Lin Yifei originally thought that if he and Chris grew up together, then their relationship would remain as pure friends, but now it seemed that this thinking had backfired.

Or was it…destiny?…No matter how many times he started again, Chris would always like him?

Lin Yifei subconsciously bit his lip. He knew that although he was scared by Chris just now, he didn't hate him at all. It's just…When did Chris begin to feel that way about him?

Chris, who returned home, opened his mother's door. Although Mrs. Osborne liked to rest early, insomnia often kept her awake all night. She was somewhat surprised by her son's late-night visit.

"What's the matter? Chris?" Mrs. Osborne held out her hand to Chris and pulled her silent son to the bed.

"…Yifei should not talk to me anymore." Chris's voice came out faintly.

"Tell Mom what happened?" Mrs. Osborne took her son into her arms. "Did you quarrel with Lin? If you do something wrong, apologize to him. I believe that he'll forgive you."

Chris leaned his head on Mrs. Osborne's shoulder. "I didn't do anything wrong."

(T/N: Yeah you did!)

Mrs. Osborne stroked Chris's hair and smiled. "Silly child, even if you think you have done nothing wrong, sometimes you still need to compromise in front of those you care about."

"But I can't compromise." Chris closed his eyes.

Because the feeling of liking a person, there's no way to compromise.

For the next few days, Lin Yifei was waiting for Chris's call or his occasional visit to Chinatown after class.

"Hey, what happened between you and Chris?" While practicing with Katherine on Wednesday, the little girl suddenly asked.

"What? What's wrong?" Lin Yifei's heart quivered. Did Katherine find anything?

"You haven't mentioned Chris these three days!" Katherine raised her eyebrows. "According to my experience, this shows that you have quarreled!"

"Ah?" Lin Yifei was surprised by her reasoning. Strictly speaking, he and Chris didn't quarrel, but because something embarrassing happened.

"Are you brewing hostility because of this weekend's final?"

If Katherine didn't remind him, Lin Yifei almost forgot that this weekend was the final between himself and Chris. After the final, there would be several finalists. However, only the top two could represent Washington in the interschool competition for middle school students.

Yes, I have to fight Chris this weekend.

This kind of mentality can't work!

Lin Yifei thumped his head while Katherine looked at him puzzled.

On Thursday night, Lin Yifei finally couldn't help it. He picked up the phone, dialed half of the number then hung up. If Chris's voice sounded at the end of the phone, he certainly didn't know what to say.

"Alas…" He sighed heavily and laid on his bed. The more he didn't want to recall it, the more he would play back the scene of Chris kissing him that day.

That guy…Where did he learn to kiss? How else could anyone just kiss someone else there?

After turning over a few more times, Lin Yifei only felt that his lips were hot.

Soon, a week passed like this. The arrival of Friday night made Lin Yifei a little anxious. Katherine and they specially spared him today and asked him to go home and watch TV to relax for tomorrow's final. This was the first time that Lin Yifei hoped Chris had lost the semi-final. That way they don't have to face up and risk losing everything.

"Xiao Fei ah, you ride a bike to pick up Manman. She seems to have bought a lot of books today and should be near the bus stop by now."

"Okay." Lin Yifei went downstairs and rode his bicycle to the bus stop outside of Chinatown. About ten minutes later, Chen Manman came down from the bus and saw Lin Yifei. She waved happily and called "Brother Yifei" while trotting over.

Manman's English was getting better. She also had her own friends at school. She no longer stuck to Lin Yifei as she did at the beginning.

After putting down the books in the front basket, Manman sat on the rear frame of the bike. Lin Yifei called out, "Hold on!"

The bike rocked twice then rode smoothly into Chinatown.

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Once they reached Chen Lin Ji downstairs, they met the rush hour. Lin Yifei handed the books to Manman. The little girl said sweetly, "Thank you, Brother Yifei!"

Just as Lin Yifei locked the bicycle, he caught a glimpse of Chris standing across the road. The other side's expression appeared alienated with some coldness. He just stood there against the lamppost watching Lin Yifei. This made Lin Yifei's heart tense.


He suddenly froze there. Lin Yifei didn't know what to do next.

Meanwhile, Chris just turned around and walked away from the street. All the noise seemed to have gone away. Lin Yifei just saw Chris walking further and further away.

"Chris –" Lin Yifei finally reacted and raced over to grab the other.

Chris stopped but didn't turn around.

"Why didn't you…why didn't you talk to me and just leave now that you're here?"

"You look very happy."

"What?" Lin Yifei froze. He didn't understand the meaning behind this sentence.

"Without me, you won't be alone, because you have Katherine, Phillip and Mark. You won't lose your goal because you have Kevin Phil. You also have Chen Manman, a girl who can sit on your rear frame."

"Chris…" Lin Yifei remained stunned as he looked at the low hanging head boy.  

"But I only have you." Chris shook off Lin Yifei's hand. Because his strength was too strong, it made Lin Yifei stumble back two steps.

"Tomorrow is the final between me and you. I hope that you can at least face me on the court." Chris's voice sounded sharp and cold in this noisy Chinatown.

Lin Yifei opened his mouth and wanted to say something else. Chris paused then went on. "Also, I don't regret kissing you. Because I've wanted to do that for a long time."

While watching Chris left Chinatown, Lin Yifei just stood under the streetlamp and didn't move.

He would like to say that 'this isn't the case, Chris. I can have many friends and goals, but only you are the most special to me'.

That night Lin Yifei washed up very early and went to bed. Mother Lin thought that her son was preparing for the next day's match, but Lin Yifei knew that it was because he suddenly felt that everything became meaningless.

He didn't toss and turn that night. He just laid flat and looked at the ceiling. He spent a lot of time with Chris before he was reborn. At that time, Lin Yifei only felt that he and Chris were extremely good friends, but he never explored how much Chris's patience and care towards him exceeded his attitude towards other people. Unconsciously, Lin Yifei fell asleep like this.

When he was called to wake up the next day, Lin Yifei brushed his teeth and washed his face. After breakfast, he carried his bag to the fencing hall.

Katherine, Phillip and Mark went earlier than Lin Yifei. It's said that they wanted to occupy the position closest to the court to him. This made him laughed and cried. In fact, there weren't many people watching fencing competitions for middle school students. More often than not, half of the venues were empty.

As he walked through the corridor toward the dressing room, Lin Yifei felt extremely nervous. Sure enough, he met Chris in the dressing room.

"Hey…" Lin Yifei just wanted to say hello. The other party already wore his protective gear. He heard the voice of Lin Yifei and just nodded his head.

After putting down his bag, Lin Yifei began to organize his own protective equipment. During this time, the entire dressing room was unexpectedly quiet. Such silence made Lin Yifei feel at a loss because Chris had never been so cold to himself.

The more Lin Yifei thought about it, the angrier he felt. He didn't do anything at all. He was also the one who was pressed down and kissed. Why was the perpetrator acting so coolly?

(T/N: Yes! Chis should be the one fixing this mess!)

At this time Chris had closed the locker and walked to the door.

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Lin Yifei bent down and put on his protective equipment. The moment he straightened up, his calf cramped.

"…" As he slammed against the locker, Lin Yifei frowned. He didn't dare to make any noise to let Chris know. But the pain from the cramp made his back broke out in cold sweat. Just as Chris reached the doorway and was about to turn, he mysteriously turned around again.


"Nothing…" Lin Yifei ha ha smiled and began to wear gloves. "It's just that my back was not balanced when I was wearing my protective gear."

Chris walked back step by step and looked at Lin Yifei. Lin Yifei could only turn around and pretend to tidy up his sport bag.

"Cramp?" Chris's voice was very light, but still let Lin Yifei feel a slight quiver.

"…No" Just as Lin Yifei finished speaking, Chris already took him to a chair to sit down. He knelt in front of him on one leg while holding his left leg.

"Is it this leg?" In fact, he didn't need to ask. Just the feeling of tight muscles was enough to give away.

"…Yeah." When Chris touched him, Lin Yifei felt his heart beating faster.

Chris didn't speak any more. He just quietly kneaded Lin Yifei's calf with great skill, then gently massaged along the contour of his muscles. "Even if you have cramps, I won't go easy on the court later."

"Who…who wants you to go easy!" Lin Yifei yelled out. His tight muscles relaxed. Just at that moment, there was a feeling of distension and pain, which made him unconsciously bend down and grasp Chris's shoulder.

Chris clapped his hands on his calf and finally relaxed.

"I'll go first." Having finished saying that, Chris got up and left. The previous kind of alienation hit again, as if his recent gentleness was all an illusion.

Lin Yifei took a deep and tidied up his mood. No matter how his relationship with Chris turned out, there was only one kind of relationship on the court, and that was 'rival'.

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