Although there is no way to network and communicate outside the city, Xinghuo City is not far from An Hang Cheng, and it is also certain how long it will take to go back and forth. An hour or two at night in the mobile town can be said to be an accident. If it is four or five hours late, then whoever it is knows something is wrong.

The teachers of Anhang College waited for the moving town of Spark City at the gate of the city, but they didn't want to wait for the right or left. They had to step up and notify Cheng Hong, the person in charge of the competition.

"What trouble!" Cheng Hong already knew that Cheng Ran would come to participate in the competition, but only thought that the spark city people wanted to curry favor with him, so he stuffed Cheng Ran into the team. He didn't feel happy about it, but he felt bored. Now he knew that something had happened to the spark city team, and he was even more angry when he asked why.

Obviously, it's ok to take a mobile town that travels between two cities all the year round, but Cheng Ran has to build another mobile town. that's great, and I don't know what happened.

A person who looks favorably at himself tends to like him more and more, while a person who dislikes him more and more dislikes him. He always feels that no matter what is wrong, he deserves it.

Cheng Hong did not like Cheng Ran very much. Without radiation, it was all right. Because of his existence, the research institute often found him…Although he was confused at the beginning and took part in the experiment, he didn't want anyone to know about it at all.

However, although Cheng Hong hated Cheng Ran, the current situation did not allow him to investigate well. He immediately mobilized the patrol team near Anhang City and the two mobile towns where the troops stationed in Anhang City went to investigate.

The speed of finding the mobile town that broke down on the way was faster than expected. The people in the mobile town, as they thought, had all gone wrong.

Those who pursued Cheng Ran just wanted to deal with Cheng, but they did not hurt others. At that time, after Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang fled, they had sent people into the mobile town to check. However, when they were sure Cheng Ran was not inside, they completely ignored others. Even those who escaped from the city's patrol team with Cheng Ran did not kill again after their car was knocked over. It seems that they were all for Cheng Ran.

All the students were all right, as were the staff in the anchored mobile town. After Gu Changjin exposed himself to lead the pursuers, those who were not injured also brought the other injured back to the mobile town.

Chang Jiashi was the most seriously injured among all the people. In addition, only one person died in the mobile town. Three people were missing. Gu Changjin killed the one who died.

This situation, let the person in charge of the rescue breath a sigh of relief, if all the people here are dead, it will definitely not be a small matter, perhaps will disturb the whole China, but if the accident only Cheng Ran et al. , then even if something happens, it is also a matter of Cheng family.

No…The person in charge just breathed a sigh of relief, immediately hurry up again, Cheng Gu now in the Yangtze river city this is also called a monster, Cheng Hong is Hang Cheng's deputy duke, Cheng Ran had an accident at the moment, finally also don't know what will become…

Cheng family, shouldn't there be some big moves?

Head of the uneasy to find Cheng Hong, see Cheng Ran although look not good-looking but not flew into a rage, just breath a sigh of relief, got Cheng Xuze want to come to the Yangtze river city.

With Cheng Hong want to put things down, try to low-key processing is different, Cheng Xuze make things big, he not only let Anhang city and spark city cooperate out of the city looking for, also paid to hire a lot of people to help find Cheng Ran.

At first, the people looking for were still full of hope. After all, according to the group, they wanted to kidnap Cheng Ran in exchange for a prescription for an all-round medicine, which would not harm Cheng Ran. However, as time went by, the kidnappers did not appear at all, which undoubtedly made people worried.

Cheng Ran is in poor health. Ordinary people meet with radiation outside the city. Even if something goes wrong with anti-radiation clothing, putting more anti-radiation agents on the body can last a little longer, but Cheng Ran is different…

Two days, three days, four days…By the seventh day, many people had completely lost hope and felt that Cheng Ran's three people were probably dead due to an accident, so the kidnappers didn't come.

"Dad, Cheng Ran has probably had an accident. The people sent to find someone should also withdraw." Cheng Hong said, recently Cheng Xuze sent a lot of people out of the city to look for, the noise was very big, Anhang city was accused of him, think he shouldn't waste manpower and material resources for their own personal benefit-in the past, someone was missing outside the city, can't make such a big noise.

"What are you talking about? That's your son, don't you worry?" Cheng Xuze glared at Cheng Hong, since he knew Cheng Ran accident outside the city, all anxious, Cheng Hong unexpectedly only such a reaction.

"Dad, every day to send so many people out to find someone, loss of manpower and material resources is too much…" Cheng Hong said, to find someone to hire radiation energy fighters, but also to prepare all kinds of chariots and mobile town, Cheng Xuze money these days can be said to have spent water.

It's only a matter of spending. They didn't find anything at all. Instead, they brought trouble to him.

"The army and the patrol team have already withdrawn, I am looking for someone with my own money, what is the relationship with you? Get out of here!" Cheng Xuze finally didn't resist to drive people away.

Cheng Hong left, Cheng Xunze covered his chest for a few breaths, turned on the computer again to try to contact "I don't want to be hungry", but I don't want to be hungry but have no response at all.

In the past, I often disappeared for a few days without being hungry. At that time, although he was worried, he did not feel anything. It happened that Shi Qingyang was missing now. He still could not find anyone!

Cheng Xuze originally wanted to ask the other party if there was any way to find someone. Who ever thought it would turn out to be this way in the end became more and more anxious.

"Master, take a rest." Wang Qing a glass of water and a potion to come over, see Cheng Xuze anxious appearance, advised.

"Now, how to rest? Is there anything out there?" Cheng Xuze asked.

"Xing Ou has always said that he knows nothing." Wang Qing.

Cheng Xuze sighed, after the accident, he immediately looked for the punishment of the question, according to the punishment of the said, he checked everyone on the mobile town, the mobile town is also a regular channel, has also been tested, should be foolproof, but it happened that the mobile town is done hands and feet, it also mixed into spies, even rented to the mobile town of punishment, with false identity.

Xing Ou did this stupid thing, and even if everyone knew that it had nothing to do with him, he would confess.

"You said, who will do this?" Cheng Xuze asked.

"A lot of people will do it." Wang Qing, there are really too many people who want all-round medicine.

"Cheng Hong that guy used to say that he was worried that the Cheng family would bring trouble to Xiao Ran. He just said, but this is true. How could I forget that Xiao Ran was kidnapped when he was a child? If early prevention…"Cheng Xuze abnormal guilt, this thing is not Cheng Gulian tired Cheng Ran?

"With Gu Changjin here, nothing will happen." Wang Qing was expressionless.

"You comfort people this expression, I looked at more flustered…" Cheng Xuze helplessly.

"Master, then I'll go first."

"No, you go and get ready. We'll find it together." Cheng Xuze stopped Wang Qing: "the two mobile towns I ordered have been delivered. we can take enough things and find them slowly!" He stayed in the wild for so many years, he knew everything about the wild very well, and he was also experienced.

Cheng Xuze personally went out of the city to find someone. In a short time, the people in Anhang knew about it.

Cheng Hong had just returned home at that time, and when he heard that, he frowned tightly: "Dad, don't you know that this is a critical moment for the transition?"

Now is the time when the leadership of Anhang City is changing. He has made great efforts to find people, but he will lose the hearts and minds of the people. He has always been selfless, how can something happen at this time?

Qin Liu looked at this and glared at her husband." Dad went to find his grandson. Can you still stop him?"

"We all know the situation of Cheng Ran. Even if he can't live, why should he look for it?" Cheng Hong said, in the wild, Cheng Ran doesn't even have food to eat. How long can he live?" And you also know what the media are saying about me now."

In the eyes of ordinary people, this incident was caused by a wealthy second generation who insisted on taking a private mobile town in order to enjoy it, and finally brought trouble to others.

In the past, there have been many people missing outside the city, and no one has been looking for them so hard. The missing person is a rich man. All kinds of rewards have been offered. It seems that the duke of Spark City will still be punished…Cheng Ran, who few people knew originally, was on fire on the Internet after the accident.

"I said what are you worried about? This time dad took the money of the Cheng family to find people, and didn't let the spark city finance department funding, why afraid of others to say? I do think that now is a good opportunity." Qin Liu said.

Cheng Hong has always known that his wife has great ideas. He immediately asked, "What chance?"

"Now a lot of people are not attacking you? You can hold a press conference and take out the money that the Cheng family spent to find someone, stating that we did not let the army find someone according to the regulations, and then play the family card. Those who misunderstood you would be very guilty." Qin Liu said.

After careful consideration, Cheng Hong knew that this was indeed a good idea: "You have a good idea, I'll go to speak in public right away. Should the modeling be a bit more miserable?"

"Find someone to discuss it with yourself." The following Qin Liu no matter.

Cheng Hong did what he said and soon made a public speech. He said sadly about his son, saying that all the money was from the Cheng family. He was a father and could not help worrying about his children.

Cheng Hong has shaped himself into a good father, and has also changed other people's views on him. Li Rong knew about this, but he didn't take it seriously at all. He just held the cup and tasted the green tea carefully.

Although there was an accident and a five-level radiation fighter died, things are still going according to his plan.

What's more, the man who died was found elsewhere. He wouldn't feel distressed if he didn't say it. He could still soothe the man's men, which was a small gain.

How about Cheng Hong's performance now? He knows a lot of people who are indifferent to Cheng Ran. The more he plays the family card, the heavier he will be beaten in the back. And as far as he knows, Cheng Ran is probably not Qin Liu's child…

His father is out of town looking for someone, and he is still dealing with the media all day…how can he worry about his son?

Cheng Hong always performs perfectly in front of people. If these things come out, people will be disappointed with him.

Of course, this is nothing, more importantly, after the spark city, is full of Yin family, he has to do things, is also a lot more convenient.

Thought of here, calendar glory and contact Yin Hao, let him not to make a move at this time, so as not to attract attention.

"Lord Li, I will not act without authorization." Yin Hao immediately the baggage and take the journey, since see Li Rong have the courage to kill Cheng Ran, he became more obedient.

"I wish you knew." Li Rong smiled.

Yin Hao did not dare to look at Li Rong's face at all: "Li Duke, there are two more things…"

"What is it?"

"Through the duke, Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang missing the nest, do you want to continue to send someone to stare at? Occasionally there are people from the city going hunting nearby, and our people are easy to show their tracks. Also, our Yin family had a little enmity with Shi Qingyang before, so now some people in Xinghuo City suspect that we did this." Yin Hao said.

"Don't worry about the ant nest, Gu Changjin drank potential potions at that time, and the other two were only underage teenagers and probably couldn't live," Li Rong said directly, frowning slightly again, "Shi Qingyang? The boy fawning on Cheng Ran?"

"Yes." Yin Hao said.

"Don't worry, no one believes that you will kill someone because you hate a teenager," Li Rong said and Cheng Ran's death are not expected to be doubted by anyone. He not only secretly gained a lot of benefits, but also benefited others after the people in the Yangtze River City fought.

He is now only the duke of Anhang City, but he will definitely go to Changjiang City in the future.

Hang up the communication, and then someone found Li Rong, Cheng Xuze with two mobile town out of the city looking for someone to say.

Cheng Xuze's emphasis on Cheng Ran surprised Li Rong, but in this case, they have not found the chance to bury Cheng Ran in the ant belly, and at most they can find a little clues…

Li Rong was right. Cheng Xuze asked his men to look for more than ten days, but they still found nothing. At this time, more than half a month has passed since Cheng Ran disappeared.

More than half a month has passed, can Cheng Ran still be alive? Cheng Xuze worried, basically have no hope, but don't want to at this time, actually let them find a clue-in a forest, they found a damaged honeycomb, near the honeycomb, there are some combat gear and chariot fragments.

The traces on the road have all been treated, but this hive should be because no one dares to approach it, leaving many traces in the end.

Soon there will be a chance to find Cheng Ran, Cheng Xuze but I don't know whether I should be happy or sad, just like he didn't know he can find back, could it just be broken combat gear and contact terminal.

When Cheng Xuze was looking for someone bit by bit along the clue, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran were both in a good mood.

Since Cheng Ran's problem was solved, he relaxed his mind, and then quickly went to the surrounding caves after taking a rest, bringing back all the ant eggs he could get-it was late, maybe not next time.

Sure enough, he succeeded several times at the beginning, but soon, the ants and beasts learned to behave well and transferred all the ant eggs to other places. Fortunately, at that time, he had already collected many ant eggs.

There is no doubt that Cheng Ran was suddenly not afraid of radiation because of these ant eggs, and he was not the only one who benefited from them.

Since then, Shi Qingyang has been trying hard to eat ant eggs. Almost all the eggs that are hatching quickly have entered his stomach. At the same time, he has been killing ant animals and practicing his fighting skills. After seven or eight days, he suddenly found that he can use the level 3 radiation energy warcraft!

Before he knew it, he was promoted to a higher level!

Not only is he, Gu Changjin also got some benefits, ten days later, Gu Changjin although still weak, the whole body is riddled with holes, but his body because of taking potential drugs has been a mess of radiation energy, but slowly stabilized.

This change is very slow, if it weren't for Cheng Ran situation let them find the ant eggs are different, I'm afraid I wouldn't think this is the wonderful use of ant eggs…

Unfortunately, their ant eggs are gone again.

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