Yin Tiancheng walked very fast, but Shi Qingyang suddenly found that Yin Tiancheng followed him. In addition to the bodyguard beside Yin Tiancheng who helped to rebuke him just now, several other people were all very strange. He could not see the rank of those people, but by looking at their demeanor and actions alone, he knew that those people should all be radiation fighters who often fought.

The Yin family has kept a low profile this year, but its strength is still there. Xing Ou is anxious to annex the Yin family, and maybe he will suffer a setback in the end.

"Did they come first?" Cheng Ran looked at Shi Qingyang and his face was a bit blank. Just now he was very grateful to the manager for arranging a place for him, but he didn't think the seat was taken from someone else.

Even if he doesn't like Yin Tiancheng, he feels it is not good.

"Is this what you said about the arrangements?" Shi Qingyang is smiling at the manager.

The beautiful-looking manager's face changed: "I'm really sorry, Master Cheng, the people below are not doing well…"

"I think those people did a very good job, just let us on." Shi Qingyang said, if the manager really wants to please them, he should clear the venue in advance, otherwise it's nothing to change the box, there are plenty of reasons to give them seats, but she just let them rob Yin Tiancheng's box…mostly want them to make up.

Even if not make up, also can make enemies, isn't it? Shi Qingyang also saw Yin Tiancheng's gloomy expression before.

Speaking, although Shi Qingyang did not like Yin Tiancheng, he did not want to regard Yin Tiancheng as an enemy, but Yin Tiancheng seemed to regard him as a big enemy.

There was no change in the smile on the manager's face, except that he could not hear Qingyang's meaning: "Master Yin has a bad temper. We can't help it either. The three of us should go in quickly. The dishes will be served soon."

There is more than one balcony on the top floor, and what is arranged for them is indeed the best one. It not only has floor-to-ceiling windows, but also can see the bright lights of Spark City at night, and some flowers and plants are even planted beside it.

Plants that do not have variation will die if they are careless. Although there is less radiation in the city, there are also some. Generally, flowers and plants come out of special breeding houses and can only live for two or three days outside. It is conceivable how much money it is to put so many flowers and plants.

Cheng Ran should have been the most concerned about such flowers and plants, but he still thought about what happened just now: "Qingyang, what happened before?"

"Master, it's nothing, you don't have to take it to heart." Gu Changjin hide Cheng Ran uncomfortable, immediately comfort way.

"Yin Tiancheng came to this box first, and when the manager saw us, he deliberately sent someone to drive Yin Tiancheng away, and let us come up again so that we could get on with each other…" Shi Qingyang analyzed the whole thing, and finally added: "Maybe driving out Yin Tiancheng's people and pushing the whole thing onto us."

"Is this not good? Why would they do that?" Cheng Ran didn't expect to meet such a thing after eating a meal. His eyes were full of doubts.

"It should be to use us to suppress the Yin family." Shi Qingyang smiled: "However, you just need to know and don't have to worry about it."

Cheng Ran nodded: "Yes, I just need to follow Qingyang." When he made it clear why, he relaxed and began to be interested in the flowers and plants beside him. Gu Changjin sat next to him and sighed when he saw the scene." I used to protect the young master too tightly," he whispered. Just like just now, his first reaction was not to let Cheng Ran know these nasty things…Fortunately, Shi Qingyang still remembered to explain to Cheng Ran.

"Not just before." Shi Qingyang whispered, Gu Changjin is also keeping Cheng Ran tight now. If he relaxes, he and Cheng Ran can live in a world of two.

"You don't think I don't know what you think," Gu Changjin gave Shi Qingyang a look." You are really good, but many young masters have no other choice."

"Is it?" Shi Qingyang casually replied with unconcern, Gu Changjin also said, more estimates are beating himself, if he really don't agree, can let oneself gather together beside Cheng Ran?

As for Cheng Ran, he may have other choices…He will nip all rival lovers in the bud!

Cheng Ran has seen the flowers kept in the balcony and looked at the outside scenery through the French window: "It's a beautiful night."

"However, look at the sky." Shi Qingyang suddenly said that the higher buildings in the city are all close to the protective cover, and this room located on the top floor is certainly the same.

For example, it is completely dark today. Outside the protective cover, a group of small flying animals with only half an arm are circling in the lighted place. Suddenly, a flame flew out from the side, and all the animals were ignited and became fireballs one by one.

"Isn't that the way stars used to be in ancient times?" Cheng Ran asked curiously.

"It should be like this." Shi Qingyang smiled and was very satisfied with Cheng Ran's attitude. The small animals outside are thrips. Most of them eat different plants, but some eat meat. After many get together, it is a disaster for the injured.

He has always hated this kind of animals, or all the animals that kill people, so he will feel very happy to see such a scene, but he has never seen so-called young masters and young ladies sympathize with these animals before. At that time, he would be speechless.

Fortunately, Cheng Ran had no spare sympathy for the killers.

Box is robbed, the food is estimated to have opened the back door to do in advance, soon began serving, zero zero always was brought to a dozen samples, Gu Changjin named pie, but also each filling to a.

Of course, although there are many dishes, the amount of each one is not very large because the state has regulations that food cannot be wasted.

Gu Changjin's craftsmanship is good, but it is not as good as professional. The food here tastes very good. Shi Qingyang ate everything he could eat after Cheng Ran finished. He took out a small metal box to pack the remaining pies.

"why do you keep food all day long when you are not out of town?" Gu Changjin asked doubtfully, Shi Qingyang would go to the kitchen to make some dried meat or patties every few days, bringing food, water and medicine with him at any time, and he was not afraid of suffering. He could not understand such behavior.

"I can't help but get used to it when I'm hungry." Shi Qingyang smiled. He was also a kind of psychological disease. Although there was plenty of food now, he was too impressed by those hungry days. Moreover, he saved him many times by taking food and water with him: "Grandpa Gu, maybe I will be out of town in two days."

"Go and find herbs for the young master?" Gu Changjin asked, Shi Qingyang went out of the city before, all in order to find herbs for Cheng Ran, and he would follow.

"Yes, look around by the way." Shi Qingyang said, the ant colony, also don't know if there has been any change.

"I'll go with you." Gu Changjin said.

"Thank you, Grandpa Gu." Shi Qingyang immediately the baggage and take the journey.

Now that he has made up his mind to go out of the city, Shi Qingyang made some preparations as usual, and finally wanted to think, he also specially went to the hub and spoke mall in the south of the city.

The Radiological War Mall sells various items for radiation energy fighters, such as combat uniforms, potions, chariots, etc. What Shi Qingyang wants to see is chariots.

Spark City is a tertiary city. There are not many types of chariots. Many chariots have to be booked in advance. After paying the deposit, they will be shipped from Hang Cheng the next day.

Shi Qingyang came here to buy a chariot.

He and Gu Changjin went out of the city before today and rented chariots all the time. Not only was the quality of the chariots poor, but also they had to rent them when they wanted to use them. It was also inconvenient. He planned to buy one.

The robot guide of the radiation war mall followed Shi Qingyang faithfully. Shi Qingyang would introduce which car to which car. Shi Qingyang listened carefully at first, but suddenly he was attracted by the news broadcast on the screen next to him.

The head of Fire Phoenix recalled the 100 new chariots it had introduced before, apologized to everyone who bought the chariot and made compensation. He also admitted to all the people in China their design mistakes and promised to do better in the future.

If the Fire Phoenix company's chariots have been put into the market in large quantities, of course they are unable to recall them all. in the end, I'm afraid they will cause many people to complain. but now, they have only put into the market 100 vehicles, which can be redeemed. moreover, their attitude has won many people's favor. after all, not many people are willing to admit their mistakes in this way.

"Are there any Fire Phoenix chariots?"

"Sir, please go this way." The robot took the road.

Shi Qingyang finally spent two million yuan to buy a Fire Phoenix F-series chariot. This chariot is not big, but it is very smart, and its defense is also good. The only drawback is that it may have relatively large energy loss. Shi Qingyang does not lack money and does not care about this.

The chariot was not in Spark City. After Shi Qingyang paid the deposit readily, he took away a code that he could pick up the chariot tomorrow. As soon as he left, several people came out from the side. It was Yin Tiancheng, whom Shi Qingyang had seen for dinner a few days ago, and several strangers beside him.

Only this time, the leader is no longer Yin Tiancheng.

"This boy bought a chariot want to out of the city? Tiancheng, do you want to move some hands and feet on the chariot?"

"Second uncle, will it be very dangerous to do so? If they check the chariots…"The car was bought from here, if something goes wrong, it will definitely bring trouble to here.

"Then it is better to do it directly."

"Second uncle, Gu Changjin is level 5…"

"I used to think level 5 is very strong, now think about it, in fact, level 5 is nothing…" a very handsome man pulled out a cigarette from his body and lit it. this kind of cigarette is made from mutated tobacco after baking and radiation. smoking by ordinary people is harmful to the body, but it has little influence on radiation energy fighters.

"Uncle, can you really do this?" Yin Tiancheng could not help but ask.

"Do you hate that teacher Qingyang?" The handsome man blew a cigarette on Yin Tiancheng's face.

Yin Tiancheng's eyes did not blink either: "Don't Second Uncle hate him?"

"Why should I hate them? If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have had a good life now…but this person still needs to be dealt with."

"Second uncle?" Yin Tiancheng's face was full of excitement.

"Don't be so anxious to be happy. No one knows whether this will happen." The man smiled: "Even if it can be done, we should think about it carefully and never implicate our Yin family…"

"it's still juwan's thoughtful!" Yin Tiancheng immediately the baggage and take the journey.

The two men talked in a low voice, looking very close and calling themselves "juwan".

Yin Tiancheng's father had only one younger brother, Yin Ming, and Yin Tiancheng would only be called Second Uncle Yin Ming, but Yin Ming was exiled more than a year ago…

This looks completely different from Yin Ming, why is Yin Tiancheng called Second Uncle?

Shi Qingyang bought a car and turned on the computer when he got home. He also got on the web a few days ago. Some people have been scolding him all the time. They think that he mentioned the problem of Fire Phoenix company's chariot, which is totally nonsense. After all, Fire Phoenix company has not responded before, but the situation is different now.

The chairman of the Fire Phoenix company recalled the chariots and admitted in person that there were design problems with the chariots. not to mention, the moderator of the warcraft exchange section also posted a thank-you letter on this section. the thank-you letter was sent by the Fire Phoenix company. there were not many words on it, but they expressed their thanks very clearly.

Originally, there were many people spraying Shi Qingyang on the forum. As a result, all the voices fell silent. On the contrary, those who supported her already supported her even more after the incident.

I don't want to be hungry. I don't want to be short of money for a long time, but I am still willing to show them these worthless radiation fighters. how can this not move people?

"Not hungry master, are you up?" Cheng Xuze's information was soon sent.

"What's the matter?" Shi Qingyang asked.

"It's HuoFeng Company. When they recovered the vehicles, they asked all the customers about you, but none of them admitted that they couldn't thank them. Finally, they went to our website to express their thanks. I told them about the money you wanted. Now they have made a sum of money. Do you want me to call your account directly?" Cheng Xuze asked.

"No problem." Shi Qingyang certainly won't refuse such unexpected wealth. After he saw the figures on the contact device, he couldn't help laughing.

Fire Phoenix company is the financial center, so much money, enough for him to buy two chariots.

"Master, they actually put forward the request to meet you…"

"I don't see anyone."

"That's what I said." Cheng Xuze smiled, even he has not seen me not hungry, which can be seen by others.

"Master, there is also the mobile fortress thing, I have already got two places, also applied for modification, after buying, is it directly registered to Shi Qingyang's name?" The defense force of the mobile fortress is very strong, the material used for the shield is much better than that of the city shield, and it will also be equipped with special weapons, so the modification is even more amazing…

Of course, ordinary people cannot afford and cannot buy such things. They need to apply. Once they do, they need to register under someone's name.

"No problem." Shi Qingyang directly agreed.

"Then I'll have people refit and strengthen the protection immediately. At least I need to be able to withstand the defense of the six-level radiation energy fighters and the attack of the eight-level radiation energy fighters." Cheng Xuze openings, general mobile fortress to this level, in order to be on the safe side, he decided to help Shi Qingyang upgrade well.

"thank you." Shi Qingyang also expressed this feeling.

The day after talking with Cheng Xuze, the chariot ordered by Shi Qingyang arrived. Gu Changjin looked at the chariot and glared, "Shi Qingyang, where did you get the money to buy such an expensive chariot? You sublet your parents' land? No, even if we sublet it, there won't be so many." This chariot is not the best, but Shi Qingyang cannot afford it.

"My master gave money." Shi Qingyang smiled. Cheng Xuze and Gu Changjin knew that he had worshipped a good master.

"Your master is really spoiling you…" Gu Changjin sighed, "Check it out and we'll be out of town tomorrow."

"No problem." Shi Qingyang nodded his head. New Year's Day is coming in two days. The sooner you leave the city, the better.

As long as they are radiation fighters, there is no one who does not love chariots. Even Cheng Ran came out of the house and touched the new chariot carefully: "This car is much better than the family's, but unfortunately I can't get out of the city." The white car used for walking in his home can be recessed by careful pressing, but one is extremely strong. The two are completely the difference between his arm and Shi Qingyang's arm.

"I will definitely take you out of town." Shi Qingyang thought of Cheng Xuze's promise to buy him a mobile fortress and spoke.

"good." Cheng Ran's hand touched Shi Qingyang's hand. He didn't feel the same as before. He scratched Shi Qingyang's hand with his little finger.

Gu Changjin wanted very much to tell Shi Qingyang that his strength could not be taken out of the city with Cheng Ran, but when the words reached his mouth, he did not say them again.

Still don't hit the children…Gu Changjin was thinking like this when he saw Cheng Ran's action: "Shi Qingyang, since you want to take the young master out of town, I will take you to practice."

Shi Qingyang explained some of Gu Changjin's behaviors to Cheng Ran before. Seeing this scene, Cheng Ran immediately knew that Shi Qingyang was implicated by himself: "I…Grandpa Gu, I will practice together!"

Cheng Ran wants to practice together. What else can he let Shi Qingyang practice? Gu Changjin suddenly some sad.

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