The alien plants near the city have been uprooted, and the chariots have been driven out again. However, all kinds of vegetation have grown thick. Shi Qingyang was thinking about the ant nest and let Gu Changjin go directly to the direction of the ant nest.

Along the way, plants grew more and more dense, and there were more and more exotic animals. However, when they saw chariots, they either ignored them or fled far away, but did not provoke them.

"Where are you going today?" Gu Changjin distinguished the navigation column standing on the roadside and asked.

Now in the city, it is completely possible to let the car drive itself, but outside the city, let alone drive itself, it is difficult to find a way.

The roads opened by the mobile towns that travel from city to city all the year round are symbols used by many people to identify roads. In addition, the state will organize radiation fighters to build navigation posts outside the city. This kind of navigation column, dyed red and surrounded by plants that are repugnant to animals, can often save people who get lost outside the city.

"Grandpa Gu, go further." Shi Qingyang looked at the map.

"Going forward? There is a danger zone." Gu Changjin frowned slightly. If Spark City goes to the direction of Anhang City, even if it leaves the safety zone, it will not be too dangerous, because dangerous animals on the road have been cleared by people coming and going, but their route this time is exactly the opposite of the direction of Anhang City.

"Grandpa Gu, let's look around." Shi Qingyang spoke.

"Yes, but be careful." Gu Changjin went on, he didn't think he would be in danger, just worried that his carelessness would hurt Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang smiled and said nothing. He walked through this road once. Of course, Ping Haiyan drove and said he would take him out of the city for training. At that time, he was just an ordinary student. He only thought that one day he could become stronger and kill more foreign animals to avenge his parents. He never thought anyone would want to kill himself…

There are few people coming here. The roads are blocked. When the chariots move forward, they often run over different plants and make various noises.

"Grandpa Gu, let's get off here." Seeing a dense forest from a distance, Shi Qingyang said.

"good." Gu Changjin nodded and parked the car in the grass.

After the variation of vegetation, it also appears to be much taller. In this dense forest, there are many trees that need two to three people to embrace. One of them is a mutant peach tree, with its open branches covering a large area. Many ants and beasts are crawling around on it. The cries of cicadas and beasts resound through the ears. Those who are not strong enough simply dare not come too close.

And the real strong, and won't care about such a place? At a glance here, we can know that there are not too many exotic animals, that is, there are more ant animals.

"There is probably an ant colony here, and nothing else." Gu Changjin quickly came to the conclusion that ants and beasts are not pleasant because they are very common and of average value. That's all. Once these guys come to they nest, they will bring great trouble to people.

However, although annoying, these very common ant animals are not included in the list of animals that must be destroyed.

These black ant animals do not attack humans on their own initiative. Most of the time, they will eat the roots of different fruits. Otherwise, they will also capture aphids and eat the bodies of other animals. They will not only be at peace with humans, but also clean up a lot of things and let people who have just left the city practice hunting.

"Grandpa Gu, that ant colony is so big that even people can enter it." Shi Qingyang pointed to a mound in the middle of the forest and smiled.

"This nest is still small. There are some termites. That is the expert at building ant nests. I have seen a photo of a termite nest, which is several tens of meters high." Gu Changjin sighs.

Shi Qingyang looked a few more times, took a few photos, then took out a recorder and began to look for plants Cheng Ran might use in the nearby replanting.

He often brought back plants that were not even medicinal materials to Cheng Ran, but after Cheng Ran's ordeal, some things were actually useful, such as the flower seeds he once brought back, and later Cheng Ran dug up a lot of starch from it. Although the taste became worse after mutation, it was edible after radiation.

Of course, besides radiation alone, it is already very troublesome.

Shi Qingyang walked around the nest, collected many plants, and could see several entrances of the nest more clearly. He even studied the surrounding environment, took photos with a recorder, and began to wonder which way to enter.

Gu Changjin looked at him doing research nearby, his eyes pumping straight: "Shi Qingyang, don't tell me, you want to enter the ant nest!"

"Grandpa Gu…"

"There is nothing in the nest except ants and beasts. A group of ants and beasts bite you one by one, and you won't even have any bones left!" Gu Changjin gnashed his teeth.

"Grandpa Gu, as you know, I cherish my life the most and will never do anything that threatens my life." Shi Qingyang immediately said that the ant nest was indeed very dangerous to him, but he had found a mud hole where ant animals placed ant eggs, so he just had to hold the hole…

Gu Changjin also knows that Shi Qingyang is telling the truth. Every time he goes out of the city, he prepares a lot of things. Moreover, it has been calm in the past two years. It doesn't matter if Shi Qingyang goes out of the city, but in fact, as long as he doesn't accompany him, Shi Qingyang will never go out of the city.

Such a careful person really won't do anything dangerous: "it's good that you understand."

"Grandpa Gu, do you think this grass is similar to the one above?" Shi Qingyang smiled and immediately changed the subject. Holding the recorder in his hand, he showed Gu Changjin the above image.

"I look a bit like it. I'll take it back first." Gu Changjin and Shi Qingyang started to pull up the grass around.

Cheng Ran likes these, they naturally have to work hard.

However, before long, they suddenly heard the sound of chariots, along with the sound of chariots and gunfire.

Such scenes are often encountered in the wild. Shi Qingyang and Gu Changjin have seen several waves along the way. Some people are hunting animals, but this time they also heard the voices of acquaintances.

"Third, aim at his eyes to shoot, old seven, your spoke can save some use, try to shoot! This guy is just the beginning! Second, drive faster!" Liu Qilin's voice is very loud, it should be using a sound amplifying device.

They hunted animals, probably flying kites. After enraging animals, the chariots slowly opened and led the animals to attack at the back. Although animals were very strong due to variation, their intelligence was very low. This method was very useful. Shi Qingyang liked it very much and paid more attention to it.

Sure enough, these people are using this method, a few chariots driving in front, followed by two mole crickets, one big and one small, the big is female, the small is male, they are about one person long, a dark brown and a light brown, with sharp short hair, came to Shi Qingyang near them, the male mole crickets have already failed, the female mole crickets angrily want to rush forward, originally standing on the roof of the chariot Liu Qilin suddenly moved spokes can produce blasting, the mole crickets

Liu Qilin jumped down from the roof of the car, took out a knife with her back behind her, and cut into the joint parts of the two mole crickets. On the one hand, she ensured that both mole crickets were dead, and on the other hand, after such a split, it was also convenient for them to ship.

After all this, Liu Qilin looked at Shi Qingyang and Gu Changjin: "Gu Shu, Qingyang."

"Aunt Liu." Shi Qingyang smiled and said hello.

"You are out of the city today, to find medicine? These are medicinal materials?" Liu Qilin looked at the weeds they pulled out with some surprise. should these be weeds? They came to the danger zone to pull weeds?

"We don't know each other very well." Shi Qingyang smiled and said casually, looking at the mole cricket beside him: "Liu Yi has had a good harvest today. Congratulations."

"Not really. Just a few more later." Liu Qilin smiled and said that it is really good to catch two mole crickets today. if she can make persistent efforts, she can give everyone under her a big red envelope during the new year.

"isn't it? I remember that the eggs of mole crickets are very valuable." Shi Qingyang has just seen the two mole crickets. They both look a little thin and still stay together. Obviously, they have just been produced for a while. However, the eggs of exotic animals are generally more expensive because they taste very good.

"We have not found the eggs of mole crickets. It is not easy to find." Liu Qilin said directly.

Shi Qingyang was somewhat helpless. Of course he knew that Liu Qilin did not find the egg of the mole cricket beast. After all, they had just killed the mole cricket beast guarding the egg-the mole cricket beast slowly turned into a nest keeper after it gave birth to the egg. Therefore, if they want to get the egg of the mole cricket beast, they must kill the mole cricket beast first.

He just said that, in fact, he just wanted Liu Qilin to find the eggs of mole crickets, but Liu Qilin's answer was so honest.

"Liu Yi, where did you see these two mole crickets? There may be nests of mole crickets."

"Qingyang, the nest of mole crickets is hard to find." Liu Qilin said that she once wanted to find a nest of exotic animals, only to find that she had wasted a lot of time and found nothing. since then, she simply did not think about what might not be found.

"Let's go and have a look?" Shi Qingyang laughed, mole crickets can be eaten in ancient times, and in ancient books found by Cheng Ran, it can also be used as medicine.

Although the description of two mole crickets in the prescription is totally out of line with those huge mole crickets now, Shi Qingyang thinks that the eggs of mole crickets should be good to eat, and it is better to use for the New Year.

"Yes, if you find it, you will get half." Liu Qilin immediately said that although she thought it was not easy to find the nest of mole crickets, she believed you were looking forward to the future.

However, after the words were spoken, Liu Qilin suddenly remembered what he LAN had told him to have a good relationship with Shi Qingyang and Gu Changjin: "no, if you find it, it's all yours."

"We only eat for ourselves, but not much." Shi Qingyang smiled.

More than a year later, he already knew something about He Lan Liu Qilin-these two people with completely different personalities actually married long ago.

In fact, they have been telling others that He Ming was a test-tube baby bred from Liu Qilin's egg and sperm from the sperm bank. He Lan finally gave birth to the baby, which made He Ming not be targeted by the Yang family.

Since Liu Qilin has said that she will give the eggs of foreign animals to Shi Qingyang, she didn't let others follow her. after those people hunted foreign animals nearby, she took Shi Qingyang and Gu Changjin along the track of the chariot.

The place where mole crickets were found was not far from the nest, but the terrain was a bit strange. The surrounding plants fell down a lot, looking as if they had been crushed by something. Shi Qingyang frowned slightly when he saw this scene.

"You also think there is something wrong here isn't it? Does it look like it was run over by a moving town?" Liu Qilin asked: "I only came here after finding traces here."

"Liu Yi, the mobile town you have been looking for?" Shi Qingyang asked that He Lan, like him, was at enmity with the Yang family. After receiving the news of Yang Taohai's execution, he put it down. To his surprise, Liu Qilin had been looking for the mobile town.

"Yes, I have been looking for it." Liu Qilin nodded and smiled awkwardly at the thought of always telling others these things were not good." we are here to find the nest of mole crickets, so don't say that."

"Liu Yi, can you tell me something about that mobile town?" At the beginning, Shi Qingyang only heard Liu Qilin mention it, but later he did not find anything and let it go, but now he is suddenly very curious.

"In fact, it's nothing, the people there are criminals, young, feminine beauty woman will be asked to receive some guests, began to grow old woman will be asked to be pregnant and have children. The radiation in the mobile town is relatively strong, and it is very difficult for women to conceive naturally, so they are all made of test tubes and always give birth to girls…I am naturally pregnant, which is very rare. My mother gave birth to a test tube baby before me. It was bred from the eggs of the best-looking woman in the mobile town and the sperm of men. It was a beautiful girl, but when she was only ten years old, she was taken away. Then my parents saw her body thrown outside…I was not good-looking, but my parents worried that they would give me plastic surgery, and then they desperately saved me." Liu Qilin said lightly, but those lives are completely conceivable.

In fact, she is very lucky. Her parents love each other, and she is their common child. Unlike other people, women often give birth to other people's children.

The outspoken Liu Qilin's expression became more and more somber: "there is everything on it, women, drugs, and we have no way to ask for help."

Shi Qingyang has heard of such a thing before. How safe the city is, how dangerous it is outside the city. This is the difference between heaven and hell: "Don't worry, those who break the law and commit crimes will definitely be punished!"

"I will not give up. I will save those people one day." Liu Qilin was very firm. originally, with her qualifications, there were many people competing to marry her, but she didn't agree just for revenge.

"Liu Yi, take your time. Your safety is the most important thing." Shi Qingyang also had some regrets, but his eyes were on the root of a dead tree. The different plants in this place grow more luxuriantly than elsewhere.

Directly forward, Shi Qingyang vigorously pulled out the clump of grass more luxuriant than elsewhere, and suddenly a hole appeared on the ground.

Mole crickets dig holes that are narrow on the top and wide on the bottom and look like wine bottles as spawning places, put in a certain amount of food, then block the holes with mud and weeds, and even put a piece of turf on the top.

Because the following is the hole that mole crickets seal with chewed grass and mud, the grass above will grow better than other places.

"Shi Qingyang, you are really good." Liu Qilin returned to her mind and exclaimed, "He Ming was out of town a few days ago. what he found was only enough for him to eat."

"I learned something online." Shi Qingyang turned on the searchlight on his head and looked inside. After confirming that the eggs below had not hatched, he looked at Liu Qilin again: "Liu Yi, can you go down and bring up the eggs? You are smaller." More importantly, after mentioning the mobile town, Liu Qilin's mood is a little low, and even doing something can divert attention.

"Yes." Liu Qilin agreed immediately.

Liu Qilin wanted to give all the eggs of exotic animals to Shi Qingyang, but Shi Qingyang finally took only two. He didn't do much this time. It was enough to take two back to Cheng Ran.

However, when he went back, he always felt a little uneasy and did not know whether it was because of the mobile town mentioned by Liu Qilin.

At the beginning, they did not find out that the Yin family had a mobile town, but if the Yin family did have a mobile town and had access to criminals, in this case, could those exiled Yin family be sent to the mobile town?

Although they took precautions against this and sent all the criminals to the Yangtze River City, beyond the reach of the Yin family, they were not actually insured…

Shi Qingyang admitted that he had not put down his heart to the Yin family. Otherwise, he would not have gone out of the city every time and stayed with Gu Changjin. However, it happened that the Yin family was so well hidden that the punishment Europe had been looking for something about the Yin family. Cheng Xuze also had more support for the punishment Europe and finally found nothing.

Moreover, the heart of the Xing Ou is getting bigger and bigger…

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