When Cheng Xuze left this day, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran got up early and went together to deliver. However, when they arrived at the gate of the city, they found that there were so many people coming that the entrance to the city was not crowded.

This situation also indirectly illustrates how hard Cheng Xuze has been trying to keep in touch these days.

Shi Qingyang had a good impression of Cheng Xuze. Although Cheng Xuze had neglected Cheng Ran before, they were separated by a generation after all. Cheng Xuze had been running out all day before and it was normal not to know.

Moreover, Shi Qingyang always felt that there was something wrong with Cheng Ran's identity. Otherwise, Cheng Hong would not have treated his son so…

However, what's the problem with Cheng Ran's identity, although this Shi Qingyang curious, but even if I don't know what also don't think, Cheng Ran is Cheng Ran, has nothing to do with other.

The only thing that worries Shi Qingyang is actually the safety of Cheng Ran. However, Cheng Ran's identity is now well known in the upper layer of Spark City. Few dare to touch his estimation. Even if some people are especially daring, they cannot move in the city.

On the contrary, if Cheng Ran really went to the Yangtze River City, there might be danger instead. At least, Cheng Ran died in the Yangtze River City in his last life. At that time, Cheng Xuze died. Cheng's family just fell down because there were no 8-level radiation energy fighters. He did not have any power at all. Cheng Ran just died.

"Goodbye, Grandpa!" After Cheng Xuze set foot on the mobile fortress, Cheng Ran waved hard, her face was full of tears and her eyes were red.

He is very friendly to strangers, not to mention Cheng Xuze is still his grandfather. These days, he has more and more respect for Cheng Xuze. Even, he secretly bought a set of 24 beautiful potion bottles and then gave them all full of all-round potions to Cheng Xuze.

"Goodbye, Xiao Ran!" Cheng Xuze also waved his hand vigorously, which was a little out of line with his image, but the first time someone sent him regardless of his image, he didn't care much about his image.

Shi Qingyang stood beside Cheng Ran, looked around at the punishment of Europe and others, indeed as expected found these people see Cheng Ran expression and make some changes.

Cheng Xuze is actually expressing his attention to Cheng Ran.

The cargo transportation between Xinghuo City and Anhang City will last forever. The moving fortress of population will leave Xinghuo City and go to Anhang City. Shi Qingyang also took some depressed Cheng Ran into Gu Changjin's car: "However, you can talk to Grandpa online in the future, but it's nothing."

"Well," Cheng Ran nodded, "I still have you and Grandpa Gu, who are already fine."

Hearing Cheng Ran put himself first, Shi Qingyang couldn't help laughing. At the same time, Gu Changjin's face in the driver's seat also changed slightly.

Cheng Ran regards him as a relative. Even if Cheng Xuze is here these days, he still likes to stick to him. Not only that, this time he gave him a set of Cheng Xuze medicine.

However, what about him?

Cheng Hong said that as soon as Cheng Xuze left, he would send something over…

Gu Changjin's mood became extremely bad at that time, but at this time, Cheng Ran's words suddenly floated up: "Qingyang, grandpa left, I will sleep alone, if only grandpa stayed a few more days…"

Cheng Ran said this, very depressed, Gu Changjin corners of the mouth to take a smoke, suddenly found himself these days because tangled Cheng Hong command, forget this crop.

The young master of his family likes to rub against Shi Qingyang when he has nothing to do. He is also very likely to drill into the bed when he sleeps at night. I still don't know how much tofu Shi Qingyang ate!

When he returns, the first thing is to make the bed!

As soon as Gu Changjin came home, he arranged Cheng Ran's room, which was very efficient.

Shi Qingyang looked at the scene with some speechless. Even if he liked Cheng Ran, he didn't intend to do anything at this time…Moreover, did Gu Changjin really defend himself? As long as he motioned slightly, Cheng Ran must have come to him in the middle of the night with a pillow.

Back upstairs, Shi Qingyang turned on the computer again after a lapse of more than half a month, and as soon as he landed, he saw many messages from Cheng Xuze, which were mixed with some internet terms that I don't know where they came from, and even some "breaks down"

Shi Qingyang associated with the old man who was very dignified in front of himself, silently emptied the information, and then sent a message to Cheng Xuze, saying that he had something to do these days and didn't come up.

After sending, Shi Qingyang ordered He Lan's information again. These days, He Lan and Liu Qilin have been looking for the mobile town of Yin's house and will tell him the progress, but they can't find it at all.

After looking at the contents, Shi Qingyang simply clicked on the next radiation energy teaching video, which was given by Cheng Xuze, more detailed than what Gu Changjin had given at the beginning. As to why he gave it to…Cheng Xuze explained at that time that he wanted to shoot his master's "business".

As soon as Cheng Xuze left, Gu Changjin, like before, began to thank guests behind closed doors. After half a month of excitement, the villa finally quieted down again.

However, some have changed, while others have not. For example, Gu Changjin made several kinds of food this evening.

A few days ago, Gu Changjin searched many recipes on the Internet. He has been making food in different ways. He spends a lot of time in the kitchen every day. Before Shi Qingyang thought he was trying to please Cheng Xuze, but he didn't expect Cheng Xuze to leave now. He was still busy in the kitchen.

Does Gu Changjin suddenly fall in love with cooking?

When Shi Qingyang enjoyed the dinner prepared by Gu Changjin, Cheng Xuze had arrived in Anhang City.

Anhang City is a second-class city, occupying a much larger area than Spark City. It was once expanded five years ago due to overcrowding. The expanded area was also nicknamed the outer city.

In the outer city, there are buildings that occupy a large area, such as sports grounds and training grounds. At the same time, there are some scattered villas, Cheng Hong and Qin Liu, who live in one of them.

Cheng Hong had a bad relationship with Cheng Xuze. When he was young, he went to Central City to study alone. After returning from his studies, he also went to Anhang City to develop himself.

Of course, Anhang City is a lower-level city of the Yangtze River City. Cheng Hong can become the deputy duke of Anhang City and the president of the Anhang City Radiation Association. A large part of the reason is that everyone knows that he is the son of Cheng Xuze.

Cheng Xuze came down from above the mobile fortress and went directly to Cheng Hong's residence. When he got there, Cheng Hong had not come back. Qin Liu was busy with his work and was not at home either. Finally, the housekeeper opened the door to Cheng Xuze.

In the living room of the villa, there is a big picture of the family. Cheng Hong and his wife are standing side by side. Cheng Zhen, son, is standing beside Cheng Hong. Qin Liu is holding his daughter Cheng Zhenzhen. Although the wrinkles between Cheng Hong's eyebrows are still deep, they seem to feel very happy.

Cheng Xuze sighed, suddenly don't know what to ask, Cheng Ran is Cheng Hong brought back, he never doubted the identity of the process, but half a month ago, he let Cheng Hui to check the original Cheng Hong in the central city, but was told that before Cheng Ran was two years old, no one had ever seen him, he was almost suddenly appeared beside Cheng Hong, and later, Cheng Hong took his wife and children back to the Yangtze river city.

At that time, Qin Liu already had her youngest son for a few months. She gave Cheng Ran to the servants to take care of her younger son. No one felt strange either. Cheng Xuze was still running around at that time, not to mention her son and daughter-in-law.

However, since Cheng Hong and Qin Liu had already graduated in the year Cheng Ran was born, both of them seldom contacted others, so nobody knew whether Cheng Ran was their child or not.

"Dad, why didn't you tell me earlier if you were coming?" Cheng Hong soon returned home and saw Cheng Xuze and asked.

"I'll stay for one night and leave. It's nothing." Cheng Xuze looked at his son, only to find that Cheng Hong looks higher than him.

"Dad, last time I spoke on the phone, my tone was not very good. I'm sorry." Cheng Hong volunteered.

Cheng Hong rarely gives in, and Cheng Xuze is naturally not easy to pursue: "Nothing, but what are your plans for Xiao Ran? Clearly know that Xiao Ran does not have radiation energy, why do you still let him go to radiation energy school?"

"Dad, now this is not very good? Let Ran, however, just stay in Spark City. As for Spark College, Dad, this arrangement is a bit inappropriate, but I don't like him very much." Cheng Hong said directly: "He appeared suddenly. I can't treat him like a son." Cheng Hong said so, even with a trace of anger on his face.

Cheng Xuze said, it is not good to talk about others, who was designed by others to have children, I'm afraid I won't have a good feeling for the child, let alone Cheng Hong is still a man, don't have to bear the pain of pregnancy, nature also have no feelings for the child.

"In this case, Xiao Ran will let him stay in Spark City in the future. You should not mistreat him any more."

"Dad, he is my son after all. I won't do anything to him." Cheng Hong said seems to have some dissatisfaction with Cheng Xuze's distrust.

Cheng Xuze mainly wanted to know about Cheng Ran from his son. After that, some of them did not know how to go on. Finally, he said, "I signed a contract with Ran Xue the other day and plan to open a pharmacy factory. I am afraid the family will be very busy in the future. If you are willing, you will come back and help."

"I don't know anything about the family. I can't help it when I go." Cheng Hong frown tighter.

Cheng Hong said no more and stayed in the guest room arranged by Cheng Hong together with Wang Qing. After dinner, he also met Cheng Hong's two children, both of whom were lovely with snow and ice, but they were respectful to him. He showed his kindness and did not get a response.

Cheng Xuze that night, always feel all kinds of don't adapt, separated by a layer with him, Cheng Hong and Qin Liu expression, also not very good-looking.

"What are you going to do with Cheng Ran?" Qin Liu looked at Cheng Hong, tone is not very good.

"Try again for the last time. If I still fail, I will be unlucky." Cheng Hong grind way.

"It's a failure. You just don't believe in evil." Qin Liu frowned slightly.

"Don't you know? At that time, his performance was the best. Who knew that the others were successful in the end, but he actually rejected radiation energy." Cheng Hong's mood became worse when he thought of this terrible worry.

"This reagent is to add a lot of inducers, is also in accordance with his genes, successful also just, failed, his body…"

"His health was poor from an early age. Everyone knows this, and the Cheng family will provide him with food and clothing for a lifetime. This is a good thing that many people can't hope for." Cheng Hong didn't care. The story he told naturally lied to Cheng Xuze, but he said he didn't treat Cheng Ran as his own child, which is true.

He just contributed a cell and never got along with Cheng Ran. How could he have a father-son relationship?

Early in the morning the next day, Cheng Xuze left Anhang City by mobile fortress and went to the Yangtze River City. Cheng Hong sent him to the gate of the city. After watching him leave, he sent one package to another mobile fortress going to Spark City.

Cheng Ran's body is actually not bad. Apart from rejecting radiation energy, there are no other problems. Even in some aspects, he is much better than ordinary people. His resistance to viruses and bacteria is far superior to that of ordinary people.

However, what's the use of never forgetting anything? What's the use of strong resistance? If he is found to be different from others, he may bring trouble to himself instead.

Shi Qingyang found Gu Changjin's face even uglier after sleeping alone all night. In addition, he saw many messages left by Cheng Xuze last night in the early morning.

Cheng Xuze didn't make any unreliable remarks this time. On the contrary, he used a normal tone and then said something about his children.

See the above written some vague about Cheng Ran's life experience, Shi Qingyang smiled not seriously.

Even if Cheng Ran is an illegitimate child, he was treated like this before, but he didn't get any good. It is good to return the money Cheng family gave him in the future.

In fact, in the case of Cheng Ran, he might not have been brought to Cheng Hong's side, but his life would have been better. The Chinese parliament raised orphans free of charge. If orphans had talent, they would have been fully cultivated. In the case of Cheng Ran, perhaps some people would have scrambled to be his teacher.

Of course, Cheng Hong so to Cheng Ran, really want to calculate, or his lucky, after all Cheng Ran if change the road, two people might never meet.

Shi Qingyang relieved Cheng Xuze a few words and went downstairs to find Cheng Ran: "However, do you want to go out to play?"

"Where to?" Cheng Ran asked curiously.

"Go to the amusement park." Shi Qingyang laughed. Before sleeping with Cheng Ran, he found Cheng Ran reading some books such as The Pursuit of Treasures.

He had never noticed this before, and found himself being chased by others. Naturally, he was not to be outdone. Finally, he found a forum by the way, flipped through the posts, and recalled the TV plays and the like that impressed him in his mind.

Playground seems to be a place where many people are willing to go?

In fact, Shi Qingyang has not been to the amusement park for more than 20 years, and Cheng Ran has never been to it. When they got there, they both found that it was somewhat different from what they imagined.

The toys that move up and down, or turn people upside down, seem to Shi Qingyang to be pediatricians. He worries about Cheng Ran's injury and naturally won't play. Other toys are childish and not funny…

As Shi Qingyang struggled, he suddenly saw Cheng Ran stop in front of a machine.

This is a robot decorated with sunflowers. Its face is a screen. As long as you pay a certain amount of money by swiping your card, you can play the above-mentioned intelligence game. After crossing a certain level, you will also send a lollipop.

In fact, lollipops are sold outside, but in children's eyes, the robots are better than the ones they bought, and they pester their parents to play.

When Cheng Ran was in the past, there was a parent who was playing with different plants and watching them together. At first, it was very simple. When he reached the checkpoint where he had to deliver something, it became very difficult. A lot of different plants were crowded together, which could make people see the difference. Once the connection was wrong, the time would be deducted. The parent was in a hurry and finally failed. The robot did not give a lollipop.

"However, do you want to play?" Shi Qingyang saw this scene and quickly brushed the contact terminal when the parent was comforting his child.

Cheng Ran didn't play fast at first, but just passed the test. But as time went on, the speed became faster and faster.

The sunflower robot will ring "baby, you are really great!" Such encouraging words are becoming louder and louder.

He could connect the same different plants accurately without pausing, so before long, the robot took out a lollipop from its belly and gave it to Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran went on. Before long, he broke the record and got two more lollipops. But even so, he still did not stop and went on.

After watching the different plants on the machine, Cheng Ran cleared all the customs. he shook his sour hands and his eyes glistened: "these are so interesting."

"Do you want to continue? There are other things to play on it." Shi Qingyang grabbed a handful of lollipops and asked.

"good." Cheng Ran ordered "different animals looking for different" beside…

Shi Qingyang had more and more lollipops in his hand. The three-year-old boy who was pestering his father for lollipops suddenly cried with a "wow" voice: "Dad, the sugar candy has been taken out! Dad!"

I also don't know if this child has a connection with the robot. At this moment, the petals on the head of the sunflower robot suddenly lit up: "Sorry, the gift has been delivered, please wait a moment." The words sound just fell and it suddenly ran away.

Shi Qingyang was holding a large bunch of lollipops and was almost unable to hold them. He thought Cheng Ran would give some to the child, but Cheng Ran took off his coat and wrapped up all the candy: "Can we come back when we finish eating?"

"good." Shi Qingyang laughed.

As Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran returned with a large bag of lollipops, Gu Changjin finally received the box from Cheng Hong.

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