Shi Qingyang, of course, also saw the big turning point of the trial. Like Xing Europe, he also felt that the Yin family had a plot. However, even if the Yin family had a plot, the matter had come to this point and the Yin family had already got away from it.

After all, it was the Yang family who committed the crime. Even if the Yin family had done the same thing, they had not been caught, and naturally there was no evidence against them.

After Yang Taohai pleaded guilty, the judicial officer began to sort out his charges in the same way. there is no doubt that he will definitely be sentenced to death and his own property will be confiscated. while his people, Hong Shou, were also sentenced to death for their previous crimes, while others were exiled for different years.

Most of them are expected to open up wasteland in the wild in the next time. The wild is very dangerous. It is very likely that they have already lost their lives before they have served their sentence.

Yin Hao's own patrol team and his younger brother Yin Ming, who took the initiative to report, were also sentenced to exile.

Spark City is located under the jurisdiction of the Yangtze River City. After the verdict is finalized, the trial book will be sent to the Yangtze River City. After receiving the approval from the Lord of the Yangtze River City, there will be a mobile town specially responsible for accepting criminals to pick them up.

These mobile towns have people who are specially in charge of criminals to assign tasks to criminals, and these criminals have no choice but to work quietly, because their criminal records are recorded on the Internet and they cannot enter the city until the end of their sentence.

Of course, before the execution, there is one more thing to deal with, that is, compensation for the victims. At this time, Shi Qingyang finally received a message from the court asking him to attend. Cheng Xuze also received the message.

Cheng Xuze was only attacked and a car was damaged. However, he received much more attention than others, and Xing Ou even specially found a car to pick him up.

"Let's go." Cheng Xuze looked at Shi Qingyang, hello way.

The two men sat in the back seat of the car together, and the driver raised the sound insulation barrier tenderly. Seeing this scene, Cheng Xuze looked at Shi Qingyang: "I will not pursue this matter any more."

"I know." Shi Qingyang nodded, "Grandpa, if you continue to investigate, you may be self-defeating."

"You think very thoroughly, is right. Although the arrangement for you to come to me is very clever, if I don't show mercy to the yang family yin family, perhaps others will think in turn that we designed to deal with them. Moreover, the Cheng family also had enemies. If they were not careful, someone might have helped the Yin family because they wanted to oppose me. Although this situation is somewhat strange, it is not bad. However, if you want to go out of town next time, you must take Gu Changjin with you, or you will go out with the hunters to avoid danger." Cheng Xuze confessed.

"Grandpa, I will." Shi Qingyang nodded. He was not really keen on leaving the city. In the next two years, he would put most of his energy into practice.

As for two years later, with more abundant preparation, he will be able to study the nest well.

"Originally, I wanted to take you and Xiao Ran to Changjiang City, but I think you all don't want to, so why don't you stay here for a while? If there is something that can't be solved in the future, you can either find Xing Ou or me." Cheng Xuze added.

He has been in contact with Xing Ou in the past two days and has also instructed Xing Ou to take care of Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran.

"Thank you, Grandpa."

"Don't thank me. You deserve it. I also want to thank you for accompanying Xiao Ran. Thank you for giving me the prescription." Although the prescription was that I should not be hungry, he gave it to Shi Qingyang at first.

The car drove very fast and soon arrived at the court. When Shi Qingyang got off, he saw He Lan, Liu Qilin and He Ming standing at the gate of the court.

Now Yang Taohai has pleaded guilty. at the beginning, Zhao's case came to light, but he LAN's face was not very good. however, she still smiled when she saw Shi Qingyang and Cheng Xuze. then she took Liu Qilin and He Mingchao and came up: "hello, senior, Shi Qingyang."

"aunt he, long time no see." Shi Qingyang said hello, Cheng Xuze also nodded, and then looked at Liu Qilin: "You are very good, girl."

"Thank you for your praise." Liu Qilin is very respectful. she has short hair and straight body. the whole person feels ready and full of strength.

"Why, something has changed?" Cheng Xuze saw Liu Qilin's condition is not good, asked, he also has to understand the process of the case, naturally know he LAN on behalf of Zhao family.

"Elder, it is our own problem…" Liu Qilin seems to want to say something, but the court staff have already called them.

When the court sent a message to their contact terminal, it also sent a bar code, sweeping the bar code at the door, and the door of the court was opened.

Shi Qingyang followed Cheng Xuze, He Lan and others followed behind them, and a line of people entered the court together, only to find that they were the latest to arrive.

This time all the victims were called in, and the court was mainly to compensate for their losses.

The workers who died in Zhao's aphid farm 16 years ago have already been compensated by Zhao's family and do not need to be given any more, but the compensation of Zhao's family owners needs to be given by yang's family.

Xing Ou intends to buy off the hearts of the people through this matter. The following people naturally follow his wishes. The officials responsible for compensation directly expressed their willingness to let He Lan take over the compensation. Even if He Lan is not a member of the Zhao family, some of them are not justified.

"No." He Lan rejected the proposal.

"Miss He does not want this compensation?" The official asked in surprise.

"No, it's not like that. I don't accept it because there are still people in Zhao's family. At the beginning, my sister didn't get pregnant for a long time, and finally she and my brother-in-law had a test-tube baby together. Later, my sister entrusted me to conceive the baby before she died." He Lan said, and then looked at the next He Ming.

Radiation has affected the reproductive function of many people, and it is not uncommon for people to be test-tube babies. However, He Ming turned out to be Zhao's child, which still made many people look askance.

"The genetic map of my sister and brother-in-law is still there at the beginning, and only by comparing with He Ming can we confirm He Ming's identity." He Lan added: "In addition, there are aphid farms. I hope I can buy them back from the Yang family at the original price."

Yang Taohai got the aphid farm from He Jia at a very low price. He Lan certainly wanted it back.

He Ming also stood up: "the aphid farm belongs to Zhao family. Yang Taohai killed people for money at the beginning. now he hopes to give us justice."

The Yangs have not been implicated except Yang Taohai, but the Yangs' property has been frozen for investigation, and the most striking one is the aphid farm.

Shi Qingyang's impression of He Ming has always been a competitive young man. His reaction at this time was totally different from that of the past.

Of course, in contrast, he and appreciate He Ming now, but he appreciates, spark city officials will have a headache, I'm afraid.

Before He Lan and others specially waiting for them at the door, I'm afraid one of the reasons is for this matter, want to let Cheng Xuze when backer for them.

Shi Qingyang's guess is not wrong. The Yang family's aphid farm attracts a lot of people. Even according to the sheriff's plan, the farm should be auctioned publicly. After all, the Zhao family is empty and He Lan is only Mrs. Zhao's sister.

However, no one expected that He Ming was Zhao's child.

If He Ming is just Zhao's child, they came in with Cheng Xuze before, obviously!

The person-in-charge hesitated for a long time and did not give a positive answer immediately, but judging from his face, it was likely to happen.

Shi Qingyang quietly watched the development of the situation and soon it was his turn.

Zhao compensation out of a little accident, to him, is all right. The compensation for the death of his parents was soon transferred to his account. As for the land of his parents, it is still in his father's name, and the court also voluntarily transferred it to his name.

The medicinal materials on this land are gone, but there will be many years of lease after that. If he transfers them, it will be a large sum of money.

However, Shi Qingyang has no plans to transfer it. He is not short of the money now and would rather keep it for a thought.

There, is the burial place of his parents…

"People, look forward." Cheng Xuze patted Shi Qingyang on the shoulder.

"Yes, Grandpa." Shi Qingyang whispered.

In addition to Shi Qingyang and He Ming, other people involved also received corresponding compensation. Cheng Xuze's car also received compensation at a brand new price. Almost every victim present was very happy.

However, the victims were all very happy, but the person in charge's face was not very good-looking. if He Ming sold the aphid farm at a low price, their idea of taking this opportunity to make a profit would be ruined…

In this case, the dust was almost exhausted when we arrived. After Shi Qingyang and Cheng Xuze went out, He Lan stopped them again: "We deliberately came in with you and used you. I'm very sorry."

"nothing." Cheng Xuze doesn't care about such a trivial matter, and if what He Ming said is true, she is a woman with a child over the years, I'm afraid the life is very difficult.

"Elder, we have one more thing to tell you. It's about the Yin family." He Lan added, the posture is very low.

Shi Qingyang moved in his heart. He used to wonder why He Lan wanted to help him, but now he doesn't wonder. He also knows that He Lan has endured for so many years. Most of them have a deep understanding of the Yin family's Yang family. Therefore, she did not care to annoy Cheng Xuze. She came over several times to say what she wanted to say, which should not be untrue.

Cheng Xuze thought the same as Shi Qingyang: "Do you have a car? Follow us back."

He Lan was obviously ready. After she followed their car to the villa, she even took a bone ornament and a latest rabbit robot as gifts from the car.

Cheng Xuze saw Cheng Ran holding his rabbit robot. Seeing this gift, he was not as cold as at first.

Shi Qingyang received the gift, one was placed in the living room, and the other was given to Cheng Ran. He thought Cheng Ran would prefer this one now. With Cheng Ran's character, it was no surprise to tear it down on the spot. Unexpectedly, Cheng Ran just took a casual look and put it away, still teasing the most basic robot he had bought.

Liu Qilin and he LAN were a little stiff. after they sat down in the living room, they directly stated their purpose: "elder, we came here to say something about yin family."

"what is it?" Cheng Xuze asked curiously.

"Elder, you may not know that we have been looking for evidence of crimes committed by the Yang family and Yin family all these years in order to avenge one day. The revenge of my sister's brother-in-law has been reported now, but Qilin's revenge has not been reported." He Lan took Liu Qilin's hand.

"Tell me about it in detail." Cheng Xuze has a good impression of Liu Qilin, and it involves Shi Qingyang. If he can, he must ask carefully.

"Predecessors, Qilin was born in a small mobile town. Her parents were criminals, and they were all born outside the city. They were not sent back to the city in accordance with the law. Her parents spent a lot of effort to get her out of the small mobile town at the age of 10. She met a radiation fighter and was adopted…" He Lan said slowly.

Liu Qilin had good luck. She was not outstanding in appearance and was not conspicuous in that mobile town. When her parents tried desperately to let her escape, they also forged the scene of her death, so she was finally safe.

She lived in the golden water city near spark city for several years. she didn't return to her parents' hometown, spark city, until she was 20 years old. at the same time, she began to investigate the mobile town.

"Predecessors, the mobile town is the Yin family, over the years, I have found a lot of clues, Yin family bought a large mobile town decades ago, also will be transformed into selling gold cave, and collusion with people, bought some criminals to mobile town. This time, we were going to take advantage of the Yin family's involvement with the Yang family to report this matter, but we didn't expect Yin Hao to make such a decision in such a short time." Liu Qilin grind way.

Mobile towns are both state-owned and private. These large fortresses floating outside the city are always full of evil. Cheng Xuze is very clear about this. Hearing what He Lan and Liu Qilin said, his face became more and more solemn: "I'll send someone to investigate this matter right away."

"Thank you, elder." He Lan was filled with gratitude.

Shi Qingyang heard all this nearby and frowned slightly. The difference between the city and the city is actually heaven and hell. The country's mobile town is fine. Some are private…

Does Yin Hao do this this time because he is afraid of being discovered in his mobile town? Or is there another plot?

Liu Qilin and He Lan's speculation is serious. Cheng Xuze said hello to Xing Ou soon. Xing Ou immediately investigated the matter after he knew it.

However, although the Xing Ou has used its maximum authority to carefully investigate the financial situation of all the Yin family members, it has not seen any mobile town under anyone's name.

The Yin family did buy a mobile town before, but according to their statement, the mobile town had already been sold by them to others and had nothing to do with them.

Even, the Yin family protested against the criminal investigation of their behavior and even contacted the media.

The Yin family has been operating in Spark City for several generations and is deeply rooted. Although the power of the Xing Ou has soared recently, it is still unable to cope with it and can only let it go.

However, he also didn't make the Yin family feel better, this time all the criminals, punishment Europe directly sent to the Yangtze river city, completely didn't let them as usual into the spark city near the mobile town, Yin family is in the spark city, in the Yangtze river city, but nothing.

And this time, Cheng Xuze has been in the spark city for more than half a month, during these times, he took the initiative to contact some people in the spark city, in the spark city's upper open Cheng Ran identity, to ensure that Cheng Ran in the spark city will not be wronged, and specifically charged Shi Qingyang, this just set foot on the mobile fortress to Hangzhou City, going to meet the youngest son has not seen for a long time.

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