The radiation of ant eggs is really not strong. Nature is so magical. In the past, sea water could not be drunk directly, but fish in the sea could be eaten. Now, animals living in an environment full of radiation often have various harmful substances on their bodies. However, the meat in their bodies contains relatively little radiation. At least, it is completely acceptable to human beings now-even ordinary people now have some radioactive substances in their bodies.

"However, you cannot eat until you have to." Shi Qingyang insisted very much that he should have protected Cheng Ran well, but in the end he did harm to Cheng Ran. Can he still watch Cheng Ran have an accident?

"Qingyang, I think these ant eggs are somewhat different." Cheng Ran suddenly said, "I feel very comfortable when I meet them." He was wearing very expensive anti-radiation clothing, but the wild environment still made him uncomfortable. He even felt his skin was stabbed from time to time. Only this feeling disappeared when he approached the ant eggs.

Shi Qingyang froze, quickly climbed to the next to the ant eggs, he always remembered that he had stayed in the nest for more than a month, and then somehow became a level 3 radiation fighter, after go out, also completely broke through the limits of their talent, strength began to become stronger and stronger…

He never knew what caused all these changes. He also went back to the ant nest to look at them, but he didn't see anything useful. Now Cheng Ran actually said that the ant eggs were somewhat different.

Is it the ant eggs he ate as food that once changed him? Shi Qingyang was in a complicated mood at that time. He ate the ant eggs in this nest room at that time and then ate the ant eggs in other nest rooms. He could not remember how much he ate in total. He didn't eat all of them. He pricked them one by one because of resentment…

If his changes were really caused by these ant eggs, then he would be too wasteful!

However, there are countless people who have eaten ant eggs. Some people even like to eat live eggs of exotic animals raw, but no one is like him. Is there any other reason?

Shi Qingyang took off his gloves and put his hand on one of the ant eggs, but he felt nothing. He stroked one by one and still used radiation energy when looking at one of them, but he still didn't notice any difference between these ant eggs and ordinary ones.

These in his feeling, is very common ant eggs, at most is a little weak-they are not like he had seen mole cricket eggs, outside has very strong radiation energy.

"Qingyang, these ant eggs are very comfortable to touch and a little cool. How about putting two beside Grandpa Gu?" Cheng Ran added: "Also, I can't eat for the time being. If I really want to eat, I will eat ant eggs."

"However, do you really think these ant eggs are somewhat different?" Shi Qingyang could not help but ask, although he could not feel it, he was not sure that Cheng Ran's feeling was wrong. You know, Cheng Ran has no radiation energy in his body, so for some things, Cheng Ran's feeling may be more profound.

Cheng Ran nodded: "I think the outside world is very violent, but these ant eggs are not. They are very stable, Qingyang. I think it doesn't matter if I eat ant eggs." He still did not give up persuading teacher Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang was silent for a moment. He knew that his radiation energy in his previous life was much more stable than that of ordinary people. Now Cheng Ran thinks these ant eggs are very comfortable. Maybe they are really different.

The radiation of the ant eggs themselves is very weak, and Cheng Ran feels very comfortable. Perhaps he can really try to eat some ant eggs.

After a moment's silence, Shi Qingyang said, "I opened an ant egg. You should drink it through a straw first. Don't drink too much."

The anti-radiation clothing has a straw for eating, which is also to allow ordinary people who cannot bear radiation to eat in the wild without taking off their masks. Most people don't need such a setting, but Cheng Ran relies on it now.

"good." Cheng Ran nodded his head. He has never been short of food and drink since he was young, and the Cheng family gives him living expenses every month, so he has never tried to eat such things in the past, but now he has to adapt to the scarcity of food.

Shi Qingyang made a hole in the ant egg, and immediately a thin layer of skin on the surface of the ant egg began to deteriorate due to exposure to radiation, but the inside was intact. Cheng Ran sucked two sticky liquids and forced himself to swallow them. Then he saw Shi Qingyang staring at him: "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine." Cheng Ran said that besides feeling a little sick, he now has no other problems, and nausea…Shi Qingyang even ate raw meat, can he still bear this?

Such a thought, Cheng Ran also don't feel sick.

"Let's wait." Shi Qingyang opened Cheng Ran's body detector. If Cheng Ran's body was found to be out of order, he would not give Cheng Ran any more food.

The data on the detector is very normal. Shi Qingyang has been waiting for several hours, but Cheng Ran has nothing unusual.

"However, are you really not uncomfortable?" Shi Qingyang could not help but ask again.

"I'm not uncomfortable, I don't feel anything, but Qingyang, I want to go to the toilet." Cheng Ran said that he had actually endured it for a long time.

Cheng Ran said that Shi Qingyang discovered that he also had such a need. Fortunately, he remembered that there was a stone seam behind him that could be solved. He pointed out the direction of Cheng Ran now. Once again, he was glad that Gu Changjin bought Cheng Ran expensive radiation-proof clothing. This radiation-proof clothing is for ordinary people. It has not only a food intake, but also a drain, which can be knocked into a disposable bag to clean up. Cheng Ran will be fine as long as he is careful.

After Cheng Ran solved the problem, he returned to Shi Qingyang. He was obviously embarrassed and let himself focus elsewhere: "Qingyang, can I eat some more ant eggs? I don't feel unwell, and it doesn't matter if I eat more." He is now hungry and thirsty, but the ant eggs are liquid. After eating, both can be relieved.

"good." Shi Qingyang nodded his head. Only when he was full can he have strength. He has always believed this. If he can, he doesn't want Cheng Ran hungry at all.

Just opened the ant eggs, the surface was contaminated by radiation, but there is no problem, this time Cheng Ran greatly took a few bites, ate a lot, until the belly full, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Gu Changjin now can't eat the ant eggs, the ant eggs might also have something to do with their previous life stronger…Shi Qingyang will soon eat the remaining half of the ant eggs, however, just like Cheng Ran, he did not have a special feeling.

After eating, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran fed Gu Changjin some water together. Then they opened the rock at the mouth of the cave and began to kill ants and beasts.

Shi Qingyang didn't want to eat this time, just to kill more and reduce the number of ants and animals so that they can escape from the nest later.

The ants and beasts all crowded in the mouth of the cave, trying to attack him, but he quickly killed the ants and beasts one by one…

Shi Qingyang remembered that he did not dare to go out in the cave at the beginning of his previous life. Then he did it. In addition to sleeping, he ate ants and killed ants and beasts. He did not know how long he had been killed in the dark. Then he suddenly found that his radiation energy became stronger and the speed of killing ants became faster.

Level 1 radiation fighter, can easily deal with a single ant beast, Shi Qingyang cave mouth, even if all released, also can only have two ant beast can come in, his current strength, and is far better than in previous life, the last few wind blade, can kill two ant beast directly.

The dead ant beast will fall down along the straight cave outside or be taken away as food by his companions at the back, thus saving him even the task of cleaning the battlefield.

Shi Qingyang saved his radiation energy and killed hundreds of ants. Only then did he close the mouth of the cave. Then he cut the meat of the ants he left behind with a knife and ate it in three or two bites.

Although it was difficult to accept it for the first time, he felt much better after eating it again.

After eating, Shi Qingyang simply cleaned himself up and went to Cheng Ran's side to see the detector on his radiation suit. After seeing it, he immediately changed his face: "You have a fever, why didn't you tell me?" The above shows that Cheng Ran's temperature is already a little too high.

"I don't feel, really, I don't feel at all." Cheng Ran immediately.

Through the light of the detector, Shi Qingyang also found that Cheng Ran's face looked really good, but his temperature was so high, which was absolutely abnormal.

"Qingyang, I think I am better than ever." Cheng Ran once again stressed, also want to say something, beside Gu Changjin suddenly moved.

On the way to escape, the all-round medicine and the medicine for increasing radiation energy and preventing radiation energy riots have all been used up, but the medicine for treating wounds and some first-aid medicines are still in use. Cheng Ran also used them all according to the advice of the detector.

Gu Changjin's body temperature has dropped down. Although his current condition is still not good, the side effects of potential drugs have subsided and he is awake.

"Grandpa Gu." Shi Qingyang opened the contact terminal to let the cave have a little light and immediately looked at Gu Changjin.

Gu Changjin's eyes did not have a focal length at first. It took a long time before he looked at Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran. He opened his mouth but could not say anything.

"Grandpa Gu, it is good that you wake up. We will be fine!" Cheng Ran said.

Gu Changjin stared at Cheng Ran for a while, his eyes soft, but finally he closed his eyes and fell into a coma again.

Shi Qingyang looked at Changjin and then at Cheng Ran, only to find that the high temperature of Cheng Ran shown on the detector just now has dropped down.

Ant eggs are likely to have something to do with the variation of radiation energy in his previous life. Maybe it is a good thing. Cheng Ran added that eating ant eggs is very comfortable. Shi Qingyang let him eat ant eggs, but Cheng Ran has a small appetite and can't finish it every time. The rest was also given to him.

For the next three days, Cheng Ran's body temperature increased from time to time, and it will decrease again soon. If it weren't for the fact that he had no problems in other aspects, Shi Qingyang would have been very worried.

In addition to Cheng Ran, Gu Changjin's situation is also somewhat similar. He occasionally wakes up, and then falls into a coma. Second, every time he wakes up, they will give him something to eat. Now in the past three days, all the water and nutrient solutions have been finished.

Cheng Ran relies entirely on ant eggs to supplement food and water. Shi Qingyang is better. He can collect water droplets on the cave walls. Although the water is rarely filled with radioactive substances, it has little influence on him.

Shi Qingyang killed ants and beasts at the mouth of the cave most of the time every day. Now he wants to kill these ants and beasts as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is not easy to do this. There are really too many ants and beasts here. The whole mountain extends in all directions. He lived in the cave for a month in his previous life. How can he solve all these problems in three days in this life?

"Can we get out?" Gu Changjin has been able to say, this time he woke up and saw Shi Qingyang killing ants and beasts, could not help but ask a way.

"Grandpa Gu, we can definitely get out of here. Maybe the people who saved us are already outside." Shi Qingyang laughed, skillfully killing the ants and beasts in front of him, and began to observe the nest room beside him.

Next, Gu Changjin must also eat ant eggs. Even if these eggs are not his chance, he also needs to find opportunities to find some ant eggs outside for food.

"I hope so." Gu Changjin breathed a sigh of relief, the whole people relaxed, then some sleepy.

Shi Qingyang's main food for the day was the meat of an ant animal as usual. At the same time, he opened the egg of an ant animal and let Cheng Ran eat some of it, then let Gu Changjin eat some of it. The rest could not be released for a long time. He ate it himself as usual.

Three more days passed, the seventh day they fell into the nest. Even if they were very economical, there was only one ant egg left.

Gu Changjin held up and finally did not die, but he is now even difficult to move, completely become a waste, eat, drink, pull and scatter all Cheng Ran care, not to mention fighting, Cheng Ran not to mention, although he seems to have completely adapted to eat ant eggs, but after all, is an ordinary person, also can't fight.

Shi Qingyang knew that he was the only one who wanted to get the ant eggs.

Shi Qingyang has been repeating such things as killing ants, resting, killing ants, resting, killing countless ants, but there are still many ants crawling back and forth outside, making him worried lest he be stuck elsewhere.

But at this time, he must go out.

Shi Qingyang climbed out of the cave, and then joined forces with Cheng Ran inside to block the entrance of the cave with stones. After all this, he took advantage of the ants around him to climb down a few steps quickly and got into a nest next to him, which he had observed for several days.

This nest room is bigger than the one before him, with dozens of ant eggs neatly placed in the middle, and some ant animals crawling around…

Shi Qingyang was afraid of being stuck here by these ant beasts and did not dare to continue to fight. he picked out the completely hatched ant eggs and stuffed a dozen into the prepared pocket made of clothes. he immediately sent out a blade of wind, killed several ant beasts stuck in the mouth of the cave, and then climbed up.

Just climbed to the entrance of the cave, but before pushing away the stone blocking the entrance of the cave, Shi Qingyang suddenly found an ant beast bigger than the worker ant beast coming towards him. This is a male ant beast!

Male ants never go out to look for food, only accept the support of worker ants, but if danger is found, they will also be dispatched.

He had good luck in his previous life. At first, he was completely unable to meet it. Later, when he met it, he squeezed into a small stone crevice, leaving the males and queens unable to attack him. However, he was able to attack them with radiation energy, and finally forced them to die…

Now meet male ant beast ahead of schedule, because he killed worker ant beast too fast? Shi Qingyang had no time to think about it, so several wind blades flew toward the male ant beast and tried to push away the stone at the mouth of the cave.

Unfortunately, although his attack hurt the male ant beast, it also made the male ant beast more angry, and it suddenly rushed up.

The stone blocking the entrance of the cave can't be pushed away by ants and beasts, because there is just a groove, but this stone can be pushed away a little like the side. At this time, I was always worried about Shi Qingyang's Cheng Ran and just pushed away a gap.

Shi Qingyang was stuck in the mouth of the cave. The outside was already full of ant beasts, but this was not the most important thing. At this time, the male ant beast actually followed the gap and bit Cheng Ran in the hand.

Shi Qingyang's eyes turned red in an instant.

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