"From a friend."

As soon as Lin Yifei's words were finished, Chris turned around and refused, "I won't go this afternoon. You can go."

"Ah? Why?" Lin Yifei followed up and grabbed the other. Although Chris didn't break free from Lin Yifei's hand, he knew that Chris was a little unhappy.

"Nothing." Chris turned his head so that Lin Yifei couldn't see his eyes.

"Er? But it's rare to have the opportunity to watch high-level competitions at close range." Lin Yifei clung on Chris from behind like an octopus. "I just want to use these tickets and go with you to see them."

He met Kevin Phil in the corridor last week. When he smiled politely at his direction, Lin Yifei chased him up and asked if he could give him some tickets for the Cambridge-Washington match. Kevin readily gave him almost half a dozen, saying that he had no friends in the United States and couldn't use up these tickets even if he wanted to. Lin Yifei counted exactly five tickets and was extremely happy.

However, Chris didn't want to go while he wanted to go.

"Go, go! There may be your future enemies there! If you watch their matches well, you'll know their moves. But they haven't seen your match. When you stand face to face with them in a competition one day, you'll certainly surprise those guys with your momentum!"

Lin Yifei's head rested on Chris's shoulder. His voice was not loud. His whispering breath sprayed on Chris's neck.

"All right." Chris finally nodded his head.

A line of people got on the bus after lunch. The bus was quite empty at this time. There were few people. Lin Yifei and Chris sat side by side. Chris propped up his head and looked out of the window as usual while Lin Yifei rested on his shoulders like he had no bone. He looked at the place that Chris was looking at, but he was soon tired of looking. His eyes closed and he fell asleep. Lin Yifei was the typical person who could be content with delicious food and had good sleep everywhere.

At the moment when the bus stopped at the next stop, Lin Yifei's head slipped off Chris's shoulder. Chris held out his hand and let Lin Yifei's forehead bump into his palm then slowly put his head back on his shoulder.

The car stopped near George Washington University. Chris shrugged his shoulders and rubbed Lin Yifei's hair with his fingers. "Yifei, we're here."

"Mmm." Lin Yifei smacked his lips and opened his eyes. He got out of the car with his bag on his back. When he saw the buildings of George Washington University, his languid expression disappeared completely and the whole person was in high spirit. The entire campus was very open and magnificent. European-style classical buildings and modern teaching buildings were built around the campus at random. While walking anywhere on campus, dense trees and green grass immediately jumped into view. On the spacious lawn, students could not only sit around a circle to discuss their study problems, but also lied down comfortably to enjoy the warmth of the sun.

A line of people asked around and finally found the university fencing hall. The friendly match should not start until 20 minutes later. When the five children handed the tickets to the college students at the gate, the other side was surprised to see them.

Once they entered the fencing hall, there were half a circle of seats, with a total of 15 to 18 rows. The front rows were already full. Some people even carried cameras. It seemed that they were all university students. Lin Yifei and his team sat in the middle row. Although they were not in the front, they could still see the whole match.

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Members of the fencing teams from the two schools entered the competition one after another. They sat on the chairs and chatted with each other in protective gears. This was originally a friendly match, not a battle of life and death. When Kevin Phil walked into the stadium holding his protective gear and sabre, he instantly became the focus of the audience. With his light brown hair, deep eyes and gentle smile, one couldn't find any trace of imperfection on him.

"Oh, look, that's Kevin Phil! How handsome!"

"His smile is very charming! Besides, he's also the champion of the British University League, and will take part in another championship in the second half of the year."

"Look at the way he walks and the expression on his face. What a fine gentleman!"

The female college students whispered around with excited eyes. They had to take advantage of now to discuss. Once the competition started, there could only be silence.

Katherine blinked and pointed to Kevin. "Hey, he's the one who sent flowers to Lin."

One didn't know whether it's an illusion, Chris's hand that was holding Lin Yifei's wrist suddenly became hard. Lin Yifei looked down at the other's hand. He couldn't help recalling the bouquet of lilies that Kevin gave him. Chris seemed to be unsatisfied with him holding that bouquet of flowers. In the end, Lin Yifei couldn't help but quietly kept the card and gave the bouquet to a female staff member.

"Do you really like flowers?" Chris asked softly while looking at the fencing ground.

Lin Yifei grabbed his head, "I'm not a girl. How can I like flowers? I'd rather go to McDonald's with you."

In fact, the focus of this sentence wasn't 'McDonald's', but 'with you'.

Chris pursed his lips slightly. His fingers slowly rubbed Lin Yifei's fingers.

The team competition would start soon. There were already two school players standing on both sides of the preparation line. The audience who were whispering to each other immediately quieted down.

They saluted each other and then assumed the stance before the match. After the referee motioned to start, the two sides didn't delay and immediately entered the state of attacking each other. Lin Yifei craned his neck while keeping a close eye on attack and defense. His fingers closed and clenched Chris's hand because of nervousness. Before their eyes could react, the player from George Washington University was defeated.

"So fast…" Katherine on the side sighed quietly.

This wasn't surprising. After all, Cambridge University sent their second-best. Rhett Munsey would become a famous sabre fencer in the future.

The student from George Washington University performed fairly well in this match, but he couldn't compete with Rhett's speed of attack. However, the gap wasn't obvious. The defeat wasn't too bitter. Cambridge University only led by four points.

The level of the next match was similar. The match was tight. The players on both sides were neck and neck. At the end of the match, Cambridge University was still four points ahead.

There was a two-minute break in the middle of the match. Probably because the match was too intense, the audience didn't react and remained quiet.

Kevin stood up from his seat. He stretched out his hand and fiddled with his hair, sweeping them back. His deep facial features appeared more prominent. The girls let out gentle gasps of admiration. He seemed to see Lin Yifei in the audience. His lips turned into a big smile, which immediately made people unable to move their eyes. It was as dazzling as sunlight shining through a glass window. When he waved slightly in the direction of Lin Yifei, Lin Yifei was surer that he was looking at himself.

"When did you get so familiar?" Chris's voice was very low, which made Lin Yifei's palms unnaturally sweat. He just wanted to get rid of Chris's hand and wipe his pants but couldn't remove it from the other's clutch.

"We don't know each other very well. I only said a few words." Lin Yifei twitched his lips. He felt that sometimes he really didn't understand Chris, such as why he suddenly became angry.

At this point, Kevin had already stood on the starting line. His salute stance and Chris's were two different styles. His showed little sharpness but still looked pleasing to the eyes.

In the beginning of the match, Kevin seemed to be a patient hunter, baiting on the opponent's temptation until the opponent launched an attack. He didn't panic at every step of his retreat. When he retreated to the edge of the line, he not only stabilized his position, but also parried the opponent with his sabre. His opponent's offensive came to an abrupt end at this moment. The rest was to face Kevin's stormy counterattack.

Breathing stopped when Kevin's sabre fell on his opponent as if to slay everything in his path.

The audience, who should have kept quiet, subconsciously uttered a loud sigh.

Kevin touched the tip of his sabre and posed. The opponent didn't dare to attack rashly. The counter just now killed his momentum.

Lin Yifei subconsciously turned his head to Chris and found him watching the match very intently.

Yes, this was the first time Chris had seen such a wonderful match.

Kevin completely control this game. Not only did he score five points, but also didn't give the opponent any point.

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At the beginning of the second set, Kevin was uncharacteristically aggressive and kept his opponent down with his sharp blade. This feeling of cruelty was completely opposite to the gentlemanly manner he showed at ordinary times. In the audience, Lin Yifei's heart pulled up. He remembered the last match between Chris and Kevin before his rebirth. It was the same as this. Kevin pressed Chris's sabre very strongly, making Lin Yifei nervous. Chris met his opponent's sabre with great composure and finally got back the rhythm after a stalemate of more than 20 seconds.

However, Kevin's opponent obviously wasn't as composed as Chris at the moment. He soon lost another point.

With Kevin's excellent sabre skills, who would win and who would lose was obvious. Lin Yifei, holding his chin up, studied Kevin's footwork and upper body movements more carefully. Each move of his attack and technique suppressed his opponent.

The team match was over. George Washington University lost 36-45 to Cambridge. However, this wasn't a disgrace. The overall fencing standard in the United States had not yet risen to first class.

"Wow-" Lin Yifei got up and stretched himself, "Today is an eye-opener!"

Katherine said with a dreamy expression: "Ah, I didn't expect those fencing men in England to be so handsome…Kevin Phil, there's no prince more perfect than him!"

Mark and Philip almost couldn't help vomiting all over the floor.

"Go home." Chris took Lin Yifei's hand and said gently, "George has already waited for us at the gate of the university."

At this time, the audience let out an exclamation.

Lin Yifei subconsciously looked back and didn't expect Kevin to take off his mask with one hand and walk into the audience with his sabre in the other.

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