Tang family was a prestigious family in City B. It reigned as a dual emperor with Li family. Tang family was a prestigious family that everyone in City B was afraid of. Different from rival families in other places, the Tang family and Li family were family friends, one in business and the other in the army. Their unbreakable relationship made them overlords of City B.

Tang family engaged in politics in the early days, but there're too many political disturbances. They would get their shoes wet if they weren't careful. Gradually, Tang family turned their focus to the business sector and was now flourishing there. They're famous not just in City B, but throughout the country. Although Tang family focused on business, there're some of them in the political circle.

As a prestigious family, Tang family was huge and complicated. The current head of the family was Tang Youxue. He was the eldest son of the previous head and also his most outstanding son. He was decisive and highly efficient in his work. As a superior, no one dared to challenge him. Tang Youxue had a total of five brothers and sisters. In those days, the Tang family's main residence was also very lively. Later, once they grew up and married, they split up. The main residence was the place where the head of the family lived.

Today, the main residence was still bustling. Tang Youxue was 55 years old this year. He was well maintained and looked energetic. His wife Shen Birong had an elegant demeanor. She gave birth to three sons and one daughter. There's also one little golden grandson. All of them were her and her husband's treasures.

No matter how highly efficient Tang Youxue was in his business, he was always a considerate husband, a loving father and a doting grandfather at home. No matter how busy things were, the Tang family members must go home and have dinner together. After meal, they must talk together for a while to enhance their feelings. This was the family rule set by Tang Youxue. Therefore, their families often talked about everything. So, their feelings were very good.

At this time, the third and only daughter, Tang Sining, was gnawing at an apple while poking like a thief at her second brother with her arm.

"Second brother, tell the truth. Who on earth is that Su Fu today? Why is he worth your help?"

Tang Sining's light sentence immediately attracted the attention of the entire family. Mother Tang, who was holding her lovely grandson and watching Qiong Yao play paused. Her eldest son with facial paralysis quietly turned down the volume with the remote control. Meanwhile, Tang Youxue, who was eating nuts, slowed down his movements. All voices gradually fell silent.

It couldn't be helped. All of their children were clearly excellent. But it happened that none of them could get married. Tang parents stressed about this matter for many years. Tang Sihuan, the eldest son, had a special circumstance. At 31-year-old this year, Tang parents had no way to urge him, so they had to place their hopes on their second son.

The matter of Tang Sihuan was also a secret of the Tang family. Tang family and Zhao family in City B had a young engagement. Zhao family wasn't as good as Tang family, but it was also a prestigious family. The engagement was between Tang Sihuan and Zhao family's daughter who was two years older than Tang Sihuan. Since Tang Sihuan took over the company's affairs while he was studying, he didn't have much time to fall in love. The Zhao family, seeing their daughter's age was getting older, wanted to get the two people married earlier.

Tang Sihuan was a facial paralysis and a workaholic. He knew nothing about tender feelings. Although he had met with Miss Zhao several times, it was only perfunctory. He wasn't keen on the marriage. However, this was a long-established relationship between the two families, so he acquiesced.

However, just as the two families were discussing preparations for the wedding, Tang Sihuan produced a medical form from the hospital – infertility.

Tang Sihuan suffered from azoospermia. He still had no change in expression, but his parents were shocked. Their son was infertile. Wouldn't the other girl who married him suffer? If she married and couldn't have children, she'd be pointed at. It also deprived her of the right to be a mother. As the Tang family's outstanding oldest son, Tang Sihuan was most likely the next head of the family. It wouldn't be good to have his infertility spread out. So, the matter was kept down. Everyone in the Tang family became tight-lipped.  

Considering that their son must feel very uncomfortable with such an incurable disease, Tang parents couldn't say anything about him, so they decided to let Tang Sibo marry Zhao family's daughter.

Tang Sibo was only 22 or 23 years old then. He wasn't the same as his eldest brother. He was someone with more ideas. He wouldn't accept a marriage without feelings. For Tang Sibo, he wanted someone who could be his partner for life. Unless there's affection, he would rather be alone, which was why he was still unmarried at 29 this year.

Tang parents seemed to be anxious about their sons' marriage mainly due to the lack of grandchildren. Tang Sibo saw through this reason and said that he would break the engagement with the Zhao family. He would make his own decision on his marriage. But he would contribute his sperm to give them a grandson.  

Among the four children of the Tang family, the eldest son had facial paralysis and wasn't easy to talk to. The second son, Tang Sibo, directly refused to marry.

In the end, the family didn't completely break the engagement either. Tang Sihuai, the eldest son of Tang Youren who was Tang Youxue's second brother, was the same age as Tang Sibo. Before Tang Youxue and his wife was about to go to the Zhao family to plead guilty, they came to the Tang family's main residence, saying that they liked Zhao family's daughter. They hoped that their oldest son (Tang Sihuai) could be given this engagement. Didn't this just relieve Tang Youxue's family's urgent need? After all, Tang Sihuai was also part of Tang family. So, their Tang and Zhao marriage could still proceed.  

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Tang parents took Tang Sihuai to the Zhao family. They were in the wrong. So, they first acknowledged their crime then mentioned Tang Sihuai's matter. For the Zhao family, they preferred the Tang's main family, but the side branch was also part of the Tang family, which was better than withdrawing from the marriage. The Zhao family still wanted to climb the big ship of Tang family. Besides, Tang Sihuai's father and Tang Youxue, the head of the Tang family, were brothers. Their relationship was also close, so it should also count.

Tang Youxue and his wife deeply thanked Tang Sihuai for this matter and decided to compensate him. This group of younger generation grew up and went to work at various Tang family's industry. However, Tang Sihuai was assigned straight to the Tang family's headquarters by Tang Youxue. After marrying an older woman, he got so many benefits. How was it not good? Who knew whether Tang Sihuai was calculating all this in the beginning?

This matter was no longer mentioned for the time being, but Tang family's precious golden grandson was the result of this matter. Tang Sibo said that he would do it and he did. That year, Tang Sibo just graduated with a master's degree ahead of schedule. He went to study in Country M, then solved the problem via surrogacy by the way. Since he would be the oldest grandson of the Tang family, he must be superior in all aspect. It cost a lot to buy a high-quality egg in the beginning. Looking at Tang Luoke now, he was really a combination of high-quality genes from both sides.

The mother should be from Country M. Tang Luoke was of mixed race, with soft dark brown hair and big dark eyes. He grew up looking exquisite and was loved by the entire Tang family from top to bottom. After spending two years in Country M, Tang Sibo finished his PhD. During this period, he was also the one taking care of Tang Luoke. Naturally, their feelings deepened a lot.

Two years later, he returned home with his little baby, which was unexpected by the Tang family. Tang family's distant relatives and outsiders only heard that the child was born by Tang Sibo's girlfriend abroad. Later, the woman cheated, and the child was left to Tang Sibo.

At the moment, these several people in the Tang family quieted down and waited for Tang Sibo's reply. Tang Sibo looked calm and said with a faint smile, "We just met by chance. He has hardships."

Father Tang and mother Tang saw their son's face showing nothing had happened. Seeing that there's no hope, they continued eating nuts and watching TV.

Tang Sining wasn't very happy when she heard this. "I don't see any hardships. How did I provoke you people with this research? Today, Li Chao came to make a scene. He also said that he would shoot our Tang family. I don't know how Liu An stand him."

"Li Chao did it for Liu An. Do you think Liu An is willing to do your research?" Seeing his son asleep in his grandma's arms, Tang Sibo lowered his voice. He got up and went over to hold his son. The air conditioner in the living room was a little cold. He wrapped the small blanket on the sofa and patted him in his arms to help him sleep.

"Mrs. Li still doesn't agree with Li Chao and Liu An?" Mother Tang heard this and inserted a question.

Although Tang and Li family were family friends, mother Tang and Mrs. Li, (whose name is) Sun Yan, weren't friends. In other words, asides from handling prestigious matters relating to the two family, the two family didn't interact privately. The root cause of this was another old secret of Tang family. Now that she saw Mrs. Li doing something like beating mandarin ducks again, even though she seemed to only ask casually, mother Tang was extremely disdainful.  

Tang Sihuan, who had been silent all along, said coldly: "Liu An is a man and a Beijing Opera actor. He comes from a common background. In regard to his S*x, style and family background, he can't enter Mrs. Li's eyes."

"Humph, I think Liu An is good. He inherits the quintessence of Chinese culture and seems like a member of a prestigious family. He's no worse than those rich and powerful girls introduced by Mrs. Li."

Father Tang was a Beijing Opera fan. This was the same as his old friend Li Shijun, the current head of the Li family. Before, the two old friends often went to go see the opera in City Q, which was known as the hometown of Beijing Opera. As they got older, they didn't want to go out all the time. A few years ago, Tang and Li family jointly funded a Beijing Opera theater in City B. This attracted many Beijing Opera talents, including the famous old master Jiang Yiqing and his close disciple Liu An.

Tang Youxue and Li Shijun had been going to the opera for years. They had some personal friendship with the old master Jiang Yiqing. This old master Jiang Yiqing was really devoted to the inheritance and promotion of Beijing Opera. His disciples were scattered everywhere. The greatest wish of Mr. Jiang in this life was to see Beijing Opera flourishing in all parts of the country. After learning the meaning of Tang and Li family, Mr. Jiang was willing to take his young apprentice who had just started work to City B for development.

Nowadays, few people were willing to stay still and listen to the charm of Beijing Opera. However, the Beijing Theater opened by Tang and Li family had a high style, a hard backstage and a low-ticket price, which attracted various groups to come here for relaxation. Many businessmen hosted their entertainment there. Originally, they were just curious and came to look at it. Once they saw it, many people fell in love with the feeling of this quiet place and its opera, as if they had satisfied their souls.

Now the Beijing Theater in City B was also famous. Once in a while, you could still hear passers-by babbling their songs when walking through the streets.

Their established industry must be valued by others. In the early years, many friends always went to bars or private clubs for parties. Now, the Beijing Opera Theater was the most frequently used place. It was always a pleasure to have a room on the second floor facing the stage, listening to the opera and drinking tea. This was how Li Chao met Liu An. Regardless of their pursuit process, the two had been together for three years.

Because of an old story, the Tang and Li family were relatively more tolerant of homosexual issues. Li Shijun took a tacit consent towards Li Chao and Liu An's feelings. In contrast, Mrs. Li didn't agree. Seeing Liu An was like seeing an enemy.

Fortunately, Li Chao was born in a military family and grew up in the army. His temper stank like a bull. Now he was the commander of City B military region. Compared with Tang Sibo's uncompromising attitude on love, he was a typical person who recognized his principle to death. Once he recognized someone, no one could move him. In fact, Liu An hadn't received much injustice except for some coldness, because no one dared to touch him.

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Tang Sining listened. Thinking of Liu An and Su Fu, who was in a better mood after learning that he wasn't suitable for research, she suddenly found that although her research contained many great significance, it also unintentionally put pressure on many people.

"Liu An secretly went to participate in the research to please Mrs. Li. It seems that Su Fu was also forced to do it. Is my research really worthless?" After being distracted for a long time, the apple had changed color. Tang Sining threw it into the garbage can disappointedly.

Tang Sibo gave a light smile and shook his head, "There are voluntary and involuntary volunteers. Your research isn't worthless. It just doesn't have enough consideration. Do you know how many of those volunteers are forced? Do you know how many people take risks but aren't respected by their family? You want to do a valuable research. Don't let your research become a tool for the misfortune of the poor."

"Sibo is right. If you can't get their respect, you're wasting too much time for this kind of research." Mother Tang touched her daughter's head. She picked up a fruit knife and peeled an apple for her.

Tang Sining accepted the apple, took a bite, and fell into a deep thought. It seemed that before the study started, she also needed to find out what kind of attitude the so-called family members had towards the volunteers. As second brother said, her study shouldn't become the misfortune of poor people.

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