When Cheng Xuze grabbed the bag, Gu Changjin's expression froze. For some reason, he felt relieved: "Father…"

Cheng Hong, who was talking to Gu Changjin, guessed the situation immediately: "Transfer the contact to my father."

Gu Changjin did so immediately. Cheng Xuze passed the contact transfer application and looked at the three-dimensional head portrait of his son appearing on his contact terminal with complicated expression: "Xiao Hong, what is going on in Xiao Ran?"

"Dad, you can call me by my full name." Cheng Hong frowned, expressing dissatisfaction with the term "little red".

Cheng Xuze always wondered how to get in touch with this son who is too serious. He sighed, "I just want to know why you lied to me about Xiao Ran's autism."

"Dad, you don't have to worry about Xiao Ran." Cheng Hong is not very polite even in the face of his father.

"I am Xiao Ran's grandfather, Xiao Ran is the grandson of the Cheng family, how do you let me no matter? If I hadn't come to Spark City on business this time, I'm afraid I wouldn't have known the real situation." Cheng Xuze was angry when he saw his son's lack of oil and salt.

"What is the real situation?" Cheng Hong asked.

"Xiao Ran is not autistic at all, and there is no problem with intelligence. At best, it is a little weaker. But what do you say?" Cheng Xuze has made up his mind to ask the truth of the matter clearly.

Cheng Hong seems to have some dissatisfaction: "Dad, I said, you don't mind."

"What I don't mind? If you still regard me as your father, tell me exactly what happened." Cheng Xuze thought that Cheng Ran had been sent to a school where he studied radiation energy. He glared at Gu Changjin next to his son while filled with anger.

He has checked Cheng Ran's experience in Spark City these days. Cheng Ran was even abused when the school started.

The wrinkles on Cheng Hong's brow grew deeper and deeper. It seemed that he finally made up his mind: "Cheng Ran is not the child of Qin Liu and I."

"what did you say?" Cheng Xuze didn't believe it at all. When Cheng Hong was studying in the central city, he married Qin Liu, a young lady of the Qin family who had fallen. The two also gave birth to a child during their schooling. That was Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran gene identification he saw, is indeed Cheng Xuze and Qin Liu children yes, now how can this happen again?

"When I married Qin Liu in Central City, a friend of Qin Liu stole my sperm and illegally made a test-tube baby. That was Cheng Ran." Cheng Hong said.

The history of IVF has been thousands of years. With the discovery of science and technology, not only can men and women use eggs and sperm to produce IVF, but also two sperm or two eggs can produce embryos. Even, only two cells can produce embryos.

Of course, the success rate of the latter two is not high, and the probability of late mutation is also very high, which not only takes time and money, but also has a low proportion of final growth.

Not only that, no matter what kind of test-tube baby, everything is conceived in vitro, talent is very poor, once there was a pair of husband and wife, grade 7 and 6 respectively, because feel trouble, do the test-tube baby to find someone else to surrogate, finally gave birth to the child, even can't become a radiation fighter.

After research, this is mainly because the embryo did not feel the mother's radiation energy at the early stage of growth. Because of this, people in large families now tend to choose women with strong strength and talent. If something goes wrong, the test tube will be made and the mother who has blood ties with the child will be pregnant in person.

Cheng Hong and Qin Liu both have good talents, especially Qin Liu. Among women, she has been called the best in grade 5, but Cheng Ran has no radiation energy at all…Cheng Xuze used to think that this was because Qin Liu was so strong that she was injured when she was pregnant, which was why?

No, it doesn't make sense either: "If Xiao Ran is not Qin Liu's child, you can totally deny it."

"Cheng Ran's mother is Qin Liu's good friend, otherwise it would not have been possible to get my sperm in my house. She gave Cheng Ran to me just before she died. Qin Liu looked at him pitifully and left him behind, but we are not going to let him become my successor." Cheng Hong added: "Dad, the Cheng family is good enough for Cheng Ran. You don't have to worry about anything else."

Cheng Xuze still has some doubts, but what Cheng Hong said is reasonable…If Cheng Ran really came here, it is no wonder that Cheng Hong couple will turn a blind eye to him.

"now that the matter has been explained clearly, dad, I won't say much else. I promised Qin Liu that Cheng Ran would never rob her children of what belongs to her. I hope you won't destroy the feelings of our husband and wife." Cheng Hong added, then hung up the phone directly.

Cheng Xuze helpless to his son, but listened to the explanation of Cheng Hong, but also believe most. If this is not the case, Cheng Hong couple really shouldn't be so cold to Cheng Ran.

However, even if it is because of this, Cheng Hong has done it before…

"Remember not to say anything." Cheng Xuze sighed and looked beside Gu Changjin.

Just Cheng Xuze father and son two dialogue, Gu Changjin also heard, this time immediately nod should be.

However, Cheng Xuze never understood the situation of Cheng Ran thoroughly, so he believed Cheng Hong, but he didn't believe it very much.

If Cheng Ran really just because of this, was Cheng Hong couple don't like it, they just send Cheng Ran out, also can out of sight, why still let oneself staring at Cheng Ran? Before coming to Spark City, Cheng Ran's house was guarded by people in turn. Their information was completely blocked.

Cheng Xuze has gone upstairs. Gu Changjin's contact terminal was suddenly shocked. He opened it and found it was Cheng Hong who sent the message.

"After he left, I will send something to come over, you give Cheng Ran injection, and then tell me about him! If it is not done well…I remember that you have been taking good care of your niece."

Gu Changjin's parents died early, then his only sister went out of business, leaving only one niece to be his relative…At that time, he nearly lost his life, or Cheng Hong saved him, after which he basically did not contact with his niece, unexpectedly Cheng Hong would mention at this time now.

Before Cheng Hong even if want to knock him, also can only mention kindness to him, this time directly is a threat…Gu Changjin time don't know oneself indulge Shi Qingyang let Cheng Ran change, and let Cheng Xuze found Cheng Ran problem, what is right or wrong.

Gu Changjin tangled, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran just went to bed ready to sleep, Shi Qingyang also finally breathed a sigh of relief-he finally put his injury, deceive Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran's sleep was excellent. It is estimated that his mind was pure. He fell asleep as soon as he lay down and watched him fall asleep. Shi Qingyang knocked the chip on the old contact device into the new contact terminal, and then began to read the news online.

Probably when someone pushed, the response caused by this incident was very big. Yang Taohai almost became the existence of everyone shouting and beating. However, the involvement with the Yin family in this incident was not big, and I don't know whether it was deliberately suppressed or for other reasons.

Shi Qingyang was not surprised by this. He knew that he could help his parents to take revenge this time, but the Yin family…As long as the Yin family was determined to get rid of it, even if it had an impact on them, it would not be too big.

Shi Qingyang is thinking back and forth about this matter, suddenly feel Cheng Ran arch arch to his side, not a warm heart, think of things before, but also can't help but touched Cheng Ran face, and touched his face.

Cheng Ran didn't notice his wound because he took the initiative to kiss him. He was so shy that he didn't dare to get too close to him when he slept.

Things have to start when they go upstairs.

Cheng Xuze let him sleep with Cheng Ran, which is a good thing for him. However, he knew Cheng Ran was still young, so there was no inappropriate idea.

Before going to bed every night, he used to take exercise. Because of the wound, he couldn't do it tonight. Finally, he simply watched TV while moving his hands quickly and practiced gestures.

He thought Cheng Ran would read some books at this time, but at last Cheng Ran actually sat beside him, gesturing with him, and the two got very close.

There is a love play on TV. The male leading role who was born with high radiation energy fell in love with the female leading role who was always causing troubles and low radiation energy. When the female leading role was surrounded by foreign animals, the male leading role stepped forward and saved the female leading role. Before he could deal with the wound and the bodies of foreign animals around him, the two men kissed emotionally…

Wounds exposed to radiation can cause secondary injuries. Bodies of foreign animals often attract stronger foreign animals. This woman has only one grade. A face will age ahead of time after long-term exposure to the wild environment…

Shi Qingyang secretly complained that the only thing he could see was the faces of the male and female masters, but Cheng Ran watched them very carefully and stopped his movements: "Qingyang, are they in love?"

"Yes." Shi Qingyang nodded his head.

Cheng Ran was silent for a moment, thinking that he had been chasing Shi Qingyang for a long time, and gnashing his teeth, he said, "Shall we also fall in love?"

"good." Shi Qingyang nodded. Although he did not answer the previous proposal, he would not give up such a good opportunity at this time.

Moreover, Cheng Ran did differ from him…

When the Yang family's affairs are settled, he can get along well with Cheng Ran, but he does not believe it. He can still let Cheng Ran run with the advantage he has taken.

Shi Qingyang was thinking about what to do later when he felt a soft touch on his face-Cheng Ran kissed him.

However, Shi Qingyang felt that his face was crisp, limp and numb, and from the beginning of his face, the whole person was finally numb.

This kind of feeling, really never before…

Unfortunately, after Cheng Ran kissed him, he was rarely shy. Obviously, there was no one to touch him…

Touched his face again, Shi Qingyang bowed his head and kissed Cheng Ran on the face, and then lay beside Cheng Ran.

Although can't do anything, but like the person in her arms is good…It's a pity that his luck is really bad, last time directly dizzy, this time also have wounds, Cheng Ran absently touch was supposed to be delivered to the tender tofu, let a person in spirit, but because of the pain, the charming mind is all gone.

One night, Shi Qingyang was in pain and happy.

However, even so, he did not use another set of bedding prepared for him by Gu Changjin until the next morning, after estimating the time, he moved Cheng Ran a little and placed the quilt on the outside, pretending to have been used.

Shi Qingyang got up very early and took the wound dressing medicine downstairs to prepare breakfast after treating the wound. However, he was surprised to find that several kinds of food that were not easy to prepare had been placed on the dining table, and Gu Changjin was still busy in the kitchen.

"Grandpa Gu, you got up so early today." Shi Qingyang looked at the sky outside the window-it's not bright yet!

"Yes." Gu Changjin casually replied, he lay on the sofa of the sitting room last night and didn't sleep all night. He simply got up early and after drinking a bottle of refreshing medicine, he tossed up breakfast.

He roasted small portions of roast meat of three flavors, boiled animal egg and vegetable soup, fried small cakes with meat paste, and now even made many thin wrappers with special flour.

Some of these wrappers he intended to make everyone eat with roast meat, while the other…he chopped the meat paste and wrapped them in a pan to fry. such food seemed to be called spring rolls in ancient times.

He is now in a complicated mood, and only by doing more can he distract himself.

"Grandpa Gu is in a bad mood?" Shi Qingyang keenly discovered this.

"No, how is it possible?" Gu Changjin did not recognize it.

"Grandpa Gu, is it related to Ran Ran?" Shi Qingyang asked, he knew that after seeing Cheng Ran, Cheng Xuze would probably be confused. Last night, he might even find Gu Changjin. So, is Gu Changjin's current attitude related to this?

"No." Gu Changjin sighed and put the spring rolls into the pot one by one.

When the spring rolls were fried, one after another, someone went downstairs. Wang Qing went downstairs first. after seeing Gu Changjin had already prepared breakfast, he sat on the sofa and began to contact some people with the computer. then Cheng Ran went downstairs. he set the alarm clock for himself, only to find that he was still getting up later than others, and his face was somewhat annoyed.

Finally, Cheng Xuze went downstairs. He was old and had little sleep, but last night's events kept him awake. He didn't close his eyes until early morning, and naturally got up late.

After one night, Cheng Ran knew a lot about Cheng Xuze again. He helped Gu Changjin to arrange the dining table and then introduced Cheng Xuze to food. Although he occasionally said it was bumpy, obviously the whole person had no problem at all.

Cheng Xuze saw such Cheng Ran, the mood is complex, originally found yesterday Cheng Ran is not the same as he knew before, he had thought to bring Cheng Ran back to the Yangtze river city, but now…

Although he likes Cheng Ran very much, if Cheng Ran's identity is really the same as Cheng Hong's, then naturally he can't take Cheng Ran back, but here…

After eating a crisp fried spring roll, Cheng Xuze looked at Cheng Ran smilingly: "however, are you used to living in spark city? Do you want to go back to Changjiang city with grandpa? Grandpa can find a pharmacist to show you how to learn medicine."

Cheng Ran immediately remembered his previous life and shook his head: "Grandpa, it's very good here. Dad told me to study here, and I have teachers here…too." He looked at Chang Jin and Shi Qingyang in some panic. Shi Qingyang smiled at him before he calmed down, but he did not know that Shi Qingyang was already regretting what he had done to Cheng Xuze…

Cheng Ran's attitude is very clear. Seeing him like this, Cheng Xuze did not struggle: "Then, naturally, live here. Grandpa will send you something later." Cheng Hong has made it clear that nothing will be left to Cheng Ran, and he can only help the child a little.

Cheng Ran like this, in fact, it is good to stay in a small city.

Gu Changjin's breakfast was extremely rich, but each one was not much in weight, and it was good for everyone's appetite. Naturally, nothing was left in the end.

As soon as they finished eating, the door of the villa was rung.

The visitor was Xing Ou, the duke of Xinghuo City. Xing Ou was about forty years old and looked like a good gentleman. He didn't bring anyone with him except a secretary. When he came in and saw Cheng Xuze, he smiled: "Hello, Mr. Cheng, I am Xing Ou, the duke of Xinghuo City. It was ten years ago that I last saw you in the central city. I didn't expect you to change a bit in the past ten years."

Cheng Xuze doesn't know each other at all, but he also cares to be complimented by the other party: "Originally, he was the Duke of Xing. I've heard a lot about you."

"I'm flattered by Mr. Cheng's reputation," said Xing Ou with a slight smile." Mr. Cheng, this time I've come to apologize. in spark city, vicious bandits attacked Mr. Cheng. I will certainly investigate this matter in detail!"

"then thank the duke." Cheng Xuze saw the duke's appearance and knew that he and Yang's Yin family probably had a holiday and were naturally enthusiastic.

"this is entirely our negligence, which caused Mr. Cheng to suffer losses. Mr. Cheng is assured that we will certainly give Mr. Cheng justice." Xing Ou said what he said was right. He knew about it yesterday. After his men sent Cheng Xuze's image, he knew his chance was coming.

Shi Qingyang looked at them from side to side. Although the duke didn't notice his victim at all, he didn't care and put down his heart.

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