Now than the potion, no Shi Qingyang what matter, he was going to stay in the rest area, unexpectedly Cheng Xuze unexpectedly called him to the side.

Cheng Xuze's seat is the VIP seat behind the referee's seat. Now all the seats in other places are full, but there are still vacancies. Not only that, the sight here is also very good. After wearing glasses that can adjust the focal length, you can see the situation of each competitor in the field.

Shi Qingyang's attention, of course, is on Cheng Ran. Although Cheng Ran performed very well in the ant colony, there are too many people here, but he is obviously a little nervous. Shi Qingyang adjusted his glasses and even could see the sweat on his nose tip.

When entering the stadium, they drew lots at random. Cheng Ran drew the 7th. He is now sitting in that position. In front of him, there is a computer on which various questions will pop up. In this competition, everyone has half an hour to calculate how much they can do, and finally to calculate the results according to the number of questions they can do and the error rate.

This is actually Cheng Ran's best skill, but there are too many people around him, and he is inevitably a little upset. After hearing the start of the competition, he even subconsciously looked at Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang stared at Cheng Ran all the time, then stood up and waved his hand vigorously. Although he said nothing, his attitude of support was extremely clear.

Shi Qingyang sat in a good position. Cheng Ran took one look. The panic on his face disappeared and he lowered his head and began to concentrate on the topic.

"This is a theoretical test. How good is Xiao Ran, don't you know?" Cheng Xuze patted Shi Qingyang on the shoulder. He took a look at the field from time to time. Most of the time, his eyes were on his palm computer.

Shi Qingyang bowed his head and saw that Cheng Xuze's computer showed some investigation reports. He also saw the name of Yin Ming Yin Hao in it.

Cheng Xuze was deliberately showing him: "I always thought that those who dared to shoot Xiao Ran were those who envied us in the Yangtze River City, but I didn't expect to have anything to do with the Yin family…" If it weren't for Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran's explanation, after he couldn't find Cheng Ran, I'm afraid he would have been looking for those who wanted the formula of all-round medicine.

"Did Grandpa find anything?" Shi Qingyang asked.

"Your master once asked me to check the exiles in Yin's family. At that time, I found someone to go to, and now I have got the report…Some of the above people are still working, some are dead, and those who are working have been sent to remote areas. All of them may have been changed." Cheng Xuze said: "Don't worry, I will definitely find out this matter."

"Thank you, Grandpa." Shi Qingyang Road.

"This is also my revenge for Xiao Ran." Cheng Xuze said, and told Shi Qingyang some investigation to the matter.

Cheng Xunze is surrounded by Shi Qingyang on one side, Wang Qing on the other, and Cheng Hong is on the other side of Wang Qing. Just now Cheng Xuze has been turning over the computer. He once tried to see what Cheng Xunze was looking at, but it happened that he was blocked by Wang Qing…

His son was stopped, but now he is chatting with a stranger who is buttering up.

Cheng Hong grew increasingly annoyed at the thought of what had just happened, regretting and exasperating. He wanted very much to check the news on the Internet with the contact terminal, but thought that this was a public place, but he couldn't care less about other people's eyes like Cheng Xuze.

Finally, he could only sit stiffly and look at Cheng Ran on the stage.

There are many people who pay close attention to Cheng Ran with him. Everyone's name is shown during the competition. Cheng Ran came in with Cheng Xuze. Everyone knows that he is Cheng Xuze's grandson. Naturally, he wants to see his skill. Even on the big screen next to him, he was featured.

In the field, interference devices were used and communication was completely impossible. Cheng Ran naturally could not cheat. However, his speed of problem solving was a little too fast. This time, the questions were all multiple choice questions, with pictures and text given on them. The average person always takes time to think about them before deciding. However, he just glanced at them and then quickly chose the answer.

This…… if it is not especially good, it is especially bad! Many people who don't understand medicine always feel that Cheng Ran is making random choices. Only some people who understand medicine know that Cheng Ran's answers are correct.

Ran Xue was sitting on the VIP table, beside which sat several pharmacists from Anhang City. At first, there were pharmacists who introduced their disciples on the court. But as time went on, all eyes fell on Cheng Ran.

They saw clearly that Cheng Ran not only did the questions quickly, but also chose the correct answers. Not only that, except for his initial panic, he later became extremely focused, which is exactly what pharmacists need.

This child of the Cheng family is really a good prospect to learn medicine! Cheng Hong has such a son, also don't know how can throw in spark city.

Eighty percent, is it really an illegitimate child?

Almost half an hour passed quickly. Just after the stop, the computer in each student's hand automatically locked the screen. At the same time, the next screen also showed everyone's achievements.

Most of the people who come here to take part in the competition have real material. Although it is only half an hour, everyone has done a lot of questions, but no matter how much others have done, Cheng Ran has not done much. Moreover, Cheng Ran has not only done much, but the correct rate is still 100%.

Today, you can use the contact terminal to check information anytime and anywhere. Even if you encounter unknown medicinal materials and scan them with the contact terminal, all kinds of information will come out immediately. Because of this, although the participants in today's competition are all the best in the college, they can't guarantee the correct rate of 100% after facing so many tricky problems. In fact, the correct rate of most people is between 80% and 90%, with the exception of Cheng Ran.

In front of so many people's eyes, he certainly can't cheat, and at his speed, he can finish reading the topic at most, then have time to ask others to cheat?

You know, many people looked at his close-up on the big screen and wanted to do the topic with him, but before they finished reading the topic, Cheng Ran had already turned back…

"Mr Cheng, your grandson is really great!" The dean of Anhang College, who was sitting in the referee's seat, turned around and complimented him, saying that although there was a referee in the match, it was mainly computer judgment, which had little to do with him. At this time, the computer judgment result had come out, and Cheng Ran was undoubtedly the first.

"The child is excellent in this respect wherever he is." Cheng Xuze laughed, but his face was covered with pride.

"I believe he will win the championship!" The dean of Anhang College added that he had sent out the best students in the first and second grades of Anhang College, intending to show the people of the three tertiary cities around them their skills, but he did not expect the competition to be held soon. Cheng Ran came.

At that time, he was very worried, lest Spark College people lose too ugly Cheng Xuze looking for his trouble, you know, they Anhang college students, a lot of people from the age of seven or eight began to learn to know medicine, and unlike tertiary city schools, all need to be 16 years old to enter school before they officially began to learn these, so even if it is only a second grade, also better than others grade three or four.

Just now, he wanted to say hello to the people in his school and let them put some water in. Later, he didn't do it because he was afraid of being known. Now, he is glad that he didn't do it-if he really let the students put water in, Anhang University would lose too ugly in the end!

He is also stupid. The students in the college of Anhang University will learn in advance. Cheng Ran was born in the family of Cheng. Maybe he learned earlier. Where will they be required to release water?

"I promise you good luck." Cheng Xuze laughed.

In fact, the theoretical competition is very boring for people watching it. In contrast, the following practical operation is more expected. You know, there may be various problems during the actual operation, and even the occurrence of drug explosions on the competition field by novices is much more interesting than the theoretical examination.

The computer was replaced, one by one the mobile console was pushed up, on these mobile console, has been filled with all kinds of herbs.

This kind of competition does not stipulate what kind of medicine the contestants must make. Generally, people will have flexible choices. For example, this time, they will be given a total of hundreds of kinds of medicinal materials and various blending solutions, and then the contestants will be required to formulate the corresponding medicine within one hour.

One hour is very short. To make enough outstanding drugs in this period of time will naturally test people. After the drugs are made, they will also be tested by computers and then ranked according to various data.

Shi Qingyang finally breathed a sigh of relief to see here. They are not short of money. Cheng Ran can learn to prepare medicine at home every day for more than a year. He is gifted and has no need to worry about anything at this time.

Seeing Cheng Ran from a distance and looking up again, Shi Qingyang waved his hand again, no matter how many people were looking at him.

Cheng Xuze sat next to him and was relieved to see this scene. He and his wife were childhood friends at the beginning. His wife had ordinary qualifications and often cheered him on when he competed, just like Shi Qingyang now.

Youth is really missed.

Cheng Xuze sighed with emotion about his youth, but beside Cheng Hong couldn't help but to Shi Qingyang opinion deeper-Cheng Ran and this Shi Qingyang completely ignored him, what does this mean?

Shi Qingyang didn't know Cheng Hong's mind. Even if he did, he wouldn't care. At this time, all his attention was on Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran is now focused again, and began to pick out all kinds of medicinal materials and concoctions. Just like when he was doing the questions before, his speed was much faster than others. Soon, his medicinal materials had already been processed and the medicine had already begun to be configured. He was configured with a secondary radiation energy supplement. The configuration time of this medicine was generally about 50 minutes. It was just right to take part in the competition, but it was not outstanding.

Now, however, in the past seven or eight minutes, Cheng Ran has already put the crucible on the heater. However, he did not pay attention to the medicine. Instead, he set the time on the operating table and then quickly took several other medicines.

In this practical competition, Anhang College specially invited a lively and talkative female junior pharmacist to be the interpreter. Although she was only a junior, she knew a lot about drugs. Next to her was an intermediate pharmacist who was the consultant. At that time, she made clear all the drugs that everyone in the field had to make and all kinds of situations.

As a commentator, everyone paid the most attention to which player she knew best. At the beginning, when Cheng Ran chose the medicine, she had already said the medicine Cheng Ran intended to configure. However, the secondary radiation supplement had no advantages. Although she praised a few words, she could not say too many words. However, when she turned around, Cheng Ran actually took out another medicine.

Seeing this situation, the commentator's eyes lit up: "contestant no 7, after starting to prepare the second-level radiation supplement, unexpectedly chose another medicine. if there is no accident, he should plan to prepare two medicines in two hours! Let's take a look at what kind of medicine he chose, sour berries, amaranth leaves, elm bark…This is the same as the medicine chosen by contestant No. 12. It should be equipped with anti-malaria medicine, which has detoxifying effect. If someone falls into coma due to heatstroke outside the city or encounters a hot, humid and toxic environment in the wild, he will be sane after drinking the anti-malaria medicine. In Nan Guangcheng area, many places must drink the anti-malaria medicine to enter…"

"Anti-malaria drugs and secondary radiation supplement are common drugs, and the allocation time is about 50 minutes, but the combination of the two requires at least two hours to complete the allocation. Now we have a single operator's console. We can only heat one drug at a time. We don't know how contestant No. 7 plans to allocate it. Let's wait and see!"

The narrator has been praising Cheng Ran, but the consultant invited by the side did not like Cheng Ran. He came to this point by his own efforts. Cheng Ran is only a teenager, but there are so many people holding it. Naturally, people are envious: "I don't think much of contestant No. 7. He wants to allocate two drugs and increase the score. Understandably, if the console is double, it can be completed in an hour. However, if the console is single, the quality of the two drugs will not be too good even if the configuration is successful. In a sense, this is

"You are wasting medicine!" Shi Qingyang really listened. Although he was also worried about Cheng Ran, he could not tolerate others to say Cheng Ran, and immediately whispered.

"Let them talk about it, what does it matter?" Cheng Xuze laughed, Shi Qingyang looked at has been very mature, now is a little young.

"That is, but it is much better than him." Shi Qingyang laughed.

Although Cheng Xuze knew that Cheng Ran had no powers and could not compare with others, LaLiTou's son was himself good and immediately agreed: "Yes, but he was much better than that man."

Cheng Xuze these words, heard many people, Cheng Hong nature also heard, others have been compliment after hearing, he only felt a fever on his face.

A person who does not even have radiation energy is better than an intermediate pharmacist? Isn't this a joke?

Although he didn't go to see the online news, but also know that if this Cheng Ran really put great glory, standing on the other side of the Cheng Ran even more people, and he promised before that he was because Cheng Ran was in poor health, will send Cheng Ran away, now Cheng Ran is good, this is not since slap?

Clearly, it is just a person who doesn't even have radiation energy.

Cheng Hong thought of here, suddenly the in the mind move, Cheng Ran identity, in spark city has not been disclosed before, only the upper people know, until this time he suddenly disappeared, identity will suddenly exposed, it is also because of this, Cheng Ran even spoke almighty is not a thing, people don't know.

There were also some rumors about Cheng Ran's lack of radiation energy on the Internet, but at that time Cheng Ran's life and death were uncertain, and no one was in charge of them. At that time, he could have let the matter out.

In this way, we can at least take into account Cheng Ran's poor health. In addition, he can also say that Cheng Ran insisted on studying at the Institute of Radiation Energy even though he did not have radiation energy. He had no choice but to send Cheng Ran to Spark City…

Think so, Cheng Hong immediately opened the contact terminal, look for a person to account.

Neither Cheng Xuze nor Shi Qingyang paid attention to Cheng Hong's case, because this time, the competition would be over.

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