Although be put together a little uncomfortable, but Cheng Xuze also didn't care too much, after all, in this matter, Cheng Gu will get great benefits.

After seeing Shi Qingyang and listening to Shi Qingyang talk about his own experience, Cheng Xuze even got a better impression of me not being hungry. How can the average person manage a child's hatred? Not hungry but designed so many for Shi Qingyang, and even gave a precious prescription.

Before Shi Qingyang bandaged his wound, Cheng Xuze appreciated it very much. Now he knows that he is a good friend's disciple, and he likes it even more. He soon expressed his willingness to take those who came after Shi Qingyang to the sheriff as soon as he returned to the city.

"thank you." Shi Qingyang thanked him sincerely. He knew how precious the drug was. After knowing that someone would configure the drug, Cheng Xuze was not in a hurry to see the pharmacist. Instead, he was willing to follow him to solve his problems first. This was enough to show Cheng Xuze's sincerity.

In his last life, Peng Cheng Wan Li pointed out a lot to him. In this life…Although he also paid a lot, but if it weren't for Cheng Xuze, for others, there would certainly not be such a good result.

Entering the entrance to the city, Cheng Xuze jumped out of the van and took off his anti-radiation suit at a speed rarely seen by the elderly: "finally, I have entered the city. this suit is the most uncomfortable to wear!"

Wang Qing took both of them's anti-radiation suits and sent them to the biggest cleaning shop in the entrance to the city. At this time, Liu Qilin had already dragged the red hands and others out of the side.

Cheng Xuze to the red hand that once very hard, red hand haven't wake up yet, the radiation energy in the body is a mess, other radiation energy in the human body has been restored, but they are afraid of Cheng Xuze, tied again, so leng didn't dare to noisy.

So many people were dragged out of the van and soon attracted the attention of others. There was not much news in Spark City, so even some people started to take photos with the contact terminal and some people called the police.

The red hand was unconscious on the ground and was not noticeable at all, but the contact terminal on his hand rang after connecting to the city's network, which attracted the attention of many people. the boss who had just received the radiation protection suit from Wang Qing suddenly had a tingle: "this, isn't this the red hand?"

The ordinary people in Spark City do not know Red Hand, but they are not strangers to those who often follow out of the city.

"Do you know this murderer?" Wang Qing asked lightly.

The boss shook and quickly returned his radiation suit to Wang Qing: "Murder? You can't say that, but you will be sentenced for framing others. Be careful of being sent to open up wasteland!" If you commit a crime now, you won't be given a good care in a prison cell. Either you will be directly executed or you will be sent to open up the wasteland.

The so-called reclamation is actually laying the foundation for the construction of a new city. Every city needs to be built for several decades before it can be completed and perfected. There are both radiation energy fighters and criminals serving in the construction of the city. Criminals with radiation energy will do the hardest and most tiring work. Criminals without radiation energy also need to do logistics in mobile towns, which is extremely difficult.

Mobile towns are large and small, the small ones are generally only used for transporting goods, while the large ones can accommodate tens of thousands of people. People living here cannot be connected to the Internet. Naturally, they are not as safe as living in cities. Mobile towns that are only used for transportation are just enough. Those who live in people's homes, or those who are private…There are always crimes in them. Many criminals' children will also be deliberately turned into black households by some people.

The boss did not dare to take over Wang Qing's business and left without saying a word. Wang Qing paused, asked Liu Qilin for cleaning agent, and brushed it himself.

Before Wang Qing had finished brushing the two clothes on his hand, the police came and the front man was surprised to see the situation: "what are you tying people up for? This is illegal!"

"Zhao Ge, Zhao Ge…" Red hand side of a man cried.

"Officer, these people want to murder, and they used contraband grenades!" Liu Qilin immediately said.

"Words can't blather, do you have any evidence?" The man called Zhao Ge frowned. the yang family had already said hello to him and asked him to pay attention to the situation here. he thought he would be fine, but he didn't expect to see such a scene ….

When he winked at the person behind him, someone took a step backward and pressed it on the contact device.

"The car's field video recorder recorded everything. I came to Spark City to find someone. I found a place to rest and eat on the road. I saw that these people were hunting for the young man. After we saw them, we also wanted to kill him! Throw seven or eight grenades!" Cheng Xuze was suspected and became angry.

Cheng Xuze is 70 years old, and has high strength and long-term high position, so he is very dignified. unfortunately, the opposite person did not take him seriously: "even if you want to make up a story, you must also make up a reliable one. last time two wasps and beasts broke into the safety zone, and a three-level radiation energy fighter solved it with six grenades. what are you?"

What is a grenade? What is a level 3 radiation fighter? Cheng Xuze grew up in the Yangtze River City, where the strength of Level III is not enough to see!

However, he also knows that everything must be based on evidence. Even one of the largest families in China cannot easily deal with others without evidence, or they will definitely be shot to death.

The strength of ordinary people should not be underestimated, because there are not many strong people who are too arrogant to commit crimes in the city and have to execute the death penalty in the end.

"Do you want evidence? Of course there is evidence! Wang Qing, release it and pass it on to the Internet by the way!" Cheng Xuze immediately the baggage and take the journey.

Just as a person's contact terminal can record a person's death, there is a similar device on the chariot. In case of danger, the driver can use a field video recorder to record the surrounding situation. The data will also be placed in the black box on the vehicle, even if the vehicle explodes, it will be fine.

Cheng Xuze after seeing someone came after a teenager, has opened it, red hands do those times, all were recorded, such videos, even after the explosion has not stopped.

Not only was it recorded here, but also the contact terminal of Shi Qingyang in Wang Qing and recorded these.

As for himself…he has never suffered losses in the wild, and accidentally forgot the function of the contact terminal…

Wang Qing directly uploaded the video to the network, and at the same time, he did not know how to do it. He connected his contact terminal to the large screen beside which the advertisement was displayed.

Wang Qing was indeed an all-round housekeeper. The video on his contact terminal was very good. Although the picture was not clear because of the radiation in the wild, the red hand smashed the window with a wind blade. Without saying anything, he cut people with a knife composed of radiation energy. Shi Qingyang, who was covered with bruises, asked for help…All of this was recorded. When the explosion sounded, many people also shook subconsciously.

Then, see Cheng Xuze hold up the shield…

Although the old man who was in a hurry to withdraw the protective cover looked unreliable, his strength was absolutely very strong! At that time, everyone's expression when watching Cheng Xuze changed. At the same time, they also had a new understanding of the red hand.

They only know that red hands will rob other people's prey, and they will kill people without fear. This time it's someone else, will it be them next time?

Xinghuo City's inspector is Yin Tiancheng's father Yin Hao. Naturally, many people are close to Yin's family. But now, many people's mood has changed.

Wang Qing, however, withdrew the contact terminal coldly and looked at the policemen." I also recorded what you looked like just now."

The policemen were shocked and did not dare to make any changes.

After all, the evidence of the crime was conclusive, and Cheng Xuze knew at a glance that it was not easy to deceive, so the party was soon taken to the court where the judicial officer was located.

The court is also a building connected up and down, which is specially responsible for handling all kinds of cases. However, because the public security in the city is very good now, as long as the city is in a safe area, accidents are rarely encountered outside the city, and this place is rarely seen by the public.

Arriving here, a young woman in her twenties was welcomed out very soon. At the same time, she gave Shi Qingyang and others a curious look: "Come with me, several. All of you need to verify your identity first."

She led the way in front and took everyone to the computer beside the first floor of the building. That is, at this time, another man and a woman came here and looked at Shi Qingyang and others. Their faces were not good.

Shi Qingyang saw this scene and guessed that Yang Haitao even wanted to press it down now.

However, Wang Qingdu has uploaded the video to the Internet just now, and the best result now is to let the red hand carry all the crimes.

However, it was Cheng Xuze who was "victimized" this time. How could it be that simple? The Yang family will definitely be involved, even the Yin family, I'm afraid there will be something wrong.

The reaction of the patrol team outside the city, the police and even the people in the court now all show one thing-the Yin family is too arrogant.

Shi Qingyang stood in front of the terminal computer, and his experience came out as soon as his contact terminal was swiped. Even his parents' experience was shown on it.

Later, a man and a woman saw this scene and gave Shi Qingyang a gloomy look. If they were not afraid of being caught, they would probably make sarcastic remarks.

"Elder, it's your turn." Shi Qingyang paid no attention to all this and retreated aside with a smile.

Wang Qingxian stepped forward. As soon as he swiped the contact terminal in his hand, some information was displayed, but only his name, age, S*x, family situation and personal experience were all absent. There were also a few words below-D encryption.

D-level encryption is the lowest level of encryption. If the situation is serious, the judge of Spark City can directly read the encrypted content, but can get D-level encryption, which is enough to show that Wang Qing is not simple.

Moreover, Wang Qing's attitude towards Cheng Xuze is very good, even completely subordinate…

Cheng Xuze walked sideways in the Yangtze River City. After arriving at the Spark City, he was repeatedly provoked. It happened that he didn't see the person he wanted to see. He was in a very bad mood. At that time, he had a cold face and stretched out his hand to brush it on the computer.

This time on the computer there is not even a first name, only four words-A-level encryption.

A-level encryption, turned out to be a-level encryption! The young girl who brought Cheng Xuze in secretly looked at Cheng Xuze several times. If it weren't for the things here, she would want to show off to all the people she knew-A-level encryption, the average person can touch it?

This kind of information, even the duke himself, can't consult!

Compared with the pure excitement of the girl who has nothing to do with the Yin family, the other two who received some money and just received a message from the Yin family and came to "find out the enemy situation" are subconsciously reaching out to wipe the sweat.

Even Yin every master, only D encryption…

D-level encryption can be obtained as long as it contributes to China, but A-level encryption…

Not only were the court stunned, but even Liu Qilin and others who were brought along with Cheng Xuze were stunned. when they first entered the city, they thought it would be too reckless to do so, but they didn't expect to see such a situation now!

Liu Qilin just thought Shi Qingyang had good luck before, but now she thinks Shi Qingyang is very magical. After she learned from He Ming that Shi Qingyang was competing with Yin Tiancheng, she immediately checked Shi Qingyang. All the information is very common. How can she know such a big man now?

A change of heart, Liu Qilin soon thought of a person-Cheng Ran.

The data here were soon transferred to the headquarters. Before long, the judges of Spark City hurried down from the upstairs and showed great respect to Cheng Xuze.

Cheng Xuze at this time, he became some precious little words, he stood by with a straight face, don't say a word, completely let Wang Qing to negotiate, Wang Qing naturally cold face, people who know his character don't think there is any problem, but the spark city sheriff don't know.

The official who had always been close to the Yin family and was supported by the Yin family broke out in a cold sweat, but did not dare to wipe it. If it weren't for fear of fainting, it would be even more difficult to clean up, he would have collapsed.

Wang Qing didn't take him seriously at all. He explained the whole story clearly and left a copy of the video as evidence before he asked lightly, "Can we go now?"

"Yes, yes!" The sheriff nodded repeatedly.

Wang Qing looked at the judicial officer with a straight face: "Shi Qingyang is the victim. Those people are just passers-by who help…"

"Everyone can go!" The sheriff immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"Those criminals can go too?"

"No, those people are extremely vicious and should all be detained!" The sheriff didn't even want to think about it. The A-level encrypted Yin family was not to be taunted. At this time, they had to break their wrists.

Cheng Xuze finally satisfied at this time, slowly walked out of the court, he walked slowly, Liu Qilin and others did not dare to go to him.

"Master, who are you? Too strong!" Liu Qilin's young man in his twenties spoke in admiration.

"Buddha said, do not say." Cheng Xuze's expression eased down and then he smiled again: "Besides, how do you know I am strong?"

"Master, aren't you strong? Before, you connected billboards to send videos at the entrance to the city, so you were not really strong, just because you hacked the computer." Others said that A-level encryption is too far away for them to believe.

If this kind of terminal computer is so dark, this world is the world of hackers! The suspect Cheng Xuze blew his beard.

Liu Qilin also knew that his staff had passed, and after taking a blow from the speaker, she said goodbye to Cheng Xuze. Then she quickly left with a group of subordinates-she had found many bad news for the Yang family over the years, and it was time to go back and tidy up.

Watched these people go, Cheng Xuze eyes to put on Shi Qingyang again.

"Where is your home?"

"My house is not far away. Will the elder come to my house?" Shi Qingyang asked.

On the way back, Cheng Xuze already knew the death of Shi Qingyang's parents and now he lives with his pharmacist friend.

Cheng Xuze admitted that he would like to get the prescription immediately, but now it is dark, he used to have to disturb others, maybe there is no place to live.

Besides, his great grandson lives here alone. Since he is here, he must go and see it.

"No, I won't go to your house today. I'll call again tomorrow. Please leave me your address and exchange your contact number." Cheng Xuze smiled at Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang can guess Cheng Xuze's plan, but he can't show it now, so he just sent Cheng Xuze the address of Cheng Ran villa.

Cheng Xuze glanced at the address and added: "Your friend knows the kind of medicine to match. You must not tell others the method."

"I know, my master told me, I can only tell you." Shi Qingyang smiled. Cheng Ran would never tell anyone. The only thing he could know was Gu Changjin. Even if Gu Changjin knew, he wouldn't tell anyone.

Just don't know, after seeing Cheng Ran Cheng Xuze, what will be the expression…

"thank you." Cheng Xuze smiled and looked at Wang Qing nearby: "Please contact Lao Gu and let him send the address to us."

"Yes." Wang Qing nodded and quickly contacted Gu Changjin.

Shi Qingyang reluctantly found that the two had no intention of exchanging addresses at all, while Wang Qing had already called up the navigation and planned to go to Cheng Ran.

"Elder, I'll go first!" Shi Qingyang smiled and said goodbye to Cheng Xuze. He took the path and ran towards the villa-he was delayed all day today. Cheng Ran still couldn't contact him, should he be very worried?

Before entering the city, he also received a delayed message, but he didn't have time to go back…

Just as Shi Qingyang was returning home, Cheng Xuze and Wang Qing, who followed the navigation, also arrived at the gate of the villa.

Looked at the house number of the villa, Cheng Xuze always felt very familiar, subconsciously looked at the information from Shi Qingyang before.

Why does it look the same?

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