As soon as Cheng Ran arrived in Anhang City, he immediately got into the car contacted by Cheng Xuze, and then came here quickly. When he got off the bus, he was surprised by the lively scene here. Seeing the reporters coming around, he stepped back uneasily.

Even though he has gradually learned to contact with people in the past year or so, such a scene still disturbs him.

Fortunately, Cheng Xuze is different from Cheng Hong. Cheng Hong will not do anything to reporters for the sake of his own image, but Cheng Xuze is completely different. At Cheng Xuze's height, he doesn't need to care about these reporters at all. Others dare not report his affairs at will.

Although the reporters were close to each other, they were mostly congratulating each other, but none of the tricky questions were asked. Even so, the people around Cheng Xuze pushed them aside.

"old man!" Ran Xue let out a cry and looked at Cheng Ran beside Cheng Xuze pleasantly surprised: "It's great that Xiao Ran is fine."

She has been working in Cheng's family for a year and a half, but she hasn't had any rest. This time Cheng Ran had an accident, so she just took a vacation and came over. Originally she came, just want to know the news of Cheng Ran for the first time, but I didn't think Cheng Ran was ok, not pleasantly surprised.

"Xiao Ran's fortune is great. It's all right!" Cheng Xuze was in a good mood: "I said, this child is not so easy to have an accident!"

Those who can stand up and talk to Cheng Xuze obviously have different identities. At first, none of these reporters recognized Ran Xue, but now, they have finally recognized him. At that time, they are more excited, but they are still not too close. After all, whether Cheng Xuze or Ran Xue, their identities are different, and as long as they take photos, they will be enough to go back to the job.

Cheng Hong also walked to come over at this time, he knew he should make a surprise appearance, but to Cheng Ran, he was completely unable to do it.

If there were no Cheng Ran, he would never have provoked a suit of SAO like now, and Cheng Ran didn't die just, unexpectedly all don't know to inform him in advance!

They came together. He had just made a long speech and expressed his grief. Cheng Ran unexpectedly came in perfectly. What does this mean? The gate of the city is not close to Anhang College. Can't Cheng Ran inform him this time?

Cheng Hong's expression was stiff and he made some mental construction before he stepped forward quickly: "Dad, why didn't you inform me when you came back, and Xiao Ran, it's really great that you're okay. Dad has been worried about you these days."

Cheng Xuze really didn't remember to notify Cheng Hong, but he didn't think it was anything: "I didn't bring people here directly?"

Cheng Xuze didn't have a good voice when talking, Cheng Ran reaction is severe, he saw Cheng Hong, subconsciously took a step back, hiding behind Cheng Xuze-Cheng Hong has been no good face to him, know before he injected radiation inducer will have an accident, but still insist on giving him the injection…

The thought that he had been ill for a long time made Cheng Hong not pay attention to himself, and Cheng Ran was inevitably afraid.

Seeing this, Cheng Hong became even more angry. Now there are rumors that he is not good to Cheng Ran. Cheng Ran is still acting like this. This is clearly to confirm the rumors!

Cheng Hong think right, many people have seen Cheng Ran reaction in the eyes, for some things, nature also know fairly well.

"Cheng Shu didn't look for a person to look at in ChengChengKou? Grandpa's mobile fortress should be well recognized." Shi Qingyang smiled and looked as if he had accidentally opened his mouth.

Cheng Hong is a deputy duke. Even if he is too busy to get people out of the city, take care of the people guarding the city gate, and pay attention to the news of Cheng Ran at any time is just a word, but he didn't do anything in the end. What is this "worry"?

The meaning of Shi Qingyang's words was heard by all the people present. Cheng Hong's face was a burst of green and a burst of white. He always felt that Cheng Ran had brought him trouble this time. Which one would remember telling others to do this?

When Cheng Ran was not found before, didn't many people come to inform him of all kinds of news about Cheng Ran? How come no one informed him this time? Cheng Hong was very angry, but forgot when others informed him before, his tone has been bad, also blame others repeated a message, gradually no one is courting, this time actually some people want to give good news, but because of the fear that others have already reported themselves to will make Cheng Hong angry again, also dare not say anything.

By Shi Qingyang said so, Cheng Hong cannot defend completely, Cheng Xuze is some dissatisfaction, he came all the way, the duke Li Rong of Anhang city has congratulated him, his son didn't know?

"Grandpa, let's go in quickly, but we still have to take part in the competition." Shi Qingyang added that he didn't want Cheng Ran to be pointed at here.

Cheng Xuze nodded, but Cheng Hong finally noticed Shi Qingyang's address and became increasingly dissatisfied: "Who are you? What's your name, Grandpa?"

Many people heard Shi Qingyang's address and were very curious. They recognized Shi Qingyang is missing with Cheng Ran Spark College students, but because Shi Qingyang data is too simple, so many people defined him in the beginning on the classes of Cheng Ran, who would have thought, the classes should also be called Cheng Xuze grandpa?

A teenager who is not outstanding in a tertiary city suddenly hooked up with an 8-level radiation energy fighter. What is going on?

Cheng Xuze heard Cheng Hong ask, immediately thought of Cheng Ran said to marry Shi Qingyang, this just found himself in order to take advantage of I don't want to hungry unexpectedly so early allowed Shi Qingyang called his grandpa…This is really too lost!

However, when he did, he did. after calling for so long before and after, Shi Qingyang became accustomed to it. he didn't feel anything: "what's wrong with calling grandpa? This is what I asked him to call. If it weren't for him, Xiao Ran would have died outside the city."

"Dad, some people just want to climb to our house, but Xiao Ran was also brought down by him." Cheng Hong thought of what Shi Qingyang said just now and had no good feeling for him. He hoped to find a step for himself.

"What are you talking about!" Cheng Xuze denounced: "You don't care about Xiao Ran yourself and don't let others care about him?" Even if Shi Qingyang ingratiated himself with Cheng Ran at the beginning, his ability to protect Cheng Ran all the time is enough to show that he is sincere. What's more, all-round medicine is still taken from Shi Qingyang. There is such a master. Where does Shi Qingyang need to do this?

When Cheng Xuze was out of the city, Cheng Ran just disappeared soon. At that time, there were no rumors about Cheng Hong in Anhang City. Naturally, he did not know what was being said online now, and even less did he know that Cheng Hong was still haggard just now. Therefore, when he spoke, he was outspoken and did not hide anything bad about Cheng Ran.

But Cheng Hong heard the words "regardless of Cheng Ran", his face is more ugly, Cheng Xuze is his father, the result should say so he…

Cheng Xuze, this is clearly to embarrass him!

As long as Cheng Hong is against Cheng Xuze, it is very difficult to control his emotions. There is a Cheng Ran beside him, which makes him even more annoying. If it weren't for many people, he would even quarrel with Cheng Xuze on the spot. Fortunately, he still worries about his image: "Dad, I am also worried about Xiao Ran."

Ran Xue noticed the tense atmosphere between father and son and urged: "Master, you must be tired after coming back so soon. There are some things that need not be solved so quickly. Go in and have a rest. Then we can watch the Xiao Ran match together."

Cheng Xuze also don't want to lose face in front of the public, directly took Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang went to the inside.

In the lounge, the teachers and students of Spark College already knew what Cheng Ran had been brought back. Several teachers were fine. The students were embarrassed and guilty when they saw them.

These people, before for their own safety, mostly chose to give up Cheng Ran, but Shi Qingyang also not angry, Cheng Ran relationship with these students is general, in life-threatening things, of course, they can't be willing to sacrifice themselves for Cheng Ran.

However, although he was not angry and made such a noise, Shi Qingyang was too lazy to deal with these people. He glanced at them and went straight to the side: "How is your injury, Mr. Chang?"

Chang Jiashi was injured in order to cover Gu Changjin's departure. the injury was not serious, but he received the best treatment. after Cheng Xuze knew about it, he also sent him the medicine. now he is already fine: "I am already fine. it's great that you can escape. where is Mr. Gu?"

"Grandpa Gu was injured and has been taken to the hospital." Shi Qingyang Road.

"Teacher Chang, thank you before." Cheng Ran also said that he could see everything at that time.

"No, I am a teacher. It is my duty to protect the safety of students." Chang Jiashi road.

"Young people are good!" Cheng Xuze praised.

What is Cheng Xuze's status? This is a Class 8 radiation fighter! His deeds are widely circulated on the Internet, and many people regard him as their idol. His praise is naturally unusual to others.

Chang Jiashi's face showed an excited expression, looking at Cheng Xuze face worship.

Cheng Hong, who followed in, frowned. Seeing that the reporters didn't come in, he immediately looked at Cheng Xuze: "Dad, do you know that you brought Cheng Ran back suddenly and didn't even say hello, which brought me much trouble?" Very not easy he gave up to give up the in the mind unwilling decided to continue to be a deputy duke, I didn't expect to meet such a period, just outside Cheng Xuze Cheng Ran and the Shi Qingyang has been tearing down his desk, is clearly want to let his morale.

As a result, whether he can become a deputy duke is not certain.

"When I brought Xiao Ran back, I actually caused you trouble?" Cheng Xuze has been in a good mood ever since he found out that Cheng Ran is still alive. I didn't expect his son to say so when he came back, which made him angry.

"That's not what I mean…" Cheng Hong found that there are still many people around him looking at him, bitten to grind finally no longer say anything.

And this time, the dean of Anhang College also came, generally such activities, in fact, don't need him to the dean, after all, the surrounding tertiary cities basically have no good prospects, even if there is, also have long been studying in Anhang College, so he actually did not put those people in the eye.

However, the situation is somewhat different now. Cheng Xuze and Ran Xue are not accompanied by him. Do you still want the following teachers to accompany him?

Not to mention that it seems disrespectful, he will not give up such a good chance to get close to Cheng Xuze and Ran Xue.

The dean of Anhang College actively invited Cheng Xuze and Ran Xue as guests to watch the competition. Cheng Xuze and Ran Xue naturally readily agreed. At this time, the competition finally began.

Cheng Hong, as the deputy duke of Anhang City and the president of Anhang City Radiation Energy Association, actually did not need to be present from beginning to end for such activities, but now Cheng Xuze has left behind. He can't leave, so he can only find a place and sit in front of the stage.

The venue for the competition is the sports ground of Anhang University. The sports ground is very large and there are many positions around it. In the past, students from Anhang University were required to fill one third of these positions. However, this time the situation was different. In the end, many late comers even lost their seats.

Of course, most of these people did not come for the competition. They all wore long-distance glasses and could clearly see things in the distance. Instead of looking at the materials already placed in the middle of the stadium, they kept staring at the program and Ran Xue, and could see that there were still many people taking photos.

Shi Qingyang didn't care about all this outside. At this time, he just found Ning An to understand the specific situation of the competition. It was also from Ning An that he realized that the competition was completely different from usual.

As more and more people are paying attention to this competition, the number of contestants originally sent from the three tier-three cities is somewhat small. Because of this, Anhang College has also chosen many students from the 12th and 12th grades to participate in the competition. As for why it does not choose from the higher grades, it is because the students of Anhang College are far better than those of the colleges in the surrounding tier-three cities.

At the same time, because of this, the pharmacy competition, which had been finished after the theory and practice in the morning, had another final match in the afternoon.

"Teacher Ning, what kind of medicine do you usually choose in competitions?" Shi Qingyang asked again, although Cheng Ran has radiation energy now, I'm afraid his excessively soft radiation energy is still suitable for the allocation of drugs, but it can't be told to others, and naturally it must be understood first.

"Don't worry, pharmacists are different from radiation energy fighters. Although radiation energy is needed, the demand for radiation energy is not high. What is needed most is experience. Therefore, pharmacists become more popular as they get older. Pharmacists of this age are basically just beginning to learn how to use radiation energy when configuring." Ning An comforted: "If you teach students to use radiation energy to prepare medicines without even learning how to prepare medicines, it is absolutely irresponsible for students and a waste of medicine materials."

"That's good." Shi Qingyang smiled, as long as it is not need radiation medicine, Cheng Ran configuration, it is the mistresses.

Such a thought, he immediately turned around, found Cheng Ran, said these one by one.

Cheng Ran listened with a smile and said, "Qingyang, I have checked all of these on the way here."

"Then you still listen to me?"

"I like to hear you say…Qingyang, I will win this time!"

"I believe you." Shi Qingyang laughed and watched Cheng Ran on the stage.

Spark College to participate in the pharmacy competition, including Cheng Ran a total of eight people, the other two tertiary cities also did not exceed ten, but Hangzhou college, is a sent 20 people to come over, nearly 50 people in the field, is the host's speech.

At this time in the past, there were always many people who wanted to speak, usually starting from the top and continuing from the bottom. Cheng Hong even wrote a speech for this purpose. But this time, the dean of Anhang College invited Cheng Xuze to speak.

"Competition is a competition. I used to hate that people would say a lot about what they did every time. This time I won't talk about it. Hurry up and have dinner after the competition."

Cheng Xuze said happily, beside Cheng Hong holding a recorder to read the manuscript, is once again changed his face.

However, at this time, in addition to the reporter still watching his face and writing the report, others have simply ignored him and are going to curry favor with the dean of Anhang College, Cheng Xuze, but also directly said that the competition began.

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