Xing Ou, on the one hand, wanted to please Cheng Xuze and, on the other hand, wanted to make the Yin family suffer a big loss. Naturally, it moved quickly. After visiting Xu Ze in the process, he went directly to the court and proposed to start the trial.

Cheng Xuze was very supportive of this and let Wang Qing go with Xing Ou to deal with the matter.

Arguably, Shi Qingyang, as a victim, should follow up on the matter, but Xing Ou forgot about him, and Cheng Xuze didn't want him to face the Yang family and Yin family directly, so he no longer mixed in and was completely empty.

Conveniently and flipped through the online news, Shi Qingyang found that the online exposure of Yang Taohai has committed more and more things, send someone to kill him outside the city, compared with other unexpectedly became a small matter.

One of the most mentioned things is Yang Taohai's robbery of aphid farms.

The Yang family was nothing in Spark City before. It was only 20 years ago that Yang Qiu began to prosper after marrying Yin Tiancheng. Sixteen years ago, Zhao family, which originally owned the largest aphid farm in Spark City, suddenly went bankrupt. Yang Taohai bought the farm at a low price. This was the beginning of Yang's prosperity.

Zhao's farm has been operating for decades, and its business has been very good. As long as this business has not been hit by natural disasters, it is generally a one-way ticket. Sixteen years ago, Zhao's farm had frequent accidents.

First, someone attacked the staff of the farm, forcing the Zhao family to compensate for a large sum of money. Then, some people who had orders with the Zhao family suddenly cancelled the orders, making the Zhao family cash flow ineffective…

At this time, a group of animals eating aphids suddenly rushed into the farm, hunting a large number of aphids, and wantonly hurt people.

Also don't know whether it is a coincidence, when the group of animals rushed into the farm, Zhao Gugu Lord there to boost morale, he and several staff on the animals, finally died of serious injuries.

After Zhao Gugu's death, under pressure, his parents transferred the farm, while his wife couldn't stand the shock and died of illness…

The incident at that time was quite similar to that of Shi Qingyang's parents now. After the matter of Shi Qingyang's parents was discovered, it was natural that someone remembered the incident at that time.

Zhao's aphid farm was taken by Yang Taohai in the same way. At that time, so many people died in the farm, unless they died indirectly in the hands of Yang Taohai?

At first, everyone was just speculating, but nobody expected that at the beginning of the trial, someone suddenly went to the court and said he had evidence that the yang family had deliberately attempted to seize the Zhao family farm.

In order to show his fairness and justice, the duke of Spark City allowed the media to broadcast the trial process live. Shi Qingyang watched the live broadcast at home and saw the woman with the evidence at the court for the first time.

It was a very beautiful woman and an acquaintance of Shi Qingyang. It was He Lan.

He Lan gave Shi Qingyang the impression of charm before, but this time, her face was only sad. She brought a lot of evidence. As Mrs. Zhao's sister, she sued the Yang family for murder.

At the beginning, Zhao Gugu's wife died shortly after her husband's death, and Zhao's two elderly people died one after another in the following ten years. Many people thought that even if Zhao's original events were fishy, no one could stand up and sue, but they didn't want to have a He Lan.

After He Lan first came out, one after another, several more people came out. Most of these people were oppressed by improper means of the Yangs in business.

Not only did these people sue Yang Taohai, but Hong Shou and others also confessed the fact that Yang Taohai let them kill after the judge found a superior interrogator and used a lie detector to interrogate them.

Yang Taohai was called in. His face was pale, but he bit himself to death and refused to confess. He only asked his lawyer to help him speak.

For a while, I'm afraid I won't come out…Shi Qingyang put down his contact terminal and looked at Cheng Xuze nearby: "Grandpa, my teacher asked me to give you the prescription of the medicine. Do you want to go and see it?"

Cheng Xuze is talking to Cheng Ran. as a class 8 radiation energy fighter, he has been doing tasks everywhere, saving up money for the Cheng family and having little contact with his grandchildren. at this time, he plans to cultivate your feelings. hearing Shi Qingyang's words, he said, "just give me the prescription."

"Grandpa, the prescription uses two undiscovered herbs. Do you want to see it?" Shi Qingyang asked.

Cheng Xuze was shocked: "Then you can show me."

"However, let's go upstairs together." Shi Qingyang greeted Cheng Ran with a smile.

On the third floor, besides Shi Qingyang's bedroom, there is a big room, in which there are a lot of fitness equipment and a complete set of medicine making tools.

"However, you can configure it first." Shi Qingyang openings, in fact, after know the two kinds of medicinal materials, he can directly give the prescription to Cheng Xuze, Cheng Ran can match the potion, don't Cheng Gu senior pharmacist also don't deserve to come out?

However, he wanted Cheng Xuze to know more about Cheng Ran, so he also gave Cheng Ran a chance to perform.

When Cheng Xuze heard Shi Qingyang say so, he immediately locked the door: "You must be careful about such things in the future." Gu Changjin is not necessarily towards them!

Shi Qingyang smiled. He knew that Cheng Xuze was worried about Gu Changjin, but sometimes, the more careful he was, the more suspicious I was. He and Cheng Ran had both opened the door before. Gu Changjin, even if he had something to do, just shouted at the door…"Grandpa, do you want to take a video?"

"good." Cheng Xuze nodded, even if there is a prescription for the medicine, I'm afraid I have to try many times to configure the medicine, but if you add video, master Ran Xue, I'm afraid I can configure it once.

After finding an off-line recorder to shoot, Cheng Ran began to configure the medicine intently.

Cheng Ran daily performance, there is always some too simple, Cheng Xuze informed, although it didn't take long to contact with Cheng Ran, but already know more than half of the situation of Cheng Ran, in his view, such a child Cheng Ran, even if can configure drugs, afraid will also hurry-scurry, even, he is ready to see Cheng Ran failure.

Cheng Hui's second daughter Cheng Sisi, one year older than Cheng Ran, has been studying pharmacy for several years, but now even with the most basic soothing agent, four or five times out of ten will fail.

But the fact is just the opposite. Cheng Ran was very devoted when he was preparing the medicine. He turned a deaf ear to everything around him and was in an orderly way from beginning to end…

Such a child, even if he is not a radiation fighter, can also do scientific research from an early age, but has been provided by Cheng Hong into this appearance…Fortunately, he is only 16 years old now.

Cheng Xuze had a good impression of Cheng Ran, but couldn't help sighing at the thought of what Cheng Hong said before.

Cheng Hong has not been very good to him since his wife died, but they are father and son after all, and Cheng Hong would not have lied to him with such things…Moreover, if it weren't for this reason, how could Cheng Hong do this to his son?

As for the fact that Cheng Ran may not be a member of the Cheng family, Cheng Xuze rejected it early in the morning. Cheng Ran and Cheng Hong's face and eyes are very similar. It's just enough to separate them. If they are put together, others can always see that they are father and son.

The child's mother, how to do such a silly thing? Strong twisting melons are not sweet, rushing on is not business, some things, do is harm others harm yourself.

When he returned to Xinghuo City, he must find some other research materials for Cheng Ran to make medicine…For a person without radiation energy, this is not a long-term road at all.

Cheng Xuze's attitude towards Cheng Ran is somewhat complicated. This is also seen by Shi Qingyang, but it is not taken seriously. As long as Cheng Xuze recognizes Cheng Ran as a grandson, Cheng Ran will have no problem walking sideways in Spark City.

As for the other…Cheng Ran had a good time in Spark City, why bother about other things? He didn't want Cheng Xuze to take Cheng Ran away.

"I have done it!" Cheng Ran suddenly said, then filtered the medicine in the pot and put it in several beautiful bottles.

Cheng Xuze, like teacher Ning An of Spark College at the beginning, always thought that Cheng Ran would give himself the potion after he finished it. he just held out his hand, but Cheng Ran had already put the potion into Shi Qingyang's hand: "Qingyang, here you are!"

Cheng Xuze suddenly felt sour.

After recording the video of Cheng Ran preparing the medicine, copying the prescription of the medicine, and seeing both Guanzhong and Bai Achyranthes bidentata, Cheng Xuze couldn't help admiring it: "Qingyang, your master is really good. He can even think of such a medicine."

"Grandpa, Master said he didn't come up with this medicine, but before that, he was really the only one who knew." Shi Qingyang laughed. This medicine was developed by people in the research institute in Feng family. The research institute was built near the central city. It was very large and also did human body research. They would get inspiration from an experiment in 78 years and then start to study this prescription…

Shi Qingyang would never take other people's research results, but he would not be soft on that research institute.

Cheng Xuze, of course, will not know these, just thought of the story of dying "party", think Shi Qingyang I'm afraid I don't know the specific situation, there would be no more questions.

Now all the cities in China are connected to virtual networks. The networks are very convenient, but there are also certain dangers. Cheng Xuze is not in a hurry anyway. He simply put away the recorder and plans to show it to Ran Xue after returning.

"Grandpa, can we not let others know what happened?" Shi Qingyang asked again.

"Yes." Cheng Xuze immediately agreed, Cheng Ran no radiation, if there is no resistance in danger, of course he will protect him a little.

After returning, he should let Ran Xue sign another confidentiality agreement.

Having made the plan, Cheng Xuze suddenly looked at Shi Qingyang again with a smiling face: "Qingyang, Xiao Ran will be equipped with the medicine. You don't lack this medicine, do you? Are these for grandpa?"

"Grandpa, these are for Qingyang." Cheng Ran suddenly said, "If Grandpa wants it, I'll make it for Grandpa."

"Xiao Ran still loves Grandpa." Cheng Xuze laughed.

Cheng Ran soon became a medicine again. At night, Cheng Xuze received a box of medicine bottled with the most common medicine.

"Xiao Ran, how is this bottle different from Shi Qingyang's?" Cheng Xuze suddenly remembered before let oneself is very depressed.

"Grandpa, I sold the bottle to Shi Qingyang," Cheng Ran said. Seeing that Cheng Xuze didn't seem to like the bottle in his hand, he flipped through his contact terminal." Grandpa, I've run out of pocket money this month. Next time I have money, can I buy it for you?"

It turned out to be because there was no money…the money to buy a few bottles was nothing to Cheng Xuze: "but there was no pocket money?" Grandpa gave you a red envelope!" He used the red envelope system inside the transfer and directly transferred a large sum of money to Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran has just had some idea about money recently. Gu Changjin certainly won't give him too much. Seeing such a large sum of money, he was even dumbfounded.

Cheng Xuze thought Cheng Ran would be grateful. Seeing Cheng Ran's expression of stupefaction, he was worried again. Today's children have rebellious periods. Sisi Si, the child once complained that they only know how to give her money but don't care about her life. Cheng Ran wouldn't do the same, would he? Also, does the child feel that throwing money at people like this hurts his self-esteem?

Cheng Xuze was thinking about Cheng Ran's reaction, but he saw Cheng Ran move towards Shi Qingyang and put the contact terminal in front of Shi Qingyang: "Qingyang, I have a lot of money, do you have anything you want, I'll buy it for you."

What he said is lofty and heroic, and he has the boldness of vision to give or lose money for the teacher Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang suddenly felt that it was necessary for him to push Cheng Xuze online and let him open the pharmaceutical factory quickly so that he could get dividends earlier.

Although Cheng Ran is quite happy to keep him, if he said this to Cheng Ran, he would be even happier.

Cheng Xuze still lives in the villa. That night, Shi Qingyang still sleeps with Cheng Ran.

After last night's experience, the two naturally slept next to each other. It was also that night that Yin Tiancheng turned in his application and went to see Yang Taohai.

A case involving as much as the yang family's this time usually takes several months to close, but this time the situation is different…

The next day, Yang Taohai actually changed his attitude of not saying anything before and instead said everything he had committed.

He admitted that he let Hongye go after Shi Qingyang. He admitted that he had taken the land of Shi Qingyang's parents. He admitted that 16 years ago, he wanted Zhao's farm before he laid hands on it…

All sorts of fragmentary charges put together, Yang Taohai admitted all this, enough to sentence him to death several times.

Yang Taohai confessed quickly and repented bitterly, but at the same time, he also picked the others clean.

For example, before this, there was evidence that the patrol team did nothing after receiving the distress signal from Shi Qingyang's parents. It was suspected that Yang Taohai was in collusion with Yin Hao. Yang Taohai firmly disagreed with the matter, saying only that he had delayed the patrol team and did not let the patrol team go.

Other things, he also do everything, all recognized.

Yang Taohai's recognition of such a happy confession surprised everyone. His good attitude of confession, such as weeping bitterly and willing to compensate the victims' losses, also reduced the residents of Spark City's ill feelings towards him a lot.

At the same time, Yin Hao also stood up, he apologized to all the people in Spark City, voluntarily resigned, handed over the indictment of many members of the patrol team, and made it public, demanding that Europe be severely punished.

Xing Ou is actually ready to bring down Yin Hao. There are a lot of Yin family members and they have been operating in Spark City for many years. As an outsider, he has been suppressed all the time. Of course, it is impossible to uproot the Yin family with this incident alone, but it is not difficult to break the bones and muscles of the Yin family. But he never thought that Yin Hao would come out like this.

If the incriminating evidence handed in by Yin Hao is false, or if the people of the inspection team he reported are not his confidants, the Xing Ou can take this opportunity to embarrass Yin Hao, but it happened that he really disclosed the illegal acts of his confidants, including his half brother and half brother.

In the past, Yin Hao was obviously good to this younger brother, but this time he handed over all his younger brothers…

By this time, even the Xing Ou admired Yin Hao's strong man's wrist amputation. Ordinary people, who were originally hostile to Yin Hao, had also lost a lot of bad feelings towards Yin Hao. After associating Yin Hao's previous good image, they only felt that Yin Hao had been compromised by his younger brother and his wife.

Let Yin Hao resign and attack the Yin family's power. This was the initial plan of the Xing Ou. Now it has become, but it was entirely Yin Hao's initiative…

Is there any conspiracy in this Yin Hao? Punishments in Europe have been extremely vigorous, but Yin's family has not made any noise and is extremely low-key.

Perhaps the Yin family was really scared by Cheng Xuze! Xing Ou put down its heart and began to embezzle the Yin family's power.

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