Shi Qingyang first returned to the villa with Cheng Xuze. When he came back, he saw Cheng Ran and Gu Changjin waiting at the door. Gu Changjin was relieved to see him. Cheng Ran was full of joy: "Qingyang, I'll get you some water!"

"good." Shi Qingyang smiled and then saw Cheng Ran happily run to pour water.

"Are you out of town?" Gu Changjin scanned Shi Qingyang up and down and paid more attention to Shi Qingyang's arm for a moment: "You are so daring!" Shi Qingyang's wounds, he can't look not to come out.

"Grandpa Gu…" Shi Qingyang embarrassed.

"If it weren't for the master said to send you a message you have no reaction, I didn't know you actually ran out alone! Do you know how many people are watching you now?" Gu Changjin lowered his voice: "You! You used to look very scheming…it was still a little small." Considering that Shi Qingyang is only 16 years old this year, Gu Changjin is hard to say.

In fact, compared with Cheng Ran, who was scolded by others for not understanding, Shi Qingyang's impulsive behavior when he learned of his parents' death was nothing.

"Grandpa Gu, I will be careful in the future." Shi Qingyang smiled. He liked that someone cared about him.

"Are you hurt? Hurry up and change your clothes, and be sure to behave well when somebody at home comes, "Gu Changjin said with a sigh."  Today you almost worried me to death. If I hadn't tricked the young master into sending only messages, he would have called you and found you were not in town."

"Thank you, Grandpa Gu." Shi Qingyang laughed and then saw that Cheng Ran had returned with water.

Shi Qingyang drank the water and went upstairs directly. Although he had already tidied up his clothes and treated the wound, he had been with Cheng Ran for a long time. Cheng Ran was sure to find something. It was better to go up and dress it up.

Changed clothes on the third floor, Shi Qingyang saw Cheng Xuze and Wang Qing have arrived at the door, but did not immediately come in, finally Gu Changjin with Cheng Ran meet up.

In the face of Cheng Xuze, Gu Changjin was extremely respectful, while Cheng Ran followed Gu Changjin. He seemed a little scared and kept his head down.

Wanted to think, Shi Qingyang walked downstairs.

Cheng Xuze has already spoken to Wang Qing about two addresses, only to find that Shi Qingyang and Gu Changjin gave the same address.

Found this, Cheng Xuze's first reaction was Shi Qingyang deceive him, gave him a fake address, but soon felt impossible, this year to find someone in the city is too easy, and he knew the name of Shi Qingyang, as long as go to the population management office, use their own permissions, can immediately through the spark city central computer lock Shi Qingyang contact terminal location, Shi Qingyang didn't lie to him.

Since it is not a lie, is it that Shi Qingyang really lives here? What is going on here? Before Cheng Xuze wanted to understand, Gu Changjin and Cheng Ran came out.

"sir." Gu Changjin let out a cry, some unknown so, Cheng Ran and Cheng Guren are not close, the father in recent years the body has a problem, even Cheng Hui this son don't see much, how to spark city now?

"Old Gu, are you comfortable in Spark City?" Cheng Xuze see Cheng Ran hiding behind Gu Changjin, also able to shrug off, Cheng Ran autistic, if can like shan, pulling him coquetry is strange.

"It's good to go back to the old man." Gu Changjin immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"Xiao Ran, how are you these days?" Cheng Xuze looked at Cheng Ran again, trying to make his expression become kind.

Cheng Ran seldom saw Cheng Xuze before. Every time I saw him, there were a large group of people around him. His father told him not to speak disgracefully. He didn't know what to say and even couldn't understand what others said, so he just kept silent.

However, today's situation is somewhat different. Cheng Ran's life here is quite happy, and he will not feel fear because of the unfamiliar environment as before. Cheng Xuze is smiling again, not as dignified as before…

Cheng Ran smiled, "Grandpa, I'm fine."

This is the first time Cheng Xuze has seen Cheng Ran talk to himself like this. He was not surprised: "Xiao Ran is much more cheerful. It is really good to live in a small place."

Gu Changjin didn't know how to answer the call. Shi Qingyang came out from the inside and said, "Elder, are you here?"

"Shi Qingyang, do you really live here?" Cheng Xuze asked curiously.

"Yes, I live here." Shi Qingyang also said.

Gu Changjin has been on tenterhooks today. At first, he worried about the safety of Shi Qingyang. Very not easy, Shi Qingyang came back and began to worry about Cheng Xuze.

They came to the spark city, is Cheng Hong single-handedly arranged, Cheng Hong also charged him to hide from Cheng Xuze Cheng Hui, foreign is only said Cheng Ran come here for illness.

But in fact, Cheng Ran is not recovering at all…

He received the news that Cheng Xuze was coming. He should have told Cheng Hong in the first place, but he didn't do so in the end…He planned to give Cheng Ran a chance to know Cheng Xuze, so later Cheng Ran also had a backer, but never thought that Cheng Xuze should know Shi Qingyang.

What is going on here?

"Qingyang, this is my grandfather!" Cheng Ran likes to talk to Shi Qingyang and immediately said.

"So you are a natural grandfather." Shi Qingyang looked surprised.

Cheng Xuze, like Gu Changjin, was somewhat confused about the current situation. Shi Qingyang said that he was supported by his classmates and lived with them, while his classmates were pharmacists…

How can Cheng Ran be his classmate or a pharmacist?

On this side of the villa, except Shi Qingyang, everyone else was very curious, but in other places, it had already broken out.

Before Wang Qing entered the city, he had already posted the video he had taken on the internet. these videos of red hands and others openly murdering outside the city soon got numerous clicks, which made ordinary people in spark city angry.

Shi Qingyang is a teenager, there is no resistance, was pursued, Cheng Xuze is just parked beside the rest, unexpectedly also was thrown grenades for no reason…

Some of them work outside the city. Even if they don't work outside the city, some of their relatives and friends also work outside the city. They can't help but begin to wonder-now those people are hunting for a child, will they be replaced in the future?

Although some people said that Shi Qingyang might not be a good thing either, but most people did not think so, and they also unanimously demanded severe punishment of Hongshou and others.

At the same time, another person posted a post on the Internet. The main post is a photo of Shi Qingyang and his parents and a link to the news screenshots of the death of Shi Qingyang's parents a few months ago. Below, the host began to analyze the news.

In the news, the land planted by Shi Qingyang's parents was only mentioned briefly. It was only said that it was outside the safety zone, but in fact, the land rented by Shi Qingyang's parents was not far from the largest aphid farm in Spark City.

It is not uncommon for dangerous foreign animals to enter the safety zone to kill people, but aphid farms have not encountered danger for so many years. People not far from him did not die very long ago. Can there be no problems inside?

Moreover, in the following months, the land has been occupied by other races, but no transfer procedures have been carried out at all!

The person who opened the post analyzed carefully and gave the map outside the city. Liancheng's patrol route was also released. According to his analysis, under the condition that Shi Zhen and his wife had already sent out flares for help, the patrol team could definitely arrive within ten minutes, and Shi Zhen, as a secondary radiation fighter, could resist for a while-but in fact, Shi Zhen and his wife were finally found dead.

Not counting the time for teachers to resist, the animals ate all the people. I'm afraid it will take ten minutes!

Even the patrol team was involved? The people in Spark City were even angrier. After thinking that the owner of the aphid farm was Yang Taohai, words such as collusion between government and business came out.

At this time, another person posted the video of Shi Qingyang and Yin Tiancheng fighting in Spark College. The video shot in the city was very clear, and the hatred eyes of Shi Qingyang could be clearly seen…

Shi Qingyang and Yin Tiancheng had no intersection before. How could they hate Yin Tiancheng so much? In doing so, the child probably knew something. The child knew the cause of his parents' death and the inside story, but finally someone wanted to kill him…

Looking at the news on the internet, Liu Qilin breathed a sigh of relief and looked at He Lan nearby: "this is it. let's put other things up slowly!"

"If this fails, will we be in danger?" He Lan's eyes were filled with worries.

"If we continue to wait, when will we get revenge?" Liu Qilin bit her teeth.

"Mom, don't you always want revenge?" As a classmate of Shi Qingyang, He Ming, who uploaded the video of the match between Shi Qingyang and Yin Tiancheng, also said.

"Yes, I am not always want to revenge? Such a good opportunity, must not miss…In the current situation, at least can also let Yang family accident!" When He Lan mentioned the Yangs, he gnashed his teeth and was full of hatred.

All this online uproar, more and more events against the Yin family or the Yang family were revealed, the identity of the red hand and the things he had done before were also dug out, most of these things are true, but some are false, but ordinary people no longer care about the true and the false, they only know that the Yin family and the Yang family actually don't take life seriously!

Of course, the Yin family could not have been unaware of all this. In the past, Yin Hao, the patriarch, was not required to intervene in such matters. The following media spokesman would have handled the matter well. But this time, the situation was somewhat different.

At first, after the incident at the entrance to the city, they wanted to push everything to the red hand, but then Cheng Xuze's identity was unexpected, and all the news against their yin family and yang family was exploded on the internet…

What is more important is that the judicial officers who were originally on their side actually became "impartial".

"Who is that old man, have you found out?" The Yin Hao couple and Yin Tiancheng both went to Yin's father to discuss the countermeasures. When the people who found out the news of Cheng Xuze sent a communication, they couldn't wait to ask.

"He went to the residence of Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran." Responsible for tracking Cheng Xuze immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"They are indeed a group!" Yin Tiancheng grind way.

Yin Hao glared at his son: "Who is he?"

"We checked his photo on the Internet, but it showed that we had no right to look for it." The opposite person added.

"No authority, no authority…" Cheng Ran around a child can have five masters to protect, the identity of the old man, where is simple? Yin Hao's brows knit tighter and tighter.

"Yin Hao, you must keep this matter under pressure. My brother will get into this matter for your family!" Yang Qiu, Yin Hao's wife, has already cried. She didn't take this matter seriously at first. After all, this is Spark City, the home of Yin family. But seeing Yin Hao like this, she was afraid.

"For the sake of our Yin family? He knows what he did! I didn't let him kill!"

"The fruit of the lotus, my brother is all for you, if it weren't for you to say to curry favor with the big shots in hangzhou, my brother…"

"Shut up! Furong is what I want. Did I let your brother kill? Can't your brother spend money on it? Just two civilians, your brother can get things at a low price under any threat. why think of such a way?" Yin Hao nu way.

"Yin Hao, do you have a conscience? Every time you ask my brother for this or that, have you given me a penny? I'll listen to you, and now you won't even give my brother a hand?"

"How did your brother's aphid farm come from, don't you know? How many things have I helped him settle over the years, don't you know? Now it's not a question of saving your brother or not. If the old man's identity is different, the Yin family will fold in!" Yang's family and Yin's family have been too close over the years…

Yin Hao and Yang Qiu quarreled. Finally, the Yin family's father stopped all this: "Shut up! What should be done now is how to get through this crisis instead of arguing!"

Yin Hao stopped talking. Yang Qiu was afraid of Old Master Yin and stopped talking.

"Tiancheng, you send your mother back first, don't be angry with your body." Yin father added.

Yang Qiu was stunned. Taking her out at this time was almost like giving up the Yang family's meaning…"Father!"

"Mom, you go back to rest." Yin Tiancheng supported Yang Qiu.

"I don't want to rest, Tiancheng, that is your uncle! Your uncle has been protecting you and treating you so well since childhood…"Yang Qiu didn't want to go, but Yin Tiancheng turned a deaf ear to her words and forced her out.

Yang Qiu is a level 3 radiation fighter, but she has never been out of the city in her life and has never practiced well. This is in the city again. Therefore, she was dragged by her son and could not break away completely. She could only cry incessantly.

Yin Tiancheng's face was full of impatience and he was ashamed of being laughed at. When he saw Yin Jinru, who was only Nuo Nuo, he kicked Yin Jinru on the leg: "Get out of the way!"

Yin Jinru fell to the ground, his eyes full of malice.

On the other side, Yin Hao and Yin Lao Zi have already contacted the duke of Anhang City who sent Ah Fu Rong after Yin Tiancheng and Yang Qiu left.

In the past 60 years, the Yin family has produced three five-level radiation energy fighters, one of whom has passed away, and the other two, Father Yin and Yin Hao, also have the power of the Yin family.

The duke of Anhang City, Li Rong, was born in the central city. He is in his 40s this year. He is thin and looks like a gentle young man. As for privately…Yin Hao has seen with his own eyes how unclean the other party is privately.

Seeing the photos taken by Yin Hao, Li Rong immediately smiled: "Isn't this Cheng Xuze from Yangtze River City? What, did you annoy this old guy?"

Yin Hao has never seen Cheng Xuze, but it is impossible that he has not heard the name of Cheng Xuze. He knew that his son had been checking Cheng Ran before, and he doubted that the process was related to the Cheng family in the Yangtze River City, but he didn't expect that the two were really related.

"This old guy is tough. What have you done?" Li Rong asked again.

"Li duke, we didn't do anything, just the yang family…" yin father suddenly thought that Li Rong must not know the yang family, and explained: "the yang family is the yin family's in-laws. with our power, we have done a lot of evil things outside!"

"Turns out to be the case, so it has little to do with the Yin family?" Li Rong's eyes turned: "What do you want me to do? Is the price ready?"

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