Shi Qingyang deliberately remembered the surrounding environment at that time, and went a long way when looking for mole cricket eggs. That's why he remembered the situation here. Instead, Gu Changjin spent most of his heart on helping Cheng Ran find herbs. Now he has been fighting with the people behind him and has not noticed this.

"Grandpa Gu, let me out of the car. Their target is only me." Cheng Ran looked at the hands of potions, once again.

Gu Changjin is very old. This time, if he hadn't brought a lot because he couldn't be equipped with all-round medicine when he arrived in Anhang City, he has been giving Gu Changjin a drink. Gu Changjin would not have been able to hold on long ago.

He didn't want to die, even he wanted to live more than ever before, but by this time, he deeply realized that he was a burden.

If he brings trouble to others…

"Young master, they will not let us go. After I give up, you will drive first." Gu Changjin said, if he gets off the bus desperately, he can definitely hold the people behind him for a period of time, and perhaps he can end up with the five-level radiation fighter!

"Grandpa Gu! If you get off the bus, I'll get off too. It's just a difference between early death and late death." Cheng Ran said firmly.

"The car is no longer working." Shi Qingyang listened to the voice on the back seat and said directly.

They have fled for several hours, Gu Changjin looked at all can't hold up, eighty percent also suffered heavy internal injuries, where can their chariot hold up?

Even though Gu Changjin has been wrapping the chariot with radiation energy, the exterior of the chariot looks fine, but even there are many problems inside. Otherwise, the red warning light on the steering wheel will not turn on.

Now that the warning light is on, it means that the chariot will have problems at any time, and the engine of the chariot…Even if he is wearing combat gear, he can still feel that the front of the chariot is getting hotter and hotter. If he is careless, he may explode.

Shi Qingyang looked at the back. The two cars that always hit his chariots by suicide broke down on the road under his cooperation with Gu Changjin. Now the cars that followed are far away…

"Grandpa Gu, you can see clearly that you are ready to abandon the car at any time!" Shi Qingyang Road, and then directly started the chariot's last emergency system, burning fuel tank to accelerate.

Because of the overload, the chariots, which were already getting slower and slower, suddenly accelerated forward, leaving behind the people at a distance in an instant. In the thick forest, both sides could not even see it.

The final explosion of the chariot was very fast. immediately after the fuel tank was burnt out, Shi Qingyang and others were thrown out of the chariot and fell into the dense vegetation nearby.

This fell a little hard, after the fall, Shi Qingyang found himself has been holding the steering wheel hands have become numb, and Gu Changjin gasped for breath, not only some force, obviously there are signs of radiation riots.

However, their medicine, there is nothing left.

"Grandpa Gu, we hid in the mole cricket hole." Shi Qingyang looked at the situation around him and immediately said, the people behind are very close. Their only choice now is to hide in the nest of the mole cricket beast. In contrast, the nest is too far away. Now they will only be caught up by the people behind.

However, wait a minute, maybe he can use the nest to play a play.

In fact, the chariot will come here, on the one hand, because of the expulsion of those people, on the other hand, also related to his own subconscious mind, after all, in addition to here, he can't think of any other place to save them.

"You hide in, I'll draw people away." Gu Changjin smell speech, was about to stand up, the violence in the body of radiation energy but let his body a soft, pieces of bulge under the skin, is clearly radiation energy uncontrolled performance.

"If you go out now, you'll be dead." Shi Qingyang discovered Gu Changjin's situation and ordered a few times directly on Gu Changjin-Gu Changjin did not have any trauma, but the radiation energy in the body has been drained, and the medicine is not omnipotent. He was supported by the medicine before, and now I'm afraid he is on the verge of collapse. At this time, the radiation energy truncation method can let him have a rest.

Gu Changjin trusted Shi Qingyang very much and did not guard against it. After being hit, he suddenly found that his radiation energy was completely out of control: "Shi Qingyang, what have you done?"

Shi Qingyang didn't answer, suddenly will Gu Changjin on the left shoulder, and Cheng Ran on the right shoulder, tiptoe lightly in the grass, and then directly threw Gu Changjin and Cheng Ran into the mole cricket beast's nest. Below the nest is the dry grass prepared by mole crickets for the eggs to hatch. He also moves radiation energy to support the bodies of the two men. Even if they are unprepared, they will not fall.

"Qingyang!" Cheng Ran did not fall, but he immediately stood up and said, "Where are you going?" He also wants to go to Anhang City to buy a birthday present for Shi Qingyang…

"I'll be right down." Shi Qingyang said that he issued several wind blades to make the traces of Liu Qilin's battle with mole crickets more obvious before, and then quickly entered the nest. Although only a few days passed, the grass in the hole had already grown a lot. Shi Qingyang hesitated, and his feet propped up on the wall of the hole to straighten the grass and shrubs in the hole. After covering the hole, he jumped into the ground.

When he saw that there were still several passages on the side of the cave, he was even more relieved. Mole crickets like to eat the roots of plants, dig large nests in the ground and have several passages to the outside. Now those passages are the guarantee for their escape.

These passages are inclined upward and can be climbed by one person, and they can be found in any direction. Shi Qingyang felt relieved after a brief inspection.

"Master, is there any medicine?" Gu Changjin wrote a line on the contact terminal. Since he followed Cheng Ran, his life has become stable. Before that, he never thought there would be such a day.

"It's all useless medicine." Cheng Ran also laid a line of words, there has been the sound of chariots driving outside, there is no doubt that those people have been chasing up.

Shi Qingyang made a gesture of "eating" and pulled out dried meat and water from his body. He took these things with him at any time. Before, everyone felt useless. When it came to the critical moment, it was extremely useful.

Now those people will come here at any time. They must take the time to rest.

Since leaving the mobile town, they have not eaten or drunk any water, but at this time, all three could not eat anything and only shared a bottle of water.

Shi Qingyang held a small mouthful of water in his mouth while lying on the mud wall listening to the sound of the outside. At the beginning, the chariots opened a section in the direction of Liu Qilin and others catching mole crickets before, but stopped soon. Now the people on the bus should have got off the bus and looked around.

He looked at Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin, and also typed a line with the contact terminal: "Their cars are parked in the north, and they have all got off the car. We will climb along the north passage and grab the car if we can."

Cheng Ran nodded, Gu Changjin was holding on to typing: "What have you done to me?" He could feel that his radiation energy riot had disappeared, but now he was powerless…

Shi Qingyang lit a few more times on Gu Changjin and withdrew his radiation energy: "This is the way to prevent radiation energy riots, and I have a bottle of potential medicine here."

Gu Changjin held out his hand toward Shi Qingyang. Although he could not speak, his attitude was beyond doubt.

Potential medicine is a kind of medicine that forcibly stimulates the human body's potential. After use, it can instantly enhance the radiation energy in the body, but it is also very harmful to the body.

"Follow my plan and I'll give it to you." Shi Qingyang wrote another line. For his own life safety, he prepared many things. This potential medicine is one of them, but he didn't expect it to be used one day, and it was used so soon.

Gu Changjin immediately nodded his head.

Seeing Gu Changjin agreed, Shi Qingyang motioned Gu Changjin to climb along the entrance of the cave. After three people climbed for a while, they stopped at a slightly more spacious place. Then, Shi Qingyang said what he intended to do.

"Ant colony?" Gu Changjin looked at Shi Qingyang with shock on her face, and her typing hands were shaking.

Shi Qingyang took out several thin steel pipes from his body at the same time and spliced them into a sharp pike: "it is better to die in the hands of foreign animals than to be caught by them. moreover, maybe we can still survive after entering." No one knows the nest better than he does!

Gu Changjin mused, gave Shi Qingyang a puzzled look, and finally nodded his head after hearing the movement on the ground. .

"Eldest brother, where the hell have the three guys gone?" On the ground, a middle-aged man who was searching finally could not help but ask, but in a few minutes, how did the three men disappear?

"Must be hiding!" The man called the eldest opened his mouth and poured himself a bottle of radiation energy soothing agent, which made him feel a little better.

After becoming a level 5 radiation energy fighter, he was the first time to encounter such overdraft, even because of the battle just now, almost radiation energy riots.

However, he did not regret it, because he could get too much after making this vote.

"Damn! The three men are too cunning, especially Gu Changjin. When I find him, I must make him look good! He must be chopped to pieces!" The middle-aged man added.

His eldest brother narrowed his eyes: "Gu Changjin is just like that, just like the information we got, what I want to know more is who is the driver and if it weren't for the fact that he has been wandering around while driving…" Their car was obviously much better than the most ordinary car, and finally failed to catch up! That's all, the man even took them to the hive…those bees and beasts are deadly! At that time, he heard someone crying in the car behind him. If there was no accident, the man would have died.

He thought it would be easy to get rid of Cheng Ran, but he didn't expect the three men to be insisted on for so long and sacrificed his staff: "I'd like to meet the driver very much. If such a person is not one of his own, he should be killed!

"Eldest brother, I looked through a telescope. It seems that the driver was Shi Qingyang who ingratiated himself with Cheng Ran." A young man beside him opened his mouth.

"Shi Qingyang?" The boss took out a bottle of medicine, poured it on his hand and rubbed it. His eyes were a little strange.

"Eldest brother, there are traces here!" Suddenly someone cried, the boss stepped forward quickly and saw someone find a hole.

"Originally hiding in the burrow…don't come near, maybe there is an ambush, Lao Wu, throw a grenade below!" When the boss waved, immediately someone threw grenades in.

There was an explosion in the cave, but there was no scream they wanted to hear.

"ah!" At this time, not far from where they parked the car, it happened that there was shrieks.

Shi Qingyang took Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin along one of the passages and crawled out of the grass on the other side when they were led to the hole of mole cricket hole.

Here the trees are luxuriant, he let Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin, who had just drunk the potential medicine, stay where they were and then slowly approached the place where the chariots were parked.

A radiation fighter, as long as he can reach level 5, can be a local tyrant in a small city. There are not many such people willing to be killers, and the strongest among those who kill them is level 5, while those who drive directly have only level 2.

Shi Qingyang looked at the situation, stabbed the man through the window with his steel stick, then climbed into the car quickly.

He wanted to rob the chariot, but he didn't expect to go up until he found out that the chariots driven by the people who came after them were still driven by very exotic fingerprints. He heard the warning sound as soon as his hand was turned on the steering wheel.

No wonder the driver didn't wear gloves…Shi Qingyang got off the bus quickly and hid behind the bus at the same time, beginning to avoid the wind blade.

"You can't escape, you'd better not run!" The eldest brother walked in front: "Shi Qingyang, I admire you very much. If you are willing to come, I can accept you as my disciple. I think you should know how to choose."

I didn't expect anyone to appreciate himself at this time…Shi Qingyang was almost in distress situation: "Of course I know how to choose, I don't want to die…" The words sound just fell and the steel stick in his hand suddenly stabbed the energy box of one of the chariots, and when he touched it, it exploded. At the same time, a grenade he had obtained from Chang Jiashi was thrown by him toward the other chariot.

The chariot exploded and Shi Qingyang rolled to the side as soon as he rolled on the spot.

"What a nerve!" The boss shouted, because he was too close, he couldn't see the surrounding situation because of the explosion at that time, at this time, Gu Changjin has come to his side, directly released several wind blade.

"Gu Changjin, I didn't expect you to move…" The eldest brother hard got two wind blade, although not hurt, but still looks pale.

"Of course I have the strength. Even if I die, I will use you as a cushion." Gu Changjin moved his hand. By this time, he had no choice but to trust Shi Qingyang.

The man smiled a few times, directly to Gu Changjin.

Gu Changjin seems to have run out of strength, fighting was a little weak, at the same time, while fighting back, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran more simply, ran directly to the forest covered with ants beast.

Of course, their attempt to escape was not smooth. Among the pursuers, although the top five player has been entangled by Gu Changjin, others will attack Shi Qingyang. In a short time, Shi Qingyang's miserable degree has already caught up with his previous design of red hands.

On the mountain where the ant nest is located, there are many ants and beasts. Seeing someone, these ants and beasts ran to the side but did not stay away. Their tentacles were dancing on their heads, and they seemed ready to set in at any time, making people feel numb.

Shi Qingyang ran forward with Cheng Ran without hesitation and suddenly stepped on the empty space…

The cry of despair cried, and the echo in the nest made people feel a little creepy.

At this time, Gu Changjin, who had been defending all along, suddenly broke out.

Potential medicine inspired Gu Changjin all the potential, he suddenly moved all the radiation energy around toward the man stabbed in the past, his radiation energy also did not hesitate to use, all attack to the level 5 player is against him…

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