Shi Qingyang thought a lot, but now he is just a low-level radiation fighter who has just reached level 2 in Spark City. In this capacity, he thinks too much. I'm afraid others will only find it funny.

However, there is no way to do anything as Shi Qingyang, but I can do something as I don't want to be hungry. As soon as I got back to the city, Shi Qingyang went online to find Cheng Xuze and asked Cheng Xuze to help find out who sent the Yin family out of the city.

Shi Qingyang seldom asked Cheng Xuze to do anything, and suddenly asked the other party to do this, which inevitably made Cheng Xuze sigh with emotion: "Master, you are so kind to Shi Qingyang." Since I don't want to drive a new car from Phoenix Company hungry, it is impossible to live in Spark City as he said before. To do so, it must be all for Shi Qingyang.

Can it be bad for yourself? Shi Qingyang typed a line lightly: "He is my disciple after all."

"Master, you have done your best for your apprentice. I want to be your apprentice. Please accept me!" Cheng Xuze spoke, he is a Class 8 radiation fighter, but in normal communication, I don't want to be hungry, but I can clearly know the problems he encountered. He has more than once doubted that the other party is a Class 9 master, and he doesn't feel humiliated to be the other party's apprentice.

Perhaps there is more than one top nine player in China, but there is one who is persecuted…no, which persecuted person can still Fire Phoenix company's chariots?

Or is it wrong, who can still play chariots among those capable old guys? Even discovered the problem that would only occur when driving to the highest speed.

What's more, the 100 chariots were bought by people under the age of 50. Maybe some old guy secretly drove his son's or grandson's car out to play and found the problem? Because it was opened secretly, I didn't not bashful to tell the people of HuoFeng Company directly, and finally I could only say it online…

Shi Qingyang would change the subject of questions he could not answer: "One more thing is about the mobile fortress. The radiation protection function of the mobile fortress must be strengthened." Liu Qilin said that after the harsh environment in the mobile town, Shi Qingyang immediately thought of Cheng Ran who could not stand the radiation.

"I know, this is for Shi Qingyang. I gave it to Shi Qingyang, and my grandson can still use it. of course, I need to make good use of it. he he." Cheng Xuze face satisfiedly smile.

Shi Qingyang tried hard to ignore the expression of Cheng Xuze on the other side. He moved his mind and decided to continue to be a good "master": "It is good that you know, my disciple should be pursuing your grandson."

He has been in love with Cheng Ran for more than a year, but since Gu Changjin is always here, he is now kissing his face with a small hand. He could have slept together, but Cheng Ran knew he was shy again.

Cheng Xuze instantly froze the expression on her face, this more than a year to the Yangtze river city, there are too many things, Cheng Hui in order to pharmaceutical factory all-round drug production, regularly ran out of the city to "pull the grass", he naturally can't also run to other places, so there is no go to spark city, just from time to time on the Internet and his grandson, spark city contact.

Because of this, his impression of Cheng Ran still stays on the simple child more than a year ago, but it is Shi Qingyang…More than a year ago, Shi Qingyang looked very thoughtful, he has always liked such ambitious young people, they will make him think of himself once, but this does not mean that he is willing to let Shi Qingyang be his son-in-law, what's more, Cheng Ran is still a simple child who knows nothing.

"Master, you mean…"

"I said, my apprentice is pursuing your grandson." Shi Qingyang said directly that he had decided to pave his own way ahead of time to become a grandfather.

As for being a father, you don't have to deal with it at all, just ignore it.

"Is it a little small, Xiao Ran?" Cheng Xuze again thought of his grandson, who is pink and tender.

"Just two months younger than Shi Qingyang." Shi Qingyang laid a line of words.

"Only two months younger?" Cheng Xuze muttered to himself, if it weren't for the video, don't want to lose face in front of me not hungry, I'm afraid he would want to find a sandbag to vent.

As for now…Cheng Xuze smiled awkwardly: "Ha ha, I don't know anything about the young man…" Before I don't want to be hungry, he couldn't say anything, but when he returned, he must ask Cheng Ran carefully.

In fact, if Cheng Ran likes Shi Qingyang, it doesn't matter if the two are together. After all, Shi Qingyang has a good master and his status is not low. He was afraid that his grandson didn't begin to understand and was kidnapped.

"Yes, let young people handle their own affairs." After the vaccination, Shi Qingyang was in a good mood.

Cheng Xuze is after stopped communication, can't wait to find the contact Cheng Ran.

"Grandpa, what's the matter?" Cheng Ran see contact terminal Cheng Xuze appearance, asked.

"Xiao Ran, Grandpa has something to ask you." Cheng Xuze hesitated, facing his grandson, and finally decided to ask directly, "Xiao Ran, Shi Qingyang is chasing you?"

"No." Cheng Ran direct way.

His grandson, this is still don't know? Cheng Xuze breathed a sigh of relief. He just wanted to say that early love is not good, but he didn't want Cheng Ran to add: "I agreed before chasing Shi Qingyang."


"Grandpa, after a year is Shi Qingyang birthday, he is eighteen years old, what gift do you say I send him? When I am 18 years old, we will be able to get the license…"Cheng Ran was instructed by Shi Qingyang, know to fall in love this matter can't tell Gu Changjin, always don't know who to ask, now meet with Cheng Xuze, came to the fun.

"Get the license, can be slower…" Cheng Xuze speechless, but on second thought, but happy again.

His grandson went after Shi Qingyang first and was still thinking about getting engaged…he really deserves to be his grandson! And when his grandson gets rid of Shi Qingyang, I don't want to be hungry, that's his son's generation.

Cheng Xuze saw his grandson's eyes glistening and his whole heart was set down. As long as Cheng Ran liked it, Shi Qingyang was also a very good object.

Such a thought, Cheng Xuze simply and grandson talked about this matter…

Two days later is New Year's Day. Many scholars have studied the things to be done in the ancient New Year, and now everyone can do the same, for example, setting off firecrackers.

However, today's cities are all shrouded in protective covers, and the air in the city has to be filtered. It is certainly impossible to set off firecrackers in the city, so the whole city was finally changed into a "bomb".

That night, a series of bombs were released from the bomb-launching device of the protective cover and exploded over the city, making the whole city brightly lit. In the past, the flying animals that enjoyed light every night and circled over the city disappeared completely. It was really a bit like using firecrackers to scare away monsters in ancient times.

On this day, Gu Changjin also specially made dumplings, and then put a large-scale Spring Festival gala in the living room in 3D with projection.

People from various cities performed at this gala, singing, dancing, skits, acrobatics…Shi Qingyang didn't have many artistic skills, so let's take a look at singing and dancing. acrobatics was my favorite. I watched it and, by the way, I also tried an action in the living room-that action was very good for fighting.

"Qingyang, come on!" Cheng Ran's attention was all on Shi Qingyang and he clapped his hands.

Shi Qingyang smiled, just want to say something, but saw acquaintances on TV-the audience, unexpectedly just sitting Lin Qiu.

Feng Linqiu is the most valued child of Feng family. Grandpa is a Grade 9 radiation fighter, and his father has Grade 8. He is one of the people who are most likely to reach Grade 9…

"Qingyang, what's the matter?" Cheng Ran asked curiously.

"Nothing." Shi Qingyang smiled, he really shouldn't have been affected by the previous things, now life is the most important thing.

Cheng Ran smiled and held a recorder to look at the calendar, slowly looking day by day.

"What are you looking at?" Shi Qingyang asked curiously.

"The calendar is very interesting. It stipulates a lot of things." Cheng Ran said, "Qingyang, your birthday is coming soon. After your birthday, you will be an adult."

"Yes, when the time comes the government will not be able to receive the relief fund…" Shi Qingyang suddenly remembered this matter, because of this matter, he had to work for a job in the last life.

"Are you still on the dole?" Gu Changjin asked in surprise.

Cheng Ran did not think much and agreed with Shi Qingyang: "Yes, it's really a pity. Qingyang, what gift do you want?"

"Anything." Shi Qingyang said that he was very happy when someone thought about it and sent it.

"Then I will decide for myself." Cheng Ran decided to turn over the book again.

Shi Qingyang suddenly remembered one thing: "Xiao Ran, what do you want for your birthday?" As he told Cheng Xuze, Cheng Ran is only two months younger than him. His birthday is February 25, but Cheng Ran's birthday is April 25.

The last time he was born, he forgot about it and didn't tell anyone. but for Gu Changjin's birthday, he wouldn't have known.

At that time, he had nothing to send, and finally he only bought Cheng Ran a pendant with monitoring body condition. He would actively notify the people around him when he was unwell and contact the hospital police. This time, he wanted to ask Cheng Ran for advice.

Cheng Ran has been thinking about getting married when his birthday comes. At this moment, his eyes lit up: "Do you think the ring is good?"

The meaning of the ring is really different…Shi Qingyang smiled and was wondering what kind of ring to buy. Suddenly he looked at the date on the calendar and froze.

April 25 is not only Cheng Ran's birthday, but also Lin Qiu's birthday.

Last time, Shi Qingyang only learned from Gu Changjin such information as "Cheng Ran's birthday in a few days". Naturally, he didn't pay attention. This time he just saw Feng Linqiu on TV and looked at that date for a long time. He did think of it.

At that time, Feng Linqiu said he was just two months younger than him, and now Cheng Ran is also…

Shi Qingyang sighed a coincidence and wrote down the day.

New Year's Eve needs to be kept up. The whole Spark City is almost brightly lit. A few years ago at this time, the Yin family was always very busy. But this year, the house where the Yin family is located is not as brightly lit as before. On the contrary, it is a bit too quiet.

One day in advance, people working in the Yin family had already taken their leave. Today, Yin patriarch, who originally liked to have a large family together for the holidays, suddenly expressed his need for peace and finally only called Yin Hao Yin Tiancheng and his son to accompany him to dinner.

As soon as Yin Hao and Yin Tiancheng left, there were only Yin Jinru and Yang Qiu sitting opposite each other.

For Yin Jinru, a child who did not crawl out of his belly, Yang Qiu's previous practice was not to take him seriously. At that time, the Yang family relied entirely on the Yin family, so no matter what Yin Hao did, she did not take it seriously, but now…

"Little B*stard, get out of here as soon as you finish eating. I don't have time to spend with you!" Yang Qiu looked at Yin Jinru, unceremoniously scold a way.

Yin Jinru ate silently, as if accustomed to all this, but pricked up his ears to listen to Yang Qiu swear words, distinguish the meaning inside, finally satisfied, just slowly walked out, and looked at the side.

Yin old man lived alone in a villa, not far away, always brightly lit in the past, this day only the living room lit a lamp, looks very lonely, as to whether it is really lonely or false lonely, it is no one knows.

Yin Jinru paused, withdrew his sight and wisely did not pass. The villa control room people saw this scene, relaxed and started smoking and playing cards again.

On the other side of the living room, Yin looked at his little son with a completely unfamiliar face, tears streaming down his face: "More than a year, more than a year…"

"Dad, I this is not specially come back for the New Year? It's really nothing outside." Yin Ming smiled with a more handsome face than before in Zhang Yuan.

"What do you mean nothing outside? Outside, if you make a mistake, you might lose your head!" Yin He harsh voice way.

"Dad, I'm really nothing. It's fun to play outside." Yin Ming paid no attention: "there is everything there, others have to spend a lot of money to get in, and in the beginning, I have to avoid some people, now is not there any problem? Just change your identity."

"You must be careful." Yin He knew his little son's character, and finally only sighed.

"Dad, Lord Li won't let me have anything." Yin Ming said.

"The Lord of Licheng is not simple. You must be careful." Yin He added.

"I know, but there are few people in Licheng's hands, and it is still up to us now…dad, I have something to discuss with you about our yin family."

"Yin's family is fine now. You don't have to worry too much." Yin patriarch spoke, although the Yin family has been suppressed by the Xing Ou for more than a year, but he felt that it was all right to clean up the Yin family moths around him.

"How can you not worry about? Dad, it's too much to hold one's breath now. I'm thinking, it's better to get Eulerian down, and those who hurt us at the beginning can't be spared." Yin Ming's eyes were full of pride.

"Have you done anything?" Yin He asked anxiously.

"It's nothing. It's just that the woman Liu Qilin found a trace of the mobile town." Yin Ming smiled.

"Are you crazy, if the mobile town was found…"

"Dad, it's just a trace, if she really found anything, there is no her in this world, I just let her find a little, and then find the calendar duke, said the matter…" Yin Ming some satisfied.

"What did the Lord Li say?" Yin asked the old man, at the beginning, in order to calm things down, they finally asked Li Rong. Li Rong wanted nothing but their mobile town and private shady business.

Because of this, they didn't let anyone find out anything wrong later, but even so, the yin family had a really humbled life for more than a year. his youngest son has been in town for several days, and he even found the opportunity to meet now.

"The Lord of Licheng wants us to win Spark City." Yin Ming's face was somewhat proud.

Yin He frowned, his younger son is what kind of person, he is not clear? Li Rong will be led by his younger son by the nose? This is simply a joke!

Eighty percent, it is Li Rong who wants to extend his hand, so he can go ahead…

However, they are all on the ship of Li Rong. Li Rong has not many people to use, so there is no need to be afraid of Li Rong selling them. if they do succeed in the end…

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