Over the past year or so, Shi Qingyang has often bubbled up in the forum of exchange of tactical skills. Unlike those who like to publish some of their own research on it and feel that they are very powerful and want to be recognized by others, he prefers to help those who are of low level and really want to learn something to solve problems.

After a long time, he did have a big reputation in this forum, by contrast, it is less time for a bright future to appear, and fewer people know him. Also, Cheng Xuze, who is busy developing his family and doing radio exercises, will certainly not spend as much time online as before.

At the beginning, Peng Cheng Wan Li was so popular, and now Shi Qingyang is not bad either. Moreover, because Shi Qingyang always puts forward some very practical, free exercise methods and methods of catching foreign animals, he is more admirable than Peng Cheng Wan Li in the eyes of some low-level radiation fighters with poor family conditions.

Not only that, some people in the forum will show some tendencies unconsciously when pointing out others, some even directly push their own cities and families by the way, but "I don't want to be hungry" won't do.

He won't show off what he has, won't praise anything for no reason, and won't even reveal any personal information. Such a low-key person has naturally won the favor of many people. For a long time, people who ask for teachers have emerged one after another.

However, it's just a post asking for a teacher's advice. why is it so high? Shi Qingyang turned over, only to find that it was his own black in this post, and he persisted in blackening himself.

"I was told not to be hungry. I think he is probably a poor man who can't afford to eat."

"According to my analysis, I don't want to be hungry. I must be old, poor and ugly. He even instructs others on makeup!"

"all he can think of is a way to save money. for such a guy, it is estimated that even eating is a problem for the poor."

"The landlord is absolutely blind to want to worship such a person as a teacher."

"I can assure you, that hungry guy will not dare to respond to me directly."


Shi Qingyang slowly turned down and always felt that the man with the ID of "Hero Fighting Sword Carrying Wine" was deliberately exasperating himself and letting himself reveal something.

The man dug up all his previous replies and analyzed them one by one in order to convince people that he was an ugly and poor old guy.

Many of the methods proposed by Shi Qingyang are indeed very grassroots. People who think his life is not good have done so before. At this time, many people believed the man's words and some supporters shouted, "What if you are not hungry, master, life is not good in reality?" He is still my god."

"That is to say, if you don't see me not hungry on the Internet, you will think he is a male god. If you see him, you will probably have no interest in him." Hero battle sword carry wine line immediately responded.

Shi Qingyang could not help but be speechless when he saw the higher buildings being built. However, he was not angry. If he was angry because of such a few words, he would have been angry in his last life. At that time, some people said he sold his body or something.

"Not hungry master? Not hungry master?" Cheng Xuze's voice said, "Actually, Shi Qingyang is also a very good disciple. One disciple is enough. Ha ha, I was just joking." After I said that I would not go back to him if I was hungry, he still felt a little uneasy.

"I am reading the post." By the way, Shi Qingyang put the post's address up: "Recently, there have been more and more posts that blacken me. Someone should have found me." Cheng family's all-round medicine is very enviable. At first, it was fine. No one found him on the head. But in recent months, many people have been beating around the bush on the Internet to find out about him. It is estimated that Cheng Xuze is the news of a bright future and has been known by others.

Shi Qingyang showed the post to Cheng Xuze in order to alert Cheng Xuze. Unfortunately, he forgot that Cheng Xuze is actually his number one fan.

The number one fan, who has just received his great kindness, is in a state of giving nothing in return…

Almost before long, Cheng Xuze stood up against the vest of the administrator of the forum, and began to choke with the people who attacked him: "The guy who slandered others, those who can't do it himself will say that others can't do it. I think you are old, ugly, poor and niang!"

"Master so capable, don't also have no money? If you are worried that you will have no money, you are the only one who only knows how to scamper on the internet."

He was especially energetic and typing fast. First floor after first floor, he quickly refuted a long list.

Shi Qingyang's mood suddenly improved and he turned over other posts. Finally, his eyes fell on one post, which was a help post for a radiation fighter in the forum who wanted to buy a chariot. The chariot…

What did Shi Qingyang think of, he followed one in the post asking for a teacher: "The latest chariot from HuoFeng Company is good for everything, that is, the engine design is faulty, the two metal materials used in it are resistant to high temperature, but contact will react in a high temperature environment. Once the maximum speed is maintained for a long time, there is a certain probability of engine failure, and then the only result is that the car will be destroyed and people will die."

"Not hungry master appeared! But why suddenly mention chariots? Did you reply to the wrong post?" Someone answered in surprise.

"Fire Phoenix Company's latest chariots have just been sold in a limited amount of 100 vehicles. The market is priceless. The master is really rich!"

"So the master who is not hungry actually has a lot of money!"

"Local tyrants, ask for support!"

"The landlord was beaten in the face, so cool!"

"Upstairs, your focus is so strange? Now the most important thing is, shouldn't we contact HuoFeng Company? If their car really has such problems, how can it be listed?" Finally, a relatively reliable person finally asked.

Fire Phoenix company is the largest chariot enterprise in China, producing all kinds of chariots. almost all of China's top chariots are Fire Phoenix. this new chariot is developed by Fire Phoenix company with huge manpower and material resources. if there is such a problem…

You know, the defense force of the current chariots is very good, it won't be bad at all when hitting alien plants, so when in danger in the wild, the driver will often turn on the highest speed to flee for life. if the new chariots really do as I said not to starve, once they do, they will ignite the engine…

Soon someone went to the Fire Phoenix company to ask, Shi Qingyang also received a communication from Cheng Xuze: "master, you are too good! This is too terrible, but Fire Phoenix company chariot thing is true? Is there really a problem with such an expensive car?"

"Of course it is true." Shi Qingyang flipped through the news and said casually.

In my last life, the owner of HuoFeng Company once made a lot of noise because of this chariot. At the beginning, a seven-level radiation energy fighter with some family background ran for his life at the highest speed after encountering a swarm of locusts. However, he was close to the city and was about to be saved when his car suddenly exploded. Finally, the car was destroyed and people died. Many people have seen this scene. The Fire Phoenix company has also been greatly questioned. The parents of the deceased radiation energy fighter have also carried out a desperate crackdown on the Fire Phoenix company after that. The Fire Phoenix company can only change its owner.

For such a thing, Shi Qingyang shangbeizi is just when the news to see, but Fire Phoenix company after a problem, took over the company is Feng, which made him some dissatisfaction, taking advantage of this opportunity, he simply gave Fire Phoenix company a reminder.

By the way, can also transfer the line of sight of others-Cheng home these days, really too scenery…

"Master, this is a great help to HuoFeng Company. They should really thank you." Cheng Xuze sighs.

"Then let them give me money." Shi Qingyang typed a line with a smile and added: "I'm going to do it, you should be about the same, right? Should we celebrate?"

"I almost forgot this matter, must celebrate! I have to call all the old guys to let them know about my son! Let them get up early tomorrow to test Xiaohui, and the staff must inform him in advance…"Cheng Xuze laughed and made a radio exercise by the way:" There is also this skill set, which will be the treasure of family heirloom in the future!"

Shi Qingyang silently turned off the computer and went out to start exercising.

The second day early in the morning, Shi Qingyang just got up soon, the door of the villa rang, to the people, it is the spark city duke punishment Europe, as soon as he comes, congratulations Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran, and then let a person send him to prepare all kinds of necessities.

His face was sincere and he repeatedly praised the good results they had achieved. Unfortunately, he deliberately changed the topic to Cheng Hui several times when he spoke, but it made people understand that he came here because he was drunk but not drunk.

It was also from his mouth that Shi Qingyang learned that early in the morning today, Cheng Hui had passed the test and became a Class 8 radiation energy fighter.

There is already relevant news on the Internet. Any search can find photos of Cheng Xuze and Cheng Hui. Cheng Xuze has always been serious in front of people, and here is no exception. Cheng Huize has a face of awkward smile. In the news, besides reporting the Cheng family and his son, they also praised several other 8-level radiation energy fighters in the Yangtze River City and the people of the Yangtze River City Radiation Energy Association at great length. If it weren't for their cooperation, Cheng Hui would never have completed all the tests early in the morning.

There is even a reporter who said excitedly in his eyes that these people are so eager to help Cheng Hui carry out tests, which is enough to let people know their deep friendship.

Think of Cheng Xuze complain before the Yangtze river city others exclude Cheng Gu, think of last night Cheng Xuze said he was going to do, Shi Qingyang embarrassed Cheng Hui to a full face, also have a little sympathy.

There is no doubt that Cheng Hui can test so early, all urged by Cheng Xuze.

However, Cheng Xuze do so, should also have a reason, Cheng Gu no foundation, their rise is originally from the Yangtze river city other family mouth dug down a piece of meat, natural provoking envy, at this time Cheng Xuze always have some shortcomings, to paralysis of others.

After Xing Ou came, other people who knew Cheng Ran's identity in Spark City also came one by one. All kinds of things were piled up with villas in a short time.

"This is also a one-man way, the chicken and dog ascend to heaven?" Cheng Ran some curiously fiddling with those things, he had no impression of Cheng Hui, but he didn't hate it. After he knew that Cheng Hui had broken through, he felt very happy.

"I have spent the whole day receiving these people and going out to eat at night?" Shi Qingyang asked, probably in order to impress them, all those who came to visit staggered the time so that they had no spare time for the whole day.

"good." Cheng Ran nodded: "to spark hotel? I like the pies there." I did not inject radiation inducer before, and I have been raising it for more than a year. Cheng Ran's problem with food is not serious. As long as I don't eat too much food with high radiation level, there will be no problem.

"of course." Shi Qingyang smiled and would never have offered to go anywhere if he had been Cheng Ran before. Now he has really grown a lot.

Spark Hotel is the largest hotel in Spark City. It is not operated by individuals, but owned by the whole Spark City. Its profits will always be the infrastructure of Spark City. As the New Year is approaching, Shi Qingyang and others were very busy in the past.

"I'm sorry, sir, the room is full." The woman in the red cheongsam looked at Shi Qingyang apologetically.

"Let's change places." Cheng Ran looked at the crowded scene inside and grabbed Shi Qingyang's wrist. He wanted to eat here because Shi Qingyang had brought him here before, but he was reluctant to let him squeeze with others.

Shi Qingyang also thought it would be better to change places, but was just about to leave when suddenly a beautiful woman in her 30s greeted her with a full face of smiles and the manager's sign pinned to her chest: "isn't this master Cheng? What would Master Cheng like to eat? Please come in."

"Seat…" Cheng Ran glanced at the queue outside.

"Master Cheng, there is a balcony upstairs." The manager laughed: "Master Cheng, we also neglected to give Master Cheng a VIP card. For distinguished guests like Master Cheng, we deliberately left boxes upstairs." She met Cheng Ran as soon as she knew Cheng Ran's identity from Xing Ou today. How can she not try her best to curry favor with him?

Moreover, the punishment of Europe is she took a lot of effort to catch up, do things naturally according to the punishment of Europe's mind, punishment of Europe is not always want to borrow Cheng family suppressed yin family, good monopoly power?

The manager was extremely enthusiastic, but Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran were not used to it. Although there were many people fawning on them over the past year, few people knew them outside…

"You lead the way, find a quiet box, and later serve some special dishes, as well as the pies here, and have one too." Gu Changjin did adapt well.

"I'll take you up immediately." The manager smiled and led them into the elevator: "The balcony on the top floor has floor-to-floor windows. I have already arranged them. How do you like them?"

"Please, thank you." Cheng Ran said sincerely, Shi Qingyang is a look at the manager.

"Don't bother, help master Cheng work, how can calculate trouble?" The manager smiled more happily, but things didn't go as smoothly as she said.

"We have all sat down and have driven us away. What does this mean?" A few people had just reached the top floor when a voice rang. Shi Qingyang looked up and saw many acquaintances, led by Yin Tiancheng.

"Master Yin, I'm really sorry, but the seat here has already been reserved." The manager was supercilious: "Master Yin, you can change to another box."

Yin Tiancheng did not speak and looked at Cheng Ran sullenly. The people around him couldn't help it: "When we came up, why didn't anyone say someone had decided?"

"Stop it, let's go!" Yin Tiancheng snorted coldly and walked out.

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