Shi Qingyang never expected that Cheng Ran would be injured under his nose.

If he was replaced by himself and was bitten by a male ant beast, as long as he didn't hurt the bone, he would think it was just a minor injury, but Cheng Ran is different, Cheng Ran rejected radiation energy, thus being directly injured, the wound was exposed to strong radiation, and the radiation protection clothing was torn, which may kill him!

Shi Qingyang didn't even know where he was at that time and what to do. He only had one thought now, that is to kill the male ant beast in front of him!

When people are in despair, they always show much more strength than usual. Shi Qingyang, with his eyes red, threw the ant eggs behind him. The wind blade flew past one after another toward the male ant beast, all hitting its joints accurately. The male ant beast was finally divided into two halves and went down.

Only at this time, other ants and beasts have also been toward the Shi Qingyang surrounded.

Shi Qingyang's hands moved quickly. The wind blades scattered all over the place. Anger and despair even made him forget to defend, but he was attacking all the time.

He likes Cheng Ran, which is beyond doubt. In his last life, he had a good feeling for Cheng Ran. After two years of life together, Cheng Ran has even become his most important person. Is he going to lose Cheng Ran like losing his parents?

He likes Cheng Ran, but because he always felt that he was not strong enough, although he promised Cheng Ran to associate with him, he did not take the initiative. In contrast, Cheng Ran did a lot for him.

He always felt that he could protect Cheng Ran in school, he made Cheng Ran cheerful, he would not let Cheng Ran die in the future, he had done well enough.

He wants to wait for himself to become stronger and then tell the whole world that he will be with Cheng Ran. But now, he has failed to protect Cheng Ran!

If something happens to Cheng Ran, how can he forgive himself?

Shi Qingyang couldn't say what kind of emotion was rolling in his chest, but now he chose to vent all this on the ants and beasts in front of him.

Backing against the rock at the mouth of the cave, he stuck in the mouth of the cave to prevent himself from falling down. Shi Qingyang's hands moved very fast, but he moved faster. However, more and more ant animals seemed to drown him. One ant animal had been cut in half by him, but it was still firmly biting his leg.

"Qingyang!" A voice sounded, and at the same time, one hand caught Shi Qingyang's shoulder.

Shi Qingyang woke up suddenly, suddenly thinking that he still had a lot of things to do. He gathered the radiation around him and pushed the ants and beasts away. Then he dodged into the cave and quickly bet stones on the entrance of the cave.

"Qingyang, are you all right?" Cheng Ran's voice sounded, Shi Qingyang subconsciously stood up and wanted to see Cheng Ran, until the head "bang" a loud bump on the stone, this just completely calm down.

"However, it's okay, you will be fine, I'll go out to find someone to save you…" Shi Qingyang tightly hugged Cheng Ran, although leave the cave to climb will meet a lot of ants, the mountains outside more numerous ants, but he must go out now!

"Qingyang, I'm fine." Cheng Ran all red in the face, just now the movement has awakened Gu Changjin, he is looking at them through the contact terminal light, Shi Qingyang tightly holding him don't let go.

He and Shi Qingyang have known each other for more than a year and nearly two years. In front of Gu Changjin, Shi Qingyang has never been too close to him, but this time…

"Let me see the wound." Shi Qingyang let go of Cheng Ran and quickly grabbed Cheng Ran's hand. When he was about to touch it, he let go again.

Cheng Ran was wearing bulletproof vests, but only anti-radiation clothing was on his arm. Ordinary ant beasts might not be able to bite through the anti-radiation clothing, but male ant beasts two or three times bigger than ordinary ant beasts could.

On his left arm, a wound turned over. When Qingyang fell, there were a lot of such wounds. Because the radiation protection clothing had already broken, and he was bitten a lot. He didn't care about himself, but the wound on Cheng Ran was different.

Shi Qingyang trembling to turn over next to the baggage, again remind of Cheng Ran seems to be unable to use drugs…He carefully holding Cheng Ran hand with his own hand, froze in place.

"Qingyang, I'm fine, I'm really fine." Cheng Ran added that when he was injured just now, he was extremely frightened, not afraid of death. After all, when he was hunted down, he was ready for death. He was just afraid of Shi Qingyang or Gu Changjin.

However, in the end, he was all right.

Yes, his wound is very, very painful now, but the person is fine, not because the anti-radiation suit is torn open, and the whole person is exposed to radiation and facing death. Just now Shi Qingyang hugged him. Now Shi Qingyang is so worried about him, and he even thinks that bouts of pain are nothing.

On the contrary, Shi Qingyang's reaction was more serious than he thought. It seemed that he had almost done something foolish just now…Cheng Ran couldn't help but be scared. He was really afraid that Shi Qingyang would fall.

"But…" Shi Qingyang stick out your tongue licked Cheng Ran arm wound, he didn't know what to do now, just want to lick all the radiation above.

Although radiation energy exists in the body of radiation energy fighters, there is no radioactive substance in saliva. Many people do this when there is no water or medicine to clean wounds in the wild.

Cheng Ran body shake, all attention was focused on his wound, it seems that no longer feel the pain on the wound, vaguely, he also felt a stream of energy is expelling radiation on his wound…

This energy seems to be winning…

"Qingyang, I'm fine. I seem to have radiation energy." Cheng Ran suddenly broke free from the somewhat mysterious state.

"what?" Shi Qingyang stupefied to see the Cheng Ran.

"I really want to have radiation energy. I have not been hurt by radiation at all. look." Cheng Ran held out his hand and Shi Qingyang discovered that although the wound on Cheng Ran's arm was as black as all the wounds caused by radiation, the surrounding skin was not affected.

This kind of situation, only spoke almighty will have, for ordinary people, so even the whole arm will be black, skin instantly destroyed…

Shi Qingyang suddenly hugged Cheng Ran and kissed each other in the past, he was very hard under excitement, but a head of bump on Cheng Ran mask, his teeth into his lips, Cheng Ran also was he knocked waved the.

I really lost my head…Shi Qingyang was annoyed and found Gu Changjin had been coughing.

Gu Changjin didn't cough once a few days ago. Now he is clearly reminding them. Even Gu Changjin has turned on the flashlight on the contact terminal. In the dark, some strong lights are shining on him and Cheng Ran.

But he didn't find anything just now!

Shi Qingyang embarrassed, he knew he should let go of Cheng Ran, but the mood of recovery made him loathe to give up, he can't kiss Cheng Ran face, just near the wound of Cheng Ran arm carefully kissed two, this finally determined, Cheng Ran is really ok.

The momentary ecstasy even soured Shi Qingyang's eyes.

Cheng Ran got close and clearly saw Shi Qingyang's expression. Shi Qingyang was smiling, but his eyes glistened with tears. He always liked Shi Qingyang. Shi Qingyang was his first friend and the first person to walk into his life except Gu Changjin. But before he did, he was somewhat swayed by considerations of gain and loss, lest Shi Qingyang didn't like himself. Until now, his heart seemed to have been hit by something, and then sweetness seemed to overflow from his chest.

They're all fine. It's really great.

Gu Changjin finally stopped coughing. He suddenly felt that he didn't need to be a mandarin duck bat.

When people arrive in do or die, they will always take care of themselves, but Shi Qingyang has not given up on them until now…Clearly Cheng Ran is more vulnerable as an ordinary person, but he and Shi Qingyang fled into the ant colony together, but there is no wound on him. Instead, Shi Qingyang is all dressed up and her combat uniform is almost rotten. It is conceivable how much she attaches importance to Cheng Ran.

Gu Changjin's thoughts, Cheng Ran did not know. After his momentary sweetness, he finally remembered one thing: "Qingyang, your wound, your wound hasn't been treated yet, do you…don't you know the pain?" Shi Qingyang now has several more wounds on his body. His leg is still attached to the head of an ant beast. But he didn't say anything just now. What is this?

Shi Qingyang relaxed and felt pain everywhere on his body. He had somehow not hurt his head. He hit himself hard on the cave wall…

I suddenly found that Gu Changjin's contact terminal was still on, and the whole cave was brightly lit. Shi Qingyang took a few breaths and pretended to lean against the rock wall feebly: "I feel pain everywhere, it hurts!" Even so, his mouth could not help rising.

Cheng Ran has long been ready for the medicine, he hurriedly took it out to give Shi Qingyang medicine, of course, before this, he will first hang on Shi Qingyang leg ant beast head to pull down.

"However, do you really have radiation energy?" Shi Qingyang treated several wounds on his body and could not help but ask, everything in front of him made him feel unreal, but made him very happy-if Cheng Ran had radiation energy, he would surely become a very powerful pharmacist in the future…

In addition to Feng Yunhong, who Feng family, one of the other nine strong people in China was able to reach Grade 9. One of the big reasons was that she married the best pharmacist in China.

If Cheng Ran becomes the strongest pharmacist in the future…

"I feel there is energy in my body. It is expelling the radiation from my arm now. Is it radiation?" Cheng Ran held out his hand, only to find that the above just now there are some ferocious wound, now actually closed a little smaller.

This, Cheng Ran discovered, Shi Qingyang also discovered, he didn't give Cheng Ran medicine, but Cheng Ran wound was healing…Radiation energy is a violent force, it will make a person stronger, not afraid of pain, but if there is no medicine, the wound will never heal automatically.

"The wound is getting smaller. What's going on?" Cheng Ran was surprised. Although he was not a radiation energy fighter, his theoretical knowledge in this field was extremely solid. He was the first in grade every time he took the exam. Naturally, he also found that the energy in his body seemed different from radiation energy.

"Maybe it is because your energy is different from ours. However, I suspect it is related to the eggs of the ant animals we eat. Didn't you say that you will feel comfortable touching these eggs?" Shi Qingyang finally remembered the ant eggs that he had hung around his waist and brought into the cave: "These ant eggs should be good things. We must eat more."

In the battle just now, three ant eggs had already been broken. the rest was due to Shi Qingyang's subconscious protection. seeing this, Shi Qingyang hurriedly picked out a complete and well-shaped ant egg and placed it in front of Cheng Ran: "however, if you eat it quickly, it will be good for you."

After giving it to Cheng Ran, Shi Qingyang tidied up the three broken ones and put the relatively intact one next to it. As long as it was edible, he stuffed the rest into his mouth. Then he dragged his injured leg to Gu Changjin's side: "Grandpa Gu, eat a little too. This ant egg is good for people." Although Gu Changjin's situation is very bad now, since this ant egg can enable him to reach Grade 8 and Cheng Ran to have radiation energy, it may also enable Gu Changjin to gain some benefits.

However, the ant animals here are no different from those elsewhere. How can the ant eggs here have such effects?

If ant eggs have such effects, why hasn't anyone found them for so many years?

Humans have been studying animals, how also can't haven't some response after know such a good thing, and…Shi Qingyang looked at the situation of looking after long today, and looked at the situation in his body, suddenly found that although Cheng Ran has already got the benefits of heaven, he and Gu Changjin have no feeling.

At the beginning, he didn't seem to feel much at first. He even found that Fu was much more stable after leaving…

Is it because the ant eggs eat too little? He ate ants and ant eggs for more than a month at the beginning. At first he ate more ant eggs in the cave than this time. Now he let Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin eat first, and he ate at most one third.

When he grows stronger, he must bring back many ant eggs to eat! Shi Qingyang even began to consider whether to raise the queen ant in this nest and let her lay eggs for herself.

I remember that in the vicinity of the central city, some people made a mechanical worker ant beast to take care of the queen ant, and then raised the queen ant to lay eggs for the hotel.

By the way, queen ant! Shi Qingyang suddenly remembered that he had tasted the queen's meat after killing her with great difficulty in his previous life.

There are a lot of ants and beasts in this nest. They can walk very far when looking for food. They are also expected to go to the safety zone. There are certainly many people who have been caught, but no one has found anything strange. Perhaps the problem lies in the eggs and queens, especially the queens…

Only, the ant egg is born by the queen, should it not be the queen variation in this nest?

Shi Qingyang thought a lot and then restrained himself. He could not move the queen for the time being. The only thing he could do seemed to be eating ant eggs, or watching Cheng Ran eat ant eggs.

Cheng Ran was holding ant eggs. At first he was going to eat them as usual, but suddenly he thought that he seemed to have no fear of radiation now. After thinking, he finally opened the mask.

He can clearly feel the unpleasant radiation outside, but it will not be hurt at all…The smile on his face is getting bigger and bigger, Cheng Ran suddenly realized that he will be more and more useful, he can follow Shi Qingyang out of the city, he will not become a drag on others…

He thought of Shi Qingyang, thought of Gu Changjin, thought of Cheng Xuze, but it was the Cheng Hong who had raised his hand to him since he was young and made him be strong, only a flash in his mind.

"However, if you are like this, we don't have to worry about anything even if we stay outside the city for a long time." Shi Qingyang Road.

"Well, it's good now, and even better if you're not injured." Cheng Ran nodded, although life is not convenient and food is bad, but after knowing that it was the ant eggs that gave him radiation energy, he was not picky at all. He could still live without radiation energy, but who wouldn't want radiation energy?

Moreover, Shi Qingyang and Gu Changjin are the people he attaches most importance to. As long as they are there, he will not care about anything else.

"I will be careful in the future and will not be hurt!" Shi Qingyang said that now the biggest problem has been solved, and he can completely consume with these ants and beasts like in his previous life.

"good." Cheng Ran smilingly, the two dimples on his face were extremely clear.

Shi Qingyang suddenly thought of, oneself really want to kiss, should kiss at this time, kiss to the mask before, really lost…

I couldn't help coughing a few times and interrupting my thoughts. Shi Qingyang diverted his attention: "We've been missing for seven days now. I don't know what's going on outside."

"Should have been a mess…" Gu Changjin sighed.

As Gu Changjin expected, it was already a mess outside.

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