"Qingyang, it's a pity that I can't help." Cheng Ran watched Shi Qingyang preparing something to kill the queen ant and was somewhat depressed.

"It's okay. You are not blessed now. After that, you will certainly become very powerful." Shi Qingyang laughed and said that he has confidence in Cheng Ran. This is not blind trust, but because he saw how attentively and diligently Cheng Ran has worked these days.

"But I can't induce the radiation energy around me." Cheng Ran has been working hard these days, but still can't do this. He has already told Shi Qingyang about it, but Shi Qingyang can't say why.

"It doesn't matter if it can't induce the radiation energy around. It's good enough now." Shi Qingyang said, bowed their heads and kissed Cheng Ran on the face, then immediately put on the helmet, under Gu Changjin glared down along the cave began to climb.

In front of Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin, he didn't show anything, but in fact, he is really not sure he can win now.

He was too weak in his previous life. Before dealing with the queen ant, he was only a second-class radiation fighter. The speed of killing the ant beast was also very slow. Because of this, the ant beast in the cave didn't pay much attention to him at the beginning. He slowly grinded and killed him before he began to guard against it.

Moreover, he didn't even intend to kill the queen at that time, or accidentally forced by a few male ants into the queen's cave, will make a malicious, and at that time, the queen was left with only a few male ants, the worker ants, even have been they ate the belly.

He was relying on this, hiding in the crevice where the queen ant could not enter, and slowly killed the queen ant.

But this time is different this time may be because of his strength, queen also guard against up, also called the rest of the ant beast to his side, the ant nest food also moved together…

He has to deal with not only the queen ant, but also a large group of ant animals.

Shi Qingyang approached the huge cave carefully and then rushed in quickly.

The queen ant looked clumsy and did not seem to have radiation energy on her body, but her movements were very fast. She flashed aside and all the other ants and beasts descended on Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang quickly got into an erect stone crevice beside which only one person could stand and sent several wind blades out. This didn't let these ants and beasts bite him.

He hid in this stone crevice in those days and thought he was going to die, so he fought with these queens and burst into unprecedented potential. unfortunately, he could not do this in his life. now, he cherishes his life very much.

Shi Qingyang tried his best to save the radiation energy, and held a bottle in his mouth, which contained the ant egg liquid with the function of restoring radiation energy. He could say that he killed one ant animal after another as he squeezed in.

However, there are a little too many remaining worker ants, and even new ones have been hatched. If they continue like this, they will become food for others when their radiation is exhausted.

How wonderful it was in my last life, the queen ant couldn't get into this nest at all…Shi Qingyang suddenly blessed his heart and thought of a way.

Looking for a vacancy, he immediately sent several wind blades to the queen ant hovering nearby.

The queen ant was enraged and rushed towards him. She bared her teeth outside the stone crevice. By this time, Shi Qingyang did not break the wind but began to rest.

The ant beast is a low-level exotic beast. It can't arouse the radiation to attack him. The queen ant's body is too big to enter the crevice at all…Finally, the queen ant is stuck in the crevice so that other ant beasts can't attack the teacher Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang was happy with this situation. He had a good rest. When the queen ant found herself unable to attack him all the time and wanted to leave, he issued several wind blades.

This lowest-level wind blade can split the worker ant beast into two halves after touching its joints, but it is less lethal to the queen ant, and it can only irritate the queen ant.

If only one pair of single, Shi Qingyang relies on rich experience, it is not difficult to kill the queen ant, but there are still many ant animals outside, those ant animals, can completely use up his radiation energy…

Shi Qingyang simply didn't rush to enlarge the recruit, he found time to rest when the queen wanted to attack him, and when the queen wanted to leave angrily, he sent out several wind blades to attract it back…

After Shi Qingyang felt that Fu could recover, he would also let the queen leave, and then began to deal with those worker ants who wanted to attack him after the queen left the crevice.

When he killed some worker ants and beasts and felt a little tired and less energetic, he sent several more wind blades to attract the queen ant, blocking her in the mouth of the cave and allowing him to have a good rest.

Unconsciously, the number of ants and beasts is much smaller, the queen's body injury, also become more and more serious.

Of course, it took Shi Qingyang a long time to leave the cave, even a whole day and a whole night have passed.

Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin must be very worried…Shi Qingyang after attracted the queen, closed his eyes, slightly narrowed for a few minutes, and when the queen wanted to retreat, quickly opened his eyes, and then continue to send out a few wind blade.

He has a kind of skill, as long as he is extremely tired, he can close his eyes and sleep for a few minutes at any time. At this time, he is still very alert and can wake up at any slight trouble.

Of course, if it weren't for he is now a teenager, this body has a very high demand for sleep, if it were for his previous life, he would have been able to survive without sleep for three days and three nights.

This cycle for several times, and then open, Shi Qingyang saw the queen was a little tired, and want to back off, at this time his body radiation has recovered a lot, generously let the queen go, began to deal with other ants.

The queen ant finally took advantage of this time to have a good sleep, but it didn't take long to sleep. Shi Qingyang's radiation energy was almost used, so several wind blades flew towards it…

Angry queens rushed up again, blocking the entrance of the cave and giving Shi Qingyang a safe environment.

After spending 30 hours, Shi Qingyang finally found that there were no other ants or animals in the nest except the queen ant, and the minor injuries of the queen ant had gradually increased and become serious injuries.

Solving such queens did not take much time for the teacher Qingyang, and his battle was also the one he suffered the least injuries after entering the nest-this time he was not injured at all.

After the queen ant collapsed, the first thing Shi Qingyang did was to cut off her body, and then cut off a few pieces of meat and put them into her mouth as quickly as he did when he could not eat in the crevice for three days in his previous life.

The queen's meat is old and woodsy, and it is very difficult to eat. If he hadn't been forced to nearly die by the queen in his last life, he wouldn't have eaten it if he wanted to eat the body to vent his anger. But this time, he was very active and even deliberately ate a few more.

Shi Qingyang cut the meat and ate it at the same time. After eating about the same, he packed the rest of the meat and began to walk back.

Shi Qingyang used both hands and feet to climb up a section along the exit of the ant nest, but his stomach suddenly began to ache, and it became more and more painful. Every part of his body seemed to crack. Not only that, his hands and every pore began to ooze tiny blood beads.

The pain came so suddenly that Shi Qingyang could not even grasp the rock wall. He wanted to climb up with all his might, but the pain made him unable to exert himself at all.

In the severe pain, Shi Qingyang did think of one thing. After he killed the queen ant in his last life, he was in a coma for a long time and suffered severe pain all over. Because he was already out of strength and seriously injured in the battle at that time, he was not surprised. But this time, he was not actually hurt…

So, he was in a coma at that time because he ate the queen ant's meat? However, he was not in such pain at that time as he is now. He just felt miserable.

Perhaps he was really too greedy and ate too much. Shi Qingyang was shaking against the rock wall. The pain made him want to pull out his hair. By this time, he even had no strength to find a cave.

All of a sudden, the pain intensified fiercely, and the radiation energy suddenly began to rush from left to right in the body. Shi Qingyang was black at the moment and looked into the eyes as if everything had turned black and red.

In such a situation, he would make some wounds to sober himself up, but now, he has reached the extreme of pain and the whole person is convulsed.

Can no longer grasp the rock at hand, Shi Qingyang almost fell straight down, trance, also heard someone calling his name.

Shi Qingyang went out for too long. Cheng Ran could still wait with confidence at first. As time went on, he could no longer settle down. So he finally pushed some stones away from the entrance of the cave and looked down from time to time, waiting for Shi Qingyang.

Two days and one night, Cheng Ran didn't even have a mind to sleep, lest something should happen to Shi Qingyang. He had already seen Shi Qingyang climbing up, worried that Shi Qingyang would be distracted when he heard his voice. He didn't speak, but he didn't expect Shi Qingyang to suddenly stop halfway and then fall down.

Cheng Ran's face went white in an instant, but he could do nothing except call Shi Qingyang's name. in his appearance, Gu Changjin saw in his eyes and also understood that something was probably wrong outside: "master, is something wrong with Shi Qingyang?" He is a five-level radiation fighter, and he should take care of the two children, but in the end he should let the two children take care of him instead…Gu Changjin's mood is extremely complicated.

"Grandpa Gu, I…I go down to see…" Cheng Ran voice trembled a little, he will be after Shi Qingyang leave, in order not to let Shi Qingyang worry has been stay in caves don't go out to messed up, but in this case, he must not sit idly by.

"Master, go ahead. You must be careful. I'll wait here." Gu Changjin said that Cheng Ran had never lived in the wild and would probably encounter danger when going out. But if something really happened to Shi Qingyang, would they still be alive?

Shi Qingyang passed out in pain. He knew that he had fallen and his last thought before he fell into a coma was to be glad that he was not high.

When Shi Qingyang woke up from pain again, he didn't even know how long he had been in a coma. All he saw was Cheng Ran's face stained with blood, his eyes red, and he was holding himself.

"Qingyang, are you awake?" Cheng Ran's voice trembled a little. He came down and found Shi Qingyang trembling all the time. Not only that, under the combat uniform, Shi Qingyang was covered in blood, but he couldn't see the wound.

At that time, he almost thought he was going to lose Shi Qingyang. Fortunately, he soon found Shi Qingyang still breathing.

"How long have I been in a coma?" Shi Qingyang asked, only to find that his body was getting more and more painful. His upper and lower teeth collided with each other and he could no longer speak.

"Qingyang, you were in a coma for less than an hour, what's wrong with you? You will be fine…"Cheng Ran stroked Shi Qingyang body over and over again, he has been in these days will be in the body of radiation energy gathered to the hand, this time, the radiation energy also entered Shi Qingyang body.

Shi Qingyang's restless radiation energy in his body suddenly seemed to be comforted. If his pain made him feel scorched by fire, Cheng Ran's radiation energy was like a clear spring, making him feel better.

It's a pity that there are so few clear springs. When they disappear, the pain will become more intense.

Shi Qingyang lost consciousness again.

Shi Qingyang was in a coma for a short time. Cheng Ran could do nothing but hold him before. Until now, he found that his radiation energy seemed useful to Shi Qingyang.

However, his radiation energy is too little!

Cheng Ran suddenly remembered what Shi Qingyang said about the queen ant, and also saw the meat beside Shi Qingyang. According to Shi Qingyang, the queen ant's meat is better than the ant egg's…Cheng Ran did not care for nausea in his heart, cut the meat with a knife, and put it into his mouth bit by bit. To his delight, after eating the meat, the radiation energy in his body did appear again, and it was slightly more.

All these radiation energy input Shi Qingyang body, see Shi Qingyang painful expression gentle down, Cheng Ran heart a loose, but after he ran out of radiation energy, Shi Qingyang expression has become very painful.

Before this, Cheng Ran immediately cut off another piece of meat and ate it into his stomach. After a moment's delay, the radiation in his body recovered again, and all of it was lost to Shi Qingyang.

Radiation energy is used up again and again, each time seems to be a little more than last time, but Shi Qingyang is still very painful, and he really can't eat too much meat…Cheng Ran's eyes on the meat, eating ant eggs, is of great benefit to Shi Qingyang, the meat should be the same, and Shi Qingyang has been in a coma for a day…Cheng Ran without hesitation, he chewed a piece of meat, also can't consider Shi Qingyang mouth a face of blood, mouth to mouth to feed Shi Qingyang down.

Shi Qingyang felt that he was being baked in a melting furnace, and it was all that was needed. Some people would cool him down halfway through the process.

Cooling is a good thing, but if the pain continues, it will be the same. He may be dizzy all the time. It happened that he would take some time off in the middle of the journey to sober up and then feel more pain when the pain reappears…

This is just it, very not easy to wait for him to get better, unexpectedly someone added a handful of firewood…Also don't know what to eat, he seems to be more painful.

Every cell in the body seems to be changing. The radiation energy in his body is completely scattered and quickly recombined…

Shi Qingyang was in a coma for two days and two nights this time. When he woke up again, he always felt that his whole body was different.

Even, this situation is different from that of his previous life. His radiation energy is more gentle than that of his previous life. Even his body seems to have undergone a baptism. When running radiation energy, it is unblocked, not to mention, but even more powerful.

Moreover, if there is no accident, he should have passed the fourth grade.

Even though the younger and faster the radiation energy cultivation progresses, the older he is, the more likely he will have no chance of progress. However, the 18th grade 4 is too rare…Fortunately, his radiation energy is too gentle now, so others may not see his radiation energy, just as he knows that Cheng Ran already has radiation energy, but he cannot feel any radiation energy fluctuation on Cheng Ran.

This matter, must hide!

Although he suffered a little, there is no doubt that this is a good thing. Shi Qingyang also had a smile on his face after finding that all the pain had dissipated.

"Qingyang, you are finally awake, how is it?" Cheng Ran asked, he has been holding Shi Qingyang for two days, Shi Qingyang's blood has also stained him, making him stink, but at this time, no one can control so much.

"I'm fine. I'm fine now. where's the meat?" Shi Qingyang remembered the meat he had collected before.

"That's all I have left. I'll keep it for Grandpa Gu." Cheng Ran took out a small piece of meat from his arms, embarrassed. Shi Qingyang brought a large bag of meat. He should have left Gu Changjin more, but Shi Qingyang's situation was too serious…

"I haven't finished taking the meat. let's go back and take some and give it to Grandpa Gu." Shi Qingyang said that the body of the queen ant should not be wasted at all. In addition, the eggs that have not hatched should also be well preserved.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran's blood was almost dried up. Both of them became dark. While they were looking for the queen ant's meat, a mobile fortress came to the nearby…

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