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During migration, they must bypass the Sada Sea and head diagonally across the continent to continue southward. As long as they managed to get to the opposite side, you no longer needed to be afraid of any large volcanic eruption. The Sada Sea would separate them from the danger and ensured their safety.

It took at least more than ten days to move around the Sada Sea to the other side.

Pado's group took one morning to reach the vicinity of the Sada Sea. When they didn't need to eat, they kept close to the coastline, which shortened the distance.

However, when they needed to eat, they must go to the fern fields next to the sea. Only when they were full could they have the strength to continue walking. Generally, they would also rest after they were full and traveled back to the coastline after they completely rested.

Pado's group was the first to set out. Gulu saw from a distance that there're some other Triceratops's ethnic groups behind them, which should belong to Bachu's and Sofu's.

Mungo's group was so far behind that Gulu lost sight of them many times.

Not to mention Nassau's group. They could fly directly across the sea, rather than walking around. However, Nassau didn't leave with his ethnic group. Instead, he chose to follow Pado's group from a distance.

Pado's group was too large. While passing through the large beach, they left behind many enormous footprints on it. Gulu looked back and felt that the beach had been completely trampled on by them.

Today's sun was very bright. When walking on the beach, the sand felt hot to the feet. Fortunately, Triceratops's foot had very thick skin, making the scorching sand feel more like as a hot foot bath.

At noon, when the sun was at its peak, Pado took the group into the nearest fern fields close to the sea.

When they arrived at the fern field, another Triceratops group was already eating here. This Triceratops group had less than 500 Triceratopses. This should be their territory.

Pado had always been very tyrannical. What's more, he was in a hurry now. No matter which Triceratops group's territory it was, he would eat after entering.

These Triceratopses also knew Pado. Of course, they didn't dare to argue with Pado. Their leaders also didn't dare to fight with Pado, so they had to give up this fertile fern field.

Pado's group quickly occupied the place and began to eat wildly.

The banished Triceratops felt very wronged. This was their territory. The leaves-eating herbivores just migrated through here a few days ago. Why did Pado's group come? Triceratops shouldn't have migrated so fast.

However, they were very familiar with this area. Even if they couldn't eat in this fern field, they could still go to other places that wasn't as fertile.

In fact, the fern plants here wasn't that fertile either. At least, they're far worse than those in Pado's territory. Obviously, this fern field had just been eaten by the previous wave of migrating dinosaurs and had not yet had time to regrow and flourish.

However, it's good to have food on the way to migration. They had no allowance to be picky.

Gulu ate a lot and fast. As long as he could fill his stomach, he didn't care whether it's delicious or not. He felt uncomfortable when he was hungry.

All Triceratopses ate very fast. Soon this fern field was completely cleaned out. Once they almost had enough, they began to rest on the spot.

Gulu ate faster than the average Triceratops because he lived in the Tyrannosaurus rex group when he was a younger cub. At that time, Gaya thought that he was a Tyrannosaurus rex. He had to secretly eat ferns every time and had to do so very fast.

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As dinosaurs, the faster they ate and the more they ate, the bigger their size would be. Just like Diplodocus and Argentinosaurus. They didn't need to chew. As the result, they could eat more and sped up their eating to grow into their large sizes.

Gulu was now the largest and strongest Triceratops among his age in the entire group because he ate a lot and fast. To be more precise, among Triceratops of his age group in the entire Yukan, there was no bigger one than Gulu.

Pachi and Dudu were lying beside Gulu. Now their older brother was very large. They looked up at him every day and wonder when they could catch up to him.

Gulu saw Mungo's group in a fern field not far away.

But soon, Mungo's group was surrounded by seven or eight adolescent male Tyrannosaurus rex. Gulu knew for sure that this territory must belong to these adolescents. Once other Tyrannosaurus rex entered, they must drive them out.

Mungo wasn't afraid of these males. They rushed up to his group then scattered. Gaya immediately hid Guji and Gudong besides her.  

Tyrannosaurus rex's fighting was very dangerous. Guji and Gudong were too small. They shouldn't be in the center of the battle.

Each male Tyrannosaurus rex of Mungo's was bigger and stronger than this group. Their number was also greater. The outcome of this war with such great disparity was soon decided.

However, this Tyrannosaurus rex group was firmly determined to protect their territory. Even if they knew that they couldn't beat Mungo's group, they were still struggling.

Mungo understood best that if he wanted to hunt on the territory of other Tyrannosaurus rex, he must subdue them by directly killing one.

Under Mungo's leadership, all Tyrannosaurus rex in his group concentrated their fire on the smaller male of the other group. This one was best killing target. It wouldn't take too much effort but would still have a deterrent effect.

The male Tyrannosaurus rex who was surrounded and attacked soon fell to the ground. Mungo gave a fatal blow to its neck and directly ripped out its throat. It laid on the ground twitching incessantly, while its blood sprayed far away and soon died.

Other Tyrannosaurus rex were completely shocked. Under their leader's command, they turned and ran away.

Of course, these Tyrannosaurus rex also heard of Mungo. They knew that he was very ferocious. Still, no matter how afraid they were of him, they wouldn't show it and desperately tried to protect their territory.  

Tyrannosaurus rex were too territorial. However, when one of their males was killed, they had to compromise and let Mungo's group hunt in their territory.

Afterward, Mungo's group took the killed Tyrannosaurus rex for lunch. This one was enough for the whole group to enjoy without going out to hunt.

At the same time, Guji and Gudong also secretly vowed in their hearts that they must become the best Tyrannosaurus rex, or they would be eaten by other Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu: Oh yeah, Mungo is really awesome!

Once he saw that Mungo had won the fight and was eating the delicious Tyrannosaurus rex meat, Gulu went to sleep with ease.

He had a great night sleep. He was really tired after walking most of the way.

At present, their ethnic group ate and slept during the day, when it was the hottest, and travel at night since it's cooler. That way, the journey wasn't too hot to bear. They didn't feel as much heat when eating or sleeping on the ground as they were sheltered by tall Alsophila and Cycad trees.  

Pado's group slept until the sun was setting in the afternoon before continuing on their way.

Gulu, Pachi and Dudu were all awakened by Babana then followed the group to the seaside.

Mungo's group had left earlier. Gulu woke up to see only the skin and bones of the Tyrannosaurus rex remaining where they had rested.

Young cubs were always carefree. They didn't know how difficult the migration journey was. They had parents to take care of them. And with such a large ethnic group, they were fearless.

Pachi and Dudu rarely went to the beach. They were all very excited along the way. They plunged into the hot sand and roll over them several times, which tempted Gulu to also play.

The three cubs had grown very strong and wouldn't fall behind even if they walked while playing. Babana have been following behind and watching them having fun. She was also happy.

Pachi and Dudu were smaller than Gulu. Gulu could easily knock them down on the sand. They must work together to get Gulu down.

The three cubs played for a while until their bodies were bright and clean with sand. They sparkled under the sun and were enveloped in a soft golden halo. The cubs didn't know how lovely they looked.

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While playing, Gulu saw Ulam with her four little cubs not far behind their group.

Gulu didn't want Tata to die. Tata was so strong and brave as he struggled to survive in such a harsh environment. He really didn't have the heart to let him die in this volcanic eruption.

So Gulu also told Ulam and let her follow the herbivorous dinosaurs. However, Tyrannosaurus rex never migrated. Gulu didn't know whether she would listen to him.

He couldn't take Tata alone. He's still a cub and even a Triceratops cub. He couldn't feed Tata or even ensure his safety.

He didn't think that Ulam would really follow their migration. He was extremely happy.

Only Gulu saw that Ulam was still very bad toward Tata. Tata couldn't keep pace with her because he was thin and always didn't have enough to eat. The other three stronger young ones could easily follow her.

(T/N: I'm pretty sure Ulam had five cubs total including Tata. Author just randomly KO one of them lol)

Tata was far behind. Yet, Ulam wouldn't stop to wait for him.

Gulu saw Tata running wildly. He fell down countless times and got up again while trying his best to catch up with mother and siblings up front. He must be near Ulam and stay in her circle of protection, or he would soon be eaten.

Ulam didn't listen to Gulu's words before. She only moved once she saw Mungo's group leaving. She would go wherever Mungo went.

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