Shi Qingyang was not surprised to see Xing Ou here. Xing Ou has been sparing no effort to show himself. Naturally, this opportunity will be firmly grasped. Sure enough, Xing Ou soon came along: "Master Cheng, when I heard that you are going to spark city to take part in the competition, I will find you a mobile fortress to ensure you are comfortable on the road."

"thank you." Cheng Ran thanked him.

"Master Cheng, I'm really sorry about the last time I was at the Spark Hotel. My people don't understand." Punishment Europe added, rubbing his hands with apologies.

Cheng Ran was also a little unhappy at the thought of the incident at that time, but Xing Ou apologized and he would not pursue it all the time: "This must not happen again next time."

"Certainly, Master Cheng, rest assured, such things will never happen again!" Xing Ou nodded repeatedly: "Master Cheng, I believe you will succeed in this competition too! I have prepared some gifts for the young master in advance. You and the young master's younger brother and sister have all been put in the mobile fortress." Punishment Europe added, Cheng Hong skill is much bigger than he, he wants to please all have no place to please, no matter what Cheng Hong I'm afraid is not rare, just bought a gift, to please Cheng Hong children.

When Cheng Ran heard this, he frowned tightly, and Gu Changjin grinned beside him." The duke has a heart, but we don't even have time to deliver it."

Cheng Ran with his brother and sister, don't know at all, Cheng Hong never let them contact, they also not hot face to stick others cold fart |.

"It's okay. It's okay. It's the same for Master Cheng." Punishment the busy way, but some disappointment. Since he knew that the competition was organized by Cheng Hong, he has been thinking about how to please Cheng Hong. However, he did not know that Cheng Ran had a bad relationship with his younger brother and sister and even refused to send gifts…

It seems that Cheng Ran is the illegitimate child of Cheng Hong, nor is it unfounded…

"Punishment duke, the mobile town, tested? Is everyone in charge safe?" Shi Qingyang had already seen the mobile fortress and asked. In his previous life, he never cared about the safety of the tools he rode out of the city. At first, he was too weak and grew up in the city without any warning. Later, he was too strong to study these things.

But in this life, he is always a little too careful.

This time he was going to Anhang City. Before that, he had investigated the situation of the two mobile towns crossing between Xinghuo City and Anhang City in advance, but he didn't expect Xing Ou to change one for them.

Xing Ou was asked by Shi Qingyang, and his face was not very good: "This mobile fortress was rented by an out-of-town travel agency that I contacted in Anhang City. It was absolutely safe. Our own people were also arranged on it." He studied for a long time, and finally decided to listen to the advice of his staff, to get Cheng Ran a comfortable mobile fortress, also be to spark city team face, unexpectedly haven't set out, was questioned.

"The probability of an accident in a mobile fortress is very small, and foreign animals dare not attack us. Don't worry too much." The teacher of Spark College who came with me spoke. The Spark College sent a total of three teachers, talking is responsible for the fourth grade actual combat Chang Jiashi, four radiation fighter. The other is a pharmacy teacher, Ning An, an intermediate pharmacist, a three-level radiation fighter, and the other is a teacher from Class 10 of Shi Qingyang, Ping Haiyan.

Unlike the other two teachers, who are outstanding in the college, Hirayama is a very ordinary level 3 radiation fighter who has no actual combat experience, and he will come with them. On the one hand, he is the teacher of Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran, and on the other hand, he does a very good job in caring for people. However, he teaches Class 10 and the teacher disappears for a month, which is not a big deal.

"Can we detect this mobile fortress first?" Shi Qingyang asked again.

"This mobile fortress is good, but also needs to be tested?" Some students muttered.

"Master Cheng, this mobile fortress, I have already had it carefully checked. You can rest assured!" Punishment Europe to Cheng Ran guarantee.

But Cheng Ran just looked at Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang was relieved to see what Xing Ou said. He knew that the road from Xinghuo City to Anhang City was very safe, and there were no animals on the road, but he was still used to making adequate preparations, especially when Ping Haiyan would also go: "Anyway, safety is the most important thing, can this mobile fortress carry chariots? Get all our chariots on board."

"The above prepared chariots…" Punishment Europe because Shi Qingyang doubt some unhappiness, but in the end did not oppose, let Shi Qingyang will chariots.

Shi Qingyang also knows that Xing Ou will never deal with them. Speaking of this matter, Xing Ou wants to please and will naturally accept it as soon as he sees fit.

"This mobile fortress is so handsome!" Just after entering the mobile fortress, there was a girl.

"This is the first time I have left Spark City. I didn't expect to sit in such a mobile fortress!" Another boy also said.

"I also want to thank master Cheng. we all depend on him to get this chance." All of a sudden someone got weird and said.

"We really should thank Cheng Ran. If it weren't for Cheng Ran, we wouldn't have had this chance!" A boy said at once and smiled kindly at Cheng Ran again.

Cheng Ran also knew that not everyone likes himself, and just smiled at the boy who showed his kindness: "You're welcome."

"All right, gather quickly and we'll assign rooms." Ning An glanced at his students.

There are many rooms in this mobile town, and some people have already moved into relatively poor rooms on the periphery. Apart from the original managers and drivers in the mobile town, there is also a 10-member patrol team, of which the captain is a Class III radiation fighter and the others are also Class II.

See such security configuration, and then associated with Gu Changjin level 5 strength, just still speak sour words, immediately closed his mouth, Shi Qingyang also reassured.

There are many rooms in this mobile fortress. Each room is about 15 square meters, one bedroom and one bathroom. The teacher and the contestants soon chose their own rooms. Shi Qingyang Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin stayed in the middle suite.

Of course, although they chose a room, it was only temporary storage of luggage. Spark City is not far from An Hang Cheng. It starts early in the morning and can arrive at night. There is no need to sleep along the way.

When Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran put down their salute, they immediately took out a set of anti-radiation clothing and gave it to Cheng Ran: "However, put on this clothing."

"Can we not wear it?" Cheng Ran took the clothes, some hesitation, after all, radiation protection clothing is particularly uncomfortable.

"The radiation in the mobile town is much stronger than that in the city. It is better to wear it and it is safe." Shi Qingyang insisted.

Nodded, Cheng Ran obediently began to take off your clothes.

Shi Qingyang suddenly felt a little pity. Now the weather is relatively cool. Cheng Ran wears a little too much and can't see anything when changing clothes…

Cheng Ran's anti-radiation suit has a temperature control system, and the anti-radiation helmet on his head fits well and is not heavy. after the whole suit is put on, he looked at Shi Qingyang: "let's go outside and have a look? I don't even know what it is like outside the city."

"After that, I will definitely take you out to play." Shi Qingyang smiled. When many strong men go out to hunt animals or take a mission, they will bring a mobile fortress to facilitate their rest. There are often some people in charge of taking care of them. Cheng Ran can bring Cheng Ran if he wishes in the future.

Cheng Ran immediately smiled and nodded his head.

The protective cover of the mobile fortress is as transparent as the urban protective cover. Standing on the periphery, you can see the situation outside. However, because the mobile fortress is moving at a fast speed, everything around you can't be seen clearly. You can only see the trees going back quickly.

As soon as Cheng Ran was seated, the management of the mobile fortress came up and asked if they needed breakfast.

Cheng Ran gathered early in the morning and did not eat much. He nodded at the moment. The others were similar to him and asked for some food, especially Shi Qingyang, who wanted more.

At the time of the east-west end, the mobile fortress, which had been driving along the passageway for more than an hour, had left the safety zone. The reason of the safety zone was relatively flat, and the road outside was bumpy. However, the anti-bumpy ability of this private mobile town was very strong, so they did not feel uncomfortable. Only two girls felt dizzy and finally could not bear it and went into the bedroom to have a rest.

"People who take the mobile town for the first time are not used to it. I made a pot of soup. Do you want some?" Hirayama brought another pot of soup.

After all, Ping Haiyan was a teacher. Most people were very proud and asked for soup one after another. Only Shi Qingyang refused: "No, we have already taken the medicine."

"Oh, that's good." Hirayama did not insist either.

Seeing Ping Haiyan leaving, Gu Changjin suddenly looked at Shi Qingyang: "You are really careful in your work. I don't believe that you will be a teenager who has traveled far for the first time." The city is very safe. For ordinary people, the most dangerous thing outside the city is animals. How can ordinary people be so careful like Shi Qingyang?

Even though he has seen many dangerous things, he does not think anyone dares to move a small mobile town outside the city, let alone there are still many radiation fighters on it.

"Grandpa Gu, it is better to be careful." Cheng Ran has always felt that Shi Qingyang is good everywhere and naturally supports Shi Qingyang.

"You!" Gu Changjin glanced at Cheng Ran and then went to see Shi Qingyang: "I was worried that you were afraid of this and that. In the end, you were too careful and could not reach the top…If you want to grow up, you must go out of the city and experience. People who stay in the city all day can't be strong. I once met a strong man with six grades who was poured with medicine. The man also challenged me, but in the end, he could not hold on for a minute."

"I know." Shi Qingyang nodded his head.

"Shi Qingyang, outside the city is not so dangerous…" Gu Changjin also intends to say what, moving forward smoothly fortress suddenly stopped.

Shi Qingyang fiercely stood up, he has been carrying a burden, at this time want to also don't want to, quickly took out the combat uniform to wear.

Gu Changjin's action is not slow either. Although he has been taking care of Cheng Ran for more than ten years, everything before has not fallen behind. Moreover, influenced by Shi Qingyang, he has always carried his combat uniform with him.

In Shi Qingyang just put on combat gear, by the way, let Cheng Ran again after put on a body armor, mobile fortress above the shield suddenly burst, the whole mobile fortress completely exposed to the radiation outside the city.

All this came too suddenly, and all the people on the mobile fortress panicked. Although these students are the best in Spark College, most of them have not experienced any battle. Fortunately, they are all radiation fighters, so exposure to radiation is not a big deal.

But even so, some people still screamed, "What's the matter, what happened to the mobile fortress?"

"Will foreign animals eat us when we anchor here?"

"What is going on in this mobile town? We won't die, will we?"

"Be quiet, don't mess!" Chang Jiashi shouted that the students and those sent by the condemned Europe were not very obedient.

"All the students are going to put on combat uniforms and wait for rescue. All the fighters are going to put their equipment together and carry the vehicles to check if they can run. We are not far from Hang Cheng. Even if the mobile town is damaged, we can still rely on the chariots!" Shi Qingyang used the amplification equipment on the combat uniform. He calmed the panic around him, but he was alert.

He never expected that anyone would dare to tamper with this mobile fortress! Most of the people under the Xing Ou have been bought off.

"I was careless." Gu Changjin was extremely upset. Seeing the current situation, he knew that most of them could not be good. He was still in Qingyang, an educator just now. Who ever thought that such a thing would happen in an instant?

He knew that some people in Spark City hated them, but before that, he never thought that anyone would dare to do such a thing.

"No one expected…Grandpa Gu, maybe it was really just a malfunction." Shi Qingyang took Cheng Ran to the place where the chariot was.

"I wish…" Gu Changjin said so, but he did not believe it.

The quality of the mobile fortress is very good. One of the crawler belts below is broken, so it can be used as a spare. Everything else has to go through numerous process tests. The possibility of damage is very small. Now the mobile town suddenly stops and does not speak. The protective cover is broken. There must be another reason.

The fact is that it was not long before the mobile fortress broke down. Suddenly, several chariots stopped nearby. These chariots were of different styles and all made some camouflage. After approaching, others threw several grenades at the mobile fortress.

Obviously, the grenade thrower was not weak in his radiation power. After being controlled by the radiation power, all the grenades were thrown into the opening in the protective cover, causing an alarm. Fortunately, the defense force of the mobile fortress was good. Everyone left the opening again, so no one was injured.

Shi Qingyang finally confirmed that some people were really bold enough to hunt them down this time: "What about the weapon system of the mobile fortress?"

"The weapon system has broken down and the whole mobile town has been paralyzed…" Some people spoke. At that time, the initial riots passed and the fighters in the mobile town finally gathered together. However, Shi Qingyang did not believe these people.

"The little fellow inside, if you know enough, hand over Cheng Ran quickly, otherwise we will not spare!" Someone shouted outside.

Seeing the present situation, Shi Qingyang was the first to suspect the yin family, but the yin family had only two five-level radiation energy fighters. one was old, and one seldom went out of the city. in theory, the fighting capacity was not strong. which dare to do such a thing?

"We don't want to hurt people. We just want to exchange Cheng Ran for the prescription of Cheng family's all-powerful medicine. As long as Cheng Ran is handed over, everyone else will be fine." The man added.

Kidnapping Cheng Ran for the Prescription of Universal Medication? The eyes of several students hiding with them all fell on Cheng Ran, but instead Cheng Ran, at this time, did not panic, but stood straight behind Shi Qingyang.

"You bandits!" Chang Jiashi, the actual combat teacher, was obviously dissatisfied. his hands drew a circle, his fingers moved slightly, and an arrow composed of radiation energy stabbed the car that threw grenades.

The level 4 radiation fighter could walk sideways in spark city, but his attack was about to hit the opposite person when he was suddenly blocked by a weakened shield.

The other side has a master!

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