Cheng Xuze has been back in the Yangtze River City for some days. These days, Cheng's family has been busy turning their backs.

As soon as he returned to the Yangtze River City, Cheng Xuze made several trips outside the city and brought back a large quantity of medicinal materials. Before long, he rented a piece of land in the northern part of the Yangtze River City at a large price and found someone to build a wall.

All this fell into the eyes of many people, and everyone felt that Cheng Xuze should be preparing for the upcoming pharmaceutical factory. However, Cheng Xuze did not plant any commonly used medicinal materials. No, he did not plant any medicinal materials at all. Instead, he began digging ditches and planting trees…

Not only that, Cheng Hui, a seven-level strong man who had already taken charge of himself, actually went to supervise the work outside the city.

Just when several forces in the Yangtze River City were all shocked and uncertain, all-powerful drugs appeared.

Ran Xue's skill is known to all in Changjiang City. She is indeed a senior pharmacist, but she has not attached herself to a large family. She can't do anything except the medicine for which someone has made public the prescription.

Moreover, she has no one to support and naturally has no money. Can a pharmacist who has no money come up with a new prescription?

Because of this, at first everyone took the matter of setting up a factory in Cheng's mind. Even if Cheng's family called for a drug conference, they only found some little people in the past.

As a result, this kind of omnipotent drug that can be produced in large quantities has won everyone's approval. Most importantly, after someone studied the composition of the drug delivered at the conference, he was completely unable to analyze which medicinal materials were used to prepare the omnipotent drug.

Either, this prescription is very unique in its configuration method, or, it is the medicine that Cheng Family has not discovered before.

Originally, the drug factory opened by the Cheng family, which was not noticeable, suddenly attracted the attention of countless people.

"Dad, the first batch of drugs will be sold in one month, but the drug factory hasn't finished debugging yet. Is it really in time?" Cheng Hui had a hard time getting rid of his two brothers-in-law who came to spy on the news, and then hid in Cheng Xuze.

"If it is too late to go public, there will be fewer and limited purchases." Cheng Xuze paid no attention: "If there are really many, where do we get so many Guan Zhong and Bai Achyranthes?" There are also many people under the Cheng family, but there are not many people who can really be trusted. These days, Cheng Xuze even made several trips outside the city in person to look for medicinal materials to collect medicinal materials. He rented the land because there are many osmanthus trees growing in the place where the land is located. The growth environment of the osmanthus trees is similar to that of Achyranthes bidentata. With a little modification, large-scale cultivation can be carried out.

"Even if the purchase is limited, this is a bit urgent…" Cheng Hui was helpless, and he also sneaked out of the city several times, almost being doubted by his wife.

"No way, this is what the master requested." Cheng Xuze said.

Cheng Hui stopped talking, since he learned from Cheng Xuze that level 7 lighter, don't be hungry for me also admire, what's more, this prescription was originally given by the other party, the other party is a little request.

"In fact, you don't have to worry too much. I told her that she can take one bottle by herself after allocating five bottles, so she worked very hard and bought a large semi-automatic medicine pot. Thirty bottles can be produced in one pot at a time." Cheng Xuze xi xi a smile.

Cheng Hui has been running outside all the time. He just learned about this, but his eyes brightened." Dad, have you saved a lot now, I …" He eats every day these days and also wants to give it to his wife and daughter.

"Although saved a lot, but still not enough, we Cheng home this is how many people? It's a pity that no matter how big the medicine pot Ran Xue can't adapt to…"Cheng Xuze sighed.

"What do you mean by not helping me to oppress me in my pharmacy room and still despising me?" The hair all wrapped up Ran Xue grind way.

If it weren't for know Cheng family is going to sell this medicine at a high price, she need it to be so hard for a few bottles of medicine? She is a senior pharmacist, but now she is here to prepare medicines that can be prepared by machines!

The technicians in the Cheng family are too useless. It is really so difficult to change the production line according to her requirements? Technology is the first productive force!

"Ran Xue ah, if you are tired, you can also have a rest…" Cheng Xuze laughed.

Ran Xue's face relaxed a lot: "Master, can't you find me an assistant?"

"This medicine matters…"

"The child in the video? Although the handling method is still immature, he works in an orderly way and is a good prospect. I also read the experimental report he wrote you brought. If he wants to be a pharmacist, he can come to me as an assistant." Ran Xue said, she watched the video of Cheng Ran configuring medicine several times and was very impressed by Cheng Ran.

How many people dream of being an assistant to a senior pharmacist? But Cheng Ran…Cheng Xuze some dim, Cheng Ran where can stand Ran Xue this laboratory full of radiation?

What's more, he promised Shi Qingyang before that he would never reveal the situation of Cheng Ran to anyone other than Ran Xue cheng Hui. I don't want to be hungry. I specially stressed that Cheng Hong Should not know about it these two days…Can he still take Cheng Ran as an apprentice to Ran Xue?

"Ran Xue, this child can't do it."

"Why not?" Ran Xue asked curiously and suddenly thought of something: "Yes, he took out all the prescriptions. He must have a stronger pharmacist beside him."

"Not necessarily, Ran Xue, if you like, I'll give you his contact number and you can communicate with each other." Cheng Ran does not have a teacher, and sometimes she has to ask someone online if she has any questions. Where can the online teacher compare with Ran Xue? Cheng Xuze thinks that if he can find a teacher for Cheng Ran, it is also a good thing.

As for whether Ran Xue's tutorial will be overqualified, this is not what he needs to pay attention to.

He agreed with Ran Xue about Cheng Ran and told Ran Xue not to tell anyone about it, even Cheng Hong. Cheng Xuze just left.

For Cheng Xuze charged, Ran Xue don't feel strange, her impression of Cheng Xuze and Cheng Hui is good, but the impression of Cheng Hong is not good, Cheng Hong when she was busy in the dark, don't want her to help refining drugs, she said the reason still think she is pushing to take off…

Ran Xue was thinking about Cheng Hong, and Cheng Hui was also asking about the matter: "Dad, Xiao Ran is the second brother's child. Why do you keep the second brother's secret about Xiao Ran?" Cheng Ran is the son of Cheng Hong, but he is only their relative. It is hard to tell Cheng Hong from him.

"Your brother…just remember, when your brother comes, don't say anything." Cheng Xuze said, Cheng Hong obviously hates Cheng Ran and even wants to scrap Cheng Ran. Of course, he can't say anything about Cheng Ran.

Moreover, when Cheng Hong contacted him directly yesterday, his tone was not very good. It seemed to blame them for not telling him about the omnipotent medicine. If he knew that the medicine was still from Cheng Ran, he still did not know how he would blame Cheng Ran.

"Dad, I know." Cheng Hui nodded his head, don't think I have a chance to say anything to Cheng Hong, Cheng Hong, after all, has been don't like him.

"It's almost time, isn't it? Let's go and practice that skill set together!" Cheng Xuze looked at the time and added.

"Dad, is that skill really useful?" Cheng Hui hesitated. It seems that the movements can move to every joint, and then cooperate with the movements to make the spokes run slowly. It makes people feel more comfortable after practicing. However, practicing such things can make people go up to the next level. This is very mysterious.

"Since I don't want to be hungry and say it's useful, it will certainly be useful. Anyway, it's just some slow movements and won't hurt me. Even if I don't succeed, it's just a waste of time. No, it's actually not a waste of time. You can't do other exercises in the future. Just do this." Cheng Xuze said that he had tested his body data after finishing a set of movements, and the results showed that the muscles of his body were not strained at all. From this alone, he knew that the movements were very harmless.

Cheng Xuze said very definitely, and Cheng Hui felt even more convinced: "I will definitely practice well!" He is a natural spoke almighty, Cheng Xuze has always wanted him to become a level 8 spoke almighty, but he let his father down, now…

Even if the chances are slim, he wants to try.

"Yes, practice well. You have to practice, and so does your brother." Cheng Xuze openings, he has asked Cheng Hong this matter, Cheng Hong immediately said he would come right away…

His second son has always been in pursuit of strength.

Cheng Hong is indeed on his way to the Yangtze River City. All-round medicine just makes him want it very much, but the chance to break through it makes him excited.

He has been a six-level radiation fighter for nearly ten years. He knows very well that this is also his limit. It is extremely difficult to go further, but now Cheng Xuze has told him to have this opportunity…

How can he not grasp such a thing well?

His father, at the beginning, many people did not think highly of him, thinking that he had reached the limit of level 6 or 7, but he eventually became a strong level 8. in this case, can he break through?

Such a thought, Cheng Hong's heart is very hot, also moved for the first time will work back to the Yangtze river city.

As soon as he arrived in Changjiang City, he saw his eldest brother and father doing a strange set of actions.

Cheng's people are studying that set of radio exercises, Cheng Ran is putting on makeup in front of a mirror. Last night, Gu Changjin sent Cheng Ran a message of serious rejection and critical illness to Cheng Hong. Cheng Hong only let him pay attention to Cheng Ran's situation at any time.

Since she is critically ill, it is natural to have relevant photos. A few days ago, Shi Qingyang helped Cheng Ran buy a complete set of makeup equipment for movies and TV plays, and then downloaded the entire strategy for makeup artists of the cast.

Learning to make up or something is absolutely not difficult. even the medicine can be made by Cheng Ran. to make up yourself as a seriously ill person, it is not difficult to follow the tutorial.

Cheng Ran gave himself a good makeup look, then added some costumes to Gu Changjin. The day before Gu Changjin showed only haggard appearance, but today he brought his red-bloodshot contact lens.

Apart from costumes, medical equipment is also available. For these, Shi Qingyang initially planned to buy a set and then find someone to "damage" it. Later Gu Changjin reminded him that there is actually another thing in the world called teaching equipment.

The present set is used for teaching by the teachers of the medical school. The data displayed on it can be displayed as desired. It is very easy to use and convenient. Not only that, it can also print out all kinds of laboratory tests. Compared with those in the hospital, there is no seal of the hospital or doctor.

Private medical equipment, these also do not have.

When all this is done, the time will come to test your acting skills!

"Sir, the young master's condition is very poor, his blood pressure almost disappeared just now…"

"Sir, master vomited a lot of blood, how to do, he has always rejected other people's plasma…"

"Sir, master he will be killed…I…"


Gu Changjin's every word and action will be rehearsed in the mirror. After the rehearsal, he will connect Cheng Hong's contact terminal with a full face of despair.

Cheng Hong calls a direct impassability, every time in the end turned into a message, for this situation, Gu Changjin and Shi Qingyang are very worried-Cheng Hong has obviously left the Yangtze River city, don't know whether he is going to the Yangtze River city, or to spark city.

If he comes to Spark City…Gu Changjin's niece, he may be in danger.

"I think I've gone to the Yangtze River City. After the last serious illness of the young master, in fact, the master did not take much care of the young master. He has almost given up. As long as he can make it through this time, he will definitely have nothing more to do in the future." Gu Changjin's face moved uneasily. He wiped too much on his face.

Cheng Ran was even more calm. He was playing games with a pale face and a palm computer. He was even looking for different games and competing with others. All the people he had abused complained to him and suspected that he had used external plug-ins.

Although there is nothing unusual about Cheng Ran's number, he has been complained too many times, always jumping out of the verification code at the beginning and then being blocked directly.

Cheng Ran, who had just started playing the game, was very sad and finally returned to the embrace of a single player.

Shi Qingyang accompanied him in front of the hospital bed. Seeing that he was so bored, he simply got off the most popular handheld online game and planned to take Cheng Ran to play.

This handheld online game has been available for hundreds of years. Over the years, the second edition and the third edition have been updated slowly. Now it is the 287 edition, which is called the Radiation fighter.

Everyone who enters the game can change his level, accumulate his strength and become a high-level radiation fighter in the game by doing tasks and training.

There are a lot of things related to reality, but they are better than reality. At least, everyone here can become a level 9 radiation fighter through hard work and throwing money, killing all foreign animals and even taking foreign animals as pets.

Shi Qingyang has never played games before, and has seen Cheng Ran's performance of torturing people to death before. He always thought that this game Cheng Ran would kill four parties with him. Unexpectedly, Cheng Ran was killed just after leaving the city. On the contrary, it was him. Because this game relies on reality a lot, although it is not particularly severe, it can be played for a while.

As a result, gradually, it became a game life in which two rookies lived together, and they died from time to time.

Cheng Ran did not play the game as well as before, but he was very happy. every time he died, he still laughed. with his face, he looked very scary, just like shooting ghost movies.

Gu Changjin watched the two men laughing while playing games. He could no longer practice his grief-stricken expression in front of the mirror. He simply stopped sending any information for the time being and went to cook instead, declining those who wanted to visit.

Cheng Hong said, however, Cheng Ran things, must not let others know, he naturally want to keep a secret.

When Cheng Xuze left, he entrusted someone to take care of Cheng Ran. Those people also wanted to have a good relationship with Cheng Ran, but Gu Changjin did not let them see Cheng Ran. They had no choice but to leave helplessly.

Fool people away, Gu Changjin went to the kitchen to cook again, and also took the food upstairs. He didn't want to spoil Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran like this, but he was afraid Cheng Hong suddenly contacted them or someone else suddenly came and saw something…

Gu Changjin was very cautious and correct, because Cheng Ran had just eaten half of his dinner when they received a phone call from Cheng Hong. Gu Changjin made a gesture and Cheng Ran immediately lay on the bed. Shi Qingyang hid out and could only cover the food with a quilt. He hid himself in the blind corner of sight behind the bed.

A large oxygen mask was placed over Cheng Ran's face, revealing a completely unhealthy color on his skin. Although his eyes were closed, he could see his painful expression…

As soon as Cheng Hong arrived in the Yangtze River City, he received a long list of information from Gu Changjin. He looked at several of them and his original hopes were completely dashed.

Cheng Ran is already a failed product, and I don't know why the people from any research institute still let themselves bring him back! Clearly all the other failures have been destroyed…

Cheng Hong has no interest in Cheng Ran any more. Now, Cheng Ran has even become a stain on him. Not to mention Cheng Ran's failure, I'm afraid it's not good to let others know that he participated in such an experiment.

It is also a good idea to let Cheng Ran stay in Spark City all his life, but it is a pity that Gu Changjin is no longer one of his people, no matter whether Cheng Ran lives or dies this time.

"Sir…" Gu Changjin thank you very much for the contact lens in his eyes, with this thing in, he doesn't have to worry about Cheng Hong will see if his expression is wrong.

Cheng Hong glanced at him and then looked at Cheng Ran behind him: "Take good care of him and remember, don't let my dad know about this. If my dad asks, he will say Cheng Ran is ill."

"sir, I will." Gu Changjin spoke.

Cheng Hong quickly hung up the communication.

Cheng Ran watched the call end, took off his oxygen mask, a full face of uncomfortable.

"However, don't be too sad." Shi Qingyang got up and whispered, knowing that his father didn't take himself seriously, should it be very uncomfortable?

Cheng Ran frowned: "Why should I be sad? I just feel bad. The soup spilled and fell on my quilt!" He got up, his clothes and trousers were all wet and his quilt was smeared with oil.

"Shi Qingyang, how can you tuck food into the quilt?" Gu Changjin, as a housekeeper, could hardly bear such untidy scenes.

"I wanted to hide under the bed, but who made it impassable?" Shi Qingyang looked at the dinner plate and did not pay much attention: "In fact, it's just soup spilled, and you can continue to eat." He really didn't want to waste food, so he forked out a piece of barbecue to eat.

Gu Changjin was speechless.

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