At past ten o'clock in the evening, Juan Juan fell asleep. Su Fu carefully pulled a thin blanket to cover his stomach. Then he sat down on the sofa chair and took out the lesson plan for tomorrow. He checked it carefully.

Teng Yuan's educational institution was well-known in City A. Its fame had also spread over the past few years and ranked among the highest in the country. Although Su Fu had only been in this organization for a few years, due to his serious work and high teaching level, he was deeply valued by his boss and the students' parents. Now he was also one of the best teachers in the City A branch of Teng Yuan. Many students attended Teng Yuan. Their parents wanted to send their children to Su Fu's class.

In addition to the necessary lesson plans, Su Fu was also used to making PowerPoint presentations for the students. Students often didn't like boring books, but they would take the PowerPoint very seriously. So Su Fu was kind enough to note the crucial and difficult points to students in the form of PowerPoint.

There's no computer in this room, so Su Fu couldn't carefully check the PowerPoint again. He wanted to go to the institution early tomorrow to do a final check, but he couldn't find the USB that stored his PowerPoint.

After repeatedly searching through the folder containing the lesson plans, Su Fu frowned. He probably left it at home. Seeing that it was almost eleven o'clock, he didn't know if He Shaoqi had slept. Su Fu struggled with his cell phone for a while, then dialed the number.

After waiting for a long time, just when Su Fu thought that He Shaoqi was asleep, the phone was picked up.

"Xiao Fu, what's the matter?"

Listen to the voice of He Shaoqi, he shouldn't just wake up.

"I seem to have left my USB for class at home. Can you look at the desk in my room?"

The He family had a study, but it was mainly used by He Shaoqi. Su Fu never used the place. He prepared lessons only on the desk in their room, or the one in Juan Juan's room to accompany him.

The other end of the phone went quiet for a few seconds before he heard He Shaoqi said, "I found it. I'll send it to you before I go to work tomorrow."

"Well, it's late. Go to bed early."

"You too, good night."

After hanging up the phone, Su Fu was relieved, the USB had many important PowerPoint. He would be in trouble if it was lost.  

After putting the lesson plans in the folder, Su Fu turned off the light, leaving only a small wall lamp. He went to bed holding his son ready to sleep, but suddenly felt something poking on his back. He felt it out and found out that it was the USB that he was looking for. Juan Juan might have taken it out to play.

Su Fu hugged his son and leaned against the head of the bed, staring at the USB in his hand amidst the faint light from the wall lamp.

Why did He Shaoqi say that he found it when it's not at home?

There's only one explanation – He Shaoqi also wasn't at home.

He wasn't at home, but was afraid of being questioned by Su Fu, so he pretended to be at home and said that he found it. However, he didn't realize that this actually exposed him.

It's so late. He didn't go home. Where did he go?

Recalling the bite mark on He Shaoqi's body before, Su Fu's heart was full of stinging pain. He was almost unable to contain his emotions.

Su Fu thought for a long time before he fell asleep in the middle of the night.

Early in the morning on the second day, He Shaoqi called and said that he was wrong. The USB on the table was his. He didn't see Su Fu's USB.

Su Fu didn't know what to say. He could guess that He Shaoqi must have just returned home and found out that the USB wasn't there. So, he just said that he mistook his USB for Su Fu's.

In fact, He Shaoqi's USB was a traditional rectangle, while Su Fu's was a birthday gift from a student who liked music. It's a wooden guitar with a uncommon shape. How could it be so easily mistaken?

However, Su Fu didn't want to expose He Shaoqi at this time. He already told a lie. He would just use more lies to justify it. Su Fu knew that since He Shaoqi hid the matter last night, even if he asked, he would only get more lies. He was tired and didn't want to listen.

Su Fu replied lightly, saying that he found it after but didn't call to tell him because it was too late. One didn't know if Su Fu was too calm, He Shaoqi didn't find anything wrong with him. He hung up the phone and went to work after reminding him to eat well and not only eat takeout food.

After hanging up, Su Fu still held the phone in a daze. A lot of things happened suddenly. He was caught off guard. Because his feelings had been gradually consumed over the year, he didn't feel as as painful as imagined, just exhausted.

Su Fu was now in such a state. Apart from feeling a little tired and a little uncomfortable, he had no other emotions. Perhaps he knew this ending all along. Deep down, he was waiting for He Shaoqi to show his hand.

While Su Fu was lost in thought, Juan Juan woke up and looked at his favorite little dad with his big black eyes. When Su Fu saw him, his mood suddenly improved a lot. A lovely little life was often the hope of one's own life.

"Good morning, little baby." Su Fu smiled gently and lowered his head to kiss Juan Juan's face.  Juan Juan laughed, then gave a kiss back to Su Fu. "Good morning, little dad. Today, Juan Juan with little dad?"

Su Fu picked him up and put on the newly bought clothes that had been washed and dried yesterday. "Yes, how about Juan Juan goes to class with little dad every day?"

"Okay, Juan Juan likes to be with little dad best."

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The father and son washed well and went out to eat breakfast. Su Fu didn't return the hotel room. Perhaps what happened yesterday was just an opportunity. He hadn't felt so peaceful for a long time. He wanted to stay outside for a few more days and let himself have a good rest.

The classes in the educational institutions weren't as full as those arranged by the school. It was relatively easy. At noon, a group of junior high school students went home after their morning class. Su Fu tidied up the lesson plan, put it away, and took Juan Juan out for lunch.

In the past, Su Fu used to eat takeout with his colleagues. Today, perhaps because of He Shaoqi's reminder, or perhaps because he didn't want Juan Juan to eat takeout, he finally decided to take Juan Juan out to find a clean restaurant to eat.

Now the weather was still hot. After lunch, Su Fu ordered a fruit platter. Father and son sat by the window, digesting and eating some fruit leisurely.

Juan Juan was small, but he loved to be clean. Unlike other children who spilled foods all over their body, he held a fork to eat a fruit from the bowl while being careful not to soil his clothes. In fact, this was related to the fact that he came from the orphanage, and the fact that the He family didn't like him. Unwanted children were sensitive and vulnerable in their hearts. They always tried hard not to make trouble for adults, such as avoid dirtying their clothes.

Su Fu loved him dearly. He always tried his best to make Juan Juan feel his love for him. However, he was also happy with the cleanliness of Juan Juan. This was a good habit.

Suddenly, two people who were passing by on the road caught Su Fu's sight. Su Fu turned to look more carefully. It was the father and son from yesterday. Two encounters, one in City A and one in City B. Su Fu was still not sure where they came from, but he was vaguely happy to see them.

He hurriedly touched the pocket of his pants, then got stunned. He forgot that he changed his pants. The child's small handkerchief was washed last night. It was still hanging in the hotel room.

After his short daze, he looked out of the window. The father and son were gone.

Su Fu smiled and shook his head. If they were decreed by destiny, they would see each other again.

After coming out of the restaurant, in order to prevent the child from getting bored, Su Fu took Juan Juan to the supermarket and bought many snacks. Although it wasn't good for a child to eat too many snacks, it was, after all, something that every child liked. Su Fu didn't want to deprive him of the fun in his childhood. He would only control the degree.

The two returned to Teng Yuan's office, only to find that the father and son whom he thought he had missed were sitting on the sofa for guests.

Teng Yuan's educational institution occupied quite a large area. In City A, it was located inside a nearly 20-story office building in the city center. Teng Yuan occupied two entire floors. In addition to the well-decorated classrooms, there're also many teachers' offices. Generally, there were three teachers in one office.

Right now, inside Su Fu's office, the other two teachers hadn't come back from lunch. In addition to the Tang family father and son sitting on the sofa, City A Teng Yuan's boss was also there.

Seeing Su Fu's return, Teng Yuan's boss got up and introduced him with a quick smile. "Mr. Su, this is Mr. Tang. Mr. Tang needs an English tutor. He asks for you by name."

Su Fu was somewhat puzzled, but he still nodded politely to Tang Sibo.

"The bulletin board in the hall has the teacher's introduction and photos. I didn't think it was you. I took the liberty." With a gentle and light smile, Tang Sibo got up and stretched out his hand to Su Fu to show his courtesy.

"It doesn't matter. It's my pleasure to have Mr. Tang look for me." So, it turned out to be the case. Su Fu smiled and reached out to shake hands with Tang Sibo. After a while, the two of them let go at the same time.

When the boss saw that they knew each other, he didn't disturb them. He let them talk and retired. "Mr. Tang, would you like something to drink?"

There're no cups or drinks on the tea table in front of Tang Sibo. The boss was tactful. It's impossible to expect him to entertain guests. It's also possible that Tang Sibo didn't need them. But not needing them was one thing. It was another thing for Su Fu to ask out of politeness.

The office wasn't very big, but it didn't seem crowded either. On the side facing the door, there're two large desks, which belonged to the other two teachers. On the other side against the wall were two more large desks, placed together. The one behind was Su Fu's desk, the one in front was mainly used to hold some information about everyone. In front of it was a simple sofa and tea table to entertain guests.

Almost every office in Teng Yuan had the same layout. The main purpose of a three-person office was to make room for a sofa and tea table for guests. After all, parents and customers were God.

Su Fu's office was different from others in that there's a mini refrigerator on the desk where the information was stored against the wall. It was too hot this year. The three people bought it together. Anyone who had time would bring some drinks or yogurt and throw them in it, making it convenient to eat.

At this time, Su Fu opened the small refrigerator. He originally intended to entertain guests, but the items inside made Su Fu a little embarrassed. There're only some Coke, Sprite, Mirinda and so on inside. Looking at what Tang Sibo wearing, it would be embarrassing to take these out to entertain guests.

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Tang Sibo also saw what's inside the mini refrigerator. He smiled faintly and cleared the air: "Give me a bottle of Coke, thank you."

Hearing Tang Sibo say so, Su Fu felt relieved, then looked at Tang Luoke again. He was thinking that the air conditioner was on in the office. Children had better not have cold drink. He saw Juan Juan picked up his snack bag on the chair and took out a box of Mengniu Future Star. He walked timidly over to Tang Luoke.

"Here you are." Juan Juan's little face was a little red. This was his first contact with a child about his age.

He looked a little happy and uncertain, not to mention shy and timid.

Su Fu was very glad that Juan Juan had the courage to make friends by himself. He gave him an encouraging look, turned to the refrigerator and handed the Coke to Tang Sibo.

In order not to embarrass Su Fu, Tang Sibo opened it and took a sip with great dignity.

However, his son on the other hand wasn't as gentlemanly.

Tang Luoke looked at the milk in his hand and frowned. This was a strange feeling.

Children all like small things. The Mengniu Future Star bought by Juan Juan was only 125 ml in size. However, Tang Luoke was also a strange child. He had a tendency to be mature since he became sensible. Seeing such small things, he only felt that it was childish. He would just buy a bigger one if he wanted to drink. How much can you drink with such little amount?

This reminded him of Tang Simeng, the young son of his third great uncle, who was 9 years old but still held toys, snacks and drooled all day long. He was really annoying.

Little master Tang, who was educated in a prestigious family since his childhood, had superior intelligence. He was determined to be an outstanding successor to the Tang family. As such, he felt that he couldn't drink such childish things! But in front of the child, who was incredibly so small, shorter than him by a head, he was also a big brother. He wasn't the same as Tang Simeng. How could a big brother bully his little brother?

While Tang Luoke had his inner conflict, Juan Juan summoned his courage to look up at the person who had been slow to pick up the milk box. Seeing him frowning, Juan Juan showed some injustice. He silently withdrew his hands and ran to the snack bag. It wasn't easy for him to drag over the entire bag.

Su Fu smiled gently and didn't disturb the friendship making of Juan Juan. He only helped to carry the bag to the tea table.

Juan Juan's little hands reached into the bag to unfold the mouth of the bag toward Tang Luoke. He said in a small voice: "Choose whatever you like. I'll give it to you."

Tang Luoke was now the youngest in the Tang family. Apart from Tang Luoke, only the oldest son of the second branch, Tang Sihuai, had a son, Tang Luoqun. He was the same age as Tang Luoke but three months older. However, Tang Luoke didn't like this grandson of the second branch.

He had never had a younger brother or sister. He didn't know how to get along with them. Seeing the soft appearance of the child in front of him, he thought that this child was very easy to bully, but as an older brother, he shouldn't bully a younger brother.

After much hesitation, little master Tang decided to give this younger brother face. He looked at the bag under his eyes and took a carton of Weiquan from the inside. Only such a big carton was enough for him to drink!

"Thank you." Little master Tang wouldn't be stingy with the necessary courtesy.

Juan Juan looked at him and thought, he actually took such a big carton. Now Juan Juan felt a little reluctant. But he said that he could take anything he wanted. So, he couldn't take it back. He had to grievously hand over the bag to little dad to put away.

Su Fu and Tang Sibo looked at the interaction between the two children and shook their heads in a funny way. The children's innocence was too amusing.

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