The queen's body is still there, because the weather is cold now, and it is not broken. Shi Qingyang simply took the whole with him this time, which is when he found that his strength was greatly increased.

He used to work hard to make himself run faster and stronger, but he didn't want to get so many benefits just by eating some meat now.

The queen's body was tied behind her with cloth strips. Shi Qingyang climbed up with Cheng Ran, only to find that Cheng Ran didn't know how to climb at all. He had never done such a thing before, and now he couldn't climb on his own.

Cheng Ran like this, also don't know how to climb down from above to find their own…Shi Qingyang let Cheng Ran up first, oneself follow below, from time to time to hold a Cheng Ran, two people climb up bit by bit, several times Cheng Ran feet slipped down, also just fell into his arms.

It took a lot of effort to climb up, but as soon as I got up, I just opened the stone blocking the entrance of the cave, and Shi Qingyang found Gu Changjin lying on the entrance of the cave.

Although Gu Changjin is no longer in danger of life, he still has no strength. For more than ten days before, he has been lying down without moving much. This time he climbed to the entrance of the cave, and I don't know how much time it took.

"Are you all right…" See Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran, Gu Changjin smiled, this time even can't lift his head.

"Grandpa Gu, we're fine, I'll give you something to eat!" Cheng Ran turned Gu Changjin over with Shi Qingyang and took out the queen's meat. Gu Changjin now has difficulty chewing. He uses a knife to cut out filaments and slowly feeds them to him.

Gu Changjin wanted to ask something else, but when he saw Cheng Ran in such a hurry, he was not able to refuse. He ate a few mouthfuls at present, and Cheng Ran did not care to clean up his body. While feeding Gu Changjin, he said the following happened: "Grandpa Gu, I ate this meat, and my radiation energy in my body is much higher. After eating Qingyang, my body is better. When you eat it, you will definitely recover radiation energy."

"good." Gu Changjin heard Cheng Ran smiled, his body is like a broken sack now, it is impossible to recover, before he ate ant eggs although a little better, but also not too big feeling, this time nature also didn't seriously.

Shi Qingyang was stunned when he heard this. Cheng Ran thought that he had been injured before and only got better after eating the meat. But in fact, it was not the case at all. He ate the meat, and only then did he feel painful enough…

And he was almost painful at that time, Cheng Ran even gave him meat.

Thought of here, Shi Qingyang ate a small piece of meat again, but this time, he did not have any special feeling at all.

On the contrary, Gu Changjin suddenly covered his stomach and the whole person curled up into a ball in pain just like before.

"Grandpa Gu, what's wrong with you?" Cheng Ran hugged Gu Changjin in panic: "Grandpa Gu, are you all right?"

Gu Changjin was already speechless with pain at this time. At this time, suddenly there was a noise outside: "Is anyone there? Is there anyone here?"

This is the voice of Cheng Xuze!

Cheng Xuze searched for clues in the woods all the way, because some animals also destroy plants, and those people made some disguises. After he found the clues, he spent a lot of time to find here.

He searched carefully here, saw the traces left by the explosion, also found the mole cricket hole that had been blown up, and even found a discarded water bottle in it.

Although these are not necessarily left by Cheng Ran and others, at least there are traces here! Because of this, Cheng Xuze found a loudspeaker and searched nearby. Finally, he also found this mountain bag with many holes in it.

This place is supposed to be an ant colony, but I don't know why there are no ant beasts…Cheng Xuze shouted outside in his combat uniform, trying to leave, but I didn't expect to hear the voice: "Grandpa! Grandpa!"

"Shi Qingyang!" Cheng Xuze recognized the voice, cried pleasantly surprised, and some worry, Shi Qingyang this person is very smart, also very experienced, can live in the wild for 20 days is very normal, but Cheng Ran…

Cheng Xuze quickly ran to the place where the sound was made: "Shi Qingyang, where are you?"

"Grandpa, we are down there!" Shi Qingyang replied that while responding, he put on Cheng Ran his combat uniform, which belonged to Gu Changjin, and put on a helmet to protect Cheng Ran.

"But then? What about Gu Changjin?" Cheng Xuze has arrived at the mouth of the cave, with radiation energy behind him, can hold up yourself completely, he took Wang Qing jumped down.

"They are also here. Gu's condition is very poor!" Shi Qingyang said, by the way, he also knocked down Cheng Ran who was sitting: "However, I am also very uncomfortable now, Grandpa…"

Although Cheng Xuze can be trusted, there are Cheng family behind Cheng Xuze. Cheng Ran is even his grandson. He has other grandchildren. Therefore, Shi Qingyang does not want Cheng Xuze to discover the difference of Cheng Ran so soon.

"Great!" Cheng Xuze couldn't help but speak, he has always felt that Cheng Gulian tired Cheng Ran, now know Cheng Ran ok, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"Grandpa!" Shi Qingyang crawled out of the hole. After eating the queen ant's meat before, blood oozed from every pore of his body. Now the whole body is full of stains and blood. These things coagulated on him, making him look very embarrassed. Cheng Xuze hardly dared to recognize each other when he saw them. Then tears came into his eyes: "You have suffered."

"Grandpa, I'm fine, mainly Gu and Ran." Shi Qingyang was busy. The entrance of the cave was very small. He finally had to remove Gu Changjin, who was in pain and coma, from the inside and then Cheng Ran from the inside.

Gu Changjin may have eaten less meat. The situation is slightly better than that before Shi Qingyang. But with his body, he looks very bad in others' eyes, almost on the line. As for Cheng Ran, Cheng Ran was surrounded by anti-radiation clothing, with many Shi Qingyang's blood on it. The whole person smells like Shi Qingyang and looks as bad.

However, at last both of them were breathing.

Cheng Xuze knew that Gu Changjin and Cheng Ran were like this. It was very difficult to survive in the wild. Seeing Shi Qingyang's tattered clothes, he naturally knew that they could rely on Shi Qingyang to survive. He looked at him gratefully at the moment: "Son, thanks to you this time."

Shi Qingyang had just pulled out the queen's body from the inside and carried it on her back. She was embarrassed to hear that, "Grandpa, let's go first!" In the end, this incident was still caused by him. He should have done more than that.

"good." Cheng Xuze holding Cheng Ran in one hand and Gu Changjin in the other, moved the radiation energy at the foot and floated upward. Wang Qing saw the terrible appearance of Shi Qingyang. He took the queen ant's body on Shi Qingyang's back and climbed up with Shi Qingyang.

Climb out of the nest, Shi Qingyang has a feeling of rediscovery, and this time, Cheng Xuze has held Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin to mobile town, he was too anxious, even didn't give Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin two people get rid of the clothes full of radiation.

"Grandpa, give me the truth. You can show Grandpa Gu." Shi Qingyang said that the best research institute in his last life did not study him and did not find out why. Cheng Xuze could not find out the situation of Gu Changjin in this place where there were not many medical devices.

Cheng Xuze has also discovered that although his grandson still has no radiation energy, he does not seem to have any problem. In contrast, Gu Changjin is still more seriously ill.

Gu Changjin helped Cheng family take care of Cheng Ran for so long. Without credit, there was also hard work. Now it is so serious. Of course, he should take care of him first. Besides, Shi Qingyang took good care of Cheng Ran and handed him over to Shi Qingyang. He was also at ease.

Cheng Xuze mobile fort above, in addition to him and Wang Qing, there are only three low-level radiation can soldiers responsible for the mobile fort, cooking and cleaning, Cheng Xuze will find one of them to take Shi Qingyang home, immediately took Gu Changjin to the treatment room, Wang Qing put down the hand queen's body, also follow up.

"The body of this queen ant can be found in my room." Shi Qingyang said, as far as he knew, every room in a certain fortress has a special freezer to hold the bodies of foreign animals.

"Yes." The person leading the way replied, not paying too much attention, only thinking that Shi Qingyang was the first time he had hunted such a high-level exotic animal, so he was so nervous.

In the room, Shi Qingyang immediately found a freezer to store animals and stuffed the queen ant's body after cutting. At that time, Cheng Ran had also pulled down his clothes.

"Qingyang, do I have something to hide from others?" Cheng Ran thought of just now, asked.

"Yes, it's best to keep the matter from others. If others know about it, I'm afraid many people will attack you." Shi Qingyang said, he has found that the radiation energy in his body is very stable, and now everyone generally infers a person's radiation energy level with the momentum displayed by a person, so even if he has reached level 4, in other people's view, it is estimated to be between level 2 and level 3.

Although such achievements are very good, they are not conspicuous. Now, both he and Cheng Ran need to keep a low profile.

"I will not let anyone know." Cheng Ran smiled and looked again at the next bathroom: "Qingyang, let's take a shower quickly! There is water here!"

Purified water without radiation energy is expensive nowadays, but Cheng Xuze's bathroom with purified water here is also a big deal. Of course, Shi Qingyang doesn't care about this. In contrast, Cheng Ran's "we" made his reaction bigger.

Do you want to take a bath together? Shi Qingyang was thinking about this matter, but Cheng Ran had already sprayed detergent on his body: "These things will not wash off, Qingyang, you also spray a little, I'll wash first."

Cheng Ran had been wearing anti-radiation clothing before. Although his body was dirty, it was also limited. In contrast, Shi Qingyang's hair was full of dried blood, which was really dirty.

Looked at his own situation, Shi Qingyang succumbed to the fantasy of "bathing together" in his heart, sprayed a lot of cleaning agents on himself quickly, and put him and Cheng Ran's clothes into the cleaning machine. At this time, the dirt on him had softened.

In the past, in Spark City, after this appearance, it was all right to scrub with a cleaner. But this time, Shi Qingyang was more willing to wash with water, after all, he was too dirty.

Cheng Ran cleaning speed is very fast, it didn't take long to come out, see him out, Shi Qingyang is froze, not because Cheng Ran wearing bathrobe is too tempting, but because Cheng Ran face unexpectedly has two bruises.

"But then…"

"I'm fine, I just hit it." Cheng Ran was embarrassed. He wanted to block first, but the injury on his face was too deliberate. Shi Qingyang certainly could see it.

Shi Qingyang thought, I knew Cheng Ran mostly fell when he climbed down to find him, Cheng Ran didn't know how to climb down, maybe the cave walls, maybe just fell down.

Before, Cheng Ran did not find the blood on his body because he was stained with it, but now that the blood has been cleaned, it becomes very clear.

Even hurt his face, I'm afraid the wound will be more.

"What about you?"

"I'm fine, Qingyang, I'm just a little bruised." Cheng Ran said that he could have used radiation energy to heal his wounds, but all his radiation energy was used on Shi Qingyang and was overdrawn…So even now, the wounds are still obvious.

Shi Qingyang looked at the dirt on his body and quickly went into the bathroom: "Please take medicine first, and I'll help you look at it later."

With the fastest speed to wash their dirty, Shi Qingyang again to the outside, he saw Cheng Ran has to face the wound on the medicine, is dealing with the hand.

Shi Qingyang didn't say anything and slowly prescribed medicine to Cheng Ran: "However, I'm sorry."

"I should say I'm sorry." Cheng Ran said.

"No, this thing is all my fault, I clearly know Yin family's people are up to no good, did not guard against…" Shi Qingyang abnormal chagrin.

"Yin Family?" Cheng Ran thought carefully before thinking of Yin Tiancheng: "is this the yin family?"

"They should be right, but maybe there is someone behind them." Shi Qingyang Road.

At this time, the door was opened and Cheng Xuze came in from the outside: "Is what you said true?" He came to see Cheng Ran in a hurry, but he didn't want to hear this.

"Grandpa, it should be like this. Yes, those people who came after us did not intend to give us a way." Shi Qingyang repeated the situation at that time and his own guess.

Cheng Xuze's face grew angrier and angrier: "This is outrageous. It's just a small family…"

"Grandpa, we must find out about this!" Shi Qingyang said, Yin family, this time must not be tolerated.

"Be sure to find out!" Cheng Xuze gnashed his teeth, and when he turned his eyes to Cheng Ran, he became annoyed again: "Xiao Ran, it was Grandpa who came late and actually hurt you." Cheng Xuze can see, Cheng Ran these bruises are crashed out, presumably in combat gear fell, even Cheng Ran like this, others…Cheng Xuze looked again because of tall, for Cheng Ran knee-high bathrobe didn't even cover the knee, revealing a lot of wounds Shi Qingyang, sighed.

"Grandpa, we're fine." Cheng Ran smiled.

"It's okay…Xiao Ran, you Grandpa Gu's physical condition is not good, want to go to Hangzhou City for treatment, are you going with us? There is also the competition you are taking part in. Now this time has passed and we can still make it. Are you still going to take part?" Cheng Xuze added that he had always hoped that Cheng Ran would show some light and let his son have a good look at what he missed.

"Can I still take part in the competition?" Cheng Ran some asked curiously.

"Of course." Gu Changjin said, Spark College, with the idea of letting students see the world, set off almost a month earlier. I'm afraid I can still catch up with the competition now.

"Then we'll go right away." Cheng Ran immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"Can I wait for an hour first? I'm going to remove all the eggs left in the nest." Shi Qingyang said that there were still many ant eggs left in the ant nest, and the mobile fort was equipped with enough freezers for animals to take away.

"It doesn't matter, Gu Changjin situation has stabilized, by the way, there should be an ant colony? You fell in and were still alive?"

"Grandpa Gu, there are very few ants and beasts there." Shi Qingyang was lying with his eyes open, but most of the ant animals' bodies were eaten by their peers, so no one else would know.

"You are lucky." Cheng Xuze sighs.

Shi Qingyang soon left the mobile fortress and brought back all the ant eggs in the cave. Although Cheng Xuze did not understand why he cared so much about these things, he was relieved to know from Cheng Ran's mouth that they had been eating these days.

The two children survived and it is normal for them to have feelings for these things.

After the ant eggs were collected, the mobile fortress went to Anhang City. That is, at this time, Cheng Hong met with great trouble in Anhang City.

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