Shi Qingyang always felt that Cheng Ran was getting better and better to himself, or completely without any requirements. Even, Cheng Ran also bought some beautiful medicine bottles online, which were specially used to pack the medicine prepared for him.

This, Shi Qingyang haven't found at the beginning, or going out of the city, pick up Cheng Ran odds and ends to make his potion, finally found a different place.

In contrast, what he did was not enough. The last time he bought Cheng Ran a machine rabbit, it was He Lan who found him before he remembered…

Such as this thing is over, he should accompany Cheng Ran in spark city for a walk-he somehow went to the amusement city when he was a child, Cheng Ran has not been to.

"Qingyang, are you going out?" Cheng Ran saw Shi Qingyang pick up a lot of things in his pocket and asked.

"Yes, I'm going to Fu Neng Mansion to do some exercises." Shi Qingyang laughed.

"Go early and return early. I'll wait for you to come back." Cheng Ran revealed a big smile.

"good." Shi Qingyang nodded with a smile.

Watched Shi Qingyang go, Cheng Ran looked at the contact terminal above the "how to pursue a man like".

He has read the book, but it seems to have no effect. He has no idea how to do some of the things mentioned above. He has been doing some things before, such as sending Shi Qingyang out of the house and waiting for Shi Qingyang to come home.

The book also advocates that they should have their own careers, so he'd better do some medicine.

Shi Qingyang went to the underground city first, and after turning around for half a day in the underground city, he came out of an exit in the north of the city and headed straight for the north gate.

At this time, he even changed into anti-radiation clothing and put on an anti-radiation helmet with only half of his face visible.

There were many people gathered at the gate of the northern city. One was a group of young people who were going out of the city to clean up the plants in the trenches outside the city. This part-time job was not difficult to do and paid less, but it was suitable for people who had just come into contact with the outside world.

In addition to these young people, there are also some men in their 30s and 40s who gather together. They are distributing water bottles and food around two vans, apparently a hunting party.

Shi Qingyang arrived at the exit of the city, rented a two-wheel chariot, then took out the Spark College student card to brush, drove the car out of the city.

The performance of the two-wheeled chariots is very good. The skilled and brave radiation warriors dare to drive this car wherever they go, but Shi Qingyang drove very slowly, carefully bypassing all obstacles. Finally, they found the rut marks of the mobile fortress and drove a little smoother.

Shi Qingyang is completely like a rookie, but in fact, everything outside the city, perhaps no one in Spark City is more familiar with him. And although the radiation in his body is very weak now, it is no problem to use a little skill to find out the situation in the wild.

Two fingers moved, the radiation energy around him vibrated with a very weak ripple. Such ripple reached the rear, but it was disrupted…Although Shi Qingyang did not turn back, he also knew that someone was staying behind him.

In addition to the people who stayed behind him, there were also two rounds of chariots that drove by him from time to time, mostly from Holland.

When communication equipment was not available outside the city, they changed people to drive around him back and forth, which was a good way to protect him.

Shi Qingyang smiled and continued to drive his rented two-wheeled chariot slowly. No matter what he saw, he would stop. He looked curious and kept turning around near the city so that his followers would not be found hiding everywhere.

Shi Qingyang dawdled slowly here. On the other side, Yang Taohai was worrying about his affairs: "Did you say Shi Qingyang went out of the city alone?"

"Boss, that's right. After Shi Qingyang came out of the villa, he went to the underground city for a stroll. He was very familiar with the underground city and dumped all our people. However, we also arranged a person at the gate of the city. Another person was specially stationed at the card reader and recognized him. Now there are three people following him. I have already instructed them to report back at any time."

"This is a good opportunity. You should arrange some people at once to prevent him from coming back!" Yang Taohai immediately the baggage and take the journey, since know Shi Qingyang may find him revenge, he has been worried about fear, lest Shi Qingyang found any evidence against him.

He is not only greedy but also afraid of death.

"Boss, you said it would be a game? The teacher Qingyang, is it possible to design us?" The man who gave the report was a little uneasy.

"Shi Qingyang no relatives, which can design us? There is also Gu Changjin, and I have never seen him contact anyone else…and I think that Shi Qingyang, who was raised by Gu Changjin to accompany Cheng Ran, is just a funny thing, and they will certainly not take it seriously when he dies." Yang Haitao turned a blind eye.

Gu Changjin and Cheng Ran may be really good, but how long has Shi Qingyang known them? Moreover, there are so many foreign animals outside the city. Shi Qingyang died in the hands of foreign animals. What is it to them?

Young man, is impulsive, teacher Qingyang if dormant, maybe he didn't know he had such an enemy at the moment, the result teacher Qingyang offended Yin Tiancheng as soon as the school began…

Just say now, Shi Qingyang should also want to become stronger, will not have some strength out of the city?

"You be careful, remember to bring a red hand, absolutely can't let him back to the city alive!" Yang Taohai added, Red Hand is a level 3 radiation fighter and also the best man under him!

"Yes, boss." The men answered immediately.

"Wait, you let Red Hand come here and I'll give him something…if there is an ambush, give me a nest of those people!" Yang Taohai bit her teeth.

Shi Qingyang was still wandering outside at this time. Although the contact terminal in his hand had no signal at all, the information stored inside was still there. He turned over the map in his hand and his eyes fell on a low-lying place.

He asked Cheng Xuze to wait for him in the low-lying place where he could hide. Now it is time to control the past.

From a distance came the sound of flares. Shi Qingyang glanced at it and guessed that his followers were giving directions.

Sure enough, it didn't take long for him to be followed by more people. Of course, he was further away. Even if he wore a long-range mirror, it would not be easy for him to see.

He pretended not to feel anything and went on wandering around. He saw a familiar medicinal material on the way and got off the bus to dig it up. When he met a group of flying black mosquitoes, he even sent several wind blades towards them.

The black mosquito beast is a male mosquito beast, which sucks the sap of plants and has a very weak attack on people, but even so, they still bear grudges. Therefore, some black mosquito beasts with long and short arms of adults chased after him. He drove forward in a two-wheeled chariot and slowly reached the periphery of the safety zone.

"Red-handed boss, when are we going to shoot?" Someone looked at the red hand in the red and white anti-radiation suit.

"People often pass by nearby. When he goes farther, we will drag people into the woods." Red hands licked their lips with a smile. He preferred killing people to hunting animals.

At the beginning, he was once caught by the patrol team for killing people outside the city. Finally, Yang Taohai saved him. Then, he even cooperated with the patrol team.

The people around Red Hand shook subconsciously. They used to deal with a person who offended the Yang family with Red Hand. Red Hand cut off the wrist and ankle of the person after catching the person and let the taste of the person's blood spread out…

Almost before long, there was a mosquito beast, a few ant beasts came to the man's side, sucking blood and eating meat, but the man was still alive…They stayed in the chariot in the distance, looked at it with a telescope only feel horrible, red hands have been very excited…

This time, some people will be unlucky again. They suddenly have some sympathy for Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang didn't know anyone else sympathized with him at this time. Now, he is close to the place he has made an appointment with Cheng Xuze and is driving on the road rolled out by a moving small town.

Looking at a nearby tree without trace, Shi Qingyang stopped his chariot, took out dried meat and food and began to fill his stomach.

He Lan arranged to protect him here, perhaps it was the third-level female fighter. She hid well and even the grass that was trampled down by the tree was disguised again, but she did too much, so that the grass that was supposed to be crooked stood up.

Of course, most people will not find this detail.

Here is far away from the city, sparsely populated, is definitely a good place to kill people, Shi Qingyang ate a few dried meat, saw several chariots suddenly coming towards him.

He responded quickly and rolled to the side as soon as he rolled on the spot. At this time, the man headed by him had already sent a wind blade towards him.

When radiation energy is used to attack, the surrounding radiation energy will change and produce ripples. Even if ordinary people know this, it is too late to feel that they want to escape. However, Shi Qingyang has experienced numerous wars, large and small, and is extremely sensitive to such fluctuations.

However, there were too many people on the other side, and several radiation attacks came to him later. It happened that he did not have the original strength and could not even condense the radiation energy around him to make a shield.

Quickly jump from the ground, dodged the energy is bigger, then, Shi Qingyang jumped into the woods beside.

In ancient times, military personnel would learn a set of fake actions to hide bullets. They would twist their bodies in running according to certain rules. As long as they were fast enough, they could hide most of the bullets. Moreover, the more accurately the attacker aimed, the greater the chance of hiding.

When Shi Qingyang fled, he used such a body method. In addition, he also put bulletproof alloy wire mesh inside his seemingly cheap anti-radiation suit, pulling the flexible metal extremely thin, and finally weaving the wire mesh to prevent many attacks.

This road was passed by Shi Qingyang and Gu Changjin when they were looking for medicinal materials a few days ago, so he made good use of every tree and grass around him…On the contrary, those who chased him should pay attention to their feet.

However, even so, because his pursuers are far stronger than him and have been attacking in the process of pursuit, he suffered some injuries.

Of course, such injuries are within his tolerance.

"Why is this boy so lucky?" Red hand side of a secondary radiation energy soldiers watched his attack failed again, incredibly openings.

"This is not luck, this is skill, this boy was playing with us before!" Red-handed eyes are better, at this time I have already seen that Shi Qingyang is not simple, and the appearance that I didn't know anything before was totally a lie to them!

"Red-handed boss, will there be an ambush?" Hearing the words of red hands, the people nearby were shocked.

"What is an ambush?" Red hand smiled coldly, Gu Changjin didn't go out of the city, Shi Qingyang even if contact, also can only contact spark city of those people, those guys, he didn't.

Moreover, this time out, in order to ensure foolproof, Yang Taohai gave him a secret weapon.

The red hand saw that Shi Qingyang had a problem and followed at a distance. Liu Qilin, who had a long sight glass in one eye, felt the same way and was curious.

Shi Qingyang told He Lan that there was someone to meet him. Is there really one? Only, who can defeat so many people?

At this time, Shi Qingyang, who had been running, suddenly fell to the ground and rolled on the spot, then rolled down a slope.

The wind blade of the red hand was beating Shi Qingyang's legs all the time. At that time, it hit Shi Qingyang with good luck, but all the others' attacks were empty.

"Hum!" Red hand cold hum 1, came to the side of the slope, indeed as expected to see a chariot waiting under the slope, estimation is to ambush them.

"How dare you design us!" The people around Red Hand were very angry, but they did not flinch. They did not say that there was a level 3, but there were five levels 2. Such power could already walk sideways near Spark City. After all, Spark City experts were either members of the patrol team or the Yin family. They had nothing to do with the Yin family, and the strongest was no more than level 3.

Shi Qingyang could not have brought all those people together!

The red hand looked at the surrounding environment and then at the chariot. Several wind blades struck the chariot window quickly: "Come out, people inside."

The quality of this chariot is excellent. The red-handed blades did not cause any damage to the windows.

However, after Red Hands did so, the car door was quickly opened. Two people in anti-radiation suits stepped out of the chariot's driver's seat and the passenger's seat respectively. One of them looked at the red hand and said, "What do you want?"

"What do you want? Of course it is to kill you." The red hand smiled and moved the radiation energy around. A wind knife ten times bigger than the previous blade cut down at the opposite person.

"How dare you!" The questioner shouted angrily, as soon as his hand was raised, a piece of radiation energy around him spun and the huge knife was instantly smashed.

Red-handed thought that the knife could cut people in half even if it could not be used to cut the following people in half. Unexpectedly, he was taken lightly and his face suddenly changed.

Shi Qingyang, however, found this opportunity and grabbed the man who did not speak: "Help! They want to kill me!"

Shi Qingyang came all the way here. Although he was not hurt because of his clothes, he had wounds on his arms and legs. He was injured by radiation and was exposed to the air. Now the wounds have turned black and rolled outward.

After asking for help, he immediately took out a bottle of medicine from his body and poured it on the most serious wound.

There is a level 8 radiation fighter around, he again how, will not have an accident.

His attack was easily stopped, the opposite person looked very relaxed, and Shi Qingyang was clearly not afraid now.

The red hand only looked at each other's hand and knew that the man's strength was above him. When he gritted his teeth, he pulled out a grenade and threw it into the pit.

He came out this time with a hot weapon. Although it is easy to get involved in murder to hurt people with a hot weapon, it is an once-and-for-all method to ambush some people in the world.

Now China's state-owned regulations allow people out of the city to carry guns, but the thermal weapons that can cause a wide range of protection can only be in the hands of patrol teams, for no other reason, because at the beginning, before the role of radiation energy fighters was not fully played, human beings used thermal weapons to fight foreign animals, but the result was serious damage to the surrounding environment, and foreign animals evolved faster…

Around the central city, there are still large tracts of desert, which is the consequence of excessive use of hot weapons. Not only that, during the period when hot weapons were used, anti-social people also made bombings in the city…

At present, only patrol teams are allowed to use bombs when cleaning up the extremely dangerous animals nearby, and the average person can only use guns.

The red hand pulled out a grenade, and after dropping one, he quickly dropped the second and third…

Bombs are forbidden to be used, and another reason is that their power is not much greater than that of a radiation fighter's attack. This kind of grenade equipped with patrol teams is equivalent to a three-level radiation fighter's strike.

Of course, many explosions will double their power.

Red hands smiled, the two men may have reached level 4, but certainly can't hide those grenades he dropped.

And he dared to do so, also because these candidates place is too good, this pit exploded, later as long as fill in the soil, what all can't see.

"In broad daylight, they kill people at will!" A voice rang in the black smoke. At the same time, a big hand made up of radiation energy suddenly knocked on the head of the red hand.

The red hand trembled and fell to the ground. Several other people were overwhelmed by the great pressure. Their legs were weak and it was difficult to stand up straight.

The smoke from the explosion slowly dispersed and finally revealed three dark figures.

"Master, your shield has been withdrawn too quickly." Wang Qing wiped the dust on the mask, and his voice did not fluctuate at all.

"Ahem, aren't I worried about them running away?" Cheng Xuze a face of embarrassment.

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