Today, the arrangement of school holidays for human beings is similar to that before the catastrophe, with summer and winter vacations. This was proposed by those who survived the catastrophe.

The world has long been beyond recognition. They always want something the same as before, so some things are preserved.

In February 3018, all the cities in China welcomed the final exam before the winter vacation. Ten days after the exam, it was the most important festival in China, the Spring Festival.

Although the Spring Festival is now quite different from before, it is still expected. However, as a student, if you want to have a good Spring Festival, you must have a good result. This will probably not change even in another thousand years.

Of course, this applies to children with parents…Shi Qingyang remembers that his parents have always attached great importance to his study, and he has not let them down, but now, even if he has achieved even better results, his parents cannot see it.

Yes, Shi Qingyang's grades are very good. He is the first in actual combat grade and the second in written examination grade. As to why the written examination is the second…No way, who can let there be another Cheng Ran in this world?

Shi Qingyang looked at the name listed above him and smiled. Cheng Ran's written test in his previous life was on the high side, mostly because he had hidden it. Think about it, too. When he failed to pass the test, a group of people laughed at him. If he performed very well, I don't know how many people were jealous.

Cheng Ran was simple, but not stupid. moreover, he seemed to have passed the first test at that time, but no one believed him in the end.

But it used to be, and it is now, Shi Qingyang saved the results on the contact device and smiled-now no matter what Cheng Ran does, there will only be a group of people holding him, and no one dare to bully him.

On the one hand, it is because Cheng Ran's identity has been known by many people at the top of Spark City. Although they have not publicized all this, their attitude towards Cheng Ran is friendly enough. The people below will naturally not bully Cheng Ran for a long time.

On the other hand, it is because Cheng Ran did have some skills, and he showed others these skills. .

In the second half of 3016, Cheng Ran was "recovering from illness", so he had to go back to school after getting a free pass for less than half a year.

Originally, he had thought of letting Cheng Ran drop out of school directly. After all, learning has little to do with not learning. However, he has his own things to do. He must strive to become stronger. He can't be with Cheng Ran all the time. Instead of letting Cheng Ran stay at home with Gu Changjin all day long, life has not changed at all before, it is better to let him study in Spark College.

In any case, this way I can get to know some people and broaden my horizon.

Now Cheng Ran has grown a lot compared with before. Shi Qingyang admitted that he wanted Cheng Ran to stay beside him in a daze, but he also knew that this was not good for Cheng Ran, so he would try to make Cheng Ran contact with the outside world more.

Of course, contact is contact, let a person bully that don't have to, and want to let Cheng Ran not be bullied, in fact, it is not difficult, after all Cheng Ran itself is very capable, and he beside to protect.

Although he has a free pass, Shi Qingyang went back to school with Cheng Ran a year ago and helped Cheng Ran to get on with others.

This is not difficult to do. In those days when Cheng Ran was recovering from illness, they initially let Cheng Ran lie on the bed because they were worried that Cheng Hong would make a surprise inspection. But then he learned from Cheng Xuze that Cheng Hong had been transferred to the Yangtze River City for half a year and began to concentrate on learning radio exercises. Such worries were reduced.

At that time, Cheng Ran began to follow Ran Xue in private and began to prepare various kinds of medicines at home.

Cheng Ran has no radiation energy, and Ran Xue also knows that for this reason, Ran Xue has specially collected a lot of medicine prescriptions that can be refined without radiation energy for Cheng Ran. Cheng Ran has also refined many medicines. The two people cooperate with each other to specially study this kind of medicine that can be refined without radiation energy, and finally even let Cheng family's medicine factory produce several more medicines.

Of course, this is not the point, the point is in fact on those Cheng Ran refining agents, they are not short of money, Cheng Ran natural don't have to sell these agents in exchange for money, just for him, and completely run out.

So, when he and Cheng Ran returned to school, all these potions were used by him to make human feelings. On the first day of class, Cheng Ran generously sent out one potion. Later, the monitor of Class 10 helped Cheng Ran everywhere. After he did some work and volunteered to help Cheng Ran, he generously gave him a bottle of all-round potion.

Although it is not a good method and Cheng Ran will not make sincere friends, they did not intend to make friends at the beginning, but just wanted Cheng Ran to know more people.

If Cheng Ran really had another close friend, Shi Qingyang felt that he would probably be jealous.

After throwing money at the beginning, Cheng Ran slowly and under his guidance showed some strength. As long as it was theoretical, the rest of the class did not understand it, but Cheng Ran could always say the right thing. Not only that, in terms of medicine, among the students of Spark College, there were few comparable to Cheng Ran.

Yes, Cheng Ran did not have radiation energy, but in some ways, he completely exceeded the blessed people…There are many people who want to curry favor with Cheng Ran. These people naturally praise Cheng Ran desperately, and Shi Qingyang guides them beside them. Slowly, Cheng Ran was spread to be an inspirational figure who does not have radiation energy but still does not give up and strives wholeheartedly.

Shi Qingyang saw himself and Cheng Ran on the list, and looking down, he saw Yin Tiancheng's name.

The Yin family suddenly fell silent after the decline of the Yang family more than a year ago. These days it is extremely low-key, and Yin Tiancheng is naturally no longer the favored son of the past.

In fact, Yin Tiancheng now works harder than the man in his memory. Now, in just one year, the total amount of radiation energy in the body has reached the second level after testing. Unfortunately, although Yin Tiancheng is very strong, the total amount of radiation energy in the body is more than that of him, but in actual combat…

A person who is really only 18 years old, where can he compare with an uncle who is covered with 18-year-old skin? Yin Tiancheng's progress is very fast, but no matter how much progress he has made, he has only been abused. In the recent actual combat test, he once again beat down the now increasingly gloomy gentleman.

When Yin Tiancheng was beaten down by him for the first time, many people felt incredible, but now they have seen Yin Tiancheng beaten down by him again, but all of them have become normal.

This is also due to his "hard work".

This year, with Cheng Ran's encouragement, it was spread, as well as his ferocity.

He had already learned what to learn and naturally did not have to go to class again. Therefore, coming to school every day is not only to exercise physical fitness, but also to practice radiation energy in the exercise room. It is also a totally deadly exercise method.

If someone else practices like this, they will probably bury some hidden dangers in the body. However, Shi Qingyang knows that he is different. He eats all kinds of body-building drugs and does not say one bottle of all-round drugs a day. Later, he bought an expensive body monitor. This latest intelligent monitor can detect the body condition, make the best plan and help a person develop his potential. At the same time, the price is extremely expensive.

Such a configuration, in the spark city is completely unique, Yin Tiancheng even less than one-fifth of his, it happened that he is still very ordinary, there is no outstanding place…

He is really strong, but his talent is very poor, so in the eyes of many people, his strength, which is within reach, can be achieved by everyone, and naturally it is even more enviable. Shi Qingyang has even heard people shouting at him more than once, saying that if he had such conditions, he would certainly be better than Gu Changjin, a five-level radiation fighter.

Shi Qingyang knows that other people think of themselves. In the eyes of those people, he clearly has a poor talent, was born in general, and his parents are both dead. Because he is lucky enough to reach Cheng Ran, he can drink the best medicine and use the best things every day, which is definitely the existence of hatred.

For this reason, there is always someone challenging him. Unfortunately, in Spark College, most teachers have only Grade 3, and the strongest among the students is Grade 3. Others are either Grade 1 or Grade 2, and they have no experience at all…

If he were outside the city, he might not dare to match up with many more people than himself, but on the match table of Spark College…

The radiation energy here is very weak, and the damage is far less than that outside the city. Sometimes, even the fist and fist are better than the radiation energy.

Shi Qingyang comes to the net, all challenges should be met, just take those people to practice radiation energy, by the way, practice fist-a year ago, there was a secondary vice almighty to him about war, in the end he didn't have any radiation energy, directly waving his fist blunt go up…

This kind of thing is not one pile or two, but many piles.

Shi Qingyang looked around him and then saw many people far away from him and smiled.

"Shi Qingyang, congratulations!" A voice sounded, then Shi Qingyang saw an acquaintance, He Ming.

At the beginning, after the yang family was punished, Zhao's aphid farm was returned to He Ming, but He Ming did not manage it himself. instead, he split it up and sold it.

Many people don't understand He Ming, but Shi Qingyang thinks He Ming is actually the most suitable. He Ming is not young and He Lan is not a person who is good at management. Instead of crustily skin of head to run the farm, it is better to sell it directly for money. As a result, it is also avoided that someone will use the farm to calculate them next time.

"Happy with you." Shi Qingyang smiled. He Ming's results were in the top 10 even if they were not so outstanding.

"Shi Qingyang, this winter vacation we organized a group of people out of town hunting, are you interested?" He Ming also asked that although they had not graduated, they still yearned for the outside of the city, so they often organized a group of people to go out of the city to hunt and adapt to the wild environment during winter and summer vacations.

Shi Qingyang, however, was not interested in going with a group of people to besiege some small things that he could catch by himself. He refused directly: "No, I still have work to do."

"I knew it." He Ming smiled, many people want to know whether Shi Qingyang is as strong outside the city, but Shi Qingyang, he really seems determined not to go out of the city.

He Ming soon left, but Shi Qingyang really moved his mind to go outside the city.

He was pushed into the nest in the last life, that is, in May of this year. Now it is time to find out.

Think like this, Shi Qingyang directly goes to the pharmacy classroom where Cheng Ran is. Cheng Ran now has a free pass, but he will still come to school with him. After he comes to school, he will go to exercise. Cheng Ran is here to configure the pharmacy.

These days, Cheng Ran and Ran Xue have also got an ancient book introducing ancient plants. It is said that there are ancient prescriptions for treating diseases with plants. Although different plants are completely different from before, many plants that used to be medicinal materials are still medicinal materials after variation. Ran Xue and Cheng Ran just want to find some new medicinal materials through this ancient book.

The Cheng family has been selling all-round drugs for more than a year, but no one else has developed a prescription. Even similar drugs can't be made by others. It depends on the two newly discovered herbs.

Ran Xue used to be jealous of pharmacists trained by large families because they had access to many wonderful prescriptions. Now, she hopes to create some prescriptions by herself.

In fact, half a year ago, she improved a medicine for treating radiation trauma and improved the effect. Now she has become the second profitable medicine for Cheng's Pharmaceutical Factory.

As for the first, there is no doubt that it is an all-powerful drug.

With all-round medicine, Cheng family, who was only a little famous in Yangtze River City in a short period of one and a half years, has now been known by the whole Chinese nation.

When Shi Qingyang went to Cheng Ran, Cheng Ran was already sorting out the equipment. He was a lot taller than before, but the gap between them was bigger than before.

Qingyang, a former teacher, suffered from malnutrition during his growth and development period. Later he was only a medium-sized child, but in this life he was different. Now he has sufficient nutrition, insists on exercising, and has special monitors to check his physical condition and make suggestions on his diet and so on…

Today, he is already higher than in his previous life, and he should have more opportunities in the future.

"Qingyang, there you are." Seeing Shi Qingyang, Cheng Ran smiled and his hand movements accelerated somewhat.

Shi Qingyang stepped forward to help clean up: "How did you get here today?"

"Someone asked me a question just now." Cheng Ran said: "The man wrote down a lot of questions and took me a lot of time."

"Who is it? Which grade?" Shi Qingyang asked, Cheng family appearance is not bad, Cheng Ran, of course, is also the same, although he looks like Cheng Hong seven or eight points, temperament is completely different, will inevitably attract others, Shi Qingyang although don't think in Cheng Ran heart others than yourself, but will still pay attention to a little.

"I don't know." Cheng Ran was somewhat puzzled: "next time I see you again, I will definitely ask his name." Although he never forgets anything, he always remembers it deliberately, but he didn't pay attention to it when he was in a hurry to answer the question so as to go home with Shi Qingyang.

"forget it, everyone will remember how much time it takes?" Shi Qingyang laughed.

"In fact also don't spend any effort…" Cheng Ran laughed, ear two dimples.

"Just remember me." Shi Qingyang whispered, indeed as expected see Cheng Ran ears red.

If Cheng Ran had heard him say so before, he would have nodded in agreement very seriously. But now…after knowing much, Cheng Ran has learned to be shy.

Although this situation has greatly reduced the number of things to throw themselves into, it has also added an interest.

"I…what place did I get in the exam?" Cheng Ran changed the subject.

"What else? No. 1, of course." Shi Qingyang laughed.

"Two first isn't it? There is one last but one." Cheng Ran smiled. He didn't take part in actual combat, so this one was the last one every time.

"Well, let's go find Grandpa Gu, who said he would make us good food." Shi Qingyang didn't want to take up this topic. Cheng Ran had already paid no attention to what he didn't have radiation energy, but he always felt a little pity.

Shi Qingyang drove the car to school. When they got home, they saw Gu Changjin had already cooked a table of food.

Gu Changjin must monitor Cheng Ran before, the in the mind has been holding up things, natural not happy, but now Cheng Hong has not contacted him for nearly a year, this has made him a lot easier, such as later he contacted his niece, let them moved to other cities, the heart of the stone is falling to the ground.

As a result, he, who only cooks when he is depressed, actually started to study delicious food.

Just, this table of food haven't eat much, was interrupted-Cheng Ran received Cheng Xuze communication.

"Xiao Ran, will you come back for dinner this New Year?"

"Grandpa, I have something to do, so I won't go back." Cheng Ran said directly that he didn't want to go to Cheng's house for the Spring Festival at all.

"Then forget it. Grandpa will send you something and give you a big red envelope." Cheng Xuze has already planned to give Cheng Ran some more, because Cheng Hong will definitely not give any money.

Although Cheng Ran's current status is very embarrassing, Cheng Xuze likes this grandson very much.

"Thank you, Grandpa. I have also prepared a present for you and will send it tomorrow." Cheng Ran also said.

"Good good. What a good boy." Cheng Xuze laughed, was about to say something, but suddenly there was screaming behind him.

"Grandpa, what's the matter?" Cheng Ran asked. At the same time, Cheng Xuze turned his head and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Grandpa, Grandpa, My Dad He Breakthrough!" Cheng Sisi suddenly rushed in from the outside.

Cheng Hui, breakthrough?

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