Since Cheng Hui suddenly broke through and became a Class 8 radiation energy fighter, Cheng family, who had already received much attention for all-round medicine, was pushed to the forefront once again.

The people who started investigating Cheng Xuze after the emergence of the all-round medicine have now added a lot of strength.

Cheng Xuze has a wide circle of friends, but how could his friend so selflessly give him the prescription of all-round medicine? And Cheng Hui, although Cheng's family kept the secret from the ground, will also reveal something. At least, Cheng's father and son often practice at home at the same time, which is not a secret.

There must be someone who taught the Cheng family and their three sons what…

Those people finally set their doubts on the online "I don't want to starve". unfortunately, this person's identity is very tightly hidden. that's all. in his usual reply, he never disclosed his information.

Until I don't say anything about HuoFeng Company on an empty stomach.

The 100 people who bought the chariots of HuoFeng Company were either rich or expensive. Although they wanted to continue their investigation, they also feared to annoy others and finally had to give up.

However, no one outside investigated the matter, but something happened to the Cheng family itself-Cheng Hong was injured after his breakthrough failure and returned to Anhang City.

Cheng Hong was the deputy duke of An Hang Cheng and also the president of An Hang Cheng Radiation Energy Association. In An Hang City, everyone was fawning on him. Even Li Rong, the duke of An Hang Cheng, was very kind to him, but when he arrived in Yangtze City, he was nothing.

In order to make himself go further, in order to let his children get more resources, he applied for a transfer and stayed in Changjiang City for more than a year, but in the end he had no effect at all, and his radiation energy did not even increase…

As he became more and more suspicious of the so-called achievement method of skipping like that, his eldest brother unexpectedly broke through!

Since Cheng Hui's breakthrough, Cheng Hui has become more and more entangled. He even started to practice radio exercises with more time for quick success and instant benefits. Even on New Year's Eve, he did not relax.

"Dad, are you dancing?" Fourteen-year-old Cheng Zhenzhen called Cheng Hong to have a midnight snack when she caught sight of this scene. She couldn't help laughing immediately. Her father has always been a very serious person. She never thought he would have to do such a thing one day.

"What are you talking about?" Cheng Hong thundered.

"That is doing exercises? Dad does a lot of radio exercises." Cheng Zhenzhen added.

Cheng Hong originally followed Cheng Xuze and Cheng Hui to do it together, and did not think of anything else. Now her daughter reminds her, but the more she thinks about it, the more she feels something is wrong.

It's useless to practice this stuff, isn't it? Is there any other reason why Cheng Hui will break through?

Cheng Hong became more and more suspicious, and then he thought of his son.

Cheng Hong's son was injected with radiation inducer a year ago. He used the best inducer and drank all-round drug all the time. However, his final talent was only double A-, grade 7 and maybe even reached, but grade 8 was basically hopeless.

Although Cheng Hui's two daughters are not born radiation, their qualifications are a little better than his son's!

"Dad, you are still practicing so late, is it for a breakthrough? Uncle broke through, can you also break through?" Cheng Zhenzhen didn't notice his father's face and asked again.

"Breakthrough can be so easy? Why don't you sleep so late? Hurry back to sleep!" Cheng Hong's frown was tight. After her daughter left, she became more and more unwilling.

It happened that on the first day of the second day of the year, Li Rong, the duke of Anhang city, contacted him again. on the one hand, he paid a new year's greetings to him, and on the other hand, he asked him if there were any candidates to recommend in his position: "Cheng laodi, I have also kept your position for more than a year, and I will wait for you to come back, but you should plan to make a breakthrough in the cultivation of Yangtze city by the way, and you can't always leave these two seats empty…"

Li Rong's words, both inside and outside, seemed to confirm that Cheng Hong could break through. The more Cheng Hong listened, the less he felt: "Duke, I will be back soon."

If you don't say that your strength has not been improved, your career will be lost, and everyone else thinks that he will break through, but he shows no sign at all…that night, Cheng Hong gritted his teeth and began to break through forcibly.

So there is not enough accumulation of forced breakthrough, has always been a big fear of radiation can practice, few can succeed, most will only bite itself, Cheng Hong nature is no exception, he not only failed, but like Cheng Hui before, get yourself hurt.

Cheng Xuze know this matter, quickly in the past, but instead drew Cheng Hong had a big fight with him, think he is eccentric.

Cheng Xuze had no way to deal with this son, so he simply threw it away. Cheng Hong saw this situation and returned to Anhang City the next day with his wife and children, regardless of his injuries.

Just after the end of the year, Cheng Hong returned to Anhang City. Many people who watched the Cheng family saw the joke of the Cheng family-Cheng Xuze, even if he was capable, did not even have a good son!

Cheng Xuze received a lot of ridicule. When he was more and more disappointed with his second son, Cheng Hong returned to Anhang City. When he came back, he was greeted by various banquets. Naturally, many people wanted to spy on him.

Cheng Xuze surface is a clown, in fact what to say and what not to say clearly, Cheng Hui smiling all day long, also can't get anything useful from him, but Cheng Hong is different, as long as you have enough skills, can always know something from him, unfortunately, Cheng Xuze many things from Cheng Hong, Cheng Hong know not much.

"I heard that he met a big man in the central city of the central city and got the all-round medicine. The man also pointed out his son. Should Cheng Laodi have seen it?" Holding red wine, Li Rong looked at Cheng Hong with a smile.

Li Rong was born in a family with a long history in the central city, but his talent is not good. He even stopped at level 6 just like Cheng Hong. However, in other aspects, he is much better than Cheng Hong. At least, the Li Duke has extensive friends and friends all over China, which many people know.

Seeing Li Rong's assurance, Cheng Xuze was even more enraged: "where can I know those things?"

Although the news didn't dig out a lot, in the long run, it provoked the relationship between Cheng Hong and Cheng Xuze Cheng Hui. Li Rong was also very satisfied with this, and comforted, "Brother Cheng, don't pay too much attention to some things. We don't have to take them seriously. We just need to do our job well. This time the Radiological Energy Institute in Anhang City will hold a student competition, and you need more efforts from the Radiological Energy Association."

"I will definitely do well." Cheng Hong was recognized, the baggage and take the journey immediately.

"Cheng bro's son how old? Is it seventeen or eighteen? Will you take part in the competition? It is said that the competition here will be better than the actual combat in many aspects." Li Rong added.

"My child is only 17 years old, and has been able to induce radiation for less than a year. Now he is getting started. I'm afraid I can't take part in such competitions." Speaking of his son, Cheng Hong's attitude eased a lot.

Li Rong smiled, but his heart was already full of success.

Cheng Ran is a member of the Cheng family. He knew this for a long time, but depending on the situation, the Cheng family didn't care much about Cheng Ran…At least, Cheng Hong didn't take this son seriously.

But this matter is unknown to others, and Cheng Ran is really going to have an accident. The Cheng family will react somewhat.

He didn't intend to go to the Shangcheng family, but he came to Hang Cheng for several years and watched the transition day coming. He always had to do something.

As a second-class city, Anhang City has three third-class cities, namely, clear lake City, Golden Water City and Spark City. In clear lake City and Golden Water City, he only arranged for some unimportant people, but in Spark City, he held the Yin family.

Before the Yin family asked him to tide over the difficulties, he asked the Yin family to give him all the shady businesses, let them "clean up" and let them "clean up" a group of people and help him manage those businesses outside the city. Now, he and the Yin family are firmly tied together.

Yin Ming did those little tricks, he is not don't know, he is more clear, Yin family even want to restore the scenery before now. However, he didn't care about those things, for no other reason, just because it is in line with his mind-his business below wants to be big, and now he urgently needs to control a city.

Cheng Gu because Cheng Ran in spark city, with the spark city duke punishment of the increasingly close contact, punishment of the European also completely fell to the Cheng Gu, such a person, he can't woo don't say, but also to prevent the people support Cheng Hong when the transition.

Moreover, the Xing Ou has been looking for trouble with the yin family for more than a year, which has also annoyed him a little. he is eager to get him off the horse as soon as possible and to make use of people…

Cheng Ran, hated by Yin family members, is not a good breakthrough? Not only that, he handed over the matter to the Yin family to do, if he really failed, it would not involve himself.

If you want to succeed, you must have the courage to take risks.

At the end of the banquet, Li Rong quickly found the people around him and ordered them carefully.

Before the winter vacation was over and Shi Qingyang's birthday was yet to come, the dean of Spark College, You Liangping, went to the door for nothing but the upcoming competition in Anhang City.

Every city has a radiation energy college, which is also the best school in the whole city. It can be said that it is a unique one. It has concentrated teaching resources and has certain advantages but also certain disadvantages. For example, it is easy to be complacent.

Later, some activities were held to imitate the ancient students' participation in various competitions. Each year, the students of the Institute of Radiation Energy selected some to go to the higher cities to hold one or two competitions and exchange ideas with each other.

This time, Anhang City organized students from its three tertiary cities to compete in Anhang City. At the same time, Anhang College in Anhang City itself will arrange people to exchange experiences and learn from each other.

The competition of cultural courses can be conducted only through the internet, so such competition is mainly compared with actual combat and medicine.

Although Cheng Ran was ill before, Cheng Hong had already let You Liangping no longer need to pay attention to Cheng Ran, but Cheng Ran is, after all, a child of Cheng Gu, You Liangping to Cheng Ran is still very concerned about, now there is such a competition, the person in charge was still Cheng Hong, he immediately thought of let Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang also to attend.

Even if Cheng Ran has no radiation energy, his performance in medicine is very good. Even if Shi Qingyang has poor talent, his fighting capacity is beyond doubt. It is appropriate to let them take part in it both in public and in private.

"Dean, can we not attend?" Shi Qingyang asked that he really wanted to take part in such competitions to hone his skills, but he didn't want Cheng Ran to face Cheng Hong.

"Don't attend? Shi Qingyang, you are the first in the actual combat assessment of the college grade. Even the students of grade 3 and grade 4 are not as good as you, don't you go?" You Liangping was very puzzled: "And Cheng Ran, the pharmacy teacher recommended you deliberately. I hope you win honor for the college. Are you really not going to attend?"

"If Qingyang doesn't want to go, then he won't." Cheng Ran immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"In this competition, if you win, there will be prizes. As long as you win the other two third-class cities, you can take them. There are also good medicines in them. Besides, if you go to the second-class cities, you can see the world." You Liangping urged that the list of contestants is almost fixed…"There, you can know a lot of people, some things in secondary cities, but also can't be bought in tertiary cities, once and for all, the total cost is only one month…"

You Liangping said more and more, Shi Qingyang also considered it. After his rebirth, he stayed in Spark City all the time. He wanted to improve his strength and develop his power, but in fact he didn't achieve anything, while Anhang City…

He once stayed in Anhang City for several years, where he rose up. He also met many people there, including several of his comrades in arms. He was even there, joining a team for the first time.

Those people are different from Feng Linqiu. They shared weal and woe with him and did not betray him. It's just a pity that most of them have only four grades in their whole life. As he gets stronger and stronger, they finally can't even go out of town together…

"However, do you want to go to Anhang City?" Shi Qingyang asked.

"I am with you." Cheng Ran said, in fact, he had always wanted to go to Anhang City. His parents worked in Anhang City, but they left him in a villa in Changjiang City. At that time, Cheng Hong often said that if he became stronger, he would take him to…

But now, he does not care.

Shi Qingyang could see that Cheng Ran had completely ignored Cheng Hong. After thinking about it, he finally agreed: "We will go to Anhang City."

"That's good. Then the college teachers and other senior students will go with you. Lao Gu can also go with you. We will leave in ten days." You Liangping immediately said.

"No problem." Shi Qingyang agreed, such actions will be taken to the mobile town, there are many people to follow, the road will never have an accident, even if the Yin family want to start, I'm afraid I don't have the courage to do so…

Shi Qingyang felt that nothing would happen, but he was used to being cautious, so he finally made a lot of preparations. When he set out, he and Gu Changjin were both carrying large bags.

Cheng Ran had always wanted to take over the burden from them, but they refused. He could only follow behind and looked at it curiously-he had come to Spark City in a chariot, and now it was the first time he had taken a mobile town.

Spark College, with a total of 15 people participating in the competition, should normally take a small mobile town that transports goods between Hang Cheng and Spark City. However, when they arrived at the gate of the city, they found that what was waiting for them turned out to be a very prosperous small mobile fortress decorated.

The mobile fortress is about 1,000 square meters in size. Above the thick steel plate, it is a shelter covered with protective covers. Under the steel plate, there are tracks.

Moving fortresses move along countless roads between cities. If they are in the wilderness, they will crush all the different plants and even float on the water.

The only way to block its progress is the steep mountain range, but it can completely detour-people have already blown out spacious passages between many mountain ranges in order to facilitate the movement of the small town.

In addition to the mobile fortress, waiting at the gate of the city, and Xinghuo City duke punishment.

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