Gu Changjin didn't want to hurt Cheng Ran at all. At first he came to Cheng Ran's side. It was really just because of Cheng Hong's orders, but after so many years, the relationship between him and Cheng Ran was already very close.

These days, he has been regretting that he made Cheng Ran too high-profile at the beginning, but after he knew that what he was going to inject into Cheng Ran was a radiation inducer, he felt that it had nothing to do with Cheng Ran's high-profile or low-profile.

Cheng Hong just know Cheng Xuze came to the spark city, can make such a decision immediately, enough to prove that he has already arranged for this matter, even if Cheng Xuze didn't come, I'm afraid the time is only delayed.

In fact, if it weren't for his frequent concealment of Cheng Ran's condition, he would have said that Cheng Ran's physical problems were very serious. I'm afraid this reagent would have been in his hand long ago.

Cheng Hong was supposed to be going to make Cheng Ran body completely good, then injection, if he has been dragging, maybe can drag on for two years, but now the emergence of Cheng Xuze…

Hesitated for a moment, Gu Changjin opened the box in his hand and saw the blue liquid.

This is an advanced radiation inducer specially configured according to a person's physical condition. People are flocking to this inducer, but it is very precious and basically has no position and cannot be obtained at all.

China's parliament injects radiation inducers into every 16-year-old, but it is the most common. There have also been cases in which families with power, power and money find someone to tailor high-level inducers to their children because they are not suitable for the events that eventually lead to death.

If other parents prepare such things for their children, it must be because they dote on their children. In most secondary and tertiary cities, they cannot even get such things, but Cheng Ran's situation is different.

Cheng Ran rejects radiation energy.

Cheng Ran rejected radiation energy from an early age. Once exposed to radiation energy, the body will have adverse reactions. In such cases, radiation energy inducers cannot be injected at all. However, Cheng Hong kept the matter under wraps and insisted on helping Cheng Ran to inject.

After the injection, Cheng Ran suffered a serious illness. Cheng Ran was born in April. It is now October. He has been recovering from illness for half a year before getting better. Is it necessary to do it again?

Moreover, after the last Cheng Ran injection, it was very dangerous and almost suffocated. If you come again this time…

Gu Changjin put away the potion. He knew very well that if he really injected Cheng Ran, it would be like murder. Of course, such a thing cannot be done, only his niece…

Gu Changjin closed his eyes and remembered the tragedy before.

He was born in the third-class city of clear lake. His parents died young and lived together with his younger sister. He had a very good talent and devoted himself to cultivation. He never married. However, his younger sister married a rich young man who had been passionately pursuing her at that time.

It was the third young master of a large family in clear lake City. He had no need of food and clothing for his whole life, and he did not have to take on any family business. For his sister, it was a perfect destination.

When he saw that his sister had a home, he left the city of clear lake and went to study in the city of Yangtze River.

However, he did not know that the rich young man married his sister because of his great strength and talent.

The rich young man had no inheritance right, so he wanted to use his power to become the heir of the family. He left after his sister got married, naturally making all the plans of the rich young man empty.

At first, the man was not bad for his sister, who gave birth to a girl after one year of marriage and was also happy.

That is, at that time, the man began to invite him to clear lake City again and again. Unfortunately, he was at the critical juncture of Grade 5 and felt that he could not help a woman to have children and bring children. He might as well improve his strength and bring some medicine to his niece in the future, and finally he did not go.

As a result, it was his attitude that finally led the scum to think that he had a bad relationship with his sister and that his sister was useless…

After that, the man began to change the way he treated his sister, from light to heavy. Once his sister rebelled, she threatened his niece…

He lives alone with his sister, how can his feelings not be deep? Because he has not been married, he even told his sister to let his niece support him.

However, the man never revealed that he approached his younger sister to gain his strength, and the two did not think much about it. After all, the man always respected his elder brother and displayed a playful but not outrageous image of a wan ku.

At first, the man didn't violence his sister, but his mental injuries emerged one after another. Later, he began to do it slowly.

A lot of things, Gu Changjin didn't know until later, after know, he even think that man is a madman.

It was a long process. At first, his sister just felt that there was something wrong with her husband and her life was unhappy because she didn't want to worry him. She didn't tell him either. At first, she didn't say it, then she couldn't open her mouth, and even she was beaten and scolded all day.

Thirteen years later, the madman actually beat his daughter. His sister couldn't stand it any longer. Finally, she designed to let the man eat something he shouldn't have eaten. The radiation in his body turned violent and he became a waste.

The man has some energy in his family and his parents are still there. Naturally, he will find ways to avenge him.

When he finally received the news, his sister had been exiled from the city, and his niece had been evicted from the house. When he tried hard to find his sister in a mobile town outside the city, the woman was even very ill.

Later, he fell in love with the family, severely wounded the brother of the man who went out of town to hunt, wasted his radiation energy, and caused them a lot of trouble…At that time, he was going crazy and laid a heavy hand on him. Although he didn't kill anyone, I'm afraid it was more painful than killing someone.

He was too arrogant, because he was so excited that he didn't even hide it. Naturally, he was arrested. At that time, Cheng Hong saved him and forced the family to give up the prosecution.

It is precisely because he had such experience that he didn't have the first time to expel Shi Qingyang after he knew about Shi Qingyang's parents and knew that Shi Qingyang's revenge might be implicated in Cheng Ran.

Now it has been more than ten years. The man who killed his sister has long been ill and died. The family in clear lake City has also plummeted. Even his niece, who was settled in another city, is now married and has children.

Unexpectedly, little contact niece, now was Cheng Hong used to threaten him…

Gu Changjin knew that it was not difficult for Cheng Hong to deal with his niece, and he had to face Cheng Hong if he wanted to stop and didn't want Cheng Ran to get hurt.

The mood was extremely complicated. At that time, Gu Changjin could not even calm down and cook.

When Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran returned, they saw that Gu Changjin's state was obviously wrong.

"Grandpa Gu, are you not feeling well?" Cheng Ran asked curiously.

"Master, I'm fine." Gu Changjin smiled.

"Grandpa Gu, you'd better take a rest. I can cook." Shi Qingyang spoke.

Cheng Ran took out a few lollipops and gave them to Gu Changjin: "Grandpa Gu, I earned them back. I'll give you one and feel good after eating."

Gu Changjin looked at the lollipop and suddenly thought of the things when he was a child. Although Cheng Ran seldom cried when he was a child, he also cried silently. He had just been brought in by Cheng Hong to take care of the child. He knew how to coax the child completely. When he saw the child crying, he stuffed some sugar into his mouth and said that he could not cry after eating. He was in a good mood and so on…

Cheng Ran remembered now.

This child, as long as others treat him well, is willing to give people a heart and lung.

Gu Changjin expression changes, Cheng Ran didn't feel anything, Shi Qingyang felt it. He also thought of Gu Changjin's abnormality the other day.

At that time, he was busy with revenge, and put most of his attention on Cheng Xuze. Naturally, he paid little attention to Gu Changjin, but now, after a association, he immediately discovered Gu Changjin's abnormality.

Why did Gu Changjin do this? What can make Gu Changjin difficult to decide?

Before long, Shi Qingyang locked Gu Changjin's abnormal goal on Cheng Ran-Gu Changjin's eyes just now were really very complicated.

With Cheng Ran in, Shi Qingyang didn't ask much. Gu Changjin didn't want to go back to his room to rest. He didn't demand it either. But that night, he knocked on Gu Changjin's door.

"I knew you would come." Open the door to see Shi Qingyang, Gu Changjin sighed. At first, when Shi Qingyang was arrogant, he still felt that Shi Qingyang was too young and thoughtless. But soon, Cheng Xuze appeared and Shi Qingyang was obviously not simple.

"Grandpa Gu, what happened?" Shi Qingyang asked.

"Come in and show you something." Gu Changjin wanted to think, but he decided to tell Shi Qingyang the matter so that he could discuss it with others.

The decoration in Gu Changjin's room was very simple. All the furniture was originally brought by the villa. Shi Qingyang sat at a small table at the door and then saw Gu Changjin take out a box.

"Do you know what this is?" Gu Changjin opened the box and asked.

Shi Qingyang could not see what it was with his eyes: "What is this?"

"Advanced Radiation Inducer."

"What's the use of this? To be sure?" Shi Qingyang exclaimed. In the history of China, it is true that the initial injection of radiation inducing agent failed to induce radiation, and then good luck possessed radiation, but the process was different.

Today, the world is full of radiation. Even if ordinary people cannot stand the radiation outside the city, they will not reject the radiation. However, Cheng Ran has such a problem.

The flesh of exotic animals contains very little radioactive energy. People eat it, but Cheng Ran cannot eat much. His body has reached this level. Can he still inject radioactive energy inducing agent?

"This is for natural use."

"Grandpa knew that Ran Ran was in poor health and would never give it to him. So, is he Ran's father?" Shi Qingyang thought of those words that Cheng Xuze complained about Cheng Hong before, and soon confirmed that it was mostly related to Cheng Hong.

Clearly Cheng Ran does not have radiation energy, but Cheng Hong still lets Cheng Ran attend radiation energy school. It turned out to be waiting here!

However, during his two years in spark city in the previous life, Cheng Ran was ill at the beginning of the semester, and even if he was often unwell, he would only take a day or two off and did not get sick for a long time. therefore, Cheng Ran was not actually injected with radiation inducer at that time?

As for why this time was advanced, I'm afraid it has something to do with Cheng Xuze. Moreover, Cheng Ran did not suffer any more injuries at the beginning of this term, and his body recovered faster.

"This medicine must be injected into the young master."

"Grandpa Gu, can tell grandpa Cheng about it…"

"If I could say it, I would struggle for so long?" Gu Changjin wry smile.

Shi Qingyang don't have to think much, you know Gu Changjin even threatened, not only that, to think further, Cheng Xuze and Cheng Hong are father and son, after all, Cheng Xuze may break into a furious rage after know, but it is impossible to do anything to Cheng Hong, then involved, is Gu Changjin and him.

"Grandpa Gu, pour out the medicine and pretend to have given it." Shi Qingyang wanted to think, direct way.

"What about physical data?" Gu Changjin frowned: "Besides, maybe he will come." At the beginning of the radiation can induce agent, but Cheng Hong personally give Cheng Ran injection, after also recorded the data of Cheng Ran, later see Cheng Ran dying groggy, just angry and leave.

"Grandpa Gu, the physical data can be handed in according to the last time, the degree of which is doubled. No, just say that he is in danger. As for the possibility that he will come here, I have a way to hold him back."

"Do you really have a way?" Gu Changjin asked: "In addition to holding him back, the dean of Spark College should be guarded. In addition, medical data and relevant videos should be handled well…" Cheng Hong will definitely let him shoot videos. Even if he does not come back, the dean of Spark College will definitely come and watch Cheng Ran.

"Let Ran Ran helped to act. He had been ill once. This time it should not be difficult. We can find someone to break all the medical devices and let them display wrong data…" Shi Qingyang began to consider the feasibility one by one.

Cheng Hong is probably worried about what Cheng Xuze see, did not come in the first place, and he sent the potion, perhaps there is the meaning of testing Gu Changjin, but anyway, this situation gave them time to prepare in advance.

As for how to hold off Cheng Hong…Shi Qingyang also investigated Process Macro. Although the information obtained online is not exhaustive, one thing is certain: Cheng Hong is very attentive to his children.

He seldom spends money himself, but he once asked a pharmacist for a medicine to recuperate his body for his son. If he knew the existence of omnipotent medicine, wouldn't he be jealous?

However, it is not easy to handle this matter…

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