"that man is at least level 5." Gu Changjin looked at the scene from a distance and gnashed his teeth.

Chang Jiashi's face changed when he heard Gu Changjin's words: "None of these students took part in the battle…"

"They are not many, we can at least use the mobile fortress to do resistance! There are also weapons, many of which can be disassembled for use." Shi Qingyang said directly and looked at the Chang Jia Shi again: "Teacher, you take someone to the armory."

Originally, Shi Qingyang still trusted the person who was arranged by the Xing Ou, but now such a thing has happened, who knows if there are any spies in it?

Xing Ou is obviously being trapped. The mobile fortress he contacted had an accident with the person he was looking for…After this time, Xing Ou may not be able to win.

Of course, what is more important now is that they are afraid of danger!

Chang Jiashi nodded: "I'll be right there!"

Shi Qingyang saw Chang Jiashi leave and immediately guarded Cheng Ran toward the middle of the mobile fortress. He prepared a lot of things, which are now in the room.

"Have the people inside considered it?" At the same time, the outside voice rang again, at the same time, suddenly a bomb was thrown up, already broken shield, immediately was blown out of a big hole, mobile fort above the room, also blasted a lot, there are a lot of people panic.

Fortunately, the mobile fortress is not big, Gu Changjin and several other people quickly made a shield with radiation, which makes no one else was affected by the bomb, but as a result, most of the people, is concentrated in Gu Changjin side.

"They have bombs in their hands. What shall we do?"

"They have five…"

"They will kill us!" Although the attack was stopped, some people were already worried.

Not only that, a staff member who was originally in a corner suddenly moved his hand…

A spoke can be compressed into the wind blade toward Cheng Ran fly away, Shi Qingyang quickly pulled him, just let him finally escape, at the same time, Gu Changjin issued a spoke can stab into each other's heart.

All this happened in a flash.

There have also been battles in mobile towns, but their battles are just with animals. However, few people have seen killing people. Seeing Gu Changjin do so, many people's faces turned pale instantly. Several students even vomited and looked at Gu Changjin with horror.

Gu Changjin body is braving cold sweat, just now if it weren't for Shi Qingyang reaction fast, even if he killed the murderer, Cheng Ran I'm afraid I will be seriously injured.

With this in mind, where will he leave his hand?

"If you don't come out all the time, we will come in!" The people outside suddenly said that it was at this time that someone found out that, without knowing when, several people dressed in black combat uniforms had climbed into the mobile town: "as long as you hand over Cheng Ran, we promise not to hurt others."

Seeing the danger approaching, everyone was rioting. When looking at Cheng Ran, some people looked even worse.

Shi Qingyang has been paying close attention to the people around him since the problem occurred in the mobile town. He has carefully felt the radiation fluctuation around him. This saved Cheng Ran when Gu Changjin did not respond. Seeing the expressions of the people around him, he no longer hesitated: "Let's go to the chariot."

"Will the chariot be surrounded?" Gu Changjin asked.

Shi Qingyang has already looked at the others: "Those who are willing to help get on the chariot and drive towards Spark City!" After being saved, the Cheng family will give everyone a big reward!" If you meet an exotic animal, these people in the mobile town can still count on it, but meet people outside…

Those people outside are very smart, said directly only looking for Cheng Ran, this situation undoubtedly makes a lot of people have a small mind in my heart, Shi Qingyang don't have to think much, just know these people really will try very hard to few.

China's laws, but there is no from ruin will be sentenced this one, they save Cheng Ran, maybe will take a life, if they don't save Cheng Ran, but in the end there will be no what thing, at most is suppressed by Cheng Gu.

Under such circumstances, who would be willing to save Cheng Ran to the death? Not to mention that these people may have a mole in them.

Instead of spending it here, it is better to leave in a chariot and move some people to help cover it.

"On the chariot will be attacked by them! They just want Cheng Ran but they won't hurt him. Why don't you let Cheng Ran go with them?" Sure enough, after the initial panic, the instinct of seeking profits and avoiding harms came out, and a male student of Spark College cried.

Spark College recruits 16-year-old students and graduates at the age of 20. In the eyes of their parents, these students are afraid of being children. They have never been out of the city alone and have never encountered any real danger. All they can think of at this time is waiting for rescue.

"That is, this is the trouble caused by Cheng Ran!" Another said.

However, these students did not speak, and the patrol team arranged by the Xing Ou did respond: "we will go with you!" When Cheng Ran had an accident, they had to take some responsibility, so that they would naturally be willing to help disrupt the line of sight.

"I'll go too!" Chang Jiashi has already brought people to find some usable weapons from the weapons room and also said: "Ning An and Hai Yan will take care of the children, let's go!" There are not many people coming. If they leave like this, they can also lead away many people.

"Don't follow anyone else." Shi Qingyang saw that there were others who wanted to follow. He said directly that Gu Changjin had also released his power. Those people were afraid of Gu Changjin and did not move.

Mobile town had already prepared some chariots, in addition, there are several spark academy chariots have Shi Qingyang chariots, because of the mobile town has had an accident, no one has to choose those originally prepared mobile town, most people are eyeing the spark academy of several chariots.

Shi Qingyang was no exception. He went directly to the driver's seat of one of the cars: "Get on the bus quickly!" In fact, the quality of his new chariot is better, but the goal is too big.

Chang Jiashi suddenly pulled a patrol team member and let the other party sit in the chariot bought by Shi Qingyang. He himself sat in the back seat: "Let's go!"

Chang Jia Shi is sharing the risk for himself! Shi Qingyang didn't expect anyone else to do this at this time and thanked him sincerely: "Thank you!" As soon as the words were spoken, he had already started to move out along the steel plate laid down from the mobile town, and the goal was the direction of Spark City.

"Those who split up more than half of the people followed!" Gu Changjin looked behind his eyes and said, at first only half of the people followed him, but probably someone said something, then most people followed him, presumably the mole on the mobile fortress told them Cheng Ran had left.

Gu Changjin set his mind at rest and threw the attack of Level 3 radiation energy fighters behind him, trying to make others not notice his chariot.

By this time, he even had no time to study when Shi Qingyang learned to drive a chariot.

The people behind soon followed up. Obviously, there was no mole in the patrol team arranged by the Xing Ou, because the main attack of those people fell on the new chariot bought by Shi Qingyang.

The strength of the attack, even let Chang Jia Shi this level 4 radiation energy fighters some don't hold up!

Such attacks, don't like what they said, is to want to capture Cheng Ran with Cheng Gu in all-round medicine prescription.

That is clearly want to kill Cheng Ran!

"They don't want it at all. They don't want a prescription." Gu Changjin said that although Cheng Ran was a member of the Cheng family, everyone could see that the Cheng family did not attach too much importance to him. Otherwise, he could not have been left in Spark City, a tertiary city.

So, caught him with Cheng family change prescription, in fact, is also unlikely, after all, no one can be sure that the last change back prescription is true, more no one can be sure Cheng family will use the opportunity to change prescription.

The Cheng family has two 8-level radiation energy fighters, but they are not Cheng Ran's immediate family members. They don't care much about Cheng Ran's life. They caught Cheng Ran and found them to change prescriptions. Maybe they just ignored Cheng Ran and came to a nest!

From the beginning, they just wanted to kill Cheng Ran! Shi Qingyang thought a lot in an instant, but he couldn't do anything. He just stepped on the accelerator and firmly grasped the steering wheel.

At the same time, suddenly a sharp sword composed of huge radiation energy fell on Chang Jiashi's chariot. The chariot could not bear such an attack and disintegrated instantly. At the same time, Chang Jiashi and another person wrapped themselves in radiation energy shield and rolled out from the inside.

"Not them!" A voice sounded, and the attack originally concentrated on one car spread out instantly, especially the strong with at least five levels. He even controlled the surrounding radiation energy and smashed several cars in a very short period of time without mercy.

However, in addition to Cheng Ran, they really didn't seem to plan to kill anyone else. As long as Cheng Ran wasn't in the car, they would immediately throw it away.

Other people in the car are secondary radiation energy fighters, such attacks for them, and even may be fatal, Gu Changjin sighed, know they hide, however, in the back of the strong attack is more and more strong, finally to stop the attack stopped, at the same time also determined that the man like him is a secondary radiation energy.

The same is level 5, but there are many other people, and his age is not small…

"Gu Changjin is in that car!" "He will not abandon Cheng Ran and follow up," shouted the pursuers.

Shi Qingyang didn't say a word, stepped on the accelerator to the limit, and added energy with one hand by the way-if he didn't fill up the energy at this time, he might not have time later.

The chariots are very fragile to the 5th-level radiation energy fighters. Gu Changjin wrapped the whole car with radiation energy, which led to the fight with the people behind. However, even so, the car has been swinging endlessly.

At first, Gu Changjin had been worried that Shi Qingyang, who had never been in contact with chariots, would have problems because of such sloshing. He did not expect Shi Qingyang to drive very well.

Just, even if Shi Qingyang driving skills again good, they also met with a problem, just as the car near the spark city, in front of a few chariots, these chariots parked in the mobile town rolling out of the road, see them, immediately launched an attack, and even two van directly suicide crashed up.

Shi Qingyang did not dare to neglect. As soon as the steering wheel was turned, he drove the car into the dense forest nearby.

"Shi Qingyang, hold on!" Gu Changjin said, driving in the thick forest is not easy, Shi Qingyang is likely to have an accident, it happened that if it were for him to drive, Shi Qingyang could never stop the pursuers behind.

Now, they also can only depend on fate!

Gu Changjin stopped several attacks again, and the radiation in his body was weakened. At this time, a straw was handed to his mouth, and he drank the medicine as soon as he opened his mouth.

It was Cheng Ran who gave him the potion. Cheng Ran was supposed to be afraid of panic at this time, but in fact he was not. He was tight and methodically doing the only thing he could do-feeding medicine.

Gu Changjin suddenly found that things were not particularly bad. He was moved by Cheng Ran's feeding him the medicine. At the same time, Shi Qingyang's reaction was unexpected.

Chariots are more adaptable to the environment than mobile towns. Powerful chariots can completely rampage through different plants, but if they do, the possibility of chariot damage will also increase.

Shi Qingyang didn't do that. He could always find the most suitable route when there was no way for them to pass. Not only that, after several powerful attacks were coming, he was able to move the car quickly so that the attack behind could not hit the chariot.

Such fighting consciousness…Gu Changjin could not help but feel some emotion-Shi Qingyang is really a genius in some aspects!

Shi Qingyang didn't know Gu Changjin was in his busy schedule. He even confirmed that he was a genius. Now, he is so absorbed that he doesn't dare to have any distractions.

In a trance, he seemed to have returned to the days when he went out of the city to fight with foreign animals. He often went out of the city alone and was hunted down by foreign animals. At that time, this kind of thing that drove the chariot to run for his life crazily, wrapped the chariot with radiation energy and avoided attacks, would have to be done once.

Now his radiation energy is too weak to induce the surrounding radiation energy to wrap the chariot. The only thing he can do while driving is to dodge some attacks as far as possible.

Shi Qingyang has been approaching Spark City while driving. They are now in a danger zone. As long as they enter the safety zone, there is a great possibility of rescue. Unfortunately, he wants to do so, but those people are not willing to let him do so.

There were a total of seven chariots following them. At first, Shi Qingyang was thrown off the road because of his good skills. However, after a period of time, two van-type chariots immediately rushed up but their bodies were damaged and began to try to hit Shi Qingyang.

Pursuit of the chariot performance is better than they use, gu long today's radiation energy is not enough, Shi Qingyang nature can't let the chariot was hit by them, can only dodge.

If we go on like this, I'm afraid there will be a problem…after Shi Qingyang hesitated, he simply started to drive as far as possible to the places where some foreign animals are located. after those foreign animals are disturbed by him, they will attack him, but because the targets behind are bigger, they are more likely to attack the people behind.

Even, sometimes he doesn't have to do anything that disturbs the animals. He just passes by the animals and can wait for the team behind him to disturb the animals.

This is what he did when he met a beehive, and immediately after that, one of the other's chariots dropped out of the team.

Moreover, when Shi Qingyang stepped on the accelerator to take his life, Gu Changjin did not relax. Among the people who came after them, the strongest was the same level 5 as he was. Most of the others were level 3 and there were several levels 4. Although this made him only able to protect himself most of the time, he was able to attack when Shi Qingyang dodged some attacks, and every time he attacked, he didn't expect to hurt anyone, so he specialized in fighting against the chariots and also let the chariots behind him be few.

But even so, they are still in a weak position, and under the interception of those chariots, they are now completely circling around spark city, of course, this circle is very large, they can't even enter the safety zone.

Cheng Ran hand medicine is less and less, Shi Qingyang after several hours of mental strain, also began to overdraw, Gu Changjin not to mention, he is now close to the limit.

However, behind them, there were still three chariots biting them severely.

At this time, Shi Qingyang suddenly discovered that they seemed to have arrived at a familiar place, which was the ant nest Gu Changjin had taken him to check recently.

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