Gu Changjin has been under great psychological pressure the other day. After talking with Shi Qingyang, he relaxed a lot, but he is still very worried about his niece.

He actually thought about telling Cheng Xuze, but Cheng Hong is the son of Cheng Xuze. He is just a housekeeper. Over the years, Cheng Hong has been performing very well. Besides being bad for Cheng Ran, he can't find anything wrong with Cheng Hong…

In fact, if he hadn't been taking care of Cheng Ran, he wouldn't have believed others told him that Cheng Hong would do this to his son.

In that case, why does Cheng Xuze believe he doesn't believe his son? Even if Cheng Xuze believed him, it was just a radiation inducer, Cheng Hong casually said that he wanted his son to succeed, also can fool in the past, Cheng Xuze may break into a furious rage, but in the case of Cheng Ran no accident, will he break with his son?

At that time, Cheng Hong besides blame by Cheng Xuze, nothing else, but they are bound to Cheng Hong.

Moreover, Cheng Hong is his benefactor after all. Subconsciously, Gu Changjin hopes to have a satisfactory result.

Shi Qingyang pieced together a thing before, but I didn't think there was such an inside story. He could see that Gu Changjin cared about Cheng Ran very much, but he could reach this level…Gu Changjin had already regarded Cheng Ran as a relative.

"Grandpa Gu, as long as there is no accident in this incident, your niece will be fine. If all this happens, Cheng Hong will probably give up." Shi Qingyang was able to respectfully say "natural father" before, but now he is called by his first name because of anger.

Because Cheng Ran had no radiation energy, he did this to Cheng Ran? In this way, with this is not Cheng Ran as his child!

If he has the chance, he must take advantage of Cheng Hong.

"sir…he probably doesn't want to recognize the master." Gu Changjin gave a wry smile.

"Grandpa Gu, let's tell the truth first." Shi Qingyang wanted to think, saying.

Shi Qingyang was wondering how to tell Cheng Ran about it when the door was suddenly rung.

In this family, apart from them, there is only Cheng Ran. Gu Changjin opened the door and saw Cheng Ran outside: "Grandpa Gu, have you seen Qingyang? Qingyang!" As soon as he finished asking, he saw Shi Qingyang in the room and smiled and bent his eyes.

"But is there something wrong?" Shi Qingyang asked.

Cheng Ran's face was somewhat embarrassed: "I can't sleep…" after he returned to the room, he counted the pile of lollipops carefully and then remembered Shi Qingyang.

Before playing the game, Shi Qingyang helped him brush the cards. In his opinion, these lollipops were the things Shi Qingyang gave him. Each one was very precious.

At first, he was thinking about hiding it all, but then he thought of the dried meat given by Shi Qingyang when he first met. He didn't finish eating it and went moldy after putting it under the pillow for a long time. He dismissed the idea, studied the shelf life, calculated the time, and decided to eat one a week.

After this ordeal, he couldn't sleep. He remembered the people he saw during the day, the things he saw, and even the crying child in the playground.

At that time, he thought that all lollipops were sent by Shi Qingyang, and naturally he could not bear to give them to others. Now, in retrospect, he felt that the child was crying very pitifully. In fact, he should give a…or let the child's father brush the card once, and then help the child play once…

Even the child thought of, he will not forget the teacher Qingyang, suddenly thought of, today one day teacher Qingyang all let him, but he didn't play anything.

He didn't know anything about the world and didn't feel anything wrong at that time, but now he is more and more guilty, and finally he just got up and went to find Shi Qingyang, and he can sleep with Shi Qingyang by the way.

Shi Qingyang gave him the right to open his own door. He went in quietly. He wanted to sneak into bed and set an early alarm clock. Unexpectedly, Shi Qingyang was not here at all. Instead, he was in Gu Changjin's room.

"Qingyang, why are you here with Grandpa Gu?" Cheng Ran asked curiously again.

If it weren't for Cheng Ran expression on her face is too simple, such a problem, Shi Qingyang will think each other is caught | rape after questioning.

Ahem, if there is no accident, Cheng Ran should want to "attack" him at night, but finally found him in Gu Changjin's room…Shi Qingyang felt some regret for not being attacked at night, but he soon pulled back his thinking, saw Cheng Ran's innocent expression, and thought of Cheng Ran's practice, suddenly didn't know what to say.

"Master, you have grown up and should sleep alone." Gu Changjin also guessed the reason why Cheng Ran would come up, loathe to give up stare Cheng Ran, just stared at Shi Qingyang.

"But…" Cheng Ran wanted very much to say that Shi Qingyang agreed to his love, and it was nothing to sleep together. Suddenly he found that Gu Changjin's look was very wrong: "Grandpa Gu, are you very sad? If you feel uncomfortable, you can read books and eat some sugar. Actually, it is also good to go out to play. Today Qingyang took me to the amusement park. It was fun and everyone was very happy. We will go out tomorrow. Do you want to go with us?"

Is this a plan to bring a big light bulb when dating? If so, they will definitely not be able to play happily. Of course, more importantly, Cheng Ran may not be able to play again next time. Shi Qingyang sighed, "However, we have something to tell you."

Gu Changjin knew what Shi Qingyang was going to say and took a surprised look at Shi Qingyang. Eventually he did not stop.

Cheng Ran, it is time to grow up.

Shi Qingyang did not hide anything. He told Cheng Hong exactly what he wanted to do to give him a radiation inducer.

He thought Cheng Ran would be very sad when he heard this. He didn't expect Cheng Ran's expression to change at all. He was silent for a moment and then looked at Gu Changjin: "Grandpa Gu, when will the injection take place?"

"However, you cannot inject." Shi Qingyang said directly.

"No injection?" Cheng Ran was in a trance. He was deeply impressed by the last injection. Of course he didn't want to do it again, but…

"But, without radiation, am I useless? My father said that if I can have radiation energy, I can be called a great soldier and become a strong man. If I do not have radiation energy, I am a waste." He had very little contact with Cheng Hong, and Cheng Hong would tell him about it every time he made contact.

Even if Cheng Hong didn't say it, he has always wanted to have radiation energy, not too strong, as long as he can configure the medicine.

"Compared with strength, life is more important. If you have an accident, you have nothing." Shi Qingyang spoke.

Cheng Ran didn't know much about death before, but now, he is full of nostalgia for the world. He quickly said: "Yes, I don't want to inject radiation inducers again. Last time, I thought I was almost dead. In my body, there seemed to be two forces fighting to divide me into two halves…"

At first he was only subconsciously submissive, but now he quickly sobered up.

"However, in this case, we have to make some preparations." Shi Qingyang said that as long as Cheng Hong did not come back, it was not as difficult as imagined to fake it. At most, for a long time, Cheng Ran could not go out.

Cheng Hong is very popular in Anhang City. He does things fairly and does not bully others. As a result, he has won the favor of many people.

Everyone knows that Cheng Hong is a very self-disciplined and serious person who seldom smiles, that is, when facing his own children, the whole person will be much softer.

Cheng Hong seldom thinks about what he wants, but he is willing to pay attention to his two children. Cheng Zhen is already 15 years old and will be injected with radiation inducer in a few months. He is even more attentive to him.

I have always been unwilling to have a relationship with people. I have not dealt with Cheng Hong, who is still very tough with Li Rong, the duke. Even for the sake of my son, I have found a pharmacist who brought Li Rong to Anhang City. I have asked the other party to help me configure the medicine for conditioning my body, so that my son can have the best condition during the injection.

Even the radiation inducer, he also entrusted a lot of relations, finally sent his son's information, please specially configured a . .

For these reasons, he did not even pay too much attention to Gu Changjin's delay in injecting radiation inducers into Cheng Ran. In fact, up to now, he has not paid much attention to Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran is a child he got after participating in an experiment.

The story begins when he went to study in the central city and met Qin Liu and fell in love with him.

All men and women in love always think about the future. When he talks with Qin Liu, he thinks about their children.

Everyone wants to have a child who is gifted or who is directly born to be gifted. Cheng Hong is no exception. He even wants more than ordinary people. Because his elder brother is a natural spoke capable person, but his talent is very poor, everywhere can't compare with his eldest brother, over the years, he always felt a head lower in front of his eldest brother and his father.

He has worked hard enough, but he is doomed to be inferior to his eldest brother. This situation makes him hate his eldest brother more and more. However, he just wants to surpass his eldest brother.

What should I do if I am not better than others? Some people will choose to work hard, some people will choose to relax, and some people will choose to have a child and let their children surpass others. Cheng Hong thought of this last point.

The pursuit of Qin Liu, on the one hand, is because Qin Liu is really good, on the other hand, it is also because Qin Liu's talent is very good, at that time, he has already started to find something to eat is said to be good for future children to Qin Liu, and he is so concerned about children's behavior, then angered Qin Liu, Qin Liu also inadvertently mentioned when angry, a friend of hers participated in an experiment, is said to be the cultivation of s-class natural radiation almighty experiment.

Giving your own cells, processing them in the laboratory, and then giving birth…may give birth to a freak, but it may also give birth to a natural radiation.

Cheng Hong was lucky enough to finally join the experiment. Even the fetus that took his genes was said to be the best of all the experimental products.

It happened that others succeeded in the end, but the child began to reject radiation energy after birth. He didn't want it at all at that time, and the research institute didn't intend to give it to him either. However, at the end of the day, for some reason, when the child was over two years old, the research institute suddenly sent the child to him, let him take care of it, and let him provide the child's physical data.

He has no feelings for the child and simply looks beyond his eyes, but he holds a little hope that the child will be surprised when he begins to understand.

At the same time, in order not to let people find Cheng Ran may appear different shape, he simply shut up Cheng Ran, which also facilitates his control of Cheng Ran.

He has always hoped that Cheng Ran can show great talent, but now it seems that all this is obviously unlikely.

Cheng Hong returned home with the medicine he had worked so hard to obtain and received a call from Gu Changjin.

Cheng Ran cannot be known, so he has already talked with Gu Changjin, and let Gu Changjin not send Cheng Ran to the hospital, not to mention telling Cheng Xuze about it. Now Gu Changjin has contacted him to tell him that the first aid equipment and medical equipment are completely ready.

I haven't seen him for a few days. Gu Changjin's condition looks very poor. Cheng Hong looked at him a few times and knew that Gu Changjin should be distressed Cheng Ran before he looks pale. At the same time, he was relieved.

If Gu Changjin had no reaction, he would have to worry about whether Gu Changjin had other ideas. Now, in his opinion, it is normal.

Of course, even if Gu Changjin said it out, he also has a way to deal with it. He just wants his son to have radiation energy, so he will inject radiation energy inducing agent into the child. This is for the good of the child, even if there is an accident…It is just an accident, after all, Cheng Ran's constitution is rare.

Cheng Hong looked a few more times and then found that Gu Changjin's medical equipment behind him was also very complete. For Cheng Ran's safety, Gu Changjin obviously spent a lot of effort.

"now that everything is ready, you can inject him." Cheng Hong said.

"Sir…" Gu Changjin some hesitation.

"Don't worry, it's just a radiation inducer. It'll be fine. I'll come over in a few days." Cheng Hong added.

With red eyes and looking emaciated, Gu Changjin nodded his head.

Hung up the phone, Cheng Hong checked his schedule, ready to spare two days to see Cheng Ran situation, if miracle can happen, he can be better to Cheng Ran, Cheng Ran coax very well, then will not be angry.

"Are you changing your schedule?" Qin Liu returned home and immediately asked.

"Didn't you see it?" Cheng Hong said, he and Qin Liu are husband and wife. Some of their contact terminals are connected. Qin Liu can also see some of his behaviors.

"I will also make my schedule free and go with you." Qin Liu said.

"Aren't you always uninterested in Cheng Ran?" Cheng Hong frowning slightly, some don't understand.

"What Cheng Ran, aren't you going to Changjiang City for all-purpose medicine?"

"All-round medicine? What is it?" Cheng Hong asked incredulously.

"half an hour ago, Cheng Jiazhao held a press conference, saying that a pharmacy factory would be opened to improve the constitution and warm up the radiation energy medicine, which can be drunk by both children and pregnant women." Qin Liu said: "Before the Cheng family, there was a lot of noise, so I paid more attention to it. Only then did I know about it."

"what?" The word "chuan" in Cheng Hong's brow looks more and more profound. his face is very pale: "I don't know at all, no…" Cheng Xuze mentioned before that he wanted to produce medicine at home, so he was willing to return to Changjiang city, but he refused without hesitation.

"Do you know anything?" Qin Liu asked, "Should we hurry back? I told you before that you should get on well with your father so that Ran Xue can be found directly with the medicine Xiao Zhen needs…"

"I contacted Ran Xue, and she refused me directly. They didn't take me seriously. Why should I cut myself off?" Cheng Hong cold snorted, but to see the hands of the contact terminal.

The drug conference convened by Cheng family Zhao continued. Because Cheng family had never been involved in the drug industry before, few people attended the conference. However, some of Ran Xue's pharmacist friends came. After they tasted the drugs, they all said the same thing and only praised them.

Cheng Hong saw the fire, he has been trying to do his best, but Cheng Xuze kept everything from him…

"This omnipotent drug is safe after testing, and the first batch of drugs will be put on the market in ten days." Qin Liu added that she attaches great importance to her career and strength. Because of this, she always wants to give her children the best and make them outstanding in the future.

"Let's go to Changjiang City." Cheng Hong bit his teeth. Cheng Ran failed last time. This time he didn't have much hope. In contrast, he cared more about all-round medicine.

When I saw Cheng Xuze before, he really shouldn't be angry because Cheng Xuze cared about Cheng Ran. Cheng Xuze had been rioting all along, but now he suddenly got better. At that time, he should have known that Ran Xue was not simple.

When Cheng Hong and Qin Liu were going to the Yangtze River City, Shi Qingyang was actually still worried about the matter.

He contacted Cheng Xuze and set a time for Cheng Xuze to hold a medicine conference, but he was not sure whether Cheng Hong would change his schedule because of the omnipotent medicine, so he did another thing.

After he gave Cheng Xuze an exercise, he can break through his own limited achievement method, allowing people who could not have advanced to continue advanced achievement method.

Of course, this achievement method is fake.

Although Shi Qingyang was outstanding in his previous life, his greatest achievement was only to develop the radiation energy truncation method. Of course, he could not take out such adverse things. However, he did not have any exercise equipment at the beginning and often exercised by himself. Therefore, he studied an ancient sport called radio exercise and developed a set of movements after improvement.

This movement can exercise the body and stretch every joint. As for breaking through oneself, that is what he blows out.

However, he showed many magical things before, so Cheng Xuze believed him very much, of course, there would be no doubt. After he got the achievement method, he even followed and demonstrated it on the spot…

Then, Shi Qingyang said that he gave the achievement method to the Cheng family, and Cheng Xuze must not disclose it to anyone outside the Cheng family. At the same time, once the achievement method starts to practice, it can't be stopped easily. He has to do it for two hours every day. Not only that, he will also give one section every ten days, a full set of ten sections, divided into three months.

The reason for doing so is, of course, to prevent Cheng's family from taking advantage of achievements.

As for wanting to see results, it depends on one's personal qualifications…Shi Qingyang is not afraid of Cheng Xuze suspecting him of cheating, because if there is no accident, he will completely break through his own limitations in the future, a living example.

After Cheng Xuze practiced, although he didn't feel any benefits, he didn't find any disadvantages. After thinking about it, he found his eldest son to practice together.

At this time, Shi Qingyang mentioned Cheng Hong unintentionally.

Cheng Hong is also the son of Cheng Xuze, and although the relationship with Cheng Xuze is not good, but also did not make any big mistake, Cheng Hong wanted to think, or contacted him, going to let Cheng Hong make their own choices.

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