be alone! If it does become…"If this method is feasible, maybe his grandson will be able to configure intermediate drugs in the future?

Ran Xue also had some conation. Shi Qingyang was indeed the most suitable assistant. At least it would not make people dislike him: "Let's try it again first?"

The prescription of the radiation energy soothing agent has been made public, and everyone knows it. However, the necessary medicinal materials for the preparation have not been delivered to Takuya. Then Ran Xue explained it slowly.

The allocation method of radiation energy relaxant is very complicated, even more complicated than that of many drugs higher than it. For ordinary people, let alone mixing with radiation energy, those steps will be estimated to be wrong, but now they still have to challenge two people to jointly allocate a drug…

The match in the afternoon didn't start until two o'clock, giving everyone enough time to rest. The dean of Anhang College felt something was wrong when he saw the expressions of Cheng Xuze and others in the morning. He flipped through the news at noon and saw the report of Cheng Hong in the morning. He didn't think about it. I'm afraid Cheng Hong didn't want to pave the way for Cheng Ran.

Besides, what did he see in the news? According to Cheng Ran's classmates, Cheng Ran has no radiation energy? Although few people mentioned this on the Internet, he has already confirmed Cheng Xuze's previous reaction.

Let a person who doesn't even have radiation energy to configure the medicine that needs radiation energy…He really has a problem with his brain, and will want to use this to make a good relationship with Cheng Xuze.

The dean of Anhang College was chagrined and went to see Cheng Hong, but Cheng Hong had completely ignored him at this time.

Of course, the competition that has been decided cannot be changed at will. The dean made the opening remarks in the simplest words in his life and then announced the start of the competition directly.

As soon as he spoke, the players began to enter the arena one after another.

Ran Xue came up with the idea of bringing assistants. I have to say that this is indeed a good idea. Shi Qingyang looked at it and found that the assistants brought by the people who went to the competition were actually those who had been eliminated from their college before. The teacher of Spark College also looked for Cheng Ran, hoping that he could bring in an eliminated female student from Spark College, but Cheng Ran refused.

Cheng Ran, with a completely do not understand the pharmaceutical configuration of radiation fighter approach.

On the operating table, many kinds of medicinal materials were placed neatly, all of which were used for configuration. Perhaps due to possible failure, these medicinal materials were divided into three parts, that is to say, everyone had three opportunities.

Of course, if there is still no semi-finished product after three times of allocation, by this time, it will probably be time-the time for this competition is two hours.

Cheng Ran was still the focus during the competition, while the commentator was still explaining the situation on the court with due diligence. He introduced the situation of each player at the beginning and then introduced the situation of each assistant until the wheel master Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang is a radiation fighter. Even if he knows the medicine, he knows it on paper. Seeing his information, the commentator obviously didn't know how to explain it well. When the camera fell on him, everyone saw a scene that was enough to surprise.

While other people's assistants were busy helping to deal with the medicinal materials, Shi Qingyang actually looked at Cheng Ran with anti-radiation gloves nearby.

Is there such an assistant? What's the use of such assistants?

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