There are eight masters with protective cover, such grenades, of course, can't cause damage to them, just because Cheng Xuze shield withdraw too fast, so flying dust fell down, covered with a thick layer of ash on the three of them.

Cheng Xuze and Wang Qing are fine. They are all wearing anti-radiation clothing. The dust has little effect on them. Shi Qingyang is miserable. A lot of dust is embedded in his wound, making it more horrible.

However, even if the wound is a little scary, it is still a minor wound for him. He took out a bottle of medicine again, and Shi Qingyang continued to clean the wound. After washing the dust from the wound, he immediately closed the wound and pasted it with adhesive tape.

Cheng Xuze also saw Shi Qingyang's situation at this time: "Sorry, I haven't been out of town for a long time and haven't noticed…" He waved and Shi Qingyang's radiation energy around him was much less. Such an environment is also conducive to Shi Qingyang's wound treatment.

"I want to thank you." Shi Qingyang was grateful all over his face. He skillfully treated the wound on his arm and began to treat the wound on his leg.

"Wang Qing, give him some medicine." Cheng Xuze heard the voice of Shi Qingyang, then looked at the face under Shi Qingyang mask, only to find that Shi Qingyang is still very young, immediately.

At this age, I'm out of town, even if it's a little difficult at home.

"Father, the car has been destroyed." Wang Qing said flatly.

Cheng Xuze looked back, only to find that his chariot from his son had been blown to pieces because he had no money. All the windows were shattered. What he had put in the car, he did not know how much was left.

"Those B*stards!" Cheng Xuze couldn't help but scold a way, just now the man threw grenades too fast, also threw several, although he responded quickly and made a shield, but because he didn't know the enemy situation, he didn't dare to hold the shield too big, only to protect himself, Wang Qing, and Shi Qingyang at his feet.

The car, so no…

Cheng Xuze suddenly remembered something: "Wang Qing, please help me look at my box of tea. It took me a lot of effort to get it, but these people can't ruin it!" How expensive is tea these days? He hasn't been willing to eat since he got it. this time he couldn't think of what gift to give, so he will take it out. if it is destroyed…

He will cry!

"Master, I'll help you put the tea in the explosion-proof box behind the car. It will be fine, but the car won't move." Wang Qing rummaged in the chariot that looked very bad.

The quality of the chariots is much better than that of the walking vehicles in the city, but after all, being too heavy will affect the speed, so the protection ability is not as good as that of the mobile fortress.

This chariot is already a good one. After throwing so many grenades, it didn't explode, but obviously it can't be opened any more.

Cheng Xuze breathed a sigh of relief, and then once again focused on the people who came after Shi Qingyang: "Who the hell are you, in broad daylight, to act violently and kill?" In China, unless you defend yourself, killing people is a capital crime.

In those chaotic years, too many people died because of human internal strife, and human beings could not afford such losses.

The red hand was already dizzy. After feeling the pressure from Cheng Xuze, others did not dare to move at all. At this time, hearing Cheng Xuze's words, they were even more regretful: "We…we…"

Don't these two people really come here to ambush them? Otherwise, Shi Qingyang could have invited such an expert. The old man, should be a level 5 player?

This is level 5! They have offended the top five masters and have been caught chasing people…Is there any way to go?

"Hum! Wang Qing, shut down the radiation energy of these people!" Cheng Xuze saw them squeaking, too lazy to ask more.

He went out for the first time after several years of silence. I don't know how happy he was. Even if he waited here for a long time, it didn't affect his good mood. Unexpectedly, a group of people didn't talk to him well and wanted to kill them and throw banned explosives!

This is the first time that he has been in such a mess since he became a master of level 8 radiation energy. Even the car was destroyed!

If I don't come hungry at this time, wouldn't it make people laugh?

"Yes, old man." Wang Qing stepped forward and ordered a few random shots on those who were scared and soft.

The faces of the men turned pale instantly: "What did you do, you…"

"Now it's just a little lesson. I'll pick you up when I get into the city!" Cheng Xuze cold snorted.

"My radiation energy, my radiation energy is gone…it's really none of our business, we just listen to orders…" One of them suddenly collapsed, he is in addition to the secondary radiation energy, there is no other advantage, if there is no radiation energy, how will he live in the future? He was going to get married…

Shi Qingyang looked at the man is going to collapse, resist the smile didn't show anything.

Just now, Wang Qing was using nothing else, or the radiation truncation method he announced on the internet for the three-level radiation fighters.

This radiation energy truncation method is the safest for oneself, but for those with higher grades, it can be used to make a mess of the radiation energy in the human body with lower grades than oneself.

Wang Qing, in this way, is also a living learning, but more satisfied with Shi Qingyang, or the response of the thugs sent by the Yang family-this, also be guilty?

He deliberately wanted Cheng Xuze to wait here to perform such a play, just to get evidence that the Yang family wanted to kill him.

With the evidence, these people who tried to kill him will be punished by law as soon as they return to the city. The Yang family behind them will certainly not be able to take off their work. When the reason why these people killed him continues to be investigated, they will certainly be able to find out about his parents.

On the other hand, if he begged Cheng Xuze to avenge him after Cheng Xuze returned to the city, or directly let Cheng Xuze deal with the Yang family in the name of I don't want to be hungry, then, there is no definite evidence not to say, an carelessly, perhaps still can be bite back, said Cheng Gu oppression.

Now this situation, is the best result, even beyond his expectations-led by the man, unexpectedly say hello all don't play, just threw grenades!

The only comparative pity is that Cheng Xuze's car was damaged, but the Yangs could not afford not to compensate for the damage.

A small family in a tertiary city, don't still dare to offend Cheng home? Even the Yin family is nothing to the Shangcheng family.

Those who were restrained by Wang Qing were begging for mercy, but no one dared to say that he was instigated. They came out to deal with Shi Qingyang because Shi Qingyang provoked Yang Taohai. If they recruit Yang Taohai, will Yang Taohai find someone else to deal with them later?

Cheng Xuze saw this scene, and could guess a guess. Seeing that Shi Qingyang had already treated his wounds, Wang Qing had also collected the things that were not in his car, and suddenly looked in one direction: "The little baby over there has been hiding for most of the day. Is it time to come out?"

When Cheng Xuze spoke, the radiation energy in the body shook out the layers of ripples around him. The sound was naturally amplified. As soon as the ripples were close to a nearby bush, he saw a man rolling down from the tree.

"Elder, I have no malice!" A female voice sounded immediately.

Hearing the voice, knowing that it was a woman, Cheng Xuze's hostility disappeared. Compared with men, women's radiation energy fighters were much less. Because of their relatively poor physical condition and the need to have children, most women would choose to become pharmacists. Those who dared to leave the city naturally made people admire.

Liu Qilin was uneasy at first, but she soon became firm. She would help Shi Qingyang because of the same enemy. Although the current situation is still unclear, she also knows that the people in front of her might be able to help her.

The old man's strength is so strong, there should be five levels? Think so, Liu Qilin saw Shi Qingyang one eye again, before she also wondered why Shi Qingyang ran this way, I didn't think there was a master hidden here, and a exchanges to solve the red hand.

Cheng Xuze lived for such a long time, is also a human spirit, how can't find Liu Qilin's action? Associated with Shi Qingyang's too calm actions before, he always felt that he had been calculated.

But there are some things that I can't say. I'm the only one who knows about his coming here. Will that person still find some shrimps to calculate him?

Such a thought, Cheng Xuze felt that he was thinking too much: "What is going on with you?"

"Someone is after me." Shi Qingyang said directly.

"I saw that they were after a child, so I followed them." Liu Qilin also said.

"A group of secondary and tertiary radiation fighter, unexpectedly came for a child even less than level 1, also use bombs to kill people at will, really have skill! These people must be handed over to the law enforcement officials! But how do you take it back to the city?" Cheng Xuze frowning slightly.

"Elder, I have a hunting party." Liu Qilin said, although he did not know what the old man was coming from, he decided to believe in Qingyang.

She didn't believe Shi Qingyang would not want to report her parents' revenge.

"Then you take the people back first, I have to wait for someone, and then I'll go to town later." Cheng Xuze said, I don't want to meet him here hungry, although after time passes, he always has to wait.

Liu Qilin froze, if they take people back to the city, finally maybe even be bite…

Shi Qingyang touched the radiation mask: "Elder, my master sent me here."

Cheng Xuze was shocked: "your master?" Is he really being calculated?

"My master said you could help me." Shi Qingyang's eyes were full of sincerity. Cheng Xuze came with only one person, which was enough to prove his sincerity. He also trusted Cheng Xuze more.

Cheng Xuze's face changed again and again. Finally, he waved: "Let's go!"

Liu Qilin saw this scene, only when the master in Shi Qingyang's mouth was Gu Changjin, and he thought Shi Qingyang's luck was too good-Shi Qingyang's previous performance exceeded that of some secondary radiation energy fighters. Gu Changjin must have given him everything he could.

There is such a master, master and friends. No wonder Shi Qingyang didn't intend to rely on their strength…Liu Qilin did not dare to mix more and put a flare into the air.

Liu Qilin's hunting party was the same people that Shi Qingyang saw when he was out of the city yesterday. Soon, several two-wheeled chariots arrived in the woods. They all brought ropes to their cars and tied red hands and others. One and two tied behind the car and roared away again.

Originally these people also want to take Shi Qingyang and others to the past, but Cheng Xuze and Wang Qing are not willing to straddle behind other people's chariot, Shi Qingyang and Liu Qilin will follow them.

Liu Qilin walked with vigorous steps. Although Shi Qingyang was injured, because the wound had been treated, he was tough and did not fall behind at all. However, the most admirable thing was Wang Qing and Cheng Xuze.

Wang Qing carried out all the intact things on the chariot. For the sake of the safety of the wild, the field video recorder installed on the chariot to record the surrounding conditions at dangerous times was also removed from the vehicle. There were a lot of large bags, estimated to weigh 1-2,000 kg, but he walked like walking with such a large bag.

And Cheng Xuze, Cheng Xuze side spoke to unusually abundant, wrapped his whole person inside, he didn't seem to move much, the speed of progress is unusually fast…

This is the 8th grade radiation energy fighter…Shi Qingyang took a deep breath, when the radiation energy is getting stronger and stronger, the radiation energy fighter can even move the radiation energy around to lift himself up and walk in the air. Now Cheng Xuze can fly back in the air completely. It is estimated that he didn't want them to be scared, so he will keep a low profile like now.

The speed of the four men was very fast. Soon, they arrived at the place where the two van-type chariots were parked. At that time, Red Hand and others had been tied and thrown into one of the chariots, together with the foreign animals they had hunted. The other chariot was empty and seemed to be ready for Shi Qingyang and others to sit.

This kind of chariot, completely is used to pack animals…Cheng Xuze saw this scene, more and more feel helpless, Shi Qingyang did not mind, quickly climbed in.

See Shi Qingyang went in, Cheng Xuze finally climbed in the same way, compared to straddle behind someone else's two-wheeled chariots, or this kind of van is more appropriate, although stay inside let him have the feeling that he was captured alive animals.

Cheng Xuze sat on the explosion-proof box removed by Wang Qing from their chariot. Then he used radiation energy to build an isolation cover around his body and scanned Shi Qingyang back and forth." Who is your master and what did you say?" I don't want to be hungry. Why did I find a disciple when I asked him out?

"I don't want to be hungry," Shi Qingyang pointed to the map on the contact terminal." My master said that if I go to this place, I will get revenge."

"Why didn't he come?" Cheng Xuze frowned tightly. He was late when he had an appointment. He was just late. He also found a disciple to help him.

Slag, this is too slag!

"My master said his identity cannot be revealed…" Shi Qingyang smiled awkwardly.

"Have you seen him?"

"No." Shi Qingyang shook his head at once. He had been in Spark City before. He had very few contacts and could be found out. Only knowing this on the Internet can make sense. Anyway, no one watched him on the Internet before.

"This guy…" Cheng Xuze sighed, then looked at Shi Qingyang well: "You look about the same age as my great grandson, and you have such strength. It's really good. Continue to refuel and you will have a bright future!"

"thank you." Shi Qingyang smiled and took out the medicine and began to drink.

The bottle containing the medicine is very beautiful, with flowers carved on it. Cheng Xuze had to look at it a few times, and then he felt that the smell of the medicine was a little familiar…

I don't want to send him nine bottles of medicine on a hungry stomach. He divided one bottle of Ran Xue and gave three bottles to his son, leaving only five bottles for himself. He almost could not bear to drink it and slept with the smell and color just like Shi Qingyang's bottle.

Now that I know that Shi Qingyang is already my disciple not to be hungry, Cheng Xuze naturally cannot help thinking: "did your master give you this medicine?"

This is what reason, give him the potion with the most common bottle, almost damage the efficacy, for this little guy, with such a beautiful bottle!

This is really too biased!

"I asked my friend to use the prescription given by my master. it has just been successfully configured. a few days ago, my master also asked me to send some out. is it for you?" Shi Qingyang was full of curiosity.

Cheng Xuze smoked corners of the mouth, so, I don't want to hungry just want him to help in front of the young? He had been grateful to the other party before and felt that the other party was so kind that he waited happily for most of the day. Now…

Why do you think that guy is a little slag?

It's not necessary to send tea or anything, he should enjoy it himself!

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