Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin rented a small villa in the living room, Cheng Xuze sat opposite Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang.

In the impression of Cheng Xuze, Cheng Ran's mouth could not be pried open at all, but now, Cheng Ran's reaction is completely different from that of the past, at least not at all autistic.

Cheng Xuze and Wang Qing and others are hungry. Gu Changjin brought out some snacks bought by Cheng Ran before, and then he cooked. These snacks are all meat, barbecue meatballs and so on, which are packed in small metal boxes the size of table tennis balls. After eating, the boxes will be recycled like lunch boxes and water bottles.

Cheng Ran didn't eat it himself. instead, he was busy showing it to Shi Qingyang one by one and looked at the label to introduce the taste of each kind of meat: "Qingyang, this meatball is tender and spicy. do you eat spicy?"

"Of course." Shi Qingyang was out of the city this time. Although he was carrying dried meat, he didn't have much time to eat. He was already hungry at this time and naturally wouldn't refuse.

Cheng Ran saw Shi Qingyang eating happily and his smile grew bigger and bigger: "I bought these. If you like, I'll buy them next time." Today, he originally sent a message asking Shi Qingyang what flavor he liked. Unfortunately, Shi Qingyang never returned, and finally he had to buy everything.

"good." Shi Qingyang smiled and felt much better. He also noticed that Cheng Xuze didn't eat at all: "Elder, do you want some?" Can't blame him forget Cheng Xuze, after get along with Cheng Xuze, he can't see this person as predecessors…

"No, I'm old and don't like to eat these. Xiao Ran, eat some yourself. It's really too thin." Cheng Xuze took a box of the most common barbecue to Cheng Ran.

He this when grandpa, let Cheng Ran call before all can't, but now Cheng Ran bite by bite a "green Yang", haven't noticed his grandpa, this makes his heart very not taste.

Cheng Ran was stunned. he stretched out his hand to pick up the meat from Cheng Xuze's hand, but Cheng Ran took it first: "elder, however, he is in poor health and cannot eat food with strong radiation. he can't stand such snacks." Although Gu Changjin also gives Cheng Ran meat now, it is definitely made according to the standards of infant food!

Cheng Xuze embarrassed, he never knew Cheng Ran should have such a problem.

"Actually, it's all right, Grandpa Gu said. In another month, my body will be completely fine." Cheng Ran worry Cheng Xuze unhappy, busy way, he used to, also can eat ordinary meat.

"Then grandpa will bring snacks to Xiao Ran next time." Cheng Xuze found himself a step down.

"Thank you, Grandpa." Cheng Ran relaxed a lot.

Cheng Ran is actually a very likable child, cute and cute. Cheng Xuze is more and more fond of Cheng Ran, but at the same time he cannot help but wonder more and more.

Cheng Ran in Cheng Hong's mouth, even the Cheng Ran he saw before, is completely different from the present Cheng Ran.

Don't spark city really so good, so quickly let Cheng Ran whole person completely changed? And what Shi Qingyang said before…

"Shi Qingyang, you said you would be a pharmacy student…" Cheng Xuze more and more confused, finally didn't endure asked.

"Isn't that right?" Shi Qingyang didn't mind to speak, of course he can choose to completely hide from Cheng Xuze, Cheng Ran so obedient, certainly also won't say, but he still hopes Cheng Ran can get Cheng Xuze recognition, even hope Cheng Xuze can see Cheng Ran talent.

As for Cheng Ran's father, after he asked some things from Cheng Ran's mouth, he had no good feeling for the man.

Shi Qingyang knew that Cheng Xuze would be shocked when he learned about the incident. Sure enough, the old man across the street widened his eyes and looked unbelievable.

"Qingyang…" Cheng Ran was embarrassed, he will only do the simplest, high-level is completely can't do…

"Xiao Ran he…" Cheng Xuze look complicated.

"but he is very clever." Shi Qingyang's face was full of admiration: "He never forgets anything. He will make the medicine himself after reading it. After my master gave me the incomplete prescription, he also made the medicine naturally."

Is the man Shi Qingyang said really his grandson? Didn't you say Cheng Ran was slow in development, slow in response and autistic? Cheng Xuze a full face of hesitation, asked Cheng Ran several questions.

Radiation fighters who are always out of town are violent and not suitable for becoming pharmacists. But basically everyone knows something about drugs. After all, their life cannot be separated from drugs. Besides hunting exotic animals, finding some precious herbs is also one of the ways to make money after they leave town.

Cheng Xuze is already 70 years old. He has drunk countless drugs in his life and found hundreds of medicinal materials. Naturally, he also knows a lot. All the questions raised are on the point.

For other junior pharmacists, the questions about these theories may not be known yet, but Cheng Ran has read many books and recently finished reading the courseware copied from Spark College, so all of them can be answered in more detail than Cheng Xuze thought.

Moreover, because these are familiar, he said later, more and more fluently, also have a little self-confidence.

Cheng Xuze eyes stare bigger and bigger.

"sir, dinner is ready." Gu Changjin broke the silence here, found Cheng Xuze expression after some strange, can't help but worry.

He has received great kindness from Cheng Hong, so he is not willing to disobey Cheng Hong's orders. If it weren't for Cheng Xuze to find you this time, he will not take the initiative to tell Cheng Xuze Cheng Ran things even if he plans to do it again.

He thought Cheng Xuze would like a simple and lovely Cheng Ran. Why is Cheng Xuze staring at Cheng Ran now?

There are many ingredients in the family, and Gu Changjin's food is also very rich. Apart from each person's share of boiled meat, there are several stir-fried dishes. There is no doubt that Shi Qingyang's share of boiled meat is the most.

This time the meat was very fresh and tender. It is estimated that this is why Gu Changjin didn't bake it. Instead, he boiled it in water. Shi Qingyang ate it quickly and did not forget to pay attention to Cheng Xuze.

Cheng Xuze but some absent-minded, from time to time to see Cheng Ran, Cheng Ran by him to see more, on pins and needles.

"However, you can sit next to me." Shi Qingyang saw this scene, there was always a feeling that Cheng Xuze was bullying his family, but now the way.

Cheng Ran happily moved to Shi Qingyang side, Cheng Xuze this time, also finally found himself doing too much, withdrew the line of sight.

He knew that he had been cheated by others, and the person who cheated him was undoubtedly his son, but he just didn't know why his son cheated him…

After all, this is between their father and son, is not good for outsiders to know, Cheng Xuze bay under the doubts in my heart, finished eating the meal soon.

Just after the meal, always feel a little thirsty, Cheng Xuze saw Shi Qingyang is helping Gu Changjin tidy up the table, suddenly thought of that I don't want to hungry.

It's no wonder that the man suddenly asked Cheng Ran, originally gave the prescription to Cheng Ran early…Cheng Xuze admitted that his heart is very grateful, but think each other so hide from him design he is not honest…

It is necessary to thank me not to be hungry. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't know that my grandson has such skill. As for the uncomfortable point in my heart…

Cheng Xuze decided to give me the box of tea that he had never been willing to drink before.

"Wang Qing, you took out the tea and soaked it, everyone tasted it!" Cheng Xuze immediately said, going to give me not hungry tea to drink.

However, he forgot that the tea was still his since it had not been delivered.

Wang Qing took out the tea leaves from the box he had carried back, took out a ceramic teapot, checked it online with the contact terminal, then weighed the tea leaves, cooled the temperature of the water, and carefully brewed a pot of tea step by step.

The faint scent spread out. Cheng Xuze took a deep breath, put aside his proud expression as much as possible, and turned it into a serious matter of whether he was in favor or not: "This tea was given by someone else. The person who said this thing was full of hype. In fact, this is what it tastes like. Taste it."

Cheng Xuze said flatly, in fact, I wish someone would compliment me a few words. unfortunately, Wang Qing is a hard nut to crack. Gu Changjin is still worried about Cheng Hong. Shi Qingyang did not feel strange after drinking it before…finally, only the knowledgeable Cheng Ran looked at the tea: "is this green tea? It is said that there are only a few unchanged tea trees left in ancient times, which are still very difficult to raise and must be very precious!"

"Xiao Ran really knows the goods." Cheng Xuze is very satisfied, or his grandson is the best.

"It's a little bitter. I don't know if it can be used as a medicine." Cheng Ran took a sip and frowned slightly.

Cheng Xuze believes that his grandson is really a pharmacist. Otherwise, who would think about this?

"Don't gulp down your tea. It has no radiation. You can drink a little better." Shi Qingyang helped Cheng Ran add some boiled water and tea, which he had tasted before, but he never bought it because it was not as good as medicine because it could not fill his stomach.

"This tea was originally intended for your master to drink, but since he did not show up, he will not give it to him. We will drink it ourselves," Cheng Xuze laughed." However, if you like it, you can keep the rest and drink it slowly."

Cheng Ran looked at Shi Qingyang and saw Cheng Ran drinking tea slowly. Although he didn't think the tea was delicious, he smiled, "Thank you, Grandpa!"

Shi Qingyang noticed Cheng Ran appearance, of course, can't help but smiled. These days Cheng Ran always sends some good things to him…If Cheng Xuze knows that the tea leaves finally fall into my belly, I don't know what it will be like.

Cheng Xuze certainly won't know this. In fact, after drinking his own tea to retaliate, he thought of another method of retaliation: "Shi Qingyang, you and Xiao Ran are classmates, and you are the same age. You don't need to call me elder, just call me grandpa like Xiao Ran."

I don't want to be hungry. Shi Qingyang is the master of Shi Qingyang. Shi Qingyang calls himself grandpa, so I will not be hungry for a generation.

Shi Qingyang cried without hesitation: "Grandpa!"

"good boy, this is grandpa's gift to you." Cheng Xuze took out a contact terminal from his body and gave it to Shi Qingyang: "This is the latest contact terminal made by the manufacturer of the security computer. In addition to the original contact number, you can also apply for multiple contact numbers. Originally this was intended for your master, but now it is sent to you." These people, many of them use such contact terminals to make friends anonymously.

"Thank you, Grandpa." Shi Qingyang took it with a smile. It was his stuff. It certainly wouldn't have fallen into the hands of others…

Cheng Xuze then took out another contact terminal to Cheng Ran. In fact, this time around, he also brought some other things to his grandson, but it was not put in the explosion-proof box. The car that had been bombed turned into dust long ago…

After giving the gift, it was even later. Cheng Xuze was tired after a long ordeal. He did not want his two children to stay up late, so he asked Gu Changjin to tidy up the room and sleep.

Gu Changjin saw Cheng Xuze and Cheng Ran get along well, is happy, suddenly asked about this matter, immediately froze.

After he and Cheng Ran came here, they didn't think there would be many people in the family, so the villa they rented was very small, with a total of only three bedrooms.

Usually three bedrooms, they are enough, but now…it happened that he had been struggling to forget before!

"What's the matter?" Cheng Xuze asked incredulously.

"sir, this house has only three bedrooms. I'll go and clean up two immediately!" Gu Changjin spoke. He and Shi Qingyang could live in whatever they wanted…

"No, it's so late and there's no need to do anything about it. Just let Wang Qing sleep in the living room and the two children sleep together." Cheng Xuze immediately made a decision.

"No, let me sleep in the living room, there are two children…" Gu Changjin turned to see Cheng Ran itch to try, suddenly a little stomach ache.

"It doesn't matter if the children are crowded. Where are the rooms?" Cheng Xuze asked again.

After studying a lot of books these days, Cheng Ran also knows that he was not abnormal before and that it doesn't matter to sleep together. When he thought that Cheng Xuze sent gifts to himself and Shi Qingyang, he also changed a lot: "Grandpa, my room is on the second floor. The bed is very big. Please sleep in my room."

"It is good that Xiao Ran does not abandon Grandpa." Cheng Xuze laughed, in fact, if it weren't for see Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang feelings is too good, just now he didn't dare to propose to let Cheng Ran sleep with Shi Qingyang, Cheng Hui's second daughter Cheng Sisi, his own things that are touch all don't let a person touch, eldest daughter Cheng Shanshan although good-natured, also don't want to let others into her bedroom.

He thought it would be Shi Qingyang's bedroom for him in the end, but Cheng Ran gave up his bedroom.

His grandson, this is like him?

How to sleep was finalized soon. Gu Changjin did not allow Wang Qing to sleep in the living room. Eventually he carried the bedding to the living room and planned to sleep on the sofa.

However, with so many things happening on this day, he naturally couldn't sleep. Gu Changjin waited in the dark for a while and got up to send a message to Cheng Hong.

Soon, Cheng Hong returned the call.

Open the private mode, Gu Changjin connected the communication.

Cheng Hong is thirty-eight years old this year. He looks very much like Cheng Xuze. His brow is deeply imprinted with Sichuan characters. It always makes people feel that he is frowning all the time: "Do you think my father has arrived in Spark City?"

"Yes, sir. The old man has come to Spark City and is now sleeping upstairs."

"Whether Cheng Ran did? Why did my father suddenly go to Spark City?" Cheng Hong's brows knit tighter and tighter.

"sir, the young master has not contacted the old man. the old man came back suddenly." Gu Changjin spoke.

"What did he reveal?" Cheng Hong asked again.

"Master speaks fluently with Father…" Gu Changjin whispered.

"Is a lot of things! Just watch Cheng Ran and I'll explain." Cheng Hong said, and then slowed down his look: "Lao Gu, I saved you, you can't be ungrateful."

Gu Changjin was still in his heart and was about to say something when a voice suddenly came from behind: "Lao Gu, who are you talking to?"

The man standing on the stairs is Cheng Xuze, who should have slept long ago.

"I don't like sleeping when I am old. I didn't expect you to like to call people in the middle of the night." Cheng Xuze smiling, his face is not very good-looking.

He wouldn't let Gu Changjin tidy up other rooms or let Gu Changjin sleep with Wang Qing. He also deliberately mentioned the sofa because he felt that Gu Changjin might contact others, and if he were in the living room, he would be the most versatile.

His guess is indeed true!

Gu Changjin took care of Cheng Ran very carefully. He knew that, so the person who contacted Gu Changjin…was either his youngest son or his daughter-in-law?

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