Cheng Ran has been missing for more than 20 days. At first, Cheng Hong just felt that his disappearance brought trouble to himself, but after listening to Qin Liu's advice, he did make a good hype about the matter and showed his sad image of a loving father outside.

The father who lost his son will always make people feel sorry for him. after communicating with his staff and planning well, Cheng Hong soon won the public's favor. people who originally thought he was wasting people's money and money turned around to look at him, but instead began to be angry that he was bewitched by others-Cheng Hong was looking for someone to spend his own money, so even if it cost more, what does it have to do with them? Most of them were misled by Cheng Hong's political opponents before.

As a result, Cheng Hong's popular support has increased a lot in a short period of time.

However, at this time, someone actually caught Cheng Hong taking his children to dinner, a pair of children talking and laughing video, not only that, others said, Cheng Hong had never said before that he had such an eldest son, Cheng Hong's children, and never mentioned that he had such a brother.

Some people turned over some previous interviews with Cheng Hong, and soon found that he had never mentioned that he had such an eldest son, Cheng Ran. In fact, if it weren't for this incident, the video on the attacked mobile fortress was made public, and Cheng Xuze came in a hurry, others probably still didn't know that he had such a son.

Let's not mention what happened. Cheng Hong was heartbroken on the surface, but in private he reacted like this. This is enough to make people feel cheated. People who were originally very sympathetic to him have now turned into disgust. They think Cheng Hong is a hypocrite and want Cheng Hong to give an explanation.

It happened that Cheng Hong couldn't give an explanation at all. Cheng Ran was his son, but he did never mention it to others. His sons and daughters had only a little impression of the elder brother, and usually they wouldn't mention it to anyone…

In such a situation, Cheng Hong was so anxious that he actually knew that he had better live in seclusion these days, but at that time his daughter heard about such a restaurant from her classmates and offered to make him relax. He was not able to refuse…

In this way, he has already explained to the public, but the public had doubts after seeing this video, and some people reported that he had never taken the initiative to go out of town to look for it these days, instead, he had been busy with the competition and transition of Anhang College…

It's just that, as more and more people are paying attention to this matter, gradually, others say that Cheng Ran is mostly the illegitimate child hated by Cheng Hong. Otherwise, how is that possible?

Cheng Hong's performance in front of the public was very good, very honest, and suddenly he gave birth to an illegitimate child…How can this prevent others from questioning his character?

"This Cheng Ran is really a trouble!" Cheng Hong's face was full of anger. He looked at Qin Liu again." What should I do now?"

"When tomorrow's match is held, I will ask them to put on makeup for you. You will pretend to be sad and act as a referee. When the time comes, you will not let Cheng Ran appear in public because you used to protect him. Remember that when the time comes, you will be better to the contestants of Spark College." Qin Liu gave an idea, because protect Cheng Ran so isolated him this matter, has always been their excuse to Cheng Gu said, since the effect is good, of course, can then use.

"This is good, but now there are many people in the biography Cheng Ran is my illegitimate child…" Cheng Xuze frowned.

"As long as I insist that Cheng Ran was born to me, what else can others do?" Qin Liu said: "In fact, it doesn't matter much. At most, you will have to sit in the seat of deputy duke."

Cheng Hong has always wanted to move his seat. After Cheng Hui became a Class 8 radiation energy fighter, he even wanted to do something. Now he has no hope of promotion and naturally has his eye on the seat of the duke of Anhang City.

In the past two years, Cheng's family has been in the limelight. Many people ingratiated themselves with him. After he returned to Anhang City, such as Xinghuo City's Xing Ou, he had already contacted him and said that he would help him become the duke. Originally, this was a matter of certainty. Who would have thought that such a thing would happen now?

"That's for the time being…" Cheng Hong flipped through various online posts that questioned him, and finally decided to keep out of sight.

When Cheng Hong was accused of being a hypocrite, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran finally ate hot food. At the dinner table, Cheng Ran also took an ant egg and warmly invited Cheng Xuze to eat it and eat it raw.

Originally, Cheng Ran also thought that he could cook the eggs for Cheng Xuze to eat, but the eggs and the queen's meat appeared very strange. More importantly, the workers and animals obviously did not have such effect. In this case, who can be sure that the eggs will not change after cooking?

"Xiao Ran, ant eggs are the best thing to eat if they are scattered and fried…" Cheng Xuze is somewhat helpless. There are many people who like to eat them raw, but he really does not have this hobby.

"Grandpa, in fact, it tastes good when eaten raw and is nutritious. Please try it first." Cheng Ran immediately said, very sincere, at the beginning when eating ant eggs he really felt hard to swallow, but eat too much also accepted.

"Xiao Ran…" Cheng Xuze didn't care about eating raw food. People like him who have gained a whole skill by fighting in the wild usually eat raw food, but they still have to eat it if they have the conditions to enjoy it. This made him somewhat puzzled.

"Grandpa, the taste is really good. Try it." Shi Qingyang also said that Cheng Xuze could come to them. For this alone, he was very grateful. Because of the special situation, he did not dare to give Cheng Xuze the queen ant's meat, but the ant egg was no problem.

Cheng Xuze saw both Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang saying so, but it was still not good to refuse. In his view, the two children felt delicious mostly because they were very hungry, but the children gladly shared with him what they felt delicious. If he refused, he might hurt the children's hearts.

Cheng Xuze ate the ant eggs, he didn't think it was hard to swallow the ant eggs, but the feeling of satiny also don't like it, just see Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran staring at him to eat, finally a cruel, ate the whole ant eggs belly, so that was almost until.

At the same time, he also wondered, since the two children like it, he may be able to find more ant eggs to come back later? In places like Spark City, it is not easy to get ant eggs, but in Yangtze City, ant eggs are very common, and there are several ways to eat them raw.

Let Cheng Xuze eat ant eggs, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran did eat a warm meal well, and then went to see Gu Changjin.

One to the mobile fortress, Cheng Xuze let people put Gu Changjin into the treatment room, beside the medical equipment, also shows Gu Changjin situation.

"His radiation energy is running around in his body. Fortunately, there is not much radiation energy left in his body, otherwise I am afraid he will die of pain." Cheng Xuze has stayed in the field for a long time, and he is also very familiar with this simple medical device suitable for use in the field. After reading the data, he told the general situation of Gu Changjin.

Can radiation flee about? Shi Qingyang suddenly thought of his previous painful experience far more than that of his previous life. On the one hand, he ate more meat in his life. On the other hand, is it because his radiation in the body is stronger than that of his previous life?

As for his present benefits, he has received more than in his previous life…he has eaten the queen ant's meat again, but he has no response at all. this situation clearly shows that the transformation can only be carried out once. Cheng Ran helped him to treat and feed the meat to him. although it made him very painful, it should also make him get more benefits.

Such a thought, Shi Qingyang also relaxed a lot, at the same time will give Cheng Xuze eat queen's meat indefinitely postponed, Cheng Xuze is 8 radiation energy fighters, radiation energy in the body is very much, he wants to eat meat, no one knows what will happen in the end.

Although Gu Changjin was in pain, his life was obviously not in danger, but his injuries were too severe to wake up for the time being. When he arrived in the city, he would have to be sent to the hospital again.

"Lao Gu has done very well this time. Even if he is in poor health, his treatment will not change and I will be fully responsible for the medical expenses." Cheng Xuze said that the Cheng family asked Gu Changjin to take care of Cheng Ran and gave Gu Changjin a large sum of money every month. Now saying so is also an indication that the Cheng family will not abandon Gu Changjin.

"Thank you, Grandpa." Cheng Ran laughed.

"Well, go to sleep, have a good sleep, and when you get back to Anhang City, you can still take part in the competition," Cheng Xuze laughed and looked at Shi Qingyang in surprise." Are you in Grade 2 or Grade 3 now?"

"Grandpa, I am now in Grade 3." Shi Qingyang laughed.

"It's a pity that with such a good talent, if you can raise your body with medicine from an early age…your progress is really fast." Cheng Xuze was both appreciative and regretful.

"Grandpa, Master taught me a skill set. He said I would definitely become stronger in the future." Shi Qingyang laughed.

Cheng Xuze immediately thought of the set of "achievement methods" he practiced. Although his practice did not have much effect, he was already in Grade 8 after all. He was too old to make any progress. However, Shi Qingyang was still young. Maybe he could really break through again: "At Grade 3 of 18, this competition, you will certainly shine."

Cheng Xuze, after all, is old, and didn't sleep well these days, and soon returned to the room, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran also need to rest, back to the room together.

But I didn't think they had just returned to the previous room when Wang Qing came up and pointed to a nearby room: "Shi Qingyang, your room is there."

Shi Qingyang froze, suddenly remind of his relationship with Cheng Ran has been reported in front of Cheng Xuze, Cheng Xuze when they were children before, so let them two people a room, now, of course, won't do it again.

Touched the nose, Shi Qingyang after told Cheng Ran must have a good wipe medicine, obediently went to the next room. Cheng Ran had a lot of bruises on his body. He wanted to wipe his medicine, but now it seems that even it is not allowed. Fortunately, the medical device has said that Cheng Ran has no problem.

Moreover, it is really inappropriate to go there. If he didn't refrain from doing something, I'm afraid Cheng Ran's injury will be aggravated…He always thinks Cheng Ran is too small.

Cheng Ran really wanted to follow Shi Qingyang. He had just passed the most dangerous period in his life, and now he wanted to be next to Shi Qingyang. However, he hurt many places and Shi Qingyang would feel distressed when he saw it.

Cheng Ran finally gave up the plan to climb the bed, but according to Shi Qingyang, carefully gave himself the medicine.

After being injured by radiation energy before, his wound recovered quickly, but now facing the bruises on his body, his radiation energy effect is not very good either…Cheng Ran studied for a long time and decided to ask Shi Qingyang tomorrow.

The mobile fortress did not travel fast in the place where there was no road. Even if Shi Qingyang slept, they did not reach Anhang City. However, Gu Changjin's situation has stabilized a lot. The whole people are no longer as miserable as before. All the data look better.

Shi Qingyang finally breathed a sigh of relief, queen ant meat is not a panacea, he does not ask Gu Changjin can fully recover, as long as Gu Changjin can recover some is enough happy, after all, according to the original data, Gu Changjin may not get out of bed for a lifetime.

Shi Qingyang did not have much interest in everything outside the city, but Cheng Ran watched the scenery cheerfully after being safe. Seeing this, he naturally accompanied him.

Yesterday they went to sleep during the day. When they woke up, it was still not bright. After looking for a long time, they saw the sky slowly turning white. At the same time, a huge city appeared in front of them, Anhang City.

Today, when three tertiary cities near Anhang Hang Cheng came to Anhang College to compete, the first day was the competition of potions. Such competitions were often held and did not attract people's attention at ordinary times. After all, it was just a small fight between a group of children.

But this time, the situation is different, Spark College to participate in the competition of mobile fortress was cut off halfway, including master Cheng home was taken away, life and death is unknown…

Cheng family, that's a big family with two 8-level radiation fighters. Cheng Xuze also came to Anhang City in person, and even Cheng Hong was repeatedly exposed to gossip…

These days, several big news stories in Anhang City are all around the Cheng family. Naturally, people's attention to this competition has increased a lot.

Ye Houan is a gold medal reporter of the Anhang city portal website. He is now in his forties. He has been a reporter for 20 years, not to mention all the experts and politicians in Anhang city. He has interviewed many big figures in the company commander Jiang. Even, he once worked with the strongest man in Anhang city, a seven-level radiation fighter, to go out of the city to hunt and videotape. This video was later listed as one of the teaching materials and made his fame resound throughout China.

As he is, he would not normally come to interview a group of students in colleges in several tertiary cities. However, Ye Houan has a daughter who is studying in Anhang College. He has just come here voluntarily when he is free recently.

Although he came, Ye Houan didn't spend much time on the competition. He only let his assistant watch. His eyes were on a 17-or 18-year-old girl, his daughter, who was the most beautiful.

Ye Houan told his assistant for many years about his daughter from time to time. In the middle of the conversation, he suddenly stopped and his eyes fell on a man who entered the door.

The woman, is it not Ran Xue, a senior pharmacist in Changjiang city? Cheng family's reputation has grown over the past two years, thanks to all-round drugs and several drugs introduced one after another. Although Ran Xue once said in public that all-round drugs had nothing to do with her, she has also become the hottest pharmacist in the Yangtze River City. After the sudden breakthrough of Cheng Hui, which could not be broken for a long time, more people paid attention to her. Many people believed that Cheng Hui could break through all by Ran Xue.

Such a character, but usually live in seclusion, never contact the media, Ye Houan once wanted to interview her, but was finally rejected.

I came here today to see Ran Xue. This alone is worth it! However, Ran Xue seems to have concealed her identity and did not reveal anything in public, which also made others not recognize her.

Ye Houan excitedly came to the front and was looking for an opportunity to ask Ran Xue some questions. As a result, Cheng Hong, who was plagued by scandal these days, also came.

Cheng Hong looked gaunt. Instead of greeting Ran Xue, he walked to the front of the stage.

Ye Houan was still paying attention to Ran Xue at this time, but other reporters had already gathered around him: "Lord Cheng, what do you think of the online rumor that Cheng Ran is your illegitimate child?"

"President Cheng, have you really been snubbing your son?"

"Deputy duke, your son's life and death are uncertain. You have not been out of town looking for him. Are you worried about affecting the election?"


The reporters' questions became more and more difficult. Cheng Hong's face grew uglier and uglier, but he did not lose his temper: "Cheng Ran had an accident. I was very sad. I went out because of my daughter's invitation. As I have already explained, the illegitimate child is even more false. Cheng Ran is the child of my wife and me. We have not exposed him all the time. It is just because he was in poor health and was kidnapped when he was a child. I don't want him to be in danger."

Cheng Hong looked sad: "Those malicious speculations about me and my family have hurt me and my family. I hope such things will not happen again."

Cheng Hong said this, but let the reporter is not good to ask tricky questions, at this time, someone came in outside.

Ye Houan didn't surround Cheng Hong, saw at a glance in the person is Cheng Xuze, besides Cheng Xuze, seems to have Cheng Ran missing in the wild!

This situation, found more than one natural Ye Houan, many people recognized Cheng Xuze, others surprised to call out, originally around Cheng Hong reporters, also crowded up.

This trip by myself is really worth it! Ye Houan was not anxious. Instead, he looked at Cheng Hong and planned to see Cheng Hong's reaction. Only then did he find that Cheng Hong looked at Cheng Ran in surprise: "You, you are not dead?"

In this way, it is not like being a father to see his son is all right…The video recorder on his head recorded all this. Ye Houan couldn't help grinning. This is big news!

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