Cheng Hui did make a breakthrough. He had already wasted ten years in the 7th grade and was thought to have no possibility of further progress. However, ten years later, he suddenly made a breakthrough.

The level of radiation energy is mainly divided according to the quantity of radiation energy, especially for the radiation energy fighters of level 3 and below, and the evaluation is completely machine-based.

But level up, it is different, after the level 4, the radiation energy in the body will be quite full, and want to break through, you must compress, compressed, level will naturally improve.

Cheng Hui's talent is outstanding, and he is a natural radiation almighty with no one in all. He has already reached Grade 7. However, due to a dark wound in his body, he has no way to break through. He tried several times to compress the radiation energy in his body, but in the end he failed. Instead, he injured his body and let himself be injured.

In the face of such a situation, slowly, Cheng Hui also despair, because everyone felt that he could not break through, his mood is becoming more and more pessimistic, but now, this person actually broke through!

Cheng Xuze almost forgot to hang up the contact device and immediately looked at his granddaughter: "Sisi, what you said is true?"

"Grandpa, what did I cheat you to do!" Cheng Sisi shouted with excitement: "Dad, he broke through!"

As soon as Cheng Sisi's voice fell, the noise outside grew louder and louder. Wang Qing also came in from the outside: "Master, Class 8, Class 8…"

Wang Qing has always been calm. Today he walked much faster than usual. Although there was no expression on his face, there were tears in his eyes.

Wang Qing is actually the son of a comrade-in-arms of Cheng Xuze. The comrade-in-arms of Cheng Xuze died in the battle. His wife remarried. Wang Qing, who was already 15 years old at that time, was brought home by Cheng Xuze.

At that time, Cheng Xuze was still young and was running outside. Cheng Hui was still a child…In order to repay Cheng Xuze's kindness, Wang Qing had been taking on the job of transporting Cheng Hui. The feelings between the two were very deep. Cheng Hui could not continue to break through before. Wang Qing always felt it was a pity, but now Cheng Hui broke through!

"ha ha! I said that guy can't cheat!" Cheng Xuze excitedly said, "Go, go and see Xiaohui. Cheng family, there is hope now!" At present, there are only two level 9 masters in China, but there are many level 8 masters. he is not the only one in the Yangtze river city. there are even more level 7 masters.

Originally, if he didn't have it, Cheng's family was left with only a 7-level master. It's hard to say whether he can keep the pharmacy. But now it's different. Cheng Hui is also a 8-level master!

Cheng Xuze quickly walked out of the room, brush contact terminal to the basement, hands shaking.

The opening of the basement door, Cheng Xuze felt a strong momentum, the radiation energy intensity, indeed as expected is 8!

"Dad!" Cheng Hui is very tired now, but he is in good spirits. He is standing in the Cheng family's training room with a big smile on his face.


"Dad, I'm in Grade 8." Cheng Hui's voice choked me. Cheng Xuze expected a lot of things from him. He always told him that he had a chance to be stronger than himself, but he could not even reach Grade 8 before.

"It's good, it's good…"

"Dad must thank you very much…Master, if it weren't for him, I would have no chance of promotion." Cheng Hui said, he had already despaired before. More than a year ago, there was hope again. Unexpectedly, after more than a year, he really broke through!

"Yes, thank him very much!" Cheng Xuze is also very excited. In the past two years, he has had both radiation energy relaxants and omnipotent drugs. His life has been much easier. Since Cheng family had omnipotent drugs, his family's possessions have become bigger and bigger. All these are brought by me not to go hungry.

Cheng Xuze initially doubted that I should not be hungry and that the other party wanted to deal with Cheng family, but now he feels extremely ashamed because he had doubts.

I don't want to go hungry and help him so much, he shouldn't doubt him in his life!

"Eldest brother broke through?" A voice remembered, Cheng Xuze turned around and saw Cheng Hong came in, abnormal strange expression on her face.

"Yes, your eldest brother has reached Grade 8." Cheng Xuze excitedly spoke, but soon thought that even this would make his younger son unhappy, so he did not go ahead.

Cheng Hong was really unhappy, because he never thought that his eldest brother would break through.

Is that strange action really useful? If it wasn't for that set of moves, was it for the top? However, he clearly practiced with his eldest brother, why did he have no sign of promotion? In his current situation, want to forcibly compress the radiation energy in the body, I'm afraid only the explosive body died this way can go!

Clearly is a brother, why is the gap so big? Clearly is a brother, why is he born lower than his eldest brother? In the past, when his eldest brother was in Grade 7 and he was in Grade 6, others would feel sorry for him. Now his eldest brother is in Grade 8 and he is still in Grade 6. I don't know what those people will say in the end!

Cheng Hong's face changed again and again, and finally he said, "Congratulations, big brother."

"thank you." Cheng Hui said, although Cheng Hong is often very jealous of him, but Cheng Hong is after all his brother, blood relationship can't wipe out, and Cheng Hong is just jealous, but there is no other idea.

Most of the time, for this younger brother, he will regard him as a rebellious child.

"Dad, eldest brother is to practice that set of action promotion? Is there anything else besides that set of movements?" Cheng Hong could not help but ask.

Cheng Hong's suspicion is clear. Cheng Xuze frowned: "You have been at home these days. Is there anything else you don't know?"

Cheng Hong frown tighter, these days, he really has been working with Cheng Xuze Cheng Hui to practice that set of actions, but Cheng Xuze to the two of them, also is not the same, at least on the medicine, Cheng Xuze and Cheng Hui all know, but no one told him that although he wants any medicine can be taken, but even Ran Xue laboratory can't get in.

Looking at the unpredictable expression on her face Cheng Hong, Cheng Xuze face more and more ugly, Cheng Hong, this is in doubt him?

He is the son, always like this, so that they all don't want to talk to him more, Cheng Xuze even has been very skeptical, such Cheng Hong, exactly how to become deputy duke of Hangzhou City.

Or is it that he is only so indiscriminate when facing relatives?

"Let's go out first and have a good celebration, Xiaohui. I'll go to the contact person right away and test your radiation energy level tomorrow!" Cheng Xuze openings, Cheng Hong strength has reached, it must be tested, after testing, the information in his contact terminal, will also be changed.

"good." Cheng Hui immediately agreed, and some couldn't wait. At the beginning, he and another person two years younger than him were genius figures in Yangtze River City. Now, it has been seven years since the other person reached Grade 8, but he has always been Grade 7…Thought of this, Cheng Hui became more grateful to the master whom his father highly esteemed: "Dad, I want to send a gift to the master."

"It should be!" Cheng Xuze also has such a plan. After all, over the years, they have received too much from me not to be hungry. However, I have not been hungry for more than a year. Apart from having him prepare an anonymous account to make money into, they have never had any other requirements, nor do they know what the other party likes…

When Cheng Xuze and Cheng Hui were extremely grateful to Shi Qingyang, Shi Qingyang was extremely surprised.

He taught the set of movements, in addition to activities to every joint of the body, there is no other effect, at most can only be regarded as a set of calisthenics, Cheng Hui how by practicing such a set of achievement method, finally broke through?

No, let Cheng Hui breakthrough, should not be the achievement method, but all aspects of factors together…

In fact, Cheng Hui had a chance to advance because of his injury. After a long time, even if his injury is good, his mentality has gone wrong…

When a person has failed many times and everyone around him feels that he will fail, he often fails. This is the case in Cheng Hui.

Now, the Cheng family has recruited Ran Xue, who has helped Cheng Hui to recuperate. Not only that, Cheng Hui, as the head of the Cheng family, also drinks all-round medicine prepared by Ran Xue every day, so his physical condition is naturally very good.

At the same time, some people fooled him again, saying that doing a set of moves could promote him to the next level, which just gave him confidence…

Cheng Hui's promotion has little to do with the set of radio exercises he gave. It is mainly his own problem. If Cheng Hong were replaced, I am afraid he would not have a chance to advance even if he practiced radio exercises all his life.

However, these are the things he knows, but others don't know them at all. Cheng Xuze said all the time before that after practicing his radio exercises, his health has improved, and now I'm afraid I have no doubt about him.

Shi Qingyang guessed right. After supper and turning on the computer, Shi Qingyang saw that Cheng Xuze had already sent countless words of thanks to him.

"Don't mention it, your son is already very good, that's why he came here." Shi Qingyang laid a line of words.

"How can you say that? Before, everyone said that he could not advance, but now he must advance! I am so happy!" Cheng Xuze laughed.

"Congratulations." Shi Qingyang added.

"Master, you really cherish words like gold, and even though we have known each other for so long, you still hide your identity so tightly." Cheng Xuze's face was full of feelings.

"My identity is very special." Shi Qingyang is half real and half fake.

"The master must be a very strong person." Cheng Xuze sighed, and once again the brain to fill a lot of things, such as I don't hungry is actually a family to pick up the baby, was raised completely is to cultivate a body double for their little Lord, or I don't hungry is actually a surprised only absolutely brilliant genius, but being framed can only migrate…

I don't want to be hungry. Seeing this name, I know how miserable his life is.

Shi Qingyang didn't answer, he now has the best resources, effort has become a secondary deputy almighty, really on the amount of radiation energy, even than Yin Tiancheng…

"Master, this time Xiaohui broke through and wanted to give the master a thank-you gift. What does the master want?" Cheng Xuze asked.

"thank you?" Shi Qingyang was a little curious. In fact, Cheng family didn't give him anything less over the years. His detector was given to him by Cheng Xuze, and he doesn't have anything he particularly wants now.

"Master, do you want to move the town? With a mobile town, you can go there if you want, and you can also go outside the city to see the scenery…"Cheng Xuze said that some people couldn't stop talking, for no other reason, just because he always wanted a mobile fortress that only belonged to him.

Cheng family actually has a small mobile town, but it serves the family and cannot be left to him. He doesn't have much money to buy what he wants…

But now it's different. After having a pharmacy factory, Cheng family earns money every day. Now he can afford to buy ten mobile towns.

Shi Qingyang moved in his heart. He had many chariots in his previous life, but he didn't have one in the mobile town. After all, the mobile town needs a lot of energy, and it usually costs a lot of care. At that time, he didn't even need money to burn money at will.

However, it is different now. He took 40% of the net profit of all-purpose drugs and made a large sum of money every month. However, he has no place to spend a lot of money. It is really nothing to raise a small mobile town.

Chariots are really good, but mobile towns can crush everything in the wild and go anywhere, much stronger than chariots.

"Get me a small mobile town, a family mobile fortress." Shi Qingyang finally said. He doesn't need a large mobile town that can accommodate tens of thousands of people. The smallest mobile fortress is good. The mobile fortress has an area of about 200 square meters and is round. Apart from the control room and the room where all kinds of spare parts, machines and weapons are placed, it can still make the family live comfortably. A set of radio drills for a mobile fortress, is really too cost-effective!

"Well, I'll fix it right away, but how do I give it to the master?" Cheng Xuze asked.

"I'm useless myself. You can give it to Shi Qingyang." Shi Qingyang said directly.

"Master is really keen on your apprentice…Master, are you interested in taking another apprentice?" Thinking of his grandchildren, Cheng Xuze couldn't help asking.

"Not interested." Shi Qingyang replied, conveniently boarded the web and began to brush up the post.

Also don't know whether it is a coincidence, he just went up, he saw a not hungry master disciple post floating on the home page.

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