He smiled gently and called out Lin Yifei's Chinese name, "Lin Yifei, is today's match interesting?"

Lin Yifei was slightly stunned. He only said his Chinese name to Kevin once. Unexpectedly, the other party could remember his pronunciation so clearly. The audience, who hadn't yet left the arena, looked at the two curiously and seemed to be waiting for the dialogue between them.

"It's wonderful!" Lin Yifei sincerely praised.

Kevin leaned slightly against the audience seat. When he tilted his head, his light brown hair slipped from his ear. The elegant beauty made people couldn't help looking twice.

"Have you learned anything?"

"Of course, I learned a lot! Thank you for giving me the tickets so that my friends and I can watch it together!"

"Can I have dinner with you tonight?" Kevin's invitation made Katherine and them all looked surprised.

"Ha ha, next time." Lin Yifei laid one hand on Chris's shoulder. "I have an appointment with a good friend."

"What a pity. However, we won't leave the United States until next week. We will compete with the fencing team from New York University tomorrow. Do you want more tickets?" Kevin smiled and didn't seem displeased by Lin Yifei's refusal. Instead, he chatted like an old friend.

"Of course!" Lin Yifei hadn't answered yet, Katherine on the other side couldn't help but blurted out. Lin Yifei gave her a look and nodded with a smile.

After these several children left the fencing hall, Kevin still leaned back to watch them.

Rhett came to Kevin's side and looked down at him. "Hey, I say, Your Majesty, what are you looking at?"

"Watch my little prince and the others leave." Kevin slowly turned around.

"Hah? Do you mean the little Chinese boy?" Rhett patted Kevin on the shoulder. "Brother, he isn't yet of age. If you don't want any trouble, wait a few more years."


"Hmm?" Rhett stuffed a piece of chocolate into his mouth.

"In the second half of the Championship, I will definitely destroy you."

"Hah? Why? Don't!"

As they walked along, the children talked about the match just now, since they were still immersed in the excitement.

Inside George's car, Katherine also didn't forget to scold Lin Yifei, "Just now, Kevin Phil asked if you want to have dinner together, why did you refuse him? Maybe we can eat with you too! Then he'll tell us a lot about fencing!"

Lin Yifei gave her a grumpy look. "You're not really interested in discussing fencing. You're just crazy about him."

"Che!" Katherine turned away angrily.

"I already agreed to have dinner at Chris's house tonight. We'll have good lamb chops from Australia." Lin Yifei swallowed his saliva, looking very hungry. "Then we can practice fencing for a while at night!"

"Hey? Is there a place in Chris's house where fencing can be practiced?"

"Yes." Lin Yifei nodded his head. Katherine and they wanted to have a look, but they didn't tell their family in advance and had to go home first. Nevertheless, they insisted on visiting Chris's fencing room next week.

After sending Katherine and them home one by one, only Lin Yifei and Chris were left behind.

"We're really lucky that Washington is a special administrative region. We can reach the national final directly in the match!" Lin Yifei felt Chris was more silent than usual after watching the match.

Sure enough, he didn't say anything, just propping up his head and looking out of the window. If his hand wasn't still holding Lin Yifei's, Lin Yifei would have thought that he did something wrong to provoke him.

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The lamb chops at night were very tender. Mr. Osborne didn't come back because he was busy with his business. Mrs. Osborne's health also looked worse and worse. Even the family doctor now lived directly in the Osbornes' home for convenient care.

After dinner, Chris and Lin Yifei went to Mrs. Osborne's room to talk with her for a long time. When they left the room, Mrs. Osborne gently took Lin Yifei's hand.

"Lin, the first time you came to our house, I have a feeling…that you can make my Chris very happy…"

Chris was silent while Lin Yifei smiled brightly: "Of course, we are best friends."

"Promise me that you will always make him happy. He isn't as cold as he looks. His emotions are fragile and easy to get hurt."

Lin Yifei gently nodded his head.

"Go and have fun."

"Good night, Mrs. Osborne." Lin Yifei kissed her forehead and shut the door for her with Chris.

The two fought in the fencing room. No one counted the time, and no one kept track of the score. Lin Yifei only felt that this kind of fighting was very happy.

It wasn't until George came in with two glasses of milk that Lin Yifei noticed it was already ten o'clock.

"Ah…so tired…" After slamming onto the floor, Lin Yifei took off his mask.

George bent down, put the milk on the floor then turned to leave.

Chris walked slowly to Lin Yifei's side and sat down. He stretched out his arm and took the milk from his side then sipped it.

Lin Yifei breathed and looked up at Chris. "Chris, has anyone ever said that you're handsome?"


Ah, there should be many.

His slightly lowered eyes seem not to have the usual sense of alienation, but rather had a slightly tender expression. Lin Yifei reached out his finger and touched his eyelashes. They were soft and delicate. Chris didn't move, allowing Lin Yifei to fiddle with his eyelashes.

"Yifei, Kevin Phil is really strong." This was Chris's first words to Lin Yifei after watching the fencing match.

"Mmm." Of course he's strong, because he's our goal.

"I'm still a long way from him."

"It just looks far away. You will surpass him." Lin Yifei moved his upper body to sit up, "Kevin Phil is our target. Lin Yifei and Chris Osborne are the best comrade in arms."

"Hmm." Chris's lips slightly curved up. His whole facial features appeared more handsome.

"We will surpass him together."

The next day, Lin Yifei also didn't have a chance to sleep in. He was pulled up by Chris to jog around the Osbornes' villa and courtyard.

Lin Yifei jogged for seven or eight minutes before needing to stop and rest. When Chris stopped, his breathing was only a little faster than normal. His physical strength was much better than that of Lin Yifei. Although fencing didn't require high endurance like tennis, basketball or football, good physical strength could allow them to coordinate and display their full potential on the court.

Chris stroked Lin Yifei's back while Lin Yifei adjusted his breathing and had his arms crossed. Then Chris clapped his hands and encouraged him to continue running. Finally, after twenty minutes, Lin Yifei took a shower and came to the living room. He saw George had prepared breakfast for them.

Perhaps since Chris had forced him for a long time, milk was no longer as hard for Lin Yifei to swallow.

This week was relatively free. Since Washington was a special administrative region, there was no match this weekends. After school on Friday, Lin Yifei and Katherine practiced for two hours as usual. When he got home, it was Chen Lin Ji's busy time.

Lin Yifei walked to the counter and grinned at his mother: "Mom, do you want me to help wash the dishes inside?"

"Smelly kid, just don't smash my plates." Mother Lin smiled angrily.

At this time, someone called out the name of Lin Yifei.

"Lin Yifei?"

Lin Yifei turned his head and saw a white table. A young man waved at him with a gentle smile.

"Kevin?" Lin Yifei took two more steps before he found that the table was full of Cambridge fencers. "You come to Chinatown to eat Chinese food!"

"Yes, this Chinese restaurant is quite famous." Kevin got up. He was wearing a plaid shirt and dark blue jeans. However, even such casual attire gave him an elegant air.

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"Ha ha, of course, this is our restaurant. How can it not be famous?" Lin Yifei showed a proud look.

"It turns out that your family owns it." Rhett winked at Kevin. "Did you really come here to eat Chinese food?"

"I just want to eat." Kevin turned to Lin Yifei. "Do you want to go to the fencing hall with me tonight?"

"Ah?" Lin Yifei froze. "Tonight?"

"Yes, tomorrow is the weekends. It's also the day when we'll compete against New York university fencing team. So, I only have time tonight. I have watched you competed and really want to practice with you."

"That's true, but my level isn't comparable to that of college students." Lin Yifei ha ha laughed.

"Not as good as college students?" Rhett on the side showed exaggerated expression, "You're better than many college students, though not quite on par with professionals. It's a rare opportunity for Kevin to teach you."

Kevin gave Rhett a quick glance. The other party grinned and continued to clumsily pick up his food.

"Of course I want to. But I don't know which fencing hall opens at night."

"Don't worry, I know where an open one is." Kevin's smile was always irresistible, "Let's go after dinner."

"Yes, you eat first! My dinner is upstairs." Lin Yifei trotted upstairs.

Kevin sat down. Rhett raised his brow. "Don't you feel guilty? You have to kidnap someone to go out at night. Remember to send the child back whole."

"First, he should be 14 years old. He's a teenager, not a child. Second, I invite him and not abducting him. Third, I will definitely send him back whole. Otherwise, his little boyfriend will definitely chop me to pieces."

"Little boyfriend? Who?" Rhett looked a bit silly, but Kevin stopped answering him, just like the old god who was drinking soup on the ground.

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