These Compsognathus had no poison. Then how did they die? Gulu immediately ran to the stream to check. Of course, Mungo followed.

Gulu decided that it must be because there're some silver mines in the stream. However, drinking water containing silver had no effects. In addition, most of the silver mines were on shore and not in water.

There were gold and silver mines in Cretaceous period. Because no one mined them and due to geological changes, some of them became exposed to the earth surface. These resources, which were regarded as treasures by the human world, were useless to dinosaurs.

Gulu recalled that sulfur could have a chemical reaction with silver. A large amount of silver sulfide would endanger the lives of small animals.

Compsognathus was the smallest dinosaur. Its tail was only one meter long and weighed less than 10 Jin. Therefore, it could be poisoned by silver sulfide while a little larger dinosaur wouldn't.

However, there could only be a large amount of sulfur in the air near volcanoes. This place was far away from a volcano. Why would there be a large amount of sulfur?!

Gulu was puzzled. He felt that his guess was wrong. There must be other reasons for the death of these Compsognathus.

Only one situation could possibly cause excessive sulfur in the air far away from a volcano. It's when there would be a volcanic eruption in the near future!

There was an active volcano not far away from here. It had a short temper and needed to "spray" from time to time. However, the volume of its spray was so small that it didn't affect anything. Even the dinosaurs around here had never seen it spray out big lava.

It's because this volcano wasn't an actual volcano. It could only be regarded as a "geothermal outlet" that burned all year round. There wasn't any particularly terrible lava gushing out, just some thin and broken smoke.

Gulu once affectionately named this little volcano "irascible little cutie".

It's absolutely impossible for the gas from such a small volcano to reach here. The irascible little cutie wasn't that powerful.

In order to support his theory, Gulu traveled on.

One didn't know how long it took. When he reached the edge of the forest, Gulu was shocked. There were many "cracks" in the ground. He and Mungo obviously just came here a month ago to watch the Gigantoraptors and Nothronychus.

These ground fissures were quite large and could swallow up a human being. Gases and ashen sands were continuously being sprayed out of the fissures.

Gulu looked at the distant mountain. The snow that had not melted all year round on the mountain actually melted. He didn't pay attention to it before. He didn't know when it happened. It's estimated that it should only be a few days.

Then Gulu laid down on the ground. He tightly hugged the ground and listened carefully. He could hear some noises from inside. Such noises were very small and couldn't be heard without paying attention. Moreover, many big dinosaurs in the dinosaur age made noises when they walked across the ground and covered up these sounds.

At the same time, Gulu felt a slight vibration in the ground. The vibration was very small. An Argentinosaurus passing by would cause greater vibration. In the age of dinosaurs, ground vibration couldn't be more normal. Gulu didn't pay attention to them before.

Gulu recognized that these were all signs of impending eruption from a volcano. They were caused by the massive accumulation of hot magma underground before the eruption.

In addition, Gulu noticed that the fern plants closest to the volcano had begun to wither. The withering wasn't caused by water shortage or drought but belonged to abnormal kind.

Gulu didn't know that this high mountain was actually an active volcano. Even this far away, it could still affect them.

This proved that there may be more than one active volcano here. The high mountain was "Dad" and there're many small volcanoes around it that were its "children". The "irascible little cutie" named by Gulu may be one of the high mountain's children.

Such a strong warning of volcanic eruption proved that it's possible for both Dad and children to erupt simultaneously. They would definitely die here if they didn't evacuate ahead of time.

Moreover, there're so many active volcanoes in this place. This showed that that it's probably located on a fault zone of the mainland.

Gulu knew that if they moved now, they could certainly avoid the eruption. These volcanoes wouldn't erupt for at least half a month or so. Now it's in the process of accumulating energy. Once the eruption happened, it'd be absolutely devastating.

Mungo and his group must not stay here any longer. Now they must migrate with him.

Of course, Mungo's group could move to a safe place without following him, but Gulu suddenly realized that they must follow him in their migration. Mungo's group must go wherever he went.

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Because such a large volcanic eruption must mean that the continental plate is splitting apart. If Mungo's group didn't migrate with them, they may never see each other again. They would be split onto two continental plates and separated by a large ocean.

Gulu immediately told Mungo, "Mungo, you must bring the group to migrate with me and bring every dinosaur in the group. If you know other dinosaurs, please send a message to them and let them migrate with the herbivorous dinosaurs! Now, get ready at once. Tomorrow morning, we will start our migration!"

Mungo was worried about how to get Gulu to speak to him. He didn't expect Gulu to take the initiative to talk to him. He also said that he wanted them to migrate together. Of course, he was very happy and didn't even bother to ask why.

However, Gulu still explained to Mungo: "Mungo, do you remember what I said to you before? Our continent will be divided. Our area should be on the division belt. The division of the continent may be completed in the next two years. When the rainy season comes here again, the continent will have been divided. I won't be able to return, so you must migrate with us…"

Mungo didn't understand Gulu, but he heard that if he didn't migrate with Gulu, they would never see each other again. Of course, he would never accept this.

In fact, Gulu asked Mungo to migrate with them, not only from fear that he would never come back here again, but also from terror that after he left, Mungo's group wouldn't know how to avoid these terrifying natural disasters. As long as they encountered one, the death rate would be as high as 99%.

Even though Mungo was the most powerful Tyrannosaurus rex and could beat all dinosaurs in Yukan, he was still too small in front of mother nature. Not only Mungo. All dinosaurs combined were still too small.

Gulu asked Mungo to send him to the beach where pterosaurs hunted. He became a human being. Nassau flew him to various places while he told the news to dinosaur groups that he wanted to protect.

Mungo returned to his Tyrannosaurus rex group. He now had great trust in Nassau, who would safely return Gulu to the Triceratops group.

However, the main reason was that Gulu sent Mungo back to persuade the members of his group. He's afraid that some Tyrannosaurus rex in Mungo's group wouldn't migrate with him.

Gulu worried too much. Every Tyrannosaurus rex of Mungo's group was willing to migrate with Gulu. Even if Mungo explained that the mainland would be divided, they couldn't understand it, but they absolutely trusted Gulu.

Gaya, of course, also fully believed in Gulu.

Gulu had saved them too many times. They would have been poisoned without Gulu when they were in the volcano. They would have drowned if they hadn't left early after getting the news from Gulu that a flood was coming. In the last forest fire, Gulu protected Guji and Gudong.

In the eyes of all Mungo's Tyrannosaurus rex, Gulu was their Tyrannosaurus rex god, who could predict all dangers and disasters.

Gulu went to Nanshan and told Blunt and Tudor to migrate ahead of time. Blunt and Tudor trusted Gulu very much and immediately began to organize their ethnic migration.

He also told the ethnic group where Myer was in Nanshan. Myer absolutely believed in Gulu and immediately convinced the leader Sofu, who also promised to leave tomorrow under the persuasion of Soya.

Gulu also told Kangkang and warmly invited him to join the migration of Pado's group. The last time Kangkang helped Gulu find Heili, Pado agreed to let him join the ethnic group, but he refused.

Kangkang absolutely trusted Gulu. He also promised to migrate tomorrow, but he still refused to join Pado's ethnic group. He didn't want his Yutyrannus to be lonely.

Ray had already migrated as an Argentinosaurus and Gulu was relieved.

Then Gulu told Hongdun and Bachu that Bachu's group must migrate tomorrow. He didn't want Mila to get hurt or anything to happen to them.

Hongdun didn't listen to Gulu last time. His entire ethnic group was flooded. He and Dunyi escaped with great difficulty. This time he would definitely listen to Gulu and even asked Bachu to call members of their ethnic group to start their migration immediately.

Bachu listened to Hongdun very much and quickly promised to move early tomorrow morning.

Of course, Gulu also told Nassau to let him migrate with his ethnic group.

Quetzalcoatluses usually didn't migrate, but Nassau still agreed to migrate with Gulu's group tomorrow without thinking.

Gulu also didn't want Moer to die, but Moyi's group hadn't been here for a long time. He could only hope that Moyi's group was far away from here and no amount of volcanic eruption could burn them.


Gulu told all of the dinosaur groups whom he didn't want to die. In fact, he also let out the wind to other dinosaur groups. They could migrate if they wanted to. If they didn't want to, he couldn't help it.

But Gulu's words had little effects. The other dinosaurs didn't trust him.

After returning to the ethnic group, Gulu taught Pado detailed knowledge about volcanic eruptions and the division of the mainland. Pado didn't understand any of them, but after so many experiences, Gulu only needed to say half of it and Pado already told him that he would listen to him.

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In the afternoon, Pado and his group ate a lot of fern plants, so that all dinosaurs could be full and had a good rest at night. They were about to start their migration.

Early the next morning, Pado took his ethnic group on the long journey of migration.

Mungo led his ethnic group not far behind Pado's.

All carnivorous dinosaurs passing by said that Mungo was "crazy". For Gulu, he really became "crazy" and even migrated with the herbivorous dinosaurs. He didn't even know now that they as carnivorous dinosaurs didn't need to move? Mungo was really a big idiot!

No carnivorous dinosaur would migrate. Migration was absolutely impossible for carnivorous dinosaurs.

They passed through many places and kept on walking.

In fact, many medium-sized herbivorous dinosaurs had yet to migrate. They wouldn't migrate until at least half a month or so. During this half a month, there would be plenty of fat ferns to eat here. Meanwhile, the ferns that were eaten up by the early migrating dinosaurs had yet to grow back.

All herbivorous dinosaurs thought that Pado was stupid. He was obviously such a powerful leader. How stupid was he to start migrating so early in advance?

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