Perhaps it is because Shi Qingyang killed too many ants and beasts a few days ago. Now ants and beasts do not pass through the passage where Shi Qingyang is. The caves around the nest he lives in are even empty, not to mention the ant eggs. Even the ant feet do not have one.

Ants are really tough in some ways. They eat all the other animals and their own kind is the same.

"However, today I will go farther to find the ant eggs. You must be careful not to push the hole open easily." Shi Qingyang looked at the two remaining ant eggs in the cave and decided to go out to be an egg thief.

In fact, this nest of ants and beasts here is really unlucky in some ways. They were even killed twice by him…Of course, they are just unlucky. Shi Qingyang would never sympathize with animals. He clearly remembered that he had seen human combat uniforms in the nest where the queen ant lived in his previous life.

Foreign animals and human beings are completely hostile. Twenty years later, these foreign animals even broke through the central city.

"Can you not go? There are still many ants and beasts, and you may be in danger." Cheng Ran some worry.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine. If there is danger, I will hide." Shi Qingyang said, in fact, nearly 20 days have passed, and he has killed at least half of the ant animals in this nest, even the male ant animals have killed several, plus he is familiar with the situation of this nest, so as long as he is careful, there is no need to worry about life danger.

Cheng Ran hesitated for a moment and nodded. In fact, he didn't want Shi Qingyang to take risks, but Shi Qingyang wanted to go, and he wouldn't object.

Shi Qingyang's own combat uniform is very common, but it has long been broken. This time, he changed into Gu Changjin's combat uniform and brought some medicine. Only then did he climb out carefully.

After leaving the cave, he slowly climbed down while looking for a place to hide.

The intelligence quotient of foreign animals is not high. They all act by instinct, and so is the nature of ant animals. This allows Shi Qingyang not to worry about any intrigue on the other side, but because of this, ant animals can also find his trace soon.

Shi Qingyang knew this very well and became more careful in his operations. At the same time, he opened Gu Changjin's exotic beast detector on his combat uniform to detect the surrounding situation.

He remembered that at the bottom of this passage, there was a large nest room. The nest room was very large and the entrance was very large. It was easy to get in and out. He had been there in his last life. He saw many ant eggs in it and was surrounded by many ants.

In the end, he relied on littering ant eggs to lead away the ants and beasts, and escaped himself. This time, it seems that he is the most sure to get the ant eggs.

If only rely on force, even five radiation fighters, in this nest will be ants beast slowly grinding to death, but as human beings, they still have a brain.

Slowly approaching, far beyond the scope of the ant beast can be found, Shi Qingyang sent out the wind blade, killing two ant beasts wandering nearby, then quickly flash into the nest…

Shi Qingyang was busy with food when Cheng Ran looked at Gu Changjin: "Grandpa Gu, can you teach me how to use radiation?"

"Of course, I read those materials in order to teach you, but I didn't expect to get a discount from Shi Qingyang first." Gu Changjin is still unable to move, but he is still very happy to be able to teach. However, before that, he asked anxiously, "However, is it really radiation energy in your body?"

"Grandpa Gu, it's radiation energy. that's right, except it's not violent at all, it's the same as radiation energy in other places." He and Shi Qingyang have repeatedly confirmed that there will be no mistake.

"I don't know what's going on here…however, your radiance is different from that of ordinary people, and this matter must not be known to others." Gu Changjin added that Cheng Ran's situation is too special. No, it should be said that Cheng Ran's situation has been very special.

Ordinary people met such a child, what is arguably should let the hospital to show the child, but Cheng Xuze unexpectedly has refused to let Cheng Ran go to the hospital…

"Grandpa Gu, I know." Cheng Ran nodded solemnly.

"Then let's begin to learn tactics." Gu Changjin smiled and explained it slowly.

Although Cheng Ran is not afraid of the radiation outside, he has very little radiation energy in his body, which is the degree to which ordinary people have just injected radiation inducer. With such little radiation energy, it is not easy to induce the surrounding air naturally. Cheng Ran has tried for a long time and has no response.

However, he did not feel irritable. Shi Qingyang kept moving his hands whenever he was free. He only tried several times. How could he give up easily?

The weak energy in the body seems to have reached the hands. Cheng Ran tried to change the radiation energy around him with this energy, only to find that the radiation energy around him did not move.

Perhaps the radiation in his body was too stable to resonate with the surrounding radiation.

"Master, what's the matter?" Gu Changjin asked.

"Grandpa Gu, can the radiation in my body induce the radiation energy around me? What should I do?" Cheng Ran some chagrin to speak, he wants to become very fierce to help master Qingyang, unexpectedly oneself still have a problem.

Gu Changjin hesitated for a moment before he said, "Please ask Shi Qingyang first." He is a five-level radiation almighty, but somehow, sometimes he always thinks Shi Qingyang knows more than he does.

Gu Changjin just mentioned Shi Qingyang. The stone at the entrance of the cave was pushed away and Shi Qingyang came in from the outside.

He was not the only one who got in. after he came in, a male ant beast also wanted to climb in, but before it came in, Shi Qingyang had already sent out several wind blades one after the other, cutting it off in the middle. after all this, Shi Qingyang pushed the stone to block the entrance of the cave and collapsed beside it.

"Qingyang, are you all right?" Cheng Ran subconsciously looked up on Shi Qingyang, only to find that Shi Qingyang was covered with mucus, which looked like ant eggs?

"I'm fine, but this time, it is estimated that even the queen hates me. fortunately, this passage is vertical and the queen is too big to come to me." Shi Qingyang wry smile way.

"What have you done?" Cheng Ran asked curiously.

"Hit hundreds of ant eggs…" Shi Qingyang embarrassed, the nest of ant eggs, more than he imagined, the number of ant beasts, of course, is also more, he got enough ant eggs, and then found himself seems to be surrounded…

In the end, he could only use the method used in his previous life to smash ant eggs at those ants and beasts. He smashed a lot in the cave to escape. Fortunately, after escaping, he did not have to continue smashing.

Those smashed ant eggs are really a waste, but they really can't eat that much…

"Waste, waste!" Gu Changjin heard Shi Qingyang's words and couldn't help interrupting. Those ant eggs are all good things!

"Grandpa Gu, but not feel completely no hatch ant eggs hatch faster than better? I'm thinking that the reason why these ant eggs are like this is entirely caused by the queen ant. It's no big deal to waste a little ant eggs." Shi Qingyang added that he did rise to a higher level now, but eating only ant eggs did not have a special feeling, even unlike in his previous life, he could clearly feel the changes in radiation energy in his body.

After thinking about it, it is estimated that there is only one reason, that is, there are not enough eggs for the ant alone, but there must be queens-he could eat the queens' meat in his last life.

"Your boy still play queen ant idea? What are you going to do?" Gu Changjin asked.

"Grandpa Gu, let's stay in this nest for a few more days, kill all the ants and beasts here, and then study the queen." Shi Qingyang said that this was the decision he made after thinking about it.

In fact, he didn't mind telling others what happened here and studying it for all mankind, but he finally gave up thinking about what happened to him in his last life.

The education he received from an early age in his previous life was to love the country. He himself hated the behavior of those large families hiding medicine prescriptions and tactics. Therefore, he would not hide any secret for any research success. The radiation energy truncation method is one of them.

Even his own strange situation, as he became stronger and stronger, reaching grade 7, when the authorities found him wanting him to cooperate in the research, he agreed and contributed some blood and hair. However, no one was able to detect anything at that time, because there was no problem with his cells and the like. The only difference from ordinary people was that radiation energy was relatively more gentle.

As long as the radiation energy is not violent, there is no need to worry that the increase of radiation energy will harm the body, and naturally it can break through faster and easier than others.

There was nothing to be learned from him. He didn't know that he had eaten the ant eggs and queens in the nest before he changed himself. So the study ended in the end. Shi Qingyang was quite guilty at that time. He even went to dig out several nests with others in order to find out the reason, but he didn't want the study to stop at all. Others always thought he was lying.

He also just, it is estimated that this time also keep up with the same in my life, but is radiation can change, but Cheng Ran is different, Cheng Ran reaction is completely different with others, if people know Cheng Ran situation, what will those people do?

What's more, others saw him and Cheng Ran fall into the nest…

In any case, Cheng Ran and his situation must be kept confidential for the time being. However, he can keep it better. After he becomes stronger and has the ability to protect Cheng Ran, he can take it out for research.

He has already experienced how to practice and how to become stronger. The younger he is, the better and easier he will become. Naturally, it will be easier for him to reach the level of his previous life.

Of course, it's still empty talk now, because he hasn't killed the queen yet.

"Do you want to kill all the ants and beasts here?" Cheng Ran asked and began to help Shi Qingyang clean up the mucus on the combat uniform.

There is no cleaning robot in the ant nest. The only thing that can be used is the simple cleaner worn on the combat uniform. It is very small, so it is very slow to clean up.

"Mmm." Shi Qingyang nodded his head. In order not to affect the battle, he only wore a thin coat in his combat uniform. Now Cheng Ran is playing up and down to him. He doesn't know what's going on and has a little reaction.

The other day after Cheng Ran almost had an accident, his mind became clearer. At that time, it was supposed to be a time of rapid development of feelings, but because Gu Changjin was there, he could do nothing in the end. Now he has to endure…

Of course, Shi Qingyang also knew that if he did anything, Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin would not do anything to him. Gu Changjin even recognized him, but he was really embarrassed to do anything in front of others.

Shi Qingyang took a few deep breaths to relax himself, but Cheng Ran suddenly took off his helmet and kissed him on the face: "Happy birthday, Qingyang."

Shi Qingyang was stunned and looked at the time again, only to find that today turned out to be his birthday.

"I was thinking of Anhang City, and I'll give you a good gift. I didn't expect that we would be here now." Cheng Ran was somewhat disappointed. He wanted to prepare a candlelit dinner and so on. Who thought that he would end up like this?

But now it is also very good, he is finally no longer a waste…Think so, Cheng Ran kissed again.

Shi Qingyang always felt that if he did not go back at this time, he would not be a man, but he was afraid that Gu Changjin would not be happy. Unexpectedly, Gu Changjin suddenly turned off his contact terminal, leaving the nest room dark: "I don't know how long I will stay here, but this electricity is better saved."

Shi Qingyang discovered for the first time that Gu Changjin was so nice!

Cheng Ran's lips were so soft that they were unbelievable. Shi Qingyang did not dare to exert himself at all. He only dared to lick them slowly. As a result, Cheng Ran suddenly laughed: "It itches!"

"Don't talk!" Shi Qingyang whispered and kissed him heavily.

In the end, someone was there, and Cheng Ran was under 18 years old. Shi Qingyang naturally didn't have an animal to continue to do it. He soon opened the contact terminal, ate ant eggs and drew a map, intending to destroy the queen's house.

Cheng Ran looked at this and helped design the route. he could not help but ask, "am I a little smelly now? Before, I actually forgot that I haven't brushed my teeth for a long time…"He also studied the first kiss, but never thought it happened after I hadn't brushed my teeth for a long time…

"I must stink worse than you…it's okay, we can clean it up when we get out!" Shi Qingyang immediately said.

I don't know whether I was inspired by my birthday present or whether I was thinking about taking a good bath after going out. Cheng Ran was extremely brave and killed half of the remaining ants and beasts in the next two days.

In ancient times, there could be many ants and beasts in an ant nest, but now there are not too many. After all, there are too many ants and beasts, and their food will become a problem.

There are about thousands of ants and beasts in this nest, but only a few hundred are left after being tossed about by Shi Qingyang.

By this time, the queen finally could not sit still. She crawled out of her nest and began to look for Shi Qingyang. Perhaps it was because the ants and beasts gave her less food these days. When she walked around, she would eat her eggs.

In fact, the queen ant will choose to abandon the nest and leave after encountering such a situation. The queen ant should have planned to do the same at the beginning. The wings growing on its back are evidence. Unfortunately, it is too big to live in a cave instead of being excavated.

It should not be too big to live in, but it is only responsible for eating, drinking and spawning for a long time, but it is too big to go out.

This may be one of the reasons why the ants and beasts have not escaped.

Shi Qingyang saw this scene and couldn't help thinking again about whether to keep the queen ant, but soon gave up.

If it is Yin's family that is after him, the nest will be dangerous as soon as he goes out…In contrast, it is more realistic to preserve some ant eggs and some queen's meat.

After making up his mind, Shi Qingyang suddenly discovered that this queen ant is really strange. The queen ant seems to have no radiation energy on her body.

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