After dinner, Lin Yifei went downstairs carrying protective gear. Mother Lin saw that Kevin and his team were her son's friends and gave them a 50% discount. Kevin's teammates were ready to continue strolling around Chinatown, but Rhett seemed eager to follow Kevin.

A taxi was stopped outside of Chinatown. Rhett was just about to get in when Kevin grabbed him. "Rhett, I'm not coming back. You should continue to stroll with the others."

Rhett raised his hands in resignation and muttered in a low voice, "All right, all right, the two-person world is yours."

Kevin took Lin Yifei to a fencing club, which was open until 12 p.m. They had four hours to practice.

"It seems quite expensive here. They charge by the hour." Lin Yifei shrugged his shoulders. "But the air conditioning is enough. I always feel very hot in protective gear."

Kevin didn't speak and just touched his head.

If the world championship was a crown, it's Kevin Phil who wore it before Chris. Lin Yifei's heart pounded when he and Kevin stood at the two ends of the preparation line to salute.

"Are you ready, Lin?" Kevin's soft voice became serious. Even if his opponent was a child, he wouldn't show any perfunctory attitude.

"All right."

As soon as he finished answering, Kevin shot forward like an arrow. Lin Yifei was almost shocked into losing his helmet and armor.

While Kevin was attacking, he reminded Lin Yifei, "Steady! Steady! Very good! That's it!"

Lin Yifei got used to the fast pace quickly. Although Kevin's every attack showed overwhelming momentum, fortunately, Lin Yifei confronted him before he was reborn and could vaguely predict the place of his next hit.

Kevin didn't do his best. His move was more to guide Lin Yifei on how to defend. Just as he was constantly attacking Lin Yifei, he didn't think that the teenager would suddenly parry his sabre and stabbed him in the chest. Kevin was surprised in his heart. Although he was able to fend it off, his heart couldn't be calm for a long time.

Lin Yifei felt that there was no murderous feel in Kevin's attack, and immediately raised his hand in defiance of the other party. "Hey, don't worry. Even if I'm defeated by you, I won't suffer a setback in self-esteem. Show some real skill!"

Kevin's sabre drew a semicircle in the air as he laughed. "Once I get serious, don't cry and look for your mother."

"Don't worry, I'll just cry for my Dad." Having finished saying that, Lin Yifei suddenly made a quick attack. Kevin quickly parried and regained the initiative. But Lin Yifei's defense didn't become messy. After the two rounds with Lin Yifei and his own observations, Kevin found that the teenager was very good at being patient and lying in wait for opportunity. Even if the opponent took control of the match and suppressed his tempo, Lin Yifei could still find the opportunity to defend and fight back in the span of less than a second. Sure enough, another attack came. The tip of the sabre slipped past Kevin's mask, but was blocked by him.

"What a pity, if you're ten centimeters taller, that attack would have hit me just now." Kevin seemed inexplicably in a good mood and had a hint of teasing in his voice.

"Don't worry, I drink milk every day now. Today next year is your death." Lin Yifei's childish counter made Kevin feel more lovable.

Unconsciously, Kevin became more serious. No matter how many points he took from the child, or how menacingly he hit him on the shoulder, the other still went ahead with his next move. This also brought Kevin more immersion in the match. His sabre became sharper, until he stabbed Lin Yifei in the throat with an attack. The teenager staggered back two steps and stood there, as if he hadn't woken up from the moment he was stabbed.

Kevin woke up first and walked quickly over to him. "Are you okay?"

His fingers anxiously untied Lin Yifei's mask and looked at his throat swallowing. "Was it too strong? Do you feel painful?"

In fact, the general protective gear protected the position of the throat very well. At most, Lin Yifei felt the pressure on his throat but not pain.

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"I thought I was going to die…" Lin Yifei stretched out his hand and touched his neck for a long time, then looked at Kevin. "That was really awesome!"

Two seconds later, Kevin burst out laughing, "I really don't understand what your head is made of. You said that you thought you were going to die, but I don't see you being afraid."

"I'm very happy!" Lin Yifei took his mask from Kevin's hand and put it on, "At least you didn't treat me like a child just now. Again! Come again!"

Kevin looked at Lin Yifei with great interest and couldn't help lowering his eyes. "But I don't want to continue."

"Ah, why?" Lin Yifei was confused. "Do you think my level is too low and not fun?"

"No." Kevin reached out and touched Lin Yifei on the forehead, "Because you scared me just now."

"Ah? What scared you?" Lin Yifei cocked his head. Although he was wearing a mask, it wasn't difficult to imagine his expression.

Kevin pressed his gloved hand on Lin Yifei's head and smiled calmly, "Let's go. It's almost eleven o'clock. I'll take you home."

Tomorrow was the weekends. It didn't matter to return a little later.

However, the experience this evening still made Lin Yifei very happy.

The taxi stopped at the entrance of Chinatown. Kevin took Lin Yifei to Chen Lin Ji's downstairs.

"Go up." Kevin's hands were in his pockets and his lip showed a cool smile.

"Well, good night!" Lin Yifei was about to turn around when Kevin stretched out his hand and pinched his face.

"…What's the matter?"

"Nothing, good night." Kevin slowly loosened his hand and watched Lin Yifei enter Chen Lin Ji. The excitement in Chinatown wasn't over even at midnight. For many, it's just time for dinner.

Mother Lin was still sitting at the counter. "You little rascal come back so late. Chris has been waiting for you."

"Ah? Chris?" Lin Yifei ran upstairs in two or three steps. After opening the door, he saw Chris sitting by the window with his head propped up. It seemed that he saw Kevin sent him back just now.

"You're here? If you give me a call before you come, I won't go out." Lin Yifei jumped onto the bed and sat down beside Chris.

"You and Kevin Phil went out." Chris's voice was very low. Lin Yifei knew that he was angry.

The two usually stuck together. Lin Yifei put his arm around the other's shoulder and said, "We went to a fencing club to practice fencing together. I shouldn't have forgotten you for such a good opportunity to learn from each other. I'm sorry!"

"Did you just go to practice fencing?" Chris turned to look at Lin Yifei. His eyes were so intense that he almost nailed Lin Yifei there.

"Yes, what else can we do?" Lin Yifei stepped back and put down his arm from Chris's shoulder.

"He likes you." Chris spoke very tightly. Lin Yifei couldn't see his face under the backlighting.

"Who…likes me?"

"Kevin Phil."

This answer made Lin Yifei almost choked by his own saliva.

"How is it possible – how can you see such a ridiculous thing –" Lin Yifei didn't know whether he should be shocked or laugh wildly.

"This isn't absurd." Chris said very firmly.

"Aside from the fact that Kevin is a man…Even if he likes me, how do you know?" Lin Yifei's expression showed 'how is it possible?'.

"Do you really want to know how I see it?" Chris asked Lin Yifei softly.

Clearly his tone was so gentle, but it let Lin Yifei felt a hint of danger. He leaned back involuntarily and used his elbows to prop up his upper body.

Chris stretched out his hand and pulled Lin Yifei into his arms.

"Chr…" Lin Yifei's slightly parted lips hadn't yet uttered the full name of the other party, when Chris covered them with his own. Such a strong kiss didn't seem like it belonged to a child's first time. Lin Yifei just stood there with his eyes wide open until Chris pressed him on the bed. His tongue was invading and licking every corner of Lin Yifei's mouth. He suddenly woke up.

"Hmm…Hmm…" Lin Yifei pressed against Chris's shoulder and pushed him up with difficulty. There was only a slight gap between the two. Chris just press him down harder.

Chris was always introverted, so Lin Yifei never thought that he would kiss himself in such a fierce way. Lin Yifei's struggling hands were imprisoned against his cheeks. No matter how he turned his head, Chris chased him up.

(T/N: Hello, consent Chris!)

One didn't know how long it took. Lin Yifei's struggle was getting weaker. Chris finally let him go.

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His lip was sucked into feeling pins and needles by the other party. Lin Yifei just looked at the young teenager in front of him. He was still holding Lin Yifei while the air of oppression and invasion still lingered between them.

"You…you…" Lin Yifei for a long while couldn't say a complete sentence.

"Didn't you ask me why I know Kevin Phil likes you?" Chris's voice was a bit horse. His slightly lowered head looked somewhat annoyed.

Lin Yifei just stared at him.

"Because so do I." With this sentence, Chris got up and left the bed.

Lin Yifei still didn't respond.

"Don't hate me." Chris said this sentence with his head down, then opened the door and left.

What just happened?

Lin Yifei reached out and touched his lips, where there was still the taste of Chris.

More than ten minutes later, mother Lin came upstairs and shouted, "Xiao Fei! It's almost twelve o'clock. You don't want to take a bath?"

Lin Yifei just wandered off to the bathroom. The moment the water rushed down, he realized that Chris really kissed himself just now…

In fact, Lin Yifei had been thinking before his rebirth, after Mr. Osborne and even Kevin told him that Chris liked him. At that time, there was a melancholy in his heart that everything was too late. But now, everything had gone back. Lin Yifei decided that they were still children. There was still a long time before that kind of thinking formed. But he never thought that Chris would once again like himself.

That kiss wasn't just a curiosity between children, but also revealed a strong sense of possession.

Oh, my god…Why is this…Chris is only 14 years old…

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