Shi Qingyang kept his body very well in the past two years. Although he was injured, after a short rest, he felt that his physical strength had recovered a lot.

Although I have to take care of two people now, it is much better than before. At that time, he was alone in this small nest room, surrounded by darkness, and the outside was full of animals that would eat him. The despair and fear in his heart were palpable. Now, at least someone was with him.

After a short rest, Shi Qingyang sat up. This place could not stand up straight. His leg was injured again. He simply moved his body, and then put all the ant eggs in the middle of the nest room beside him. Then Gu Changjin, who was in a coma, lay in the middle and looked at Cheng Ran." However, you also sleep here for a while."

"How about you?" Cheng Ran asked.

"I'm watching at the mouth of the cave." Shi Qingyang Road.

"The ants outside the beast, will climb up? Ants beast strength is very big…"Cheng Ran asked again.

"Don't worry, the ant beasts didn't take us seriously. We now think it might be grain reserves. Even if they want to deal with us, the ordinary worker ant beasts don't know how to remove the stones. Instead, we can open a hole for only one ant beast to pass through and then deal with them one by one when I rest well."

In the dark, Cheng Ran couldn't see Shi Qingyang's expression clearly, but Shi Qingyang said that with certainty, it made him relax.

"You have a good sleep, sleep wake up, we will kill ants together." Shi Qingyang added.

"good." Cheng Ran replied and lay down in the darkness.

Shi Qingyang touched the water and food on his body and sat down against the rock at the mouth of the cave. He had slept here for a long time before. At that time, what he wanted most was to escape and never come back again. Unexpectedly, now he is sitting in this position again.

After running so long and walking so far, he was already hungry. Cheng Ran should also be hungry, but he only let Cheng Ran sleep, not let Cheng Ran eat, for no other reason, just because he did not know how long they would stay here.

Outside the city, there is no way to communicate with people. Maybe someone will come to them soon. But in the wild, it is not easy for rescuers to find them. He also just, at the beginning by eating raw animals meat can survive, this time also won't die easily, Cheng Ran is different, Cheng Ran now, is counting on him to bring food to live.

Shi Qingyang suddenly regretted that although he had the habit of bringing food, he didn't bring much and didn't know Cheng Ran could eat for a few days…

There is Gu Changjin, there are many ant eggs in the nest. This was his first food in his last life, but this time he didn't eat it right away. It is because Gu Changjin's condition is very poor. If it weren't for his strong adaptability and early death, he would not have been able to eat the meat of ant beasts directly. However, these ant eggs can be used to eat him after they are broken.

Although he is better than in his previous life, there are too many ants and beasts outside, so he will be surrounded as soon as he goes out. Naturally, he cannot go out to look for ant eggs. These must also be saved.

After rebirth, Shi Qingyang was never so hungry. He touched his stomach and slept next to the rock.

In this cave, you can't see the day and night at all. After waking up from a nap, Shi Qingyang looked at the time and found that it was the next day.

At this time, people in the city should have discovered their disappearance, so they don't know how they will deal with it…

Punishment Europe must be very regret at this time, he is also the first suspected object, after all, he found the mobile town, Cheng Xuze must be very worried now, in a hurry to find them, it's a pity that the field is so big, it is not easy to find…

And this time who is planning…Although those people have been clamoring to take Cheng Ran for all-round medicine prescription, but they have been the next killer, there is no plan to capture Cheng Ran alive, Shi Qingyang convinced that the so-called all-round medicine, but they are looking for a cover, just to divert the attention of others.

The person who made the move is most likely the Yin family. They have been operating in Spark City for so many years. It is as simple as placing a few people around Xing Ou. Naturally, Xing Ou can be persuaded to arrange a mobile town for them and arrange people to be killed on the road.

Moreover, after the Yin family has done so, others will certainly not suspect them. You know, the Yin family has only two five-level radiation energy fighters, just a small family in Spark City. Where did they drive the five-level radiation energy fighters? The Yin family did have a little conflict with him, but he was really just a little conflict. The Yin family has been very calm in the past two years…

Who would have thought that the Yin family would dare to attack them? Who would have thought that the Yin family could make such a big scene? Cheng Xuze check, maybe directly check the Yangtze river city of those families!

At the same time, Xinghuo City is under the management of Xinghuo City. if such a thing happens, Xinghuo City will definitely be held accountable. at that time, yin family is the biggest beneficiary.

Thought of here, Shi Qingyang and feel something is wrong, yin family, how could it be driven by the five radiation fighter? Five radiation energy fighters, even in the Cheng family, are very valued, Gu Changjin if it weren't for once committed, never as for just being a housekeeper, his strength to be like You Liangping dean of a college is more than enough, such a person, how can you be willing to help Yin family? Such a person, how can you be willing to offend Cheng family to kill?

Shi Qingyang became more and more confused and suddenly thought of the mobile town of Yin family that Liu Qilin had been paying close attention to.

There is no doubt that the Yin family has done many illegal things in that mobile town. Since they don't even care about killing people, they naturally dare to take in some criminals.

There are many wanted criminals in China, many of whom are strong. After they break the law and commit crimes, they will escape from the city in order to evade the legal sanction.

In the wild, it is very difficult for human beings to survive for a long time. For them, the best way is to find a small mobile town to stay. Some private mobile towns will also take in these people.

As a result, the whole thing also makes sense, Yin family has always wanted to take down the punishment, to regain control of the spark city, whether it's Cheng family or punishment is their thorn in the side, this time simply kill two birds with one stone.

The people who came after them should be criminals who fled out of the city from the Yin family. Shi Qingyang once heard that there are special killers outside the city. They can help people kill people outside the city. Most of the people who came after them are.

Cheng Ran is an ordinary person, he is only a secondary radiation energy fighter, still only 18 years old, Gu Changjin although severe, but now he is already 60 years old…

In the eyes of those people, it is estimated that it is very easy to kill them. They certainly did not expect that there would be such losses in the end.

Gu Changjin hasn't woken up yet. Shi Qingyang doesn't know what happened to the five-level radiation energy fighter who came after them. But even if the man didn't die, he will certainly suffer a big loss. There are also those who were pit by him and dumped by him on the road…They probably already hate the driver himself.

Shi Qingyang made up his mind that after he went out, he must practice his driving skills and then buy two of the best chariots to stock up on.

Of course, the most important thing now is to find a way out.

Shi Qingyang figured out everything, suddenly feel a fiercely in my heart. Yin's family was provoked by him. Without him, Cheng Ran had nothing to do with Yin's family.

Even, even those who want to kill Cheng Ran when looking for an excuse to take Cheng Ran for almighty drugs, this is all he provoked, if he didn't find Cheng Ran after rebirth, Cheng Ran must be very safe now…

Shi Qingyang punched the stone beside him, and finally calmed down a little until there was a sharp pain in his hand. Nobody can say for sure about such a thing. The only thing he can do now is to do his best to protect Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin.

"Qingyang, are you awake?" Hear Shi Qingyang there is movement, Cheng Ran asked.

"I'm already awake, what's the matter?" Shi Qingyang asked, opening the contact terminal at the same time to give the cave some light.

"Grandpa Gu has a fever." Cheng Ran spoke anxiously. He was carrying a lot of small things, including a detector to detect his physical condition. He did not sleep well. He was afraid to disturb Shi Qingyang's sleep and didn't come to Shi Qingyang's side, but from time to time he would check Gu Changjin's body.

After each test, the detector will turn on the red light and let him take the patient to the hospital as soon as possible. Just now, the very high temperature was detected. He was trying to wake up Shi Qingyang, but Shi Qingyang woke up himself.

"Let me see." Shi Qingyang said, and when he saw the temperature, his face became as ugly as Cheng Ran's.

Gu Changjin's temperature is too high now. If he goes on like this, he will burn to death!

"Qingyang, is there any water?" Cheng Ran asked.

"Yes." Shi Qingyang took out all the water and food on his body. Even if he liked to take food with him, he didn't take too much. Now there are altogether four bottles of specially packaged water, five bottles of liquid nutrients and some packaged dried meat. He originally planned to leave all this to Cheng Ran, who could barely hold on for a while as long as he did not exercise: "Give Grandpa Gu a bottle of water first."

Gu Changjin has taught him a lot and has been taking care of him. His parents are very far away from him. Gu Changjin did give him the feeling of his elders.

Neither he nor Cheng Ran could have watched Gu Changjin die.

Cheng Ran knows how much food Shi Qingyang brought, and even more knows Shi Qingyang's appetite. He hasn't eaten for so long in the past. Even if Shi Qingyang swept away all the food here, I'm afraid it's not enough. But now, since they left the mobile town yesterday, Shi Qingyang hasn't eaten anything.

Without them, Shi Qingyang might not have been involved in this matter at all, and he would certainly have had a better life. Without them, Shi Qingyang would not have two encumbrances now.

Cheng Ran opened the package, put the water on Gu Changjin's mouth, fed Gu Changjin little by little, and Shi Qingyang opened the contact terminal to expose the light, rubbing on Gu Changjin over and over again at the same time, so that Gu Changjin could swallow better.

Two people work together, finally gave Gu Changjin a bottle of water to drink, Shi Qingyang breathed a sigh of relief, and some worry-Gu Changjin this appearance obviously can't eat ant eggs directly as he thought at the beginning.

After a silence, Shi Qingyang opened another bottle of nutrient solution.

Cheng Ran fed Gu Changjin half a bottle. Gu Changjin couldn't swallow it. Seeing this, Shi Qingyang took the bottle and screwed on the lid: "However, this bottle of nutrient solution has come into contact with radiation energy. It doesn't matter if Grandpa Gu eats a little. I'm afraid it is harmful to your health if you eat it. You can open another bottle and eat it directly with the food intake."

"I'm not hungry, but you should eat." Cheng Ran immediately said that they had only so little food left.

"I don't need to, I can eat something else, but you must eat something, otherwise you will not be able to stand it." Shi Qingyang Road.

"Other?" Cheng Ran subconsciously looked at the ant eggs in the nest room, the eggs of the ant beast and the ant beast, which were said to have been eaten in ancient times. Now, the price of the ant eggs is still very high because it is too troublesome to destroy the nest without bombs.

Although he has never seen life eat, it is indeed edible.

"I can eat meat directly." Shi Qingyang swallowed saliva. He was really hungry and thirsty. He should also find something to eat. Now the only food he can find is ants and beasts outside.

Shi Qingyang moved the stone that stopped the entrance of the cave slightly, and immediately there was a crawling ant beast that wanted to drill into it. Shi Qingyang moved the radiation energy around him, raised the knife and dropped it, directly cutting it into two halves from the joint. Then he killed two in the same way. After simple treatment, he left only the meat he could eat and threw all the rest of the leftover materials down from the entrance of the cave.

"Won't they come for revenge?" Cheng Ran some surprise.

"As long as the queens don't care, they won't care about us. Those I threw down should still enter their stomachs. Moreover, even if they want to kill us, only the entrance of the cave can enter." Shi Qingyang said, in fact, queens generally don't care about this either. They only lay eggs.

In fact, he had good luck in his last life. He hid in such a place. At last, he just grinded one by one, killing all these ants and beasts. He even reached the third grade without any reason.

Ants don't have much to eat on them, but the three ants are enough for Qingyang to eat, only the raw meat tastes very bad. He was fed by Gu Changjin in Cheng Ran, and he almost couldn't eat it.

Clearly, he felt very good in his last life.

Although I can't see the appearance of Shi Qingyang in the dark, Cheng Ran doesn't have to think much about it, and also knows how bad the meat that hasn't been treated will be. Gu Changjin never bought the meat of ants and beasts before, for no other reason, because it's not delicious.

"However, you drank the nutrient solution." Shi Qingyang added.

"I can try something else." Cheng Ran said, "There is only so much nutrient solution. If I eat it, what will Grandpa Gu do?"

"Ant eggs…" Shi Qingyang hesitated, Gu Changjin's condition is very poor now, if the ant eggs are cooked, it may not matter to him, but if they are raw, Gu Changjin is likely to be unable to digest, by contrast, specially configured nutrient solution, is indeed more suitable for Gu Changjin now.

After careful consideration, Cheng Ran guessed Shi Qingyang's plan: "I can eat ant eggs, which are food with relatively little radiation. I can drink some through a straw."

"Take the nutriment first." Shi Qingyang insisted: "If you are also ill, I will take care of two people."

Cheng Ran was very sure that he was no different from being ill: "I was exposed to radiation. I was just sick. as long as the rescuers found us, they would be fine. why not try?"

"No way." Shi Qingyang insisted: "If something happens to you, I…" He clenched his fist and squeezed his fingernails in the palm to bleed. Cheng Ran is now, so to speak, affected by him.

"I'll be fine. I think ant eggs are good too." Cheng Ran added.

"The next time Grandpa Gu drinks water and nutrient solution, you can drink some first. If it is really not possible, I will go out and tell him." Shi Qingyang said that he had killed more ants and beasts during these days and might have a chance to escape.

"Qingyang, I want to eat ant eggs," Cheng Ran insisted for the first time." I have eaten ant eggs in the city, and now I just eat them raw. As long as I'm careful not to eat those contaminated by radiation, everything will be fine. Otherwise, you can let me eat the meat of ant animals." He moved a little, he had already met the ant eggs, these football-like ant eggs have almost no signs of hatching, as if it were all liquid.

I don't know why, encounter these ant eggs, Cheng Ran unexpectedly have a strange feeling.

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