The nest was very impressive in Shi Qingyang's memory. He once stayed in the nest for more than a month. At first he was trapped in a nest room, then he slowly began to explore the whole nest.

The ant colony has several entrances, and he was pushed in from the entrance above the ant colony.

Shi Qingyang ran to the ant nest with Cheng Ran. He was much more distressed than in his previous life and had many wounds. However, he was only a first-class radiation fighter in his previous life, but now he is a second-class.

Several attacks came towards him and Cheng Ran. Shi Qingyang stopped the attack flying towards Cheng Ran. Without taking care of his injuries, he speeded up again. Fortunately, Cheng Ran also exercised normally and kept pace with him.

The only trouble may be that Cheng Ran cannot be injured. Cheng Ran's body rejects radiation abnormally. Other people's injuries are only injuries, but he may die.

Although ant beasts will not attack humans on their own initiative, the situation will be different if humans approach their nests, not to mention Shi Qingyang's injuries.

The ants and beasts that were already stirring nearby suddenly surrounded by the royal teachers Qingyang and Cheng Ran.

Although the ant beast is small in size, it has great strength. More importantly, the common worker ant beast has low intelligence, so it is fierce and fearless of death…

Just when the ant beast attacked, Shi Qingyang finally saw the hole.

Pretending to slip carelessly, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran fell down together and did not forget to scream at the same time. But in the middle of the fall, Shi Qingyang's legs propped up on the cave wall and stopped in the middle of the cave.

This cave opens directly to the bottom, but there are small caves next to it. Ants come and go from time to time. Shi Qingyang was lucky enough to hide in one of them at the beginning. There is also a stone in the cave that can block the cave so as to survive. This time, he saw the cave without exception.

The wound on his hand became more and more painful. A climbing ant beast also grabbed Shi Qingyang's leg. Shi Qingyang dared not touch it. He reached out and pushed Cheng Ran into the hole where only one person was allowed to climb. Then a wind blade hit the tentacles of the ant beast and knocked the other down.

Taking advantage of this time, Shi Qingyang also got into the hole.

Although the time is a few months earlier, the situation here is similar to that at the beginning. This hole is more like a crack in the rock, because ants and animals come and go all the year round, the hole will become smooth.

The space inside is very small, with only about five cubic meters, which makes it difficult to stand up straight, but for ants and beasts, it is not small, and it has also been made into a small nest for storing ant eggs.

A dozen ant eggs were neatly placed in the middle of the nest. In addition, an ant beast was already close to Cheng Ran, but Cheng Ran did not ask for help or panic. Instead, he fired countless bullets quickly.

As soon as Shi Qingyang climbed in, he quickly sent out several wind blades that hit the joint of the ant beast. After a twitch, the ant beast finally lost motion.

At this time, the mouth of the cave and there are two ant beast want to squeeze in, still surrounded by a lot of outside, Shi Qingyang hit a few wind blade forced back into the hole of the two, and threw out the body of the ant beast in the cave, this just distract a few ant beast-ant beast never mind eating the same kind of body.

"However, you are going to move the stone in the cave to the entrance of the cave and block it as soon as I come in." Shi Qingyang Road.

"good." Cheng Ran answered.

After the order was given, Shi Qingyang stood at the entrance of the cave and began to use radiation energy to drive away or kill ants and animals around him. Fortunately, he did not use radiation energy so much all the way here. Only then could he persist.

Before he and Gu Changjin have discussed the general countermeasures, at that time they have been cornered, if you can, they will rob a chariot to leave, if not, then he will pretend to accidentally fall into the nest with Cheng Ran, Gu Changjin took potential medicine to stop those people, try to seriously injured or kill the five radiation fighter, and then can also jump into the nest.

About is dead, finally Gu Changjin did agree with his idea, and now, everything is going well.

The group of people who came after them outside were also injured. Gu Changjin, after taking the potential medicine, will also cause casualties to them. In addition, even level 5 radiation energy fighters dare not enter the ant colony easily, so they hide in the ant colony, and there is a certain possibility that they will be saved.

For the current situation, this is already the best way, Cheng Ran no power, Gu Changjin after taking potential drugs and useless, he was injured…

Shi Qingyang was standing at the entrance of the cave. The smell of his body attracted more and more ant animals. Fortunately, the entrance of the cave was not large and there were not too many ant animals that could climb to the front of him. He was able to cope with it temporarily. Moreover, he did not let him cope with it for long. Gu Changjin fell from the top.

When he grabbed Gu Changjin and stuffed it into the cave, Shi Qingyang felt that someone was pulling Gu Changjin inside. Before he saw it, he also hurriedly drilled into it. However, when this was done, his leg was bitten again…

An ant animal bit a small piece of meat from his wound, while another ant animal bit on his foot, and finally did not even break his combat uniform.

Into the hole, and to launch a few wind blade, Shi Qingyang finally breathed a sigh of relief, and then together with Cheng Ran, blocked the mouth of the cave with stones.

The cave is surrounded by stones. The worker ants and beasts are of low intelligence. When the queen ant has not noticed the three enemies who invaded its nest, they will not necessarily kill them when they cannot see them.

You know, these ant animals have already raised some other exotic animals in their nests, such as their beloved aphid animals.

Just blocked the mouth of the cave, there was a dull noise outside, Shi Qingyang know this is mostly those who came after them dropped the bomb. Fortunately, the cave where they were hiding was not at the bottom of the tunnel, and the whole mountain was covered with stones, so the bomb did not affect them after it was dropped.

"Here, it's all stone." Cheng Ran through the weak light from the contact terminal, has helped Gu Changjin seen the wound, and then service road.

"Yes, we can hide here." Shi Qingyang opened the things he brought with him and began to spray hemostatic drugs on himself. At the same time, he sighed with emotion about this magical ant nest-this ant nest supports the existing caves and crevices, extending in all directions, but extremely strong.

Perhaps because the ants and beasts in the cave were annoyed, Shi Qingyang felt that the radiation outside the cave caused waves. It seemed that countless ants and beasts ran out toward the outside.

He breathed a sigh of relief, only to find that the situation of the three people present was worse than that of others.

The best thing is Cheng Ran, he was not hurt, but his physical condition, even if wearing anti-radiation clothing, long-term stay in the wild will have an accident…Second is him, he was several wind blade cut hands and feet, legs were ants beast bite off a small piece of meat, although still have some fighting capacity, but also need to rest, and the worst thing, is undoubtedly Gu Changjin.

Gu Changjin fell into a coma when he fell. He was still not awake at this time. His radiation energy in his body had disappeared and was severely overdrawn. His body was severely damaged due to taking potential drugs. In such a situation, if he was sent to the hospital immediately and had a senior pharmacist to help him to recuperate, he might still have two-level and three-level radiation energy. Now…it is not certain whether he can survive or not.

However, this is already the best result for them. In the previous situation, if they did not hide in, there was no possibility of escape.

"Qingyang, I'll give you some medicine." Cheng Ran said that Gu Changjin had already helped deal with the trauma on his body. As for the internal injuries, there was nothing he could do now.

Only said trauma, Shi Qingyang than Gu Changjin a lot, looking at some terror, Cheng Ran is the first time to see such a wound, but unexpectedly did not fear, although the speed of dressing than Shi Qingyang so skilled, but very standard.

Perhaps finding Shi Qingyang's doubts, Cheng Ran whispered: "I have seen the video of bandaging on the computer."

"You are so clever." Shi Qingyang twisted with his teeth and endured the pain.

"Qingyang, you must live." Cheng Ran whispered.

"We live together." Shi Qingyang "hissed".

Cheng Ran did not speak. Shi Qingyang added, "I don't know what's going on outside. I hope those people think we're all dead."

In fact, there has been a mess outside. It is also true that Shi Qingyang hopes that they are dead.

Before Gu Changjin held up the five-level radiation energy fighter, but there was still a four-level radiation energy fighter with two three-level pursuit Shi Qingyang. They saw the Shi Qingyang fall into the nest and heard the scream.

When Shi Qingyang ran towards the ant colony, they felt that Shi Qingyang should have led them to the hive as before and wanted to take advantage of these exotic animals to deal with them. However, Shi Qingyang had run fast because of the car when he met the hive. This time, he took it upon himself.

There are a lot of ants around the ant nest. after Shi Qingyang fell down, they became entangled with several other people near the ant nest. if it weren't for the strong combat effectiveness of level 4 radiation energy fighters, they would even be in danger.

They had settled the ants at the entrance of the cave and were about to check it out. Gu Changjin suddenly broke out.

Gu Changjin came all the way here, the attack became weaker and weaker, and the back was completely propped up. Everyone saw this, so when he found out that Gu Changjin had stopped the pursuers and let Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran flee for their lives, everyone felt that Gu Changjin was going to die.

And Gu Changjin when stopped the five strong, show the strength is very weak.

Gu Changjin is not young, and has been a housekeeper for more than ten years, who all don't think he has much fighting capacity, because of this, the level 5 strong directly to him, but said unexpectedly, Gu Changjin watched will lose, Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang unexpectedly fell into the nest, and then, Gu Changjin suddenly used strong radiation energy.

Even, the eldest brother who brought them here to kill Cheng Ran was killed by Gu Changjin.

"The boss is gone, what shall we do now?" Beat off those swarming ants, a level 3 radiation energy fighter looked at the side before chasing Shi Qingyang level 4 radiation energy fighter.

"What else can I do, of course, is to leave first." The four strong didn't good the spirit of the opening, Gu Changjin obviously ate something shouldn't eat, so after killing their boss 7 bleeding, but in the end he was still hard with a sigh of relief poked a hole in his shoulder.

If it weren't for Gu Changjin already have no strength at that time, the sword, I'm afraid I will poke his chest to wear.

Of course, he didn't let Gu Changjin take advantage. At that time, he sent several wind blades in succession and made several cuts on Gu Changjin. He also pushed Gu Changjin, who was watching him die, into the nest and threw grenades.

"Shall we go and find out and see if the three men are still alive?" Some people asked that their eldest brother's death made them panic, but they were not very sad. These outlaws always listened to whoever was strong.

"How can the three men still alive? Gu Changjin was already half dead when he fell in…The attack before the eldest brother died was not bluffing." The four-level radiation fighter spoke and Gu Changjin did kill their eldest brother. Their eldest brother also gave Gu Changjin a severe blow…Gu Changjin was supposed to have taken the medicine to strengthen his strength and suffered heavy losses. He could not live without falling into the ant nest, let alone falling in: "Besides, with so many ants and beasts here, who dares to enter?"

When asked, the few survivors were silent. After they threw grenades just now, many ants and beasts suddenly climbed out of the mountain…

For the first time, they found that the ant beast is still such a horrible thing! But now they have managed to escape, and of course they cannot go back.

"If our chariot is still there, we can get some bombs from the car to blow up the nest, but now the chariot has been destroyed by them, what else can we do? We all need to walk for help." The four-level radiation energy fighters with shoulder injuries added that they had come all the way and experienced so many battles. The chariots were wrapped by their radiation energy, so they were fine. It happened that when they got off the bus and searched, they were blown up by people.

They also brought medicine and several grenades, grenades just deal with ants beast also has run out, now even eating is a problem…

Don't they want to eat things contaminated by radiation? It will do harm to the body…

"They certainly can't live. Don't forget, the young master of the Cheng family is an ordinary person who doesn't even have radiation energy. We can still eat something from the wild at any rate. He can't eat a bite of it…It's a big deal. We'll leave someone here to watch and see if they can escape. If they don't come out in a few days, they'll probably be dead." Another level 4 radiation fighter said, because some people have left behind, now they have only two levels 4 left, and both have suffered some injuries.

In fact, the young master of the Cheng family died in the ant nest, which is also a good thing for them, even being caught can be excused.

"Yes, let's remove the traces first, and then arrange people to guard here. That Cheng Ran is just an ordinary person. He won't last long!" Other people also react. Most of them are radiation fighters. Although it is inconvenient to live in the wild, they can hold on for a few days. After someone delivers food to them, apart from being uncomfortable in combat uniform all day, it is estimated that there will be no big problem, but Cheng Ran is different.

People outside plan to hold out for a few days, waiting for Cheng Ran to hold out. In the ant colony, Shi Qingyang is also worried.

Cheng Ran can't even afford radiation inducers. How can he live in the wild?

The food intake above the radiation protection mask can use a straw to drink water and eat liquid food. He also brought some water and several tubes of liquid high-nutrition food. But even if all of these were given to Cheng Ran, he could not hold on for a few days. What's more, there is Gu Changjin now. Gu Changjin's physical condition is really poor. Even if they have given him all the medicines Gu Changjin can drink, his life breath is still weak.

If he can get out soon, his past experience tells him that as long as he doesn't kill all the ants, he will be attacked once he gets out.

"However, how do you feel now?" Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran.

"I'm fine. I'm fine now." Cheng Ran said that the events of this day were very tense for him. He is now tense, but he has been trying to calm himself down.

"However, if you feel uncomfortable, tell me that we should stay here for a few more days." Shi Qingyang said that he had planned to find an excuse to come here, but he didn't expect to be here at this time.

I don't know if he is as lucky as he was in his last life.

Cheng Ran has wrapped up all the wounds on Shi Qingyang's body. He was silent for a moment and leaned against Shi Qingyang.

The anti-radiation suit made him have no chance to meet Shi Qingyang at all, but his heart was much calmer.

He felt intellectually that he might not survive, but Gu Changjin and Shi Qingyang had done so much that he must not give up!

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