Although think Cheng Hong not necessarily will continue to contact them, but Gu Changjin to be on the safe side, or get through Cheng Ran under the bed, so really want to have a little accident, Shi Qingyang can hide in the first place.

In addition, is to make the bed, that a bowl of soup let Cheng Ran bed all have to change, if it weren't for a special machine is responsible for cleaning, Gu Changjin will be mad.

Cheng Ran also tossed and turned once, changed clothes and makeup, then sat on the bed again and began to play games. The online game called "Radiation energy Fighter" had a special reason for being popular for so many years-many details were very real. For example, after someone chose a pharmacist as his profession, he could see many prescription drugs. Even, there were two choices for configuring drugs, one was direct synthesis, the other was his own configuration.

The success or failure of the former depends entirely on the system and probability, while the latter…If someone has the basis in this aspect and knows all the steps correctly, he will never make mistakes.

Cheng Ran chose the pharmaceutical industry for himself, then plunged into it and began to collect medicinal materials to refine pharmaceutical products. It was a great pleasure to play.

On the contrary, Shi Qingyang was not interested in this kind of game that is not real. After playing for a while, he finally went to the next room to take exercise with a "gaunt face" with specialized makeup.

With the existence of omnipotent drugs, he can break through himself again and again, and naturally he needs to work harder.

As Shi Qingyang challenged his limits once again, the contact terminal in his hand suddenly moved. This was an agreement between him and Gu Changjin-Gu Changjin would contact them as soon as possible, and they needed to be ready immediately and wait for "inspection".

Hurriedly stepped down from the exercise equipment, Shi Qingyang wiped the sweat off his body quickly, and was glad that the cosmetics he bought did not melt in the water. Only then did he walk downstairs. During this time, he did not even have time to take a breath and rest for a while.

Shi Qingyang did this, and Cheng Ran did the same, of course. He was sitting on the bed, but now he lies down quickly. Then he brings himself an oxygen mask and some instruments. Not only that, he also pours some medicine he needs to drink on the quilt.

The man who was not stopped outside by Gu Changjin this time was You Liangping, dean of Spark College.

Although You Liangping is funded by the Cheng family, he has always been contacted by Cheng Hong, so like Gu Changjin, he works for Cheng Hong.

For this reason, when Cheng Xuze was here before, he just followed other people to meet him and didn't say much. Instead, after Cheng Xuze left, he just picked a time to pay a visit.

You Liangping came here this time and brought some test materials from Spark College by the way. After all, when he was given a "free pass" to allow him not to come to school, there was actually an additional condition, that is, he must pass the test.

The Spark College's examination is relatively few, one at the end of the mid-term and one at the end of the term. now the mid-term exam is about to expire.

"Gu Changjin, why didn't you contact me these days? What's the matter with you?" See Gu Changjin eyes red, looks pale, You Liangping asked in surprise.

"The young master is seriously ill." Gu Changjin grind way.

"how? When I saw him off before, the young master was fine." You Liangping was worried. Cheng Ran is the son of Cheng Hong. If something happened to Cheng Ran in Spark City, what would he do?

"The young master suddenly fell ill." Gu Changjin spoke.

"Then why don't you take the young master to the hospital?"

"This is the order of the master. The master cannot be taken to the hospital."

You Liangping don't believe it, eyes rested on the living room with a complete set of bedding.

This is the bedding that was replaced from Cheng Ran the day before. Now it has been washed and baked. Gu Changjin was slightly stunned. Then he became sad: "The young master vomited blood before."

"Can I see the young master?" You Liangping asked, Cheng Hong once let him pay more attention to Cheng Ran, what's wrong with the report to him…He didn't meet anything wrong before, now Cheng Ran sick, but is definitely a big problem.

Vomiting blood so much that all bedding has to be changed…

"The young master is upstairs." Gu Changjin took people upstairs.

Cheng Ran lay dying in bed. The whole person was trapped in a huge quilt, which made him look smaller. The room was filled with a faint smell of medicine and blood. The data displayed on various medical devices nearby were even lower.

You Liangping could not even respond: "Gu Changjin, what are you doing? You don't want him to live?"

"Dean, however, this is because the rejection of radiation energy…no one wants it." Shi Qingyang answered the call and failed to rest after extreme training, which made his body weak.

You Liangping don't know anything about medical skill, don't see what is the problem with Cheng Ran, more dare not easily to touch the body with some tubes Cheng Ran, only know now Cheng Ran looks really bad, even put aside Cheng Ran, beside him Shi Qingyang situation is also some wrong, breath instability limb weakness, his face is ugly, I'm afraid he didn't rest well these days.

Cheng Ran, this is really a big problem!

"I want to contact my master." You Liangping immediately the baggage and take the journey, and then quickly opened the hand contact terminal.

At this time in the Yangtze River City, Cheng Hong just learned that he wanted to practice the skill set that can break through the grade limit, and even stayed in Spark City for three months. His face immediately changed: "Dad, what does this mean? Do you want to force me to stay here?"

Cheng Xuze frowned. He just told the truth. Why does his son have so many ideas?

Clearly, they are all his sons. Why is the difference so great? If he really wants to leave Cheng Hong in Changjiang City, of course, how can he go to Anhang City?

Cheng Hong always felt that he was partial to Cheng Hui, but in fact it was not at all. What did Cheng Hui have at the beginning? Which did Cheng Hong have? He did often stay with Cheng Hui but did not bring Cheng Hong, but this is also for a reason.

Cheng Hui was born with radiation energy and adapted well to radiation energy. The environment outside the city was nothing to him. It didn't matter if he took it out of the city, but Cheng Hong was different. There was no radiation energy child yet. How dare he take it out? Also can only try my best to compensate after back to the city, at that time every time back to the city, he spent more time on Cheng Hong than Cheng Hui.

Moreover, at that time Cheng Hui followed him as a father, and Cheng Hong was not accompanied by his wife?

"If you really feel that way, you can either not learn it or learn it later." Cheng Xuze spoke.

Cheng Hong's face became more and more ugly: "Do you wish I didn't learn?"

This can't do that can't do that, Cheng Xuze increasingly helpless, that is, at this time, Cheng Hong hand contact terminal rang.

See is You Liangping communication, although I don't know why You Liangping find yourself, Cheng Hong or pick up, at the same time switch to privacy mode.

It was Cheng Ran's bed again, and Cheng Ran's business…Cheng Hong only listened to half of it and lost patience: "You don't have to worry about his business in the future, and you don't have to tell me about it." As soon as he finished speaking, he hung up the communication directly.

You Liangping saw this situation and some of his reactions failed to come to pass. Gu Changjin sighed: "You also saw it. This is the way it is."

"What is going on here? They are father and son…"

"There are some things that we cannot manage." Gu Changjin paused: "You go, don't come again." Just now, also let Gu Changjin affirmed, You Liangping not Cheng Hong let him come.

So, Cheng Hong is really don't care about Cheng Ran…Gu Changjin only feel heart a piece of stone fell to the ground.

You Liangping also know some things can't tube more, he didn't stay much, left soon, after he left, Shi Qingyang sitting on the floor began to rub his muscles with drugs, Cheng Ran said, quickly got out of bed, to help Shi Qingyang.

"However, your father did this to you. Do you feel uncomfortable?" Shi Qingyang asked, Cheng Hong eccentric to a certain extent, completely didn't see Cheng Ran as their own children, if it is him, will be very uncomfortable.

"It's hard, but he always does." Although Cheng Ran is called Cheng Hong's father, after all, they haven't gotten along very well. Even if they have feelings, they are only one-sided and not deep. Moreover, Cheng Hong has always been so kind to him, so when he saw Cheng Hong's indifference to himself, he had the feeling that it was indeed the case: "In fact, I thought too much of him before, and if I didn't think about it, it wouldn't matter."

"It's all right." Shi Qingyang smiled, Cheng Ran idea is very simple, as long as he put more effort, most can let Cheng Ran Cheng Hong no feelings.

Cheng Ran is very ill. Although Cheng Hong doesn't care much about this son, Gu Changjin reports Cheng Ran to him every day.

At first, Cheng Ran struggled on the edge of life and death, but as time went on, his physical condition gradually improved…Cheng Hong was not surprised by this result.

Although Cheng Ran is a failure product, there are also some places far beyond normal. For example, his resilience is very strong. It is said that he almost died several times in the laboratory before, but he still did not die in the end.

Knowing this, Cheng Hong paid less attention to Cheng Ran. He just charged Gu Changjin not to let Cheng Ran have more contact with outsiders. Then he stopped taking more care of himself and began to practice with Cheng Xuze and Cheng Hui instead.

Although he nearly quarreled with his father, Cheng Hong would never give up such an opportunity that might enhance his strength.

Taking all-round medicine every day and practicing for another two hours…Cheng Xuze and Cheng Hui didn't feel it at first, but they found their condition seemed to be getting better and better. At that time, they believed what Shi Qingyang said even more.

Cheng Hui, in particular, has been depressed since his injury. He did not dare to go to promotion. However, he suddenly had hope and even began to exercise with great enthusiasm.

Different from Cheng Hui's enthusiasm, Cheng Hong felt something was wrong as he went on, even suspecting that his father was playing with him. However, looking at his brother and father, he could only reject the idea.

Just, even if think this achievement method is true, Cheng Hong also hard to let oneself completely accept all this, can only grind hard support.

It was at this time that the first batch of 5,000 bottles of all-purpose drugs were put on the market. The price of these all-purpose drugs is not low and their efficacy is not exaggerated, but they were sold out within one hour after they were put on the online counter.

Those who snapped up the goods did not buy one or two bottles, but dozens of bottles.

Almost all the almighty drugs have been bought by the big families in Changjiang City. Cheng's family had done nothing in the field of medicine before. The average person didn't notice Cheng's family, that is, these big families. Only after the press conference did they stare at Cheng's family all the time.

Those people should want to study the prescription, but how can the prescription be so simple? Moreover, due to the addition of two brand-new medicinal materials, the composition of the current omnipotent medicine cannot be studied at all.

Ran Xue was relieved to see the inventory turned to zero. Now the equipment in the factory has been adjusted. As long as the raw materials are sufficient, the all-round medicine can be continuously produced. She finally needs no more work and doesn't even have time to sleep!

When it was empty, Ran Xue suddenly thought of the video brought back by Cheng Xuze. Cheng Xuze had already given her the contact information of the teenager who made the all-round medicine in the video!

This month, Cheng Xuze also contacted several times, but Cheng Ran did not get through to the phone. The two just sent messages to each other. Cheng Xuze had not contacted Cheng Ran before. He thought it was Cheng Ran who didn't like video calls, so he didn't take it seriously. He didn't know anything about Cheng Ran's "illness". During this period, he also told Cheng Ran about Ran Xue.

How many people are looking forward to being instructed by a senior pharmacist? Cheng Ran is naturally very attentive to this matter, and has also saved Ran Xue's contact number. Therefore, he knew who the opposite person was just before the number of Ran Xue was lit up on Cheng Ran's contact terminal.

Pale and seemingly recovering from a serious illness, the teenager eventually became Ran Xue's apprentice through the Internet. At the same time, he also stressed once again what made Ran Xue unable to tell others about his existence.

Ran Xue was not originally a gossip. Naturally, he fully agreed. However, time passed quickly in the process of teaching and learning, and more than a year passed quickly.

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